ROBERT BLAGOJEVICH: Caught lying about “25 million for transsexual study in Pakistan”.

There is no such study going on in Pakistan, nor is there one being planned. Ex-con and former Democrat Governor of Illinois, USA, Blagojevich starts the lying at the 2 minute mark on the video. Watch the video for yourself.

The study in Pakistan is not for transgender people. It’s a gender study about the inequality of biological women who are not allowed to open a bank account without a male opening it for her, not allowed to own, or inherit property, and other similar inequalities of the like that American women put behind them long ago. Yes, we should give charity to countries to help them move towards democracy, but right now during this pandemic emergency I have to agree with the lying ex-con Blagojevich that now is not the time to be spending money our country doesn’t have on charity when American’s need that money to feed themselves. My Grandmother, of blessed memory, always said, “Charity begins at home”.

Pakistan, I know from personal experience is a country where women suffer under a hateful system of sex discrimination. Christians are abused, starved, enslaved by Muslims for debt incurred just trying to feed their families. During my time living in France I knew plenty of people Pakistani Christians personally who fled their home country because of persecution from the Muslims.

We live in a world where there is a small minority of kind and peace-loving muslims like Omar Suleiman . You have the true Muslims like Omar Suleiman, and then you have hateful Islamists, the same as you have hateful Christians, Jews, etc., and then you have the wacked-out psycho’s who call themselves Muslim’s who are political terrorists like ISIS who are looking to get rich off their own wicked and perverted imagined form of Islam.

Getting back to Robert Blagojevich and his lies to stir hatred… What can we expect from someone who is #1 a Democrat, and #2 a convicted felon? Read more about him at: