Yeshua Elohienu Instructed a Vegetarian and Milk Diet

The title of this article basically tells you everything you need to know about the human diet. We live in a world though where everyone does not believe in the Elohim G_d of the Jewish faith and therefore do not know about His diet Commandment for us, the human hybrid species He created. Most scholars believe the Garden of Eden was in India it would appear that this is where the Judaism faith and diet plan began.

Due to a lack of knowledge people have no solid foundation for a healthy diet. The diet of foods people eat in this world today change faster than the acts in a three-ring circus as people get blown about with every new wind of diet doctrine that comes down the road. As someone who has experienced this, I have accumulated a lot of diet knowledge. The best diet research now is coming from the rebels who break free from governmental suggested diets and ultimately the guru’s of healthy eating are now all coming to the conclusion that the Bible had the answer all along.

I live in the United States of America where government health advice has been weaponized to control population. Yes, American diet recommendations are a bioweapon used on the people to kill us sooner. We’ve been lied to and brainwashed for the purpose of reducing human population on the planet, just like the COVID-19 virus was created as a bioweapon to decrease human population on the planet.

We are all susceptible to bad programming. To change our diet from the murderous unhealthy diet we’ve been brainwashed into adopting is very difficult to free ourselves from. Since my early 20’s I’ve tried to improve my diet. In the 1980’s the juicing craze began and I saw the good sense in that and it was like a mental reset to be mindful of eating what really nourishes my body. In 2005 I found VIBE liquid nutraceuticals that I’ve continued to take because I know modern farming techniques render nutrient depleted produce and we must supplement. A person simply cannot eat enough of even the best of the best foods for optimum health. In partially destroyed earth we live on today it is vital to supplement the foods we eat.

Since the 1980’s when I was in my 20’s trying to find out what is good for you to eat and what is toxic. It has been a huge struggle because the government releases their bioweapon diet disguised with studies to make us believe we should trust them. Trust me, the government is out to kill you, and this is not coming from a crazy conspiracy theory mind, but it’s coming from research you can do from the aftermath of human health destruction you can study that has been caused by government diet advice that began with the low fat diet deception the government began pushing in the 1950’s.

The Creator of our human species incarnated into human form and is known to the world as Yeshua the Messiah of the Jews (aka Jesus Christ). He often rebuked the “keepers” of the Judaic Scriptures, the Rabbi’s and Scribes who did not enforce the earliest of foundational Commandments like the vegetarian diet that The Father Yahavah (YHVH) instructed us to eat. Instead of enforcing direct Commandments from our Creator they created burdensome “commandments of men” that they enjoyed enforcing upon the people.

Can you imagine such a ridiculous Rabbanically created commandment that a man, before getting out of bed in the morning, must put socks on his feet while they are still under the covers. I know plenty of Jewish Hasidic men who keep this “commandment of men” and totally disregard YHVH’s Commanded diet. There is so much hypocrisy going on when it comes to keeping the Commandments of our Creator.

Genesis 1:29 “And Elohim said, “See, I have given you every plant that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed, to you it is for food.”

Plants were given to us for food and we were not to shed the blood of other created beings and eat them. Thou shall not kill.

I need to interject a bit of diet advice right now. You wanna get on a diet that lines up with G_d’s Commanded diet for us? Go listen to Dr. Gundry’s videos on Youtube or visit his website .

The canonized Judeo-Christian writings we have today are but a fraction of what is really out there. Men decided what would become the Scriptures of the Jews and men decided what would become the Scriptures of the Christians. Councils were formed, writings were edited by uninspired men and now we get what is thankfully mostly the inspired Word of the Elohim Creator of mankind.

Everyone knows that the writings attributed to the prophet Daniel tell us, “In the Last Days knowledge shall be increased”. While many lost or hidden writings like the Dead Sea Scrolls are full of information we need to know and it’s all quite interesting I want to focus in on the issue of the Commanded diet by Eloahi for the species He created. Among the Dead Seas Scrolls were found what has been named the Essene Gospel of Peace where Messiah Yeshua reinforces the Commandment about a vegetarian diet. If you have not read or listened to the Essene Gospel of Peace then you can listen here:

The rest of this page is just me babbling about my own personal health experience in life. It may be helpful for some so I write about my health journey here. It’s not mandatory reading lol 🙂

In March of 2016 I was hospitalized with walking pneumonia after catching bronchitis. While in the hospital they addressed some other health complaints one being lower back pain that sometimes became disabling. I was given a drug called Gabapentin to help relieve the pain suspected to be nerve pain from degenerative disks in my lower back. A year later I was prescribed the stronger version of the drug called Lyrica. This drug almost killed me. I stopped taking it in April of 2020 and it’s been 10 months and I’m still suffering side effects from the drug. Don’t roll your eyes when I tell you that I classify this drug as a bioweapon just like the COVID-19 Sar’s virus is a bioweapon unleashed to reduce the population of the planet. Warn everyone you know about this drug. If you know anyone who is on this drug don’t let them remain on it in ignorance. Research it and it’s side effects. The first thing it did to me was give me vertigo. I’ve been off the drug for 10 months and I still am always dizzy when I walk. I’ve suffered a lot of bad falls as a result. Lyrica also stops new synapses from forming in the brain, so it messes with your moment to moment memory leaving you with chronic brain fog. If you’ve ever walked into a room to do something and upon arrival suddenly forget what you came in the room for imagine this scenario playing out nonstop during your day causing you to go from one task to another like some multi-tasking maniac all day long.

I found out the pain in my back wasn’t so much being caused by degenerating disks, but was being caused by something called fibrins that build up around my disks. Fibrins are what causes dis-eases like Fibromyalgia and Arthritis. I began to learn how certain foods caused inflammation in the body that caused fibrins to go to to protect from the inflammation. Inflammation was the actual disease caused by eating the wrong foods, so I began the agonizing process of diet elimination getting rid of all the foods I was eating that caused inflammation in the body and replacing with foods that are anti-inflammatory. My Fibromyalgia and Arthritis cleared up almost overnight like a miracle.

I go back to one Bible verse over and over again from the Book of Daniel, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”. G_d had given us knowledge if we will just read it and believe His instruction and obey. For example, He told us what we were to eat for our diets, but how many Jews, Christians, and Muslims do you know that are vegetarians? G_d’s people had learned bad habits from the heathens who killed animals and roasted their meat for food. G_d had given the “thou shall not kill” Commandment in His instructions for us, but the Israelites rebelled and demanded to eat animals and as a result mankind suffers from a multitude of illnesses that lead to death from eating animals.

Is it not enough for someone who believes in G_d to also believe He knows what we must eat to be healthy, and what not to eat that kills us? Why is it so hard for us to trust and obey?

So again today I was compelled to listen to Yeshua’s Essene Gospel of Peace where he gives dietary instructions. When you have been an animal flesh eater all of your life it is very hard to give it up, but hearing that still small voice repeating, “thou shall not murder” and Yeshua’s instruction to not eat animals convicted me to the point to admit, either I will believe G_d’s instruction or I will disregard it and suffer the consequences of disobedience.

I went shopping today at Walmart where the parking lot is full of the savory smell of chicken roasting on the rotisserie. How tempting is that for someone wanting to obey G_d by stopping the sin of killing animals and eating them. Then I remembered how the Messiah had taught us to pray, specifically the part asking G_d to spare us from temptations. The smell of that savory roasted chicken was overwhelming in the store, but Yeshua’s prayer teaching reinforces Scriptural teaching that G_d will deliver us from the evil of temptation and so He did. I’ve shopped at this certain Walmart for the last four years and never once did I see a Muslim woman wearing the full Burka with just the slit for the eyes. Upon entering Walmart I had seen a older Jewish couple existing the store, and inside I saw Jewish woman with her head covered with a scarf. This was not normal. I’m always on the alert on other people who are visabley set-apart in appearance as people of G_d. I’d often seen other Jews besides myself shopping the kosher meat section at Trader Joe’s market, but never noticed any at the Walmart.

It’s not alway easy to trust and obey, but I know if I am to have a healthier body then I must keep G_d’s dietary laws.