THE FALSE BLACK HEBREW ISRAELITE MOVEMENT: The inconvenient truth about the origins of the Black race.

When the Scripture clearly shows Jacob/Ya’acov/Israel descended from Noah’s son Shem that put’s an end to all claims on descendants of Ham being the true Israelites. The Israelites intermarried with those around them and many conversions took place over time. Seek out the Egyptian depictions of themselves and the Hebrews. The Egyptians were obviously of the Black race and the Hebrews were not. There is so much archeological evidence on this that it boggles the mind.

Look at King David taking Black Bathsheba to wife and having a half Black son Solomon and even Solomon married a Black woman. There was obviously a distinction being made by David be non-Black and taking a Black woman to wife. Moshe took a Black wife and was condemned for it.

My Mixed Race Ancestry

I wanna get one thing straight right out of the gate. The Black man pictured above is my grandfather Charles Judah Gaylord, Jr. He was my great-great grandfather born in 1852 into slavery in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. My grandfather was a result of a White and Black union making him what was then called a Mulatto. Grandpa Charles married a Scottish-American Jewess named Shoshannah Miriam Morrison (aka Susannah Mary Morrison), pictured below, far left.

Their daughter Emma Rachel Gaylord (2nd photo from the left) was my great grandmother that I don’t remember because I was too young when she died. She passed easily for White, but was documented as Black in every year of the United States Census because racists wanted to make sure everybody know who the Negros were that looked White. The third photo is my grandmother Mary Katherine Horstmann that I grew up with in La Grange, Kentucky.

Look at the Black Hebrew Israelite terrorists who’s plans were to attack a school for children, but instead hit a Jewish supermarket in New Jersey killing the non-Black Jewish people.

Here’s the truth of the matter…. I see beauty in the diversity of races, but I think humanity has the obligation to intermarry till all racial lines are removed so racism can end in the human race. Black’s who join the Black Hebrew Israelite movement are just terrorists seeking to get revenge on the Jews who were the ones who put Blacks into slavery. My guess…? Jews enslaving Blacks was payback for Blacks enslaving the Israelites in Egypt. What goes around comes around.