The Wise Virgin “Thief in the Night” rapture of the True Bride known as the “Secret Rapture” to the workers of Iniquity is at the doorstep.

Some preach a “Secret Rapture” that will be a pre-tribulation Rapture, but even they don’t have the whole truth about it like I do. It seems I alone am the only servant of YHVH who has been anointed to have this whole truth and I am like a voice crying in the wilderness with nobody listening.

When I say crying I mean literally crying with tears of sadness that the people of this earth cannot open their hearts to the loving Elohim/Allahim who revealed His person name to Abraham as YHVH (YaHaVaH = Ya is Love), and then later when He incarnated Himself for a third time to humanity in the form of Yeshua the Messiah they still rejected Him even though G-d Himself became our sacrifice for sin.

I know in my heart as I type these words at 1:41am Cathedral City, California that at any second I could be removed from this earth in the Rapture of the Wise Virgins who are Law Keepers and not Foolish Virgin Workers of Iniquity who will be left behind to suffer the plagues of the Tribulation created for their Babylonian Whore Harlot allegiance and their taking of the Mark of the Beast.

People like Joni Lamb and Markus Lamb are leading millions of people down the wide road to perdition and all the while they are so blind to think they are the one’s who see and it is the Jew’s like me who believe in Yeshua who are blind. Oh, G-d help them for their embracing of wickedness. Either they are doing it on purpose so they can get rich off of selling the gospel or they have truly been blinded by the Roman anti-Messiah named Jesus.

My soul had been under harsh pressure the last few days and even though my faith is immovable it is not easy bearing this burden of love for the lost. Yes, the LOST. As in LOST SHEEP…DECEIVED AND LOST HAPPILY MARCHING TO THE DEATH OF THEIR SOULS AS THE PROVERBIAL “Lambs to slaughter”. G-d, please so some signs and wonders that will wake up these people under the “Strong Delusion” you said you have sent them and the reprobate minds you turned them over to because of their hatred of you and their hatred of your Laws. Like Abraham who bargained with you for the chance to bring the wicked of Sodom to the truth that would save them I am asking you the same now. Keep your “chosen one” Trump in office to stave off the horrors of the prophesied One World Government and One World Religion you told us would come and is already nearly implemented. All that holds it back is the restrainer, your Ruach HaKodesh, that has put a type of Messiah, President Trump in the position of holding off the Tribulation for a moment longer so your humble prophets and preachers like myself who are announcing your Torah Truth the Nations and to the Jew first and then the Nations will have more time to try to pry open the eyes of the blind before their souls are damned to destroyed in the Lake of Fire. FATHER! Abba! I beg of you. Please keep Trump office as your prophets predicted for a second term. I ask that it be fulfilled as a consecutive term, not a second term after Satan servant’s Biden and Harris bring more of your wrath upon our nation for 3-4 years and then the American people repent and put you back into office with a nearly unanimous vote. The last of your Last Days are upon us and Biden/Harris will only bring the Tribulation on quicker with less time for us to attempt to bring souls to your Torah Truth. Loving Abba and Father judge I beg of you to keep Trump in office four more years to stave off the wicked taking over this country and the world. I know you are on a set time table and there is not much wiggle room before as Yeshua said, “All things fulfilled” becomes a reality, but forgive your slothful servant(s) that have not been working hard enough in your absence. Give us a little reprieve of time. Keep Trump in office four more consecutive years. I am strong, but I don’t know how strong if the wicked take over and begin their ushering in of the 7-year tribulation in January. My heart is already failing me for the things coming upon the earth. Father, I’m begging you in Yeshua’s name. Omein.

Allow me to be worthy to go in your “thief in the night rapture” of the wise virgin bride to the wedding that the christians will not be allowed to attend. Help me to open the eyes of the blind and declare the good news to poor in knowledge and the captives in the dungeon of pagan Lawless blind Christianity, my unbelieving Jewish family, both immediate family and kol Israel. I don’t wanna get stuck her to suffer the tribulation and then be Elect(ed) to get on the second class citizen Paulinian “twinkling of an eye” rapture…ugh….

There is gonna be a lot of weeping and gnashing of teeth when these Foolish virgin Jews and Christians and Muslims alike, all the children of Abraham realize they were duped by Satan into becoming the prophesied “workers of iniquity” who get left behind to maybe or maybe not finally come to the truth that will save their souls. They will be locked out of the wedding, but hopefully, they will eventually wake up and repent of their Torahlessness so they can at least come to the reception as guests of the Bride and join in the celebration as those who were forgiven finally when they made teshuvah for their Torahlessness. In your name I pray….Omein.