THE WORST JEWISH HOLOCAUST IS COMING: Zechariyahu 12:3 “And all nations shall gather against her”

During the 7 years I lived in Hollywood I was a would be actor. A mentor advised me my talents laid not in acting, but in writing.

Today I’ve been writing a section in my autobiography about my past life during WW II. I can’t even remember how many days have passed since my wife and our children were forced to enter that over crowded railroad boxcar on that cold October afternoon in Poland. We were told we were being relocated to community of our own where we’d be able to live our lives as Jews free from persecution with good jobs at huge bread factory that made bread for all of Poland. On the boxcar however we had been given no bread, no water, no food. Nobody dared to say out loud that they believe we’d been lied to and we were not being relocated to a community of our own with factory jobs. The only water we had was the cold rain that poured in through the leaky roof of the boxcar.

The train came to a stop and we heard a loud voice announcing our arrival at the Auschwitz Bakery and we would all be disembarked shortly. We all cheered knowing we’d soon be freed from the boxcar that had become like a open sewer. No type of provision was made for relieving ourselves and so we had designated one corner of the boxcar as a privy. The young men would form a wall with their backs to the corner anytime someone needed to relieve themselves.

At any moment we expected the looked boxcar doors to be opened and we’d venture out to explore our new home. When just minutes of our arrival a huge explosion nearly shook our boxcar off the tracks. Everyone hit the floor. Outside we heard the screams of men, women, and children,and then machine gun fire, the German’s screaming orders for everyone to lay down on the ground and not move. What had just happened? What exploded? Why were the German’s firing machine guns. Families and strangers alike huddled together and prayed.

We remained in the boxcar for two more days with no food or water before being released. Finally, the boxcar doors were unlocked, swung open and the the sunlight we’d not seen for days blinded us. The Germans ordered us out. The fresh air was quite a relief, but as our eyes adjusted to the light we saw dead bodies everywhere. The German’s immediately separated the women from the men and the children from their parents promising to reunited everyone in their new home after they had been registered for work. Within moments of separation the German’s began pulling out those who were aged and feeble. They put a gun to their heads and unceremoniously shot them to death.

What was happening? Why all the dead bodies strewn about the place and why were they killing all the old and feeble? We soon learned the smoke stacks that were dropping ash like snow on our clothing where not for baking bread. The ashes falling on us like snow were the remains of our Jewish brother’s and sisters who’s bodies were being cremated by the German’s. Fellow Jews were forced to drag the bodies of sometimes even their own family members into the crematorium to burn them. The German soldiers shouted orders to work quickly and were told that any Jew caught praying or hesitating would next to be cast into the fire. The Book of Daniel flashed before my eyes. Where was HaShem to save us from the fire?

We learned the explosion at our arrival was the result of revolt. A large group of young Jewish males who had been responsible for removing corpses from the gas chambers and taking them to the crematoriums had staged a revolt. They assaulted their guards, using tools and makeshift explosive. They demolished the crematorium. All were apprehended and killed.

And so goes a chapter outline. The camera slows down to a crawl and goes from sharp contrast to a soft filter. Human ash is falling like snow in Auschwitz on Jews dragging murdered Jews to the crematorium and simultaneously overlapping scenes from a relatives home in America where kids are outside building a snowman from the first snow of the year. You hear the radio inside the home with The Andrews Sisters singing In Apple Blossom Time as the mother calls the children in lunch. Ashen remains of men falling on our shoulders like snow on one side of the world, and men being built of snow on the other side of the world.

This is the reality. Millions of Jews being murdered while the rest of world continued on as if none of it was happening. Mine is a fictional account based on the stories of those who lived through the holocaust. During my years in Hollywood I became acquainted with quite a few holocaust survivors with numbers tattooed on their forearms. I remember a sweet elderly woman named Rose who’s eyes were bright, smiling, and full of energy. By chance I’d often meet her at the bus stop at the corner of Santa Monica and Fairfax. I’d take a seat across the isle from her on the bus so we could continue our conversations. I remember her talking about her and her husband buying their Hollywood home for just $50,000 dollars in 1954 and now it was worth millions. I remember one of the first things she asked me was if I was married? lol

All the many Jews that have died in the past 3000 years were types and shadows of what is yet to come. The level or world-wide hatred of the Jews is getting worse and I’m not making anything better by tell Christianity that they are the spawn of Satan’s Roman Christ Killers who also genocided many millions of Jews in the last 2000 years. There is no other type of Christian except for the Roman Christian no matter what happened with Martin Luther and the reformation that created the protestant Harlot daughters of the Catholic Mother Whore of Babylon.

Joni Lamb who owns the Christian Daystar cable tv Network based out of the USA is a prime example how how Christians still have a deep hatred for Jews, even though their lying lips profess otherwise as they bed you to send them thousands of dollars so they can bless Israel with it. Yeah, right. Joni’s husband is an adulterer and had three female employees he’d had relationships with come forth to expose them. Use the search feature on this website for a couple of articles where I expose the hateful anti-semitic letter Joni Lamb sent me. They are full aware I am an Orthodox Jewish Messianic rabbi and they rudely said they would pray for me to find Jesus for salvation. Joni and Marcus Lamb are wolves in sheeps clothing getting rich of the backs of believers. They had a net worth in 2019 of $10 million dollars and live in resplendent luxury at the expense of those who are dumb enough to send them money so they can send hate letters to Jews who believe in the real kosher Law-Keeping Jewish Messiah Yeshua who is absolutely not the same as their demonic Roman counterfeit “Jesus” that is responsible for execution of Yeshua and millions upon millions of Jews in the last 2000 years. Don’t be fooled by Christianity. It’s pure evil with a sprinkling of good within it. This is why Yeshua prophesied against the coming Greco-Roman “workers of iniquity” religious system that would come with it’s own pork eating, adulterizing, dead to the Law false christ. The real Messiah said, “I come in my Father’s name (Yeshua = YHVH is Salvation), but you do not accept me. One will come in his own name (Isis/Esis/Esus/Iesous/Jesus) and him you will accept. Yeshua said of Christianity, “Come out of her my people!”.

Joni Lamb, the wicked Jezebel of the Daystar network has yet to issue a letter of apology to me or even acknowledge my request since her last correspondence dismissing me as an unsaved Jew. I will update my readers if she ever responds. Until then my campaign to expose these Jew haters who also hate Blacks will continue. These two are real pieces of work selling the Besorah of Yeshua.

Yeah, so because of Jewish Rabbi’s like myself exposing Christianity and certain Christian’s like the Lamb’s of Daystar network, through my righteous efforts I will inadvertently be partly responsible for “All nations coming against Israel” in these last days. My Rabbi’s tell me that exposing these Jew haters for who they really are is a mitzvah and I should not back down.

World War III with a second holocaust of the Jews that makes Adolph Hitler’s “final solution” looks like child’s play is coming. The only true safe place for Jews will be Israel although even there many will fall by the sword. The Philistines/Palestinians are even trying now to attack the Jews through the Christian Jesus trying to say through BBC programming that “Jesus was a Palestinian”. Certain Muslim’s have a believe they are promoting that Jesus will return as a Muslim to kill all the Jews. I know the Koran well. Muslims are a confused bunch with only a small minority being peaceful, loving, and kind.

So the Muslims of Iran are ganging up with Russia and China to wipe America off the map and then their next target is Israel. It takes no prophet to tell you this. Some have called me a prophet, but one who understands Scripture correctly is no prophet, but just a Torah Scholar who has studied so show himself approved.