WE HAVE NO KING, BUT CAESAR! Why I don’t give a damn about politics.

I’ve never been a political person in my life as my thoughts have always been, no matter who gets in office they are gonna mess things up. I used the “F” word instead of “mess”, but I thought I’d spare my readers that colorful wording. lol

It wasn’t until this year that my rabbi pointed out that since we do have the choice and right to vote we should vote for the candidate who is doing G-d’s work and obviously that is Trump since Democrats believe in execution of children.

G-d says that the soul enters at conception and during the 9 months the child is growing in the womb an angel teaches that child all over Torah and they review their plan/contract of all the things they need to accomplish in this next life (re-incarnation). Just before the child exits the mothers body the angel touches the child’s lips and the child is supposed to forget everything and start fresh knowing nothing about their past re-incarnations or their Torah instruction. In many cases though we have seen that this is not always the case and may people do remember their past lives and for many people they live out the Torah naturally from birth, already understanding right from wrong without ever being exposed to G-d’s instruction and list of no-no’s for life.

My rabbi opened my eyes why I need to vote for the candidate that is against abortion. Biden is Catholic and supposed to be against abortion, but he’s not. He gets a wicked gleam in his eyes when him and Harris talk about murdering children.

When a child exits the womb they are already 9 months old and this is why Judaism does not have a tradition of celebrating the pagan practice called “birthdays”. In reality, three months after exiting the womb that brings the child to one year of age. For instance I was born in April and supposedly I am another year older, but when you go forward another 3 months to July another year is added. Like most things Christian, the celebration of “birth days” is ridiculous. It should actually be called your “born day” not birth day because you didn’t give birth. It was a day of birthing for your mother, not you.

Anyway, so I did my G-dly duty and voted and then I’m done with it. I don’t participate in politics one bit otherwise because earthly politics is Satantic. It’s Satan’s form of government in his realm and this realm is not my home. My King’s Kingdom is not of this world so I don’t watch or read hardly any news unless someone I know brings something up and they’d like me to tell them what I think. What I think is I don’t care who the earthly rulers are.

The high priest of Israel on the eve of Messiah’s execution said, “We have no King, but Caesar”. They had no choice though cause they were not allowed to vote Caesar in or out and if they rebelled in the slightest they were instantly slain or executed for a public spectacle. I have a choice though and as for me and my house we will serve YHVH the King of the Universe to whom all of creation and every other Elohim will bow.