I have this lifelong acquaintance who lives in Bloomington, Indiana, USA. For the sake of this article we will call him John Doe. This person was raised up in a Pentecostal church similar to The United Pentecostal Church where I began my church world journey and was ordained a minister at age 18. The shared doctrinal background is “oneness Pentecostalism” which means we do not believe in three separate persons of the false Trinitarian godhead, but we believe in only One person who can manifest Himself as G-d as Father, Son, and Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit). So, anyway, me and John Doe have this shared “Pentecostal Oneness”theology. However, that’s about all we share faith-wise as this person has never received Scriptural Salvation like all other “Strongly Deluded” Christians. You cannot reason with someone who does not adhere to Scripture, but instead base their beliefs on traditions of men. These traditions of men have created man-made Laws and doctrines which are called “doctrines of demons. The people themselves are not demon’s but because they do not have any protection provided by Scriptural salvation that leaves them up to be controlled by demonic forces and unclean spirits. Christians do not receive the Holy Spirit, but have received another spirit, a lying spirit from Satan. G_d will not place His Holy Spirit in an unclean Temple. The Salvation Plan given by the Shluchim of Yeshua in ACTS 2:38 gives the orderly occurrence of events that happen in the life of one who has come to faith that culminates in Salvation:

  1. “Repent of sins.
  2. “Be baptized in the name of Yeshua for the forgiveness of those sins”
  3. “and then you will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost

John Doe still believes in the Satanic Greco-Roman fake news name of Jesus IN WHICH THERE IS NOT ONE OUNCE OF SALVATION. People like him (Christians) seem to think their sins were forgiven through baptism in Jesus’ name, but since Jesus is NOT the “one name given under heaven to mankind by which we must be saved” (Acts 2:38) that means his sins have not been forgiven and he is not saved. This person has the nerve to argue Scripture with me and push their false beliefs and rebuke me by saying, “Get behind me Satan”, when this person is probably possessed by an unclean spirit because the REAL Messiah Yeshua prophetically said of the CHRISITAN RELIGION “WORKERS OF INIQUITY”, “I never knew you. Go away from me.” As the “Foolish Virgins with no oil in their lamps” Yeshua shut them out of the Wedding of the Lamb with His raptured Wise Virgin Bride lamp full of oil (full of Law Keeping) and they were left in the “outer darkness (of the night) where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth”. When Christians stand before Yeshua at the White Throne of Judgement they will have nobody to blame, but themselves because the Prophet has warned them of their fate if they don’t “Come out of her my people!”

I was baptized in the REAL name of the Messiah Yeshua for the forgiveness of my sins (Acts 2:38) in the year 2001. Thankfully, His real name with the POWER to save was preserved and not able to be deleted by the Roman’s who compiled the canon of the New Testament. Because I have been baptized correctly in the “only name given under heaven to mankind by which we must be saved” (Acts 4:12) that means also I have received the REAL Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) not the fake one Christians claim to get and they speak jibber jabber and claim they are speaking in tongues–all part of the “Strong Delusion” G_d promised to send them that they might believe the lie and be damned. Any Christian who claims to love G_d would love His WORD and devour it constantly studying to show themselves approved always seeking TRUTH as G_d said, “You shall seek the TRUTH and the TRUTH shall make you free”—free from the “Strong Delusion”, free from the bonds of marriage to Satan, free from the worthless Satanic name of Jesus created by the Satanic murderers of Yeshua the Messiah, the Roman’s who became the Roman Catholic Church and Protestant Christians.

Because John Doe has been baptized the fake Satanic name of Jesus and has not received the Holy Spirit it’s not difficult to discern he has received some other spirit. That is scary, but would certainly explain why this person mentally goes off the edge when the truth is presented to them just like most Christians do. Many are called, but few are chosen. G_d is using His Prophet to CALL YOU OUT OF HER. Come out of the Whore/Beast called Christianity and become a chosen Jew like all the early Gentile converts did when they believed upon Yeshua as the promised Messiah of all of Elohim-created mankind.

That so-called apostle Paul’s writings were either changed by the Roman’s or he found a new way to destroy souls with his swine-eating, Law is dead, under Grace Satanic bullshit. Which one is it? I don’t know and we may never know unless original Hebrew and Aramaic gospels from the REAL shluchim of Yeshua are found locked away in the vaults of the Vatican or where they may have disappeared to along with our Temple Menorah and other Holy implements Commanded of the Father for us to use in His Holy Temple.

I’ve tried to convince this person that Yeshua could return to rapture His church (Bride) at any moment since we are in a prophetic time crunch, but he doesn’t seem concerned and says he will just wait for warm weather to arrive when he can be baptized in warmer water. I’ve explained he could travel to an indoor “living water” hot springs resort nearby him in a town called French Lick, Indiana and baptize himself, but he refuses. Why would someone refuse salvation? Obvious answer is they don’t really believe in G_d. A lot of people, like homosexual priests hide behind G_d to hide their foul deeds against children and others.

Judaism requires that the mikvah waters (baptismal waters) of purification be living water, meaning a baptismal pool filled with rain water or water that comes from a spring source feeding a river, lake, or stream, etc. Judaism also requires that you do not make bodily contact with another person when you immerse yourself fully in the mikvah. Obviously, Yeshua when he came to his cousin for his baptism immersed Himself. Yahuhanon (John) the Baptist was there as a witness, but did not physically lay hold of Yeshua and push him under the water. That would have been a big no-no as touching someone in the Mikvah involves a transference of sin and uncleanness. As you see, Christianity has been doing it all wrong for centuries apparently ever since the hostile Roman takeover of the Judaic sect of the followers of Messiah Yeshua who were called the Natsarim, not Christians. Being called “Christians” is a Roman thing.

I was having a conversation with “John Doe” about Christian preacher Kenneth Copeland. He was trying to demonize Copeland for his purchase of a private jet plane and about how he lives in luxury as a result of the donations from followers of his ministry. In an video interview with Inside Edition Copeland Scripturally defends himself with every rather mean-spirited question of the interviewer, but my friend/acquaintance being a very unScriptural and unsaved person disagreed with Copeland’s defense of being prosperity gospel preacher. G-d time and time again throughout Scripture reminds us of His prosperity gospel for us, but Christians who don’t even understand that they are under a curse thinking that being prosperous, rich, or living in luxury goes against G-d’s Word. Even though I don’t agree with misguided Christianity I do agree that it costs a lot of money to run a ministry like Kenneth Copeland’s so I wouldn’t dare to condemn his hard work. He’s earns every alleged luxury he enjoys. Of course there are certain excesses I might disagree with if he has collected priceless works of art and stuff like Dr. Joyce Myers has done saying she needs them to entertain clients or whatever. I’m sure she’d buy the statue of David or the Mona Lisa if she could to place them in her home to gaze upon and claim they were needed for decorating her ministry to lure lost souls to salvation…ugh…

Anyway, coming to a close…. I’ve tired to help this acquaintance/friend of mine, but I just deal with the demonic hatred that comes from this unsaved person who continues to cling to their doctrine of demons and Strong Delusion. There comes a time when you just have to cut some people loose. The nerve of someone unsaved and so Scripturally ignorant tell me, “Get behind me Satan”. I’m not gonna put up with that kind of demonic attack from someone who wants to say they are my friend. I’m all for disagreements cause it’s how we learn, but when someone treats me with such total disrespect that’s when I call it quits. A verbal stoning is enough for me. A wise Prophet knows when to make an escape before someone wicked attempts to stone them physically for saying things the demons inside them hate to hear.