Who Do The People Say That I Am?

WHO IS Yosef ben David?

The first thing I want to say is, “It is not I who lives, but G-d who lives in me”. In other words, I am not so important. I am but dust, but the One who lives inside me, who speaks through me is important. In all humility to the Elohim/Allahim I love and serve I cannot personally take credit for anything that has been given to me as a messenger to humanity. I repeat and usually will quote the Scriptures. I speak straight forward, and I do not try to conceal other things from the Torah as some other teachers do. I feel my teachings are revealings of the obvious message that Scripture is trying to convey to those who have eyes to see, and ears to hear.

Some have declared me a prophet, but I’d rather say in response that my heart is simply less distracted and can hear G-d’s voice better than most. Some have declared me a prophet to restore the real Kosher Messiah to Israel with proofs from our Jewish books that Yeshua the Messiah will be G-d incarnate. The Christian religion that was created by the Roman’s hate the Jews and have genocided billions of Jews in the last 2000 years since the Roman’s murdered the King of the Jews from the line of David.

The REAL Moshiach Yeshua, not the Christian Jesus imposter messiah, is getting ready to return to the earth and will destroy the Christians for he called them the “workers of iniquity” who are destined for the Lake of Fire. Christian’s, if they really believe in G-d, need to listen up now before it’s too late and make teshuvah, ask for forgiveness, and return to Judaism, be shomer shabbes, keep kosher, and keep the Law that Yeshua said would not pass away till all things are fulfilled. He qualified that by saying, “till heaven and earth pass away”, that is what is meant by the time when all things will be fulfilled, not the wicked twisted interpretation of that instruction of Yeshua that the Roman’s ruined to lead many astray. It’s time to leave Christianity completely desolate, and return to keeping the Law of Moses. As an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi with semicha in good standing with the orthodox union I have the knowledge to educate you how to not violate the Torah and recognize the kosher Yeshua as Messiah.

I have spoken to many rabbi’s around the world since I found out in 2004 (at the auspicious age of 40) that I was born with a rare chromosomal condition called XO/XY Mosaicism. In our other Jewish books outside of the Tanach we have protocols for making decisions on the sex of a child that is born with my chromosomal and physical condition. Because my mother did not acknowledge being Jewish nor acknowledged G-d as an atheist she only consulted with doctors who made the decision to operate on my 8-month-old body to correct what they felt was an error of nature. All this was kept secret from me and not revealed until at age 40 I was undergoing a life changing medical procedure to make some corrections to my body to allow me to live more naturally as male.

Who do the people say that I am? I’ve had some rabbi’s tell me it could be a possibility that I could be a re-incarnation of Adam. I find this quite humbling, but not impossible, but like John the Baptist in Scripture I do not concern myself with my re-incarnations to the point of obsession. I have no desire to claim a prior lifetime as they already served their purpose. The here and now lifetime and it’s mission is what I must stay focused on. Whatever anyone’s thoughts may be on my soul identity, not to be rude, may have a certain entertaining aspect, but as I said, I have a mission that I must stay focused on for this re-incarnation. Everything else is gravy, so to speak.

I go about my business as Yosef much in the way that John the Baptist did not perhaps accept that he was the re-incarnation of Elijah the prophet who would hearld the entrance of Moshiach. John’s cousin Messiah Yeshua confirmed that John was indeed the re-incarnation (hebrew word “gilgul”) of Elijah and they beheaded him. The choice of words in English translation says, “coming in the power and spirit” of Eliyahu/Elijah the prophet.

All I know is the Father has entrusted me with prophetic insight to correct false teachings and expose false teachers before heir false teachings and doctrine of demons cause many souls to be ineligible for the rapture due to having become what Yeshua called, “the workers of iniquity (Lawlessness).

1 JOHN 2:4 Yeshua said, “If anyone says, ‘I know Him’, but does not keep His Commandments, he is a liar, and the Truth (the truth of Law/Commandment Keeping) is not in him.”

I’m going to get off on a bit of teaching here for just a wee moment. Dinna ya fash. I’ll get back to my autobiography in just a few paragraphs. I think it’s important to inject this mini teaching if you will suffer me and read along.

Understand the deceived false teachers of Christianity are part of the Mystery Whore of Babylon (Catholics) and her Harlot daughters (Protestant Christianity) pagan Roman system that hijacked the faith once handed down from the apostles. In the beginning the believers in Yeshua were known as a the Natsarim, not Christians as Christianity was a Greco-Roman invention with all it’s lying deceivableness.

Originally, the Natsarim were an accepted group within Judaism, not a separate religion that was later created by Rome called Christianity which was a hostile takeover attempt to replace the Jewish Chosen People of G-d, thus placing Jews and Judaism into the dustbin of history. Well, it didn’t work. G-d’s Chosen People have survived, and a remnant of Moshiach Yeshua’s shomer shabbes Law-Keeping Natsarim are still here proclaiming the Besorah (the Hebrew word for “Gospel”).

Now, to continue my bio…

I was born in 1964 when they didn’t know as much about my chromosomal condition as they do today. Surgery was conducted to fix me as male and later a regime of growth hormones, I was told were vitamin shots, were part of my everyday life as a kid.

My mother said I was born with a place on my face that looked like a black mole, but it disappeared within several days. I wonder if this may have been a physical mark of a fatal wound that ended my previous life? Maybe a gunshot to the face? Could I have had a large dark black mole on my face in a previous life? Interesting, but nothing I care to spend time on unless I would be presented with a free past life regression session one day. I just don’t feel our past lives while containing some important information about our journey are anything to concern ourselves about in our current re-incarnation. I’m not here now to sing a song of a lass that is gone.

I grew up being protected from the knowledge of my chromosome condition and the intervention at 8 months of age. I was so innocent that it wasn’t until I was a teen at summer youth came that I learned that male are supposed to have two testicles. When I asked my mother she said, “I’ve told you this before. You had an illness in December of the year you were born and one of your testicles had to be removed”. I think it was told in a shaming way to make me embarrassed I asked like it was my fault I’d forgotten about and explanation I’d been given more than once. I think my mother’s idea was that the quicker she shut the conversation down the less she’d feel pressured to talk about it. I don’t blame her from protecting me from the truth because I understand it was done so I could grow up as normal as possible as a boy with an unscathed psyche.

Obviously, not everything was fixed or right with my body and puberty brought on more female-like fat distribution and breast growth on a bone thin boy. As a teen boy with breasts I felt more like a skinny female supermodel with tiny boobs. A trip to the doctor at age 13 or 14 only continued the plan to hide the truth from me. Dr. Kaplan reassured me that it was all normal and 9 out of 10 boys experience this breast growth that would reverse itself in about a year and I was scurried out the door before I could ask more questions. I never notice any other boys, much less 9 out of 10 who had breast growth like me. Inwardly I felt very tormented and it exacerbated my own internal sense of gender confusion, nowadays known as “gender dysphoria”. It would be just four years later and a couple suicidal episodes later at age 19 I began hormonal treatment to help me life as female instead of male. Looking back now it was a poor choice, but not one I can truly regret because I believe G-d has told us that “many are the afflictions of the righteous”, and now with hindsight I can see this was just something I had to go through on my evolutionary journey with G-d as someone who was born similar to Adam whom “G-d created in His image, as male and female”. It’s all so clear now, but I was so lost when I was going through it all. Coming to the acceptance that you are both male and female in one body doesn’t give you the choice of understanding what sex you are. You are what you are as an intersexed person. I only wish I’d been told the truth as a child so I would have had much more time to understand and accept who G-d brought me into the world as and for what reason.

I have a special mission as someone blessed by G-d to have been created by Him as someone with an XO/XY Mosaicism chromosome pattern. My body also exhibited both male and female pseudohermaphroditism based on an androgen sensitivity issue. My geneticist says that the extra X’s present earlier in my life would have probably influenced my feeling of being more female than male and then as I aged the extra X’s began dropping off influencing me dissatisfaction with living as female and my desire to return to polarizing my outward gender appearance to that of male. How do I now feel 16 years after returning to living “as” male? I feel all those gender dysphoric feelings or thoughts that once caused me mental distress have disappeared. I’ve had time to accept who I was born to be, someone caught in the middle. If I were to describe my percentage of male and female in one body I’d say I feel 93% male and 7% female, but getting accustomed to finally being happy living as male the last 16 years after the fact has a lot to do with that feeling. Being formed this way by G-d I must allow myself a bit of grace to accept the things I cannot change, and be thankful that I am no longer in the dark about my situation.

In the Bible Avram became Abraham as his relationship with G-d deepened. His wife Sara became Sarah as her relationship deepened with G-d. Another well known change of name is Ya’cov who became Israel after wrestling with G-d and seeing G-d face to face. In a similar fashion I have gone through a few changes of name in my life.

The first name I was given did not reflect the heritage of my biological father. My mother put him out of the picture before I was born and didn’t let him know she was pregnant before divorcing him. My mother decided to name me after her father and great grandfather along with her maiden name, and so I was born as Charles Ernest Hall. I don’t believe in coincidences. Before I was born my mother remarried to a man named Charles Murphy Hall who’s father’s name was Ernest so it provided an almost perfect coverup for me, nor my biological father to ever find each other. When I did finally search out my biological father when I was 25 that’s when my mother decided to write me out of her life. Whatever happened between those two that would cause my mother to keep the truth of my father from me and then disown me when I sought him out will forever now remain a mystery because they are both dead. ….sad…

My mother rejected her ancestral heritage, both physical and spiritual. I was brought up with no religious identity other than what I absorbed from the community around me and my praying grandmother. My mother’s answer to G-d was to say, “Man wrote the Bible” and the subject was forever closed. At age 10 however my grandfather died and his funeral was my first big exposure to a religious type of service where G-d and Scriptures were quoted. After his funeral my mother and myself were in a book store in the shopping mall and I had somehow picked up, “The Children’s Bible” and I asked her if I could have it. She looked at me quizzically, “Are you sure you want that?” She bought it for me and I guess that is when my journey with G-d began in earnest. A suicide attempt years later as a teen which included a Near Death Experience (NDE) deepened my relationship with G-d.

The day before my 18th birthday I left home with permission to go live with my grandmother and I was introduced to the church world at a little small country church. Having read the Bible cover to cover three times in a row I was already pretty well versed, so to speak. The pastor of my church told me upon my return from summer Bible camp that he’d got a word from the Lord that I was called to preach. I knew it was true because I’d received that word from the Lord myself while at Bible camp. I became an ordained minister of the United Pentecostal Church at age 18.

My Jewish ancestry had been covered up by my mother and grandmother, and it wasn’t till April of 2020 that I uncovered that I was born a Jew though genealogical research and DNA testing. With knowing nothing of my Jewish background it was nearly 20 years earlier in 2000 that I was drawn to join an Orthodox synagogue and desired to convert officially to Judaism after realizing that Christianity was a false religion created by the Romans. It certainly was not the religion that the Messiah grew up in a place called Nazareth along the shores of the Sea of Galilee in Israel.

I spend 22 years in the United Pentecostal church thinking I had the truth as that was what I’d been taught. As I studied to show myself approved I began to understand the teachings of the United Pentecostal church were wrong, that they were a deceived cult, along with all of Christian was a deceived cult described by the real kosher Messiah Yeshua as “the worker’s of iniquity (Lawlessness) who would have no place in the world to come. Yeshua himself pleaded with those caught up in this anti Law-Keeping Roman created cult. Speaking of the Roman Babylonian Whore/Harlot system Yeshua said, “Come out of her my people!” Come out is what I did, but as Yeshua was compassionate to try to call the lost sheep out of Christianity so too that has become my own mission. I have a great heart for family members like my cousin Tammie Horstman who is still blinded by Satan and involved in that “Mystery of Iniquity” system who denies the Name above all names, the only name by which we must be saved. The United Pentecostal church believes in the name of the Greco-Roman Latinized anti-christ that goes by the name Jesus. They dismiss the name given to Him in Scripture, to His mother, from the angel Gabriel. There can only be one name above all others by which we must be saved. It’s not multiple choice names, especially not a detestable name like Jesus that is neither a translation nor a transliteration. Do your research. It was a name made up and chosen to sound like the pagan deity Isis or the male equivalent Esus which morphed over time and languages as Esous, Iesous, and finally with the letter “J” invented in the 1400’s they began calling their Lawless Messiah Jesus.

What a horrible revelation of truth it all was. I was still attending I United Pentecostal Church in Aberdeen, South Dakota where I lived at the time of this revelation, and I purchased a box full of paperback books that documented how the ACTS 4:12 name Yeshua has been Satanically changed to Jesus prevent forgiveness of sin. I tried giving them away to all my church members who I thought would gobble them up because after all, the United Pentecostal Church prides themselves on being “the People of the Name”. It’s a shame they got the wrong name and want to stick to the wrong name and therefore their who salvation is sham, and a deception of Satan. G-d said He would send a “Strong Delusion” so such people would believe a lie and be damned. Once I’d finally and fully understood what Christianity I literally ran for my life as fast as I could get away from it, and resolved to take on the faith of Yeshua, Judaism.

You shall seek the truth and the truth will make you free. The truth about Christianity set me free from the “Strong Delusion”. Back in 2001 when I was baptised correctly in Yeshua’s name I experienced something I’d never experienced before. When I came up out of the waters of Beargrass creek the waters were cold, but I had the sensation of something warm just oozing down over me from the head down. I believe I was finally receiving the real Holy Spirit when I felt that.

Well, I need a break from writing. I need to get up and make my morning chocolate cinnamon beverage. One tablespoon of 100% pure cocoa powder (good for the older prostate), and one tablespoon of cinnamon with a little sweetener. Just made with hot water liked you’d make a cup of hot cocoa in a pan on the stove.