TO THE GOOD PEOPLE OF PERSIA (Iran): NOW is the time to leave the country before the Bible prophesied war breaks out

There is obvious evidence brought forth that voter fraud has taken place in America and the world knows it, but anti-Trump Democrats continue to stop court cases for a full investigation to proceed.

Will Trump be cheated out of office by the Demoncrats?

Could this be G-d’s way of bringing about the fulfillment of Endtime prophecy? I’m not saying it is, but I can see things happening this way and here’s why…

If Trump, at the last minute, is cheated out of his second term by fraudulent votes by the Demoncrats he declare martial law based on evidence of a attempted coup in our American election.

It’s obvious that the Sodomites/Democrats want to destroy America as a free country, destroy the Democracy, and replace it with Socialism/Communism.

Already we have seen the Sodomite/Democrat riots in the streets where they have shot to death Christian Trump supporters, Black Lives Matter have burned Black businesses to the ground, and of course all the physical assaults on those who believe in G-d’s Laws, and the looting of businesses.

Trump has every right to declare martial law and hopefully will do so until this fraud of an election perpetrated by the Democrats is proven.

Trump begin to may begin bomb nuclear facilities in Iran so the smart and good people of Persia should leave any and all areas they know will be hit, if not leave the country of Iran altogether. There are many people who will take in the good people of Persia whether you be secular, Christian, or non-violent Muslim. There are some of us out there that understand Islam is the way of all the prophets of Judaism because it say’s that the prophets “submit” to the will of Allahim/Elohim. We understand the difference between the good Muslims who are peaceful and the psycho terrorists who claim to be Islamic Muslims, but are not.

Let’s see how all this plan of G-d plays out.