“You will be hated by all Nations for my name’s sake.”

Oh, blind, blind Christian foolish virgins with your empty lamps! How long will I suffer you? You want to call the Yahudim (Jews) blind, but they know who the “name sake” of Yahusha The Messiah is because I AM Yahuah the Allahim of Yisra’el, and my Son Yahusha is named after me! Yet you stiff-necked people do not understand because you are bewitched by that Babylonian Whore system that created the false Messiah with the satanic name of Jesus!

Only those virgins with lamps full of the oil of truth of the Word that is a lamp unto your feet will you know what it is like to be hated of all names for the name of Yashua. The deceived Christian church world doesn’t even know the correct Hebrew name of Messiah Yahusha. They may have heard Yashua, but that is another incorrect name often used by disbelieving Jews as a curse name. “Jesus” is a Latinized Greek name that was created by pagan Rome to get it’s pagan people to take on the names of pagan deities like Zeus and Esus of the Celts, which was another name for Satan. In the Greek you go from Iesous to Esus to Jesus when the letter “J” finally came into existence in the English language less than 500 years ago. Why change the ONLY NAME (Acts 4:11) UNDER HEAVEN BY WHICH WE MUST BE SAVED? If you were baptised in the name of J-Esus then your baptism was worthless. You must have the real Holy name of the Savior spoken over you to fulfill the baptismal commandment of ACTS 2:38