The Human Cost of a Cup of Tea

I have been profoundly moved by what I learned from a documentary on Youtube. This documentary reveals why some things are so expensive.

Profiled are artisans of Moroccan tile, Italian marble, Japanese tea kettles, but what really humbled me was the story of how the clove spice I put in a cup of tea finds it’s way from a tree in India to my cup.

I will never think of what I perceive as a simple cup of tea the same way again.

As I’d like you to grow in appreciation and compassion I will not detail the process revealed in the documentary that allows that clove spice to be enjoyed by me.

If every precious soul who labored and even risked their life where present at the drinking of my cup of tea…. I can’t even finish that thought.

How many souls brought me one single clove bud? A tea leaf? A grain of sugar? The tea cup itself? How can I ever appreciate?

As a savage consumer with no appreciation I can selfishly drink that cup of tea.

If I had to spiritually connect to every human soul’s suffering that brought me that cup of tea how would my sense of appreciation and compassion for my fellow human change?

Here’s the Youtube link: