THE FALSE BLACK HEBREW ISRAELITE MOVEMENT: The inconvenient truth about the origins of the Black race.

I wanna get one thing straight right out of the gate. The Black man pictured above is my grandfather Charles Judah Gaylord, Jr. was my great-great grandfather born in 1852 into slavery in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. My grandfather was a result of a White and Black union making him what was then called a Mulatto. Grandpa Charles married a Scottish-American Jewess named Shoshannah Miriam Morrison (aka Susannah Mary Morrison), pictured below, far left.

Their daughter Emma Rachel Gaylord (2nd photo from the left) was my great grandmother that I don’t remember because I was too young when she died. She passed easily for White, but was documented as Black in every year of the United States Census because racists wanted to make sure everybody know who the Negros were that looked White. The third photo is my grandmother Mary Katherine Horstmann that I grew up with in La Grange, Kentucky.

I never knew about my black ancestry until my great aunt Irene Horstmann Kelly told me all about it back in the 1990’s when I lived near her and attended church with her. At that time in my life when she told me that her grandfather has been part Black it sort of went in one ear and out the other and it was not a big deal to me. It didn’t become a big deal to me till I came into contact with a distant relative when doing genealogy research on who gave me a picture of Grandpa Gaylord and I began digging deeper to find out more.

Now that I’ve established my Black ancestry for you, the reader, I don’t want anybody trying to accuse me of being racist against Blacks. I was born a Truth Teller and I don’t shy away from inconvenient truths about my ancestry that my grandmother tried to hide and I don’t blame her because when she was a girl the KKK came and burned her family log cabin home down in Goshen, Kentucky where they lived. Had it not been for the good neighbor Rule family who saw what was happening and came with guns a blazing my family may have been all killed that night and I’d have been born.

Let me begin writing now about the Black Hebrew Israelite movement who believes the Black race are the original children of Ya’cov/Jacob/Israel.