THE ELOHIM ARE ABOUT TO RETURN: We have inherited lies from our Fathers (spiritual and governmental leaders)

My readers who have been following me for the past couple decades know that I’ve often questioned “the Elohim” of the the Jewish Bible’s book of Genesis because Scripture provides scant information on who or what the Elohim are. YHVH, the King of the Universe, and obviously King of the Elohim has only revealed a fraction of who He is through the prophets. He commanded the prophet Daniel to “close up the book” and keep certain things secret until the Last Days when knowledge shall be increased. It would appear from all prophetic indications that the Last Days are at the door and our government and spiritual leaders can no longer avoid revealing the information that they have long held back from the people.

Before I get going here I just want to state one thought. G-d/Elohim/YHVH is going to have a lot of explaining to do to our species he/they created. We have been given very limited information go on. We are a created species by a greater life form known as the Elohim who have the rule over our species and as such we are given instructions from them on how to navigate these lives we have been gifted with.

Our human response is often to disbelieve and rebel because we think we deserve the right to think for ourselves and live our lives the way we want. I do not think there is anything wrong with deciding how we all want to live our own lives, but this fact remains that we are told that this higher life form known as the “Elohim” created our species, from apes it would seem if we are to believe The Sumerian Tablets that use the same names of Adam and Eve and were written thousands of years before Abraham and Sarah began keeping a record of their departure from an alleged multi-theistic system to a mono-theistic system. It would appear the Elohim have power over us. Do we have a choice to obey or not. Yes, we can disobey but with consequence of destruction apparently so that’s not much of a choice.

For myself, I try to keep an open mind about the things that have not been fully disclosed to us, and I choose to understand that there is a higher life form that does have the rule over humanity. I do my best as a created child of this higher life form to be respectful and loving in return as a child is to their parents. I would suggest all of humanity keep an open mind about what has not been disclosed to us. It’s a suggestion BECAUSE there might just be a few surprises revealed when Daniel’s shut up books of revelations are opened and knowledge is increased in these last of the Last Days. Could it be the knowledge that has been sealed till the Last Days of mankind on the planet will be the revelation of EXACTLY WHO G-D IS, WHERE G-D CAME FROM, AND IF G-D HAD A DIVINE ORIGIN SIMILAR TO OUR OWN SPECIES. G-d’s creation has many unanswered questions and better than setting oneself up for disappointment, better to keep a positive attitude and open mind. I always joke and say, “If the Messiah want to return to the earth in spaceship (chariot of fire) with Mohammed and a little green man as co-pilots I’m all for it! Just please show up soon and get this Endtimes show on the road”. 🙂

The Sumerian Tablets, as it would seem, are the original Scriptures (original written records of this planet) written thousands of years before the children of Abraham (the Jews) created their oral Torah and eventually wrote it all down. The original stories of the creation of Adam and Eve, the garden of Eden, the flood of Noah’s time… it’s all there in The Sumerian Tablets. I don’t say this to say that there is anything wrong with the faith of Judaism, but I am saying that Judaism has it’s start with the Anunnaki (a species of Elohim?) who, according to The Sumerian Tablets, genetically created mankind through a hybridization of their own species with the existing upright human-like creatures on this planet. I can’t say the Anunnakim are the Elohim spoken of in the Genesis account of creation, but it is more information about something we know little about.

We are truly the genetic and biological offspring of the Elohim and this is why Pslams 82:6 declares “Ye are gods”, and Yeshua recited the verse in John 10:34 in defense of Him being G-d incarnated into a human body, one of three times YHVH did this according to Scripture–#1 with Abraham when G-d took on human flesh when talking about destroying Sodom, #2 when G-d took on human flesh to wrestle with Ya’acov (Jacob/Israel). #3 There are many times throughout Scripture where G_d incarnates Himself as “the angel of the Lord”.

Former Israeli space security chief Haim Eshed says, “Extraterrestrials exist, and American President Trump knows about it. A galactic federation has been waiting for humans to reach a stage where we will understand… “.

“A galactic federation” would seem to define many different extra-terrestrial species. Did G-d create all those species like He created us? We don’t know. Perhaps that is part of what is sealed up till the Endtimes that will be revealed directly by these Elohims or Extra-Terrestrials themselves. Keep a reasonable and open mind about such things as we have no ideas what secrets G-d told Daniel to seal up till the Last Days.

YHVH’s prophetic hourglass for humanity is almost empty. We are on the verge of all things being fulfilled. That being said, I would dare to declare that humans have now “reached a state where we will understand”. We have had decades of preparation from tv programming and movies about all kinds of space travel, and aliens. BTW, they don’t called it television “programming” for nothing. You ARE being programmed.

Our world government will not tell us everything they know about extraterrestrials because they want “men’s hearts to fail them” when they see them “coming upon the earth”. My final thought is that the extraterrestrials are going to be similar to the Serpent in the garden, or demonic entities that will come with many “lying signs and wonders”. Just some food for thought.