Will the Christian Messiah return the weekend of September 18, 2020?

The answer is no, but THIS IS A RESPONSE TO AN ARTICLE ENTITLED “Perhaps this month’ Bible follower tips Rosh Hashanah for Second Coming of Jesus Christ” at: https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/1335582/Bible-prophecy-Rosh-Hashanah-2020-Second-Coming-Jesus-Christ-end-of-the-world

The article is rife with Biblical interpretation error.

#1 it’s not a conspiracy theory that the Jewish Messiah known as Yahu’sha HaMaschiach (Yahu’sha being the correct English transliteration of Messiah’s Hebrew name) will return at an appointed time. His return at Yom Teruah is has been purposely and deceitfully overshadowed by an anti-christological rabbinical cover-up decree to try to obscure the true Commanded moedim day of Yom Teruah (a type and shadow of Messiah) with a “smoke and mirrors” Rosh Hashanah New Year celebration that is deceptively celebrated now on the 1st day of 7th month of the Hebrew calendar instead of the 1st month of the Jewish calendar that is new year. Why have they done this? They want to keep the identity of Messiah hidden.

What lengths the blinded rabbi’s will go to just so the people will not connect the New Testament writings about the Messiah’s return in 1 Corinthians 15:51-52, and 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18! These passages point to what is known by the undeceived (like me) to be the last blowing of the shofar at Yom Teruah will very possibly be the fulfillment of prophecy when the second chance (2nd coming) rapture of the Foolish Virgins happens after suffering the 7-year Tribulation being left behind when theWise Virgins Rapture of the True Church in the 1st Coming rapture that nobody may even notice because so few are taken in this rapture that will happen “like a thief in the night”. Currently the deceived foolish virgins are at war with the True Church of the Wise Virgin because they promote Law Keeping and the restoration of the true Hebrew names and pronunciation of the Father and the Son.

I just mentioned the 1st Coming and 2nd Coming of the Messiah in a way most people will not recognize because they have been lead astray by the false teachers of the Foolish Virgins Church system who sell the gospel. The Foolish Virgin’s Church come from the Mystery Babylon Whore/Harlot (Catholic/Christian) deceived church world system who can’t even respect the correct and Holy Jewish name of the Messiah in the Holy/Kodesh tongue that the Father endorses. Instead of using the correct Hebrew name, Messiah Yahu’sah, the pagan Roman Foolish Virgins call him “J-Esus” the Frankenstein creation of the Whore/Harlot system that the Messiah says to, “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE.”

“Esus” (another name for Satan) is the name behind the Greek “Esous” and later “Iesous” or “Iesus” that later became “J-Esus when the English language developed and added the letter “J” less than 500 years ago when at that time they Latinized the Greek “Iesus” by exchanging the “I” with the new letter “J” of the alphabet creating the Frankenstein satanic replacement name of Jesus. So, you now see why the deceived apostate “Foolish Virgins” of the Catholic/Christian Whore/Harlot system get left behind in the “thief in the night” Bride rapture that takes the Messiah’s true Bride to the wedding and Supper of the Lamb and then locks the Foolish Virgins out in the “outer darkness” as He tells them “I do not know you” just like He said, “Many will come to me on that Day saying/begging, ‘Lord! Lord! Didn’t we cast out demon’s and heal the sick in your name?’ (the false Messiah name of “J-Esus”) And on that Day (the Day of the rapture) I will say to them, GO AWAY FROM ME YOU WORKERS OF INIQUITY! (Iniquity = those who do not keep The Law/Commandments) I NEVER KNEW YOU!” Remember, it is written: 1 JOHN 2:4 “If anyone says, “I know Him, but does not keep His Commandments, he is a liar, and the Truth (Truth of Keeping the Law) is not in him.”

You see, the deceived anti-Law false religious system of the Foolish Virgins known Biblically as the Whore/Harlot system developed their own wrong doctrine of the 1st Coming of Messiah and the 2nd Coming. Setting the record straight I’d use one of the Father’s favorite numbers and I’d give a doctrine of 3 Comings– the first one being His birth, death, resurrection, and ascension, the 2nd Coming, being the “thief in the night” Rapture of the remnant True Church bride, and then finally the 3rd Coming that He graciously performs as the “G-d” of second chances when He returns in the described “clouds of glory” when “every eyes shall see him”, at the “last trump” when the dead in Messiah shall be resurrected and those who remain (the foolish virgins and others that finally came to the Truth) will be changed in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye” and raptured (caught up and away) to avoid the final judgement of earth-engulfing holy fire that will destroy all the wicked (the tares). He “Elects” those who have finally “come out of her”, repented of their anti-Law keeping error and got the names Father and Son correct instead of still using the names of pagan deities for the Father and Son. He reaps these Elect and then there is a reaping and destruction of the tares (the wicked).

Yeah, so do I teach that the Messiah may return the weekend of September 18, 2020 during the Feast of the Blowing of the Shofar-Yom Teruah (aka erroneously as “feast of trumpets”? No, I do not teach this, but it is a good modern day final dress rehearsal for the better possibility that it happen at the same appointed time (moedim of Yom Teruah) in 2021 and I’m gonna tell you why, of course, because I am anointed by the Great I AM as a “special occasion” prophet who is declaring this to the Nations.

You see, the Book of the “Unveiling” of Return of the Messiah which many call “The Book of Revelation or Apocrypha”, speaks of the Bowls and Trumpets in chapters 7 & 8 that are terrible things that will happen to those left behind to suffer the plagues sent upon the Babylonian Whore and her Harlot Daughters who exchanged the Truth of “G-d” for a lie and worshipped the Beast instead of the Creator King of the Universe, our Abba-Father Yahuah (erroneously aka Yahweh/Jehovah and other mispronunciations). One of those plagues is a star falling to earth called “Wormwood” which prophetic teacher Irvin Baxter has erroneously declared was the nuclear reactor called Chernobyl in Russia that melted down, The Russian word “chernobyl” translates in English to “wormwood”. Brother Irvin of my former church affilation is wrong because he doesn’t understand that the Chernobyl event was a “type and shadow” warning from Allah about the true Wormwood, the asteroid that NASA calls “Apophis” that they haves declared will hit our planet on April 13, 2029. NASA has since tried to walk back their prediction because it has sent the unbelieving world into a panic because this asteroid named Apophis is the size of four football fields and when it hits earth in it’s predicted place off the coast of California it is going to land so perfectly as to set off the largest volcanic line on the planet and the the San Andreas earthquake fault, and the debri that showers the earth before and after the asteroid hits will complete the prophecy of the star Wormwood falling to the earth mingled with fire and blood. This judgement will turn our entire planet into a Biblically proportioned forest fire with volcanoes and earthquakes so bad the men’s hearts are going to fail them as prophesied. It’s all going to happen, but all in it’s due time.

If indeed Apophis hits the earth as NASA has predicted on April 13, 2029 (my 65th birthday, by the way) which I believe will be the fire that scorches the entire earth that will kill every living thing including the wicked (tares) it is my hope that “those who remain” will hopefully be the unblinded foolish virgins who have repented of the deceived teaching that we no longer have to be Law Keepers while in the “Era of Grace” and they took the names of pagan deities off their lips (Exodus 23:13) and have begun to respect the Creator with His true name, Yahuah, and His incarnation as the Son name of Yahu’sha. These are the two things that will then (along with baptism in the true name above all other names, Yahu’sha) bring them to rapture status to escape that final horror of being burned to death with the wicked (tares) that must wait 1000 years till the White Throne Judgement.

There are going to be many at the White Throne Judgement who angrily and in error clung to the their Whore/Harlot church world beliefs and I sure wouldn’t want to be them on Yom HaDin (Day of Judgement) when they will have to make an account of why they continued to call upon the satanic name of Jesus and still rejected Law Keeping. May Allah have mercy on their souls because I know members of my family who will probably never have their eyes opened to the truth that are trapped in the United Pentecostal Church that are really deceived about the name of Jesus so much so that they officially call themselves “The People of the Name”. It’s horrifying to me that hey don’t know that the name “J-Esus” that they cling to is actually invoking Satan each time the speak that name on their lips in violation of Exodus 23:13. I’ve tried to tell this this error, but they refuse to accept the truth so there is nothing more I can do so it’s going to be a sad day to see those I have loved sent to The Lake of Fire, but He has promised to wipe away every tear from our eyes.

I’m going to bring this teaching to a close now, but please email me if you have questions. Navi Rabboni Yosef Ben David @ CompassionThinker (at) Gmail (dot) Com.