The Book of John Chapter 9 
From the Orthodox Jewish Bible Renewed Covenant

1 And passing along, Rabboni (Master/teacher of the Law), Melech (King) Yahusha HaMoshiach (TheMessiah) saw a man ivver (blind) from birth. 2 The talmidim (students/apostles) of Rabboni, Melech Yahusha HaMoshiach asked him, Rabboni, who committed averos (sins), this man or the horim (parents) of him, that he was born ivver (blind)? [YECHEZKEL 18:20; SHEMOT 20:5; IYOV 21;19] 3 In reply, Rabboni, Melech Yahusha HaMoshiach said, “Neither this man sinned nor the horim of him, but that the pe’ulot of Hashem may be manifested in him4 It is necessary for us to work the pe’ulot (works) of the One having sent me while it is Yom (Day). Lailah (Night) comes when no one is able to work.[Jer 13:16] ] 5 As long as I am in the Olam Hazeh (this world), I am the Ohr (light) HaOlam (of the word).” [Ohr is a central Kabbalistic term in the Jewish mystical tradition. The analogy of physical light is used as a way of describing metaphysical Divine emanations.] 6 Having said these things, he spat on the ground and made clay with the saliva and he anointed the clay upon the man’s eyes, 7 And said to him, “Go wash in the mikvah of Shiloach! [MELACHIM BAIS 5:10]. –The name means sent–He went therefore and washed and came seeing. [YESHAYAH 35:5] 8 Therefore, the shchenim (wealthy neighbors) and the ones seeing the man who was formerly a betler(begger), came, saying, Is this not the man who was sitting and begging? 9 Some were saying, This is the one! Others were saying, No, but it is a man like him. But the man was saying, I am the one! 10 Therefore, the people were saying to him, How, then, were your eyes opened? 11 In reply, the man said, The one called Yahusha [Zech 6:11-12; Ezra 3:8] took clay and anointed my eyes and said to me, Go to mikvah Shiloach [MELACHIM BAIS 5:10] and wash. Therefore, having gone, and having washed, I saw! 12 And they said to him, Where is that one (Yahusha)? The man says to them, I do not have da’as (knowledge) of that. 13 The people lead the man to the Perushim (Pharisees), the man who had formerly been ivver (blind). 14 Now the time period (time/date of the healing) Rabboni, Melech Yahusha HaMoshiach took the clay and opened his eyes was a Shabbos (Sabbath day). 15 Then again also the Perushim were asking him how his eyes were opened, and the man said to them, The man placed clay on my eyes and I washed, and I see. 16 Therefore some of the Perushim were saying, This man is not from Alah (Aramaic word for “God”), because he is not Shomer Shabbos (keeping the Sabbath correctly, i.e. not doing any work on the Sabbath). But others were saying, How is a man who is a choteh (sinner) able to do such an otot (sign)? There was a machloket (division of dissension) among them. 17 Therefore, they say to the ivver (blind man) again, What do you say about him, because he opened your eyes? And the man said, He is a Navi (Prophet).18 Therefore, those of Yahudah (the Jews) did not believe that the man had been ivver (blind) until they called the horim of the man whose eyes were opened. 19 And they asked the horim, saying, Is this the ben (son) of you, whom you say was born ivver? How, therefore, does he now have sight? 20 In reply, therefore, his horim said, We have da’as that this man is the ben of us and that he was born ivver, 21 But how he sees now we do not have da’as nor do we have da’as of who opened his eyes. Interrogate him. He’s had his Bar Mitzvah (T.N. i.e., he is of age). He will speak for himself. 22 His horim said these things, because they were fearing those of Yehudah, for already those of Yehudah had agreed that if any person made hoda’ah (confession) of him to be the Rabboni, Melech Yahusha HaMoshiach, that person would be put under cherem (banned) from the shul (synagogue). 23 Therefore, his horim said, He has reached his religious majority and is of age. Interrogate him.24 They called a second time, therefore, the man who had been ivver (blind) and said to him, V’ten lo todah. (Give glory to G-d) [YEHOSHUA 7:19] We have da’as that this man is a choteh (sinner). [TEHILLIM 68:35; YAHUSHUA 7:19] 25 In reply, therefore, he said, If he is a choteh (sinner), of that I don’t have da’as. Of one thing I do have da’as, that though I was ivver, now I see. 26 They said, therefore, to him, What did he (Yeshua) do to you? How did he open your eyes? 27 The man answered them, I told you already, and you do not listen. Why again do you want to hear? Surely you do not want to become his talmidim also? 28 And they reviled him and said, You are a talmid of that man, but we are talmidim of Moshe Rabbeinu. [BAMIDBAR 12:2,8] 29 We have da’as that Hashem has spoken to Moshe Rabbeinu, but this man, we do not have da’as from where he comes. 30 In reply, the man said to them, Here is a real cheftza! (Gavra and Cheftza (“Person” and “Object”): (lit. “man” and “object”) Prohibitions or obligations are divided between those which apply to the “gavra,” the person himself, mandating his behavior, and those which apply to the “cheftza,” the object or the act in question, defining its status.) That you do not have da’as from where he comes, and he opened my eyes! 31 We have da’as that Allah does not listen to chote”im (sinners), but if anyone has chassidus (Jewish faith) and yirat Shomayim (fear of Heaven) and does the ratzon (will) of Him, this One Allah hears. [TEHILLIM 18:2332; 34:15 16; 66:18; 145:1920; 51:7(5); MISHLE 15:8,29; YESHAYAH 1:15; 59:1-2] 32 Never vi-bahlt the Bri’at HaOlam (since the Creation of the World) it was heard of that anyone opened the eyes of an ivver (blind man) having been born thus. 33 If this man was not from YHWH (Yahuah), he would not be able to do anything. 34 They answered and said to him, You were born totally B’AVON (in sin) and you teach us? And they threw him out. [TEHILLIM 51:5(7)]35 Rabboni, Melech Yahusha (aka “J-esus” to those under Allah’s “strong delusion”) HaMoshiach heard that they threw him out, and, having found him, Rabboni, Melech Yahusha HaMoshiach said, Do you have emunah (faith) in the Ben HaAdam? (in the Son OfMan) 36 In reply, the man said, And who is he, Adoni (Lord), that I may have emunah (faith) in him? 37 And Rabboni, Melech Yahusha HaMoshiach said, You have seen him, and the one speaking with you is he. 38 And the man said, Ani ma’amin, Adoni (I believe, Lord). And he fell down prostrate before him. 39 And Rabboni, Melech Yahusha HaMoshiach said, For the sake of Mishpat (Divine Justice), I came into the Olam Hazeh, that the ones who are ivrim (blind ones) may see, and the ones seeing may become ivrim. 40 Some of the Perushim heard these things, the ones being with him, and they said to him, Surely we are not ivrim, are we? 41 Rabboni, Melech Yahusha HaMoshiach said to them, If you were ivrim (blind men), you would not have chet (sin), but now vi- bahlt (since) you say, We see, the chet (sin) of you remains.”

After reading a true restored Hebraic version of this passage, I bet your head is spinning wondering why has the real Jewish Savior been adulterated with erroneous Greek/Roman/Latin translations and editings??? Don’t you feel a divine love and tug of the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) in your heart that you are finally reading the real words of our Father who incarnated into a man so He could be our once-and-for-all atonement for sin. Only Allah can forgive sin and surely as He incarnated into a man in the form of Yahusha HaMoshiach He paid the ultimate cost out of His deep love for us, His Creation.

Your Allah-given free will might be revolting inside you right now and may make you want to turn aside and blow this off and you will walk away from Allah (Eloah/Alah/Allah/Elohim/Allahim– all the same word). You may be a hater or racist and may not know that Christians in Israel and throughout the Middle East say Allah instead of the word “God” which derives from the name of a pagan deity which our Father prohibits us from speaking from our lips any of the names of pagan deities.

So, let me continue…. It’s very cool that the very mikvah Siloam was found where the blind man washed and received his sight through faith. It’s the same for us. We receive our sight through faith because before we come to Yahusha we are blind and stumbling through darkness with no Light of The World to light the path before our feet. We are washed in the mikvah (baptismal pool) to wash away the old sinful nature and through the blood of Yahusha our sins are covered/blotted out and thrown as far as the East is from the West, into the Sea of Forgetfullness, so don’t let HaSatan (TheAdversary) EVER tell you any different when that nasty old devil tries to throw your past up in your face and attempt to humiliate you in front of others and try to convince you that what you did was unforgivable. That’s Satan’s plan A. Get you to doubt what “Is Written” as he did with Yahusha in the wilderness. Anytime you have nagging thoughts about your past sin that you have already been broken and repented for don’t you dare let that fool Satan try to make you doubt. Be like Yahusha and tell that deceiver, “It is written!” and then quote your favorite Scriptures about sin, repentance, forgiveness, and His redeeming blood. Resist the fool devil and he will flee from you and pick on an easier target, perhaps your neighbor, so “love they neighbor” whoever that neighbor may be and share the truth of Yahusha with them.

Shew! There are always so many rabbit holes to go down when you start talking about the goodness of Yahusha. That’s why sometimes an hour teaching can turn into a 2-hour preaching lol! Glory to Allah!!! Do you read that world “Allah” and don’t like it? Tough cookie! Get used to it. In Judaism we are taught to say Elah/Eloah/Elohim because it does not jump the fence we put around the sacred pronunciation of “Allah”. It’s the same mechanism/fence build around Jews not pronouncing YHWH (Yahuah), but instead in most Bibles you will see the world LORD in all caps. In Judaism we still have the correct Hebrew letters YHWH, but the cantillation marks on each of the four letters que us to not pronounce the word correctly. If you can’t or don’t pronounce the sacred name of the Father then you can’t blaspheme. That is our safety fence to prevent blasphemy. The same goes for all the Hebraic names with Yahu, the shorten version of Yahuah like Yahusha, Elijah/Eliyahu, Yermeyahu/Jeremiah, etc., ect.,you get the idea. Judaism purposely pronounced Yahu as Yeho so you don’t actually even speak the diminutive form of the sacred name of Allah.

Besides all that teaching I wanted to make a point about what the apostles were asking Yahusha about the man born blind. I’ll take us back to verse 2:

2 The talmidim (students/apostles) of Rabboni, Melech Yahusha HaMoshiach asked him, Rabboni, who committed averos (sins), this man or the horim (parents) of him, that he was born ivver (blind)? [YECHEZKEL 18:20; SHEMOT 20:5; IYOV 21;19] 

Most Christians who are completely uneducated in the Jewish faith do not know that re-incarnation has always been fundamental to the faith, indeed a pillar of the faith as Judaism understand that a soul must reincarnate as many times as needed to fulfill all the 613 Laws of the Torah and since there are certain Laws for men and certain Laws only for women it is mandatory that souls, that are genderless, incarnate over and over again to accomplish each Mitzvot (Commandment). Most Christians if asked if they believe in re-incarnation they will say, “We don’t teach that at my church! Re-incarnation is of the Devil!” How ignorant they are of the religion of the Messiah they claim to obey, but in their defense if you get raised up and brainwashed by a false cult called Christianity and you believe it to be the truth then can you blame Christians for not believing what their anti-Christ Babylonian Whore/Harlot religious system taught them? Yes you can. After all Yahusha the Messiah warned that false teachers would come and lead many astray, but today you have a real talmudim, a real Natsarim (Watcher of the Bride of Yahusha) that is telling you the truth that you can prove to yourself if you only have a desire to know the truth that will set you free from the strong deception of Esus later known as J-Esus/Jesus. Do it. Look up the history of how the Romans deleted the Holy Name, the ONLY name given to mankind, NO OTHER NAME by which we must be saved, Yahusha and they created some demonic Zeus/Esous/Iesus/Esus/Jesus name so that you are really invoking the name “Esus” which is another name for Satan. Look it up! “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”. ~HOSEA 4:6

To continue… Without the foundational Judaic belief in re-incarnation how is it that you can believe that our heavenly Father Himself incarnated into the body of Yahusha to be Elohim/Allahim incarnate? It is written that we are made in the image of our heavenly father. Yahusha Himself reminded us that Elijah/Eliyahu the Navi (Prophet) would return to become the one who makes the way for the Messiah and Yahusha confirmed that certainly John the Baptist was the re-incarnation of Eliyahu and was beheaded. Yahusha even asked, “Who do the people say that I am?

Matthew 16:13-16 Now when Yahusha came into the district of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, “Who do people say that the Son of Man is? And they said, “Some say John the Baptist, others say Elijah, and others Jeremiah or one of the prophets.” He said unto them, “But who do you say that I am?”

Here we have another direct reference to re-incarnation that has always been foundational to Judaism. Certainly, the Romans missed this and the previous reference to re-incarnation because the specific Hebraic word “Gilgul” meaning re-incarnation was not used when referencing this pillar of the faith. You can bet your bottom dollar that when the pagans had murdered the apostles and followers of Yahusha and confiscated their scrolls with the gospel of Yahusha that were most certainly written in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek the pagan Roman’s changed to create their false doctrine that we do not re-incarnate, but only have one life and then the judgement. But you say, it is written “man will have one life and then the judgement”. Well, certainly when our human body dies and our soul returns to heaven there is a life review, a type of judgment, but it’s not the same as the false doctrine the pagans tried to create where our souls stay with our body in the grave till we are resurrected for the White throne judgement. Those humans left behind at the time of the rapture will be destroyed and their souls will not go to heaven but will await the White Throne Judgement at the end of the thousand years reign of Yahusha in the renewed Heaven and renewed Earth.

So, now….all of that to say this. Since re-incarnation is foundational to Judaism that explains the phenomenon of homosexuality as all so-called “Gay men” are simply re-incarnated women in men’s body, or if you will, “A woman trapped in the body of a man”. The soul bleed-over from the past life is very evident in the obvious femininity of most homosexual men and as well for the homosexual who feels so feminine that they cannot continue on as male and opt for a sexchange operation. These people known as transsexuals are experiencing the same in a more profound way feeling like they are a woman trapped in a male body. You gotta trust me on this one. All of the ancient Rabbi’s agree on this and your denial of re-incarnation is just going to make you look foolish, um, like a foolish virgin in the parable of the 10 virgins and that lamps where the foolish virgins are LEFT BEHIND and are kept out of the marriage supper of the Lamb and are soon destroyed when Yahusha scorches the entire earth with fire destroying all the wicked tares that will await the White Throne Judgement after the 1000-year reign and they will have to answer why they did not list to me just one of the last of the Last Days prophets.

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