The Mystery and the Solution of the Elohim

“God stands in the Divine Council; He renders judgment among the gods” ~Psalms 82:1

“You are gods, and all of you are sons of the Most High” ~Pslams 82:6

It would seem the Bible reflects the ancient worldview of a god-congested universe. Great is the mystery of G_dliness. So many humans, both Jew and Gentile, have done their best to humanize G_d, but Scripture says G_d is not a human being. Scripture says G_d is an Elohim. What is an Elohim?

Just for a minute put the average Biblical mindset to the side and understand that any species not native to this planet is called an extra terrestrial. By definition G_d is an extra terrestrial and He is from the Elohim species of extra terrestrials. He is all-powerful above any other species in the Universe. He is a spiritual being that is able to incarnate into human bodily form as He did when He and two angels visited Abraham in his tent before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Another time that great spirit of G_d incarnated into human form when He wrestled with Ya’acov (Jacob, aka Israel). If my people accept that G_d did incarnate into a human body on these two occasions then why is it so difficult for them to accept G_d would re-incarnate again into human form as our Messiah? I don’t hear any Rabbi’s crying, “Idolity!!!” when Abraham recognized YHVH in human form or when Ya’acov recognized YHVH in human form, even having had the nerve to physically fight with G_d.

The prophet Daniel wrote that the Messiah would be worshipped (Pelach) as deity in Chapter 7 and verse 14. Even Rashi’s Talmud commentary confirms that his section of Daniel’s prophecy is about the Messiah. So, what is it about Yeshua that my people are really rejecting? I think the real problem is here that Satan’s government through the Rabbi’s has overtaken G_d’s government and they don’t want to give up their elite status being in control of the people. They may say they want Mashiach with their lips, but their hearts are far from G_d fearing their lofty positions would be deleted by the coming of Mashiach.

The Torah, at least on the surface, has not explained to us who the extra terrestrials known as Elohim are. When Scripture tells us we have inherited lies from our Father’s that includes cover stories and outright deceptions about the identity of the Elohim extra terrestrial species that have the ability to change into human form. Do you wonder if there are Elohim on the earth now who have taken on human form and live among us and we don’t even know their identities?

When we look at the oldest written history on this planet that predates the Bible by many thousands of years we find the Sumerian Tablets already have the creation story of Adam and Eve and even the story of the flood purposed for destroying all humans. In fact, the writings of the faith that had been called Judaism for the past 2000+ years were most likely pieced together from the much more ancient Sumerian Tablets that Abraham certainly must have knowledge of as he lived in the great Sumerian city of Ur which it’s ruins are located in the country we know today as Iraq.

I began learning these facts back around the year 2000 when the Internet had gotten into full swing after a good five years of growing like mad. The Book of Daniel tells us that our knowledge shall be in creased in the Last Days. Surely, those Last Days began when the Internet was unleashed on the general public.

In The Sumerian Tablets extra terrestrials called Anunakim came from a distant planet in our solar system called Nibiru and they saw potential in the pre-human species on this planet and genetically hybridized this species with their own to create the human species we know today. Don’t take my word for it. Go study to show yourself approved and read up on the translations of The Sumerian Tablets. It’s all there for your reading pleasure for your knowledge to be increased just like the Book of Daniel prophesied for the Last Days we are living in.

What was that pre-human species the Anunakim used to hybridize their own species with to create humans? The history of the Anunakim provides us with the missing link to how the human race got started on this planet. Darwinism says that humans evolved from apes, but it can’t explain how that evolution happened. The history contained in The Sumerian Tablets tell us exactly how it happened. The highly advance extra terrestrial species known as the Anunakim hybridized their own species with the species they found here on this planet. Humanity as we know it today was hybridized in different batches from the different species of apes. Yes, we are all just smart monkeys. Depending on which breed was used for hybridizing the different races developed. Just take a look at all the different breeds and compare their facial features with those of the different human races and you’ll understand. And by the way, this is how racism and white supremacy got it’s origins.

Please read the oldest written history of our planet, The Sumerian Tablets. Don’t take my word for it. I’m barely scratching the surface of the exacting account of how the Anunakim created humans from apes. The Tablets reveal how they worked tirelessly to create batch after batch of different humans trying to get a version that was closest in intelligence to their own species. Out of all the hybridization trials they had created humans with varying levels of intelligence. Their first effort, as recorded, was created to be workers to mine gold for them that was needed to restore the atmosphere of their dying planet. With my ancestry being mixed between Black and White I have to admit that the Black part of me don’t embrace very happily the fact that this is why my people closely resemble monkey’s, but I accept it as fact the G_d did just that, created us from monkey’s. Some human’s got hybridized from the blackest of the black gorilla’s and other batches of human’s came from white monkey’s. I’m not being disrespectful to the Being that had the rule over us that we call G_d, Elohim, YHVH, or Yeshua, but I’m saying that we as a species have come to a place where we need you to show up in person and explain because if you don’t those of the human species who use race as a base for hatred are going to destroy this planet as has been prophesied in Scripture.

Could the Anakim of the Bible who are described to be giants like the Nephilim be the Anunakim of the Sumerian Tablets? The truth seems to be hiding in plain site, but why didn’t Abraham and Sarah who undoubtedly had full knowledge of this explain that the Elohim were the Anunakim/Anakim? Maybe they did, but later editors of the Torah decided to remove that part because they felt mankind was not prepared to know the truth? The words of the Torah have been altered over time. Here’s an article describing some of the 18 changes that were made.

That’s about all I have to say on the subject for this article. What more is there to say. You have to discover the truth from the historical sources we have on this planet and make up your own mind.

I suggest you keep and open mind that G_d is some all powerful extra terrestrial species called Elohim (Anunakim/Anakim) that all the other extra terrestrial species in the Universe respect as King of the Universe, our Melekh HaOlam. For now, we see through a mirror dimly, but soon we will see clearly as the prophetic hourglass of the Elohim for this planet and species is getting down to the last grains of sand.