To the Church’s at Mecca and Medina

This prophetic word was given to me by Yahusha HaMashich 23 August 2020. Please share with your Muslim, Jewish, and Christian friends.

To the church’s at Mecca and Medina, and our long alienated son’s of Hagar, son’s of Ishmael, through Father Avroham, through the Father of us all, Adonai Allaheinu Yahuah (YHWH), and His Son, our soon coming King Yahusha HaMashiach. Baruch haba b’shem Yahuah!

Now, hear the Word of Adonai Allaheinu Melekh HaOlam Yahuah from by my humble servant:
Listen my wayward children lead astray by my wicked prophet Muhammed who has done much evil in my sight. It is time to bury the hatchet and reunite with your cousin’s, the Yahudim, and the followers of Yahusha HaMaschiach HaMelak ben David who will soon be coming to destroy the wicked from before you!

The real Messiah comes in His father’s name. “Yah” being the shortened version of the name of the Father which you see at the beginning of His Holy name, Yahuah. The Son comes in His Father’s name as Yahusha meaning “Yahuah is our Salvation”. The Latinized Greek manufactured name “Jesus” IS NOT THE NAME OF THE SAVIOR GIVEN TO HIM BY HIS FATHER. Jesus/Iesous/Esous/Hesus/Esus (a play on the Greek God Zeus, and Esus being another name for Satan), Yashua, (You’ve heard this diminutive of the name Yahusha that He may have been called as a boy), and Isa’ (what Muslims call Yahusha), are not His Name. His name is Yahshua! Learn it!)

Helpful link about the big deception of the Satanic replacement names for the true Holy Names

Join with those nations who are making peace with Israel and forsake the Shiites who make war upon my people, even your own people, Islam! Your jealously toward your favored brother Yitzak and his descendants whom you call, “the People of the Book”, is an abomination and stench in my nostrils. I said you would be a warrior against your brother, but you have taken things too far and must repent for your judgement day is near.

It is written, “Esau I have hated.” Turn from the error of your way and join your brother Yahudim, and Christians to allow a restoration of the sons of Avroham (through whom all the nations of the world shall be blessed) while there is still time. I am coming soon and carry my reward for you with me unless you make me hate you as I have hated Esau.

I know the future and it is for certain many of you will go through the wide gate that leads to destruction and continue to challenge your cousin Yitzak’s descendants. Few there will that will forgive your your brother, but for those few of you who do forgive and repent of your sin and accept Yahuha as your Messiah you will enter through at the narrow gate the leads to salvation and my peace shall be upon you. You too will receive of my promise to be raptured away by my Son Yahusha and legions of His angels before the the great and terrible day of Yahuah!

The Yahudim and the Christians are not the only ones who have been lured into the Whore of Babylon snare of HaSatan (TheAdversary) of your souls. I AM the One and only Adonai Allahim Melakh HaOlam who took on human form so I could know how it felt to be human with all your anger, and painful emotions. I took all your pain and sin upon me. I suffered and died for you on the nearly 2000 years ago on a tree in Yerushalayim so one day you could be reunited with your Yahudim brother’s.

Now, hear the Word of Yahuah and choose this day whom you shall serve; your Adonai Allahim or the teachings of wicked men who have turned will and have turned to dust. Yes, all of heaven is preparing for my return to the earth and just as it says in the Christian Book of Revelation, “in clouds of great glory”. You follower’s of my wicked prophet Muhammed who did do wickedly in my eyes will look upon me who was pierced, and will you will mourn for me as one mourns for an only child, and grieve bitterly for me as one grieves for a firstborn son. Through your weeping you will cry from your heart and soul, and you shall repent, and be baptized in the name of Yahusha the Mashiach and I will save you and you will see me and say, Baruch haba b’shem Yahuah!