Is there a difference between G-d’s Commandments and G-d’s Laws?

Quick answer: No

Example: G-d’s Commandment says, “Thou shall not commit adultery”. The rest of that Commandment is that “Whoever is caught in the very act of adultery by two witnesses shall be stoned to death.” Both statements are Commands/Instructions given to us by G-d and they are His Law or what we call “The Law of Moses”. Some people get confused thinking the “Thou shall not” part is the Commandment and the Commandment to stone to death the adulterer is the Law and in this case there is only a slight difference, but Christians don’t understand because of a couple phrases in the New Testament out no longer being “under the Law, but under grace” and “the Law was nailed to the cross”.

Today while calling Spectrum (Time Warner Cable) for an overpayment issue on my wifi account I took the opportunity to speak to their customer service employee about Yeshua’s prophesied soon return. Customer service agents are always easy to share the truth with because they are not allowed be impolite and shut you up lol.

I mentioned the we are in a prophetic showdown on G-d’s prophetic hourglass where Yeshua must come for His Bride within the next 9 months because after that there is only 7 years left on the prophetic timeclock for the Tribulation. The female customer service agent on the phone brought up the barley and I was excited to know I had someone who was a bit more educated that the average Christian so that kind of knowledge is side effect of someone who is a truth seeker who knows there’s something fishy with the churchworld.

I brought up the the fact of the Foolish Virgins with no oil in their lamps that would not be the Bride and would not go in the rapture because no oil means they were not keeping G-d’s Law. With that she immediately said we don’t have to follow the Law anymore because that was nailed to the finished work of the cross. She seemed to be confused thinking that the Law and Commandments were entirely two different things and I assured her I’m Jewish and I read and speak Hebrew and they are not two different things and the thing that was nailed to the cross was the death sentence of the Law for breaking certain Commandments often known as the “7 deadly sins” that G-d instructed we are to execute a person for breaking. While the Hebrew words for Commandment/Instruction and Law are different they both refer to what we call the 613 Mizvot, not just the 10 Mitzot that Moses brought down no the tablets of stone from the mountain. 10 was just our starter set, or the milk given to the baby Israelites for them to drink in till they were ready for the meat Laws/Commandments that we still need to keep.

I went on to instruct her that we still had to keep G-d’s kosher food Law’s and His Law to keep the Sabbath day which Christians don’t because they are confused and think all of that was nailed the cross. I told her we still cannot eat things like pork, shrimp, and lobster and still must keep G-d’s Sabbath and not the Mithras Sun-day Sabbath that the worker’s of iniquity Roman system set up.

I could tell she was confused and under the “Strong Delusion” as her tone had changed I knew I’d pushed a button with Sabbath keeping and kosher keeping and Law keeping or else that meant you were a Foolish Virgin with no oil in your Lamp and that exempted you from being qualified to be the Bride that would be lifted up and taken off the earth to the Father’s house for the 7day/7year wedding. It will be a 7-day wedding in heaven, but on earth that’s when the 7-year Tribulation will be taking place where G-d is going to pour out His judgements on the pork eaters and Sabbath breakers when the majority of Christians will probably die in the sins and then have to wait 1000 years till the White Throne Judgement.

I told her about my website for Christians who don’t understand they are the Foolish Virgin “workers of iniquity” that will not go in the rapture of the Bride and be left behind to suffer the horrors of the Tribulation with no protection.