The Family of G-d


Families often have disputes and the family of G-d is no different. The Jewish Scriptures begin with conflict between Adam and Havah (Eve). Adam complained to G-d that the woman He gave him lead him astray and convinced him to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Havah tried to blame it on the serpent. Isn’t it just like two naughty kids to do something they ain’t supposed to be doing when your turn your back for a moment and when caught they all try to shift the blame when being grilled by the parent?

So, in this First Family of G-d our Abba Father got mad at His kids and punished them. Then we read the first family had a couple of sons and one was jealous of the other and got into a fight and killed his brother. The family became broken apart over this incident and the surviving son was thrown out of the family and went off to live elsewhere. Adam and Havah had more kids and apparently Cain went off and somehow found some more people wherever they came from and he started his own clan and found his way back to G-d and began serving G-d in his own way. a new sect was formed.

Later, along came Abraham having son’s by his wife and his wife’s handmaid. Another big family rift developed and one son continued to develop the faith of his Father and the other son went off with his Mother and started their own family of G-d faith traditions.

You know some families just don’t get along and they split up and each goes their own way. The same thing has happened to the family of G-d as rifts developed. I’m gonna cut to the chase without going through all the examples of how the family of G-d had a so-called church split and started new sects or denominations. I’m just gonna put this out there and you don’t have to take my word for it, but you really should do you own research so you can know for yourself what I say is true. There is a myth that Mohammed the prophet started Islam, but actually all the Jewish prophets were Muslim and even Father Abraham was Muslim so this makes Judaism and Christianity sects of Islam. Yashua said, “Seek the truth and the truth will make you free.” The problem with most Christians is they have never even read the Bible word for word from cover to cover ever in their lifetime, and have never “studied to show themselves approved”. “My people perish for lack of knowledge”. “In the Last Days knowledge shall be increased”. So do your homework and understand the Islamic faith of Abraham and how he learned submission to Allah. Yes, Allah, the word that means G-d in Arabic. It’ s the very same word as Elohim in Hebrew— Elohim/Alahim Eloheinu/Alaheinu. You starting to get woke? 🙂

I was unaware that I was born Jewish. My mother was an atheist and I was raised without any religion or atheism being spoken of in my home at all. I became a seeker of truth trying to move beyond the confines of the faith culture that surrounded me and some members of my family participated in. As a troubled teenager growing up in America there was the Judeo-Christian influence, and my Christian and Jewish neighbors on the street were I lived were an influence (and of course the influence of religion through television). At age 10 I asked my mother to purchase me a Children’s condensed version of the Bible that contains the Hebrew writings and the Christian writings. This was the beginnings of my faith journey with G-d.

Faith in G-d on this planet predates the modern well-honed faiths of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity that share an umbrella of what we call the “Abrahamic faiths”. I sometimes refer to them as the holy trinity. Within these three faiths are many different groups, sects, and denominations. The oldest historical writings on this planet are written in a language called Cuneiform. I am talking about the Sumerian Tablets that if we are to believe their translation place the identity of G-d onto an extra-terrestrial who actually bio-engineered humanity from their own image/species. They genetically hybridized their own species with the apes on this planet and kept improving their experiments till they came up with a suitable prototype and then brought a flood upon the earth to get rid of all the previous creations. Yes, the Sumerian Tablets speak of Adam and Eve (Havah) by name in a creation story many thousands of years before the Book of Bereshit (Genesis) was penned by Abraham, Moses or whoever may have finally written down what had been an oral history till someone came along who was learned in the art of reading and writing.

Terrorists, ISIS, crusaders, ect., are all misguided and often mentally ill imperialist political hacks and should not be considered righteous followers of any faith, so to judge Islam by the acts of some pycho’s is wrong and just plain ignorant. In my lifetime I have known many Muslim people who are a credit to a lot of Christians and Jews I have known. My first experience with having a Muslim friend and knowing his family was when a Iranian immigrant family moved to my neighborhood in 1976 and we met as we attended the same school for a couple years. Later in life I would meet more Iranian Muslims who were lovely and kind people, nothing like the stereotype that is created in the media that creates false images of Islam for political and financial reasons. I’ve also lived in Palestine/Israel/Jordan, and visited other Muslim countries before I became old and retired as I am now. I never met a single Muslim who acted like the media stereotyped terrorist. As I say, these terrorist types are shadowy figures often suffering from mental illness and are recruited by the political terrorist groups of all religions so they can easily be manipulated to do the dirty work.

I sincerely hope this has given you some food for thought and you will “Seek the truth that will make you free” from hatred and ignorance.