The Cure for Homosexuality and Transgenderism

This is a very tough subject to write about, but it’s one I write as an experienced insider, not a judgemental outsider looking in that has no personal concept of the feelings to be discussed here.

People arrive at identifying as homosexual or transgender for various reasons. Some have been victims of abuse which causes psychosis. Some are psychologically disassociating due to trauma. Some feel there was some terrible cosmic mistake. Some are experiencing reincarnation bleed over from a past life. The list goes on…

You will know the truth and the truth will set you free. Messiah Yeshua was and is our teacher who opens our eyes to truth. It is the lack of understanding one has about their psychosis that takes them down the paths of sexual deviance. When and if you can humble yourself and be honest with yourself you will be able to peel back the layers of damage that occured to you and you will finally know the truth of how your psychosis developed that lead you down the wayward path to homosexuality, transsexuality, paedophilia, etc., etc.

God works in mysterious ways. Look at the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32), for example. A young man was sent off on his journey of life discovery with the blessing of his father. His journey and chosen lifestyle became a difficult learning experience that eventually taught him how he strayed from the righteous path, and ultimately it put him back on his path to his Father.

It took some years, but I finally figured out that most of the transgender/homosexual/paedophile community is suffering from psychosis’ that developed from experiences in this lifetime. Take a look at this current event article about a homosexual male paedophile couple who adopted boys and sexually abused them:

A short article written on this subject by Rabbi Tzvi Freeman is in response to someone asking why they had to go through so many years of destructive behaviors before seeing the error of their ways.

I want to focus on the spiritual aspect of this phenomenon called homosexuality/transgender. I understand you may not believe in any type of Creator, or may not believe that human beings have souls, and if that is how you feel you may immediately desire to discount anything I have to say as junk.

Did you ever consider that a person’s soul has no sex or gender? One’s biological makeup and body come with a set sex, and awareness of it’s matching gender. However, a soul migrates from life to life, from one sex to another many times. Most people have no recollections of past lives because God places a veil between lives for good reason. One life’s issues are enough to deal with.

I can’t say every transgender or homosexual person’s identity has it’s organic foundation in what I describe as an opposite sex past life bleed over. What I am saying is that the genderless soul is a reality and if understood and respected it is a gift from God intended as a higher level of soul refinement.

Scripture tells us that in heaven there will be no marrying or giving in marriage and that the former things have past away. This means the human things like physical attraction that leads to marriage and relationships will no longer be part of the born again glorified bodies we will have after the resurrection. Things we experience in this world is a test that takes along a journey of soul ascension aided by the second chances we find in reincarnation. Blessed is the soul that continues to be offered multiple reincarnations to get it right. One day there will be no more chances and only God knows when you’ve reached your personal limit of second chances. A soul must understand it’s true identity in God and not the false identity they imagine and chose to embrace in this earth school. The misunderstanding of a lustful ego has lead many a soul down a dark psychotic path that begins with gender confusion that leads to homosexuality/paedophilia/transgenderism.

Man has made a mess of procreation. Man has turned sex into an abusive monster instead of the gift of precreation it was meant to be. Sex for many is about destroying innocence and physical pleasure, not love or procreation. Sex has become a way to destroy the heart and tender soul of another human being.

Homosexuality and transgenderism both have as their foundation a mental illness called gender dysphoria. Plainly, they are suffering from a psychosis. When your species lives on a planet where the mechanism that runs the whole show is reincarnation is it any wonder that more people do not suffer from gender dysphoria? You don’t have to remember you past lives to be affected by them.

I cannot apologize for my faith. I do try to understand my faith. I study a lot and I ask the Creator to guide my search for knowledge. Whoever or whatever this Creator of the universe is cannot be defined. Even his Son who came down to this world to help mankind cannot be defined. I’ve often imagined they are some sort of advanced extraterrestrial species. It really doesn’t matter how they came into being, but what we can know about them is they are our caretakers, and they have power over us, like it or not. They are fine tuning a certain number of us for an eternal kingdom where we will no longer reincarnate and we will live forever, finally able to eat from the Tree of Life. Those who hate and reject the Father and Son will be punished for eternity. Reincarnation provides many times for a soul to learn and get things right. How merciful is that to get so many second chances? We learn what works and we find out along the journey what choices are disastrous.

The cure for homosexuality and transgenderism must take the form of psychology and spirituality. In the scriptures we read:

Leviticus 20:13
“If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.”

According to the Law of the Creator men (and men impersonating women, aka transgenders) who have sex with other men are to be put to death. The same goes for female/female relationships.

Formerly, I have written separate articles on this website directed at two groups of people who identify as homosexuals and transgender. I do make it clear in those articles that people suffering from homosexuality and the gender dysphoria of transgenders are both suffering from the same mental illness.

Yes, homosexuality and transgenderism result from mental illness (psychosis). At its foundation this mental illness is exactly the same for the homosexual, and the transgender. Both groups suffer from the same common dysfunctional effects of gender dysphoria that sometimes is a spiritual condition arising from re-incarnation. A small percentage may be suffer organically from gender dysphoria and sexual orientation confusion due to intersex chromosomal issues. Forgive me it seems like I’m trying to cover all the bases, but I don’t want anyone suffering from gender dysphoria, for whatever reason, to feel left out.

At least in America, a generation ago, we once lived in a once ultra homophobic society where as soon as a child was old enough to speak they learned to hide any behaviors that did not match their birth sex or they more often than not would be threatened with physical violence. Sissy boys and masculine girls would be shunned by normal kids and punished in various ways by parents. In these generations past these children grew up learning how to hide their differences in something called a closet. As a result many grew out of such feelings/compulsions and never acted upon their mental confusion and went onto live natural and positive lives. Others entertained their confusion and acted upon their desires and came out of their closets.

Today we live in a world where more and more people are supporting children’s gender dysphoric behaviors which leads to easy recruitment by adults who are living fully fledged homosexual and transgender lifestyles. These confused people adopt an identity–a false identity that they are homosexual or where somehow born into the wrong body. They are then recruited into something called PRIDE. Make no mistake! Homosexuals and transgenders most definitely are recruiters for their lifestyle that goes against the Commandment’s of our Creator.

So, what is the cure for the gender dysphoria that leads people to enter into homosexual acts and some to mutilate heathy bodies in order to mimic the opposite sex? First, one must understand how and why gender dysphoria develops in the pre-homosexual and the pre-transgender.

The cure for homosexuality and transgenderism happens naturally when someone understands their true identity, not the false identity they have adopted. What is one’s true identity? In simplest terms your identity is based on being a child of G_d. The deeper and more technical answer to one’s identity is to understand what a child of G_d is.

If you come from a Muslim or Christian background you probably have been programmed to not believe in reincarnation. Yeshua, the Messiah of Judaism included reincarnation in his teachings as recorded in the New Testament, G_d the Father even incarnated into a human body when he physically appeared to Abraham with a couple angels while on the way to destroy the homosexual city of Sodom where we get the word “sodomy” from which is defined as anal sex. G_d also took on human form and wrestled with Jacob. So let’s understand this. G_d himself most definitely incarnated into human form in the Old Testament, but when he takes on human form again in the form of Yeshua the Messiah some people don’t want to believe that G_d is able to take on human form? How can Muslim’s or Christian’s not believe in reincarnation in light of this Biblical truth? How can the Christian or Muslim’s faith have any validity at all if they are denying the way in which G_d the Father brings about our salvation???

At our foundation our being is spirit with or without a human body attached to it. The spirit/soul being does not need a human body, but it enters a human body for short time for an experience. A soul is not assigned any sex (or gender). A genderless soul enters a body that has a sex.

What happens when you reincarnate into a body that is the opposite sex of your last reincarnation? People who have past life memories are experiencing past life reincarnation bleed over. For example, someone who is born male and was female in their past life can experience a bleed over from their past life as a female causing them to experience gender confusion that also results in sexual orientation confusion.

If people were armed with this knowledge in their faith in G_d then we wouldn’t have the sad epidemic of confused people now living the transgender and homosexual lifestyles that are against G_d’s Commandments. The biggest problem is that many people do not want to believe in G_d. They want to believe in sexual pleasure as their G_d.