Remembering Rabbi Jonathan Henry Sacks and Pastor Irvin Lee Baxter

It’s been over a month now, but not a day goes by I still find myself getting a bit emotional over the passing of these two great men. They passed within 4 days on the 3rd and 7th of November 2020. I will catch myself often having drifted off into deep though going back in time and filtering through my memories of these men. They both helped to shape the man I am today with their understanding of Scripture and revealing hidden meanings in these Last Days when the Book of Daniel say’s things concealed would be revealed and knowledge would be increased as people went to and froe through the Word of G-d.

I only knew Rabbi Sacks from all his lectures and videos online and his books. Pastor Baxter I knew personally as he and I used to attend the same church in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Brother Irvin, as I knew him, would come an teach so often at the church I attended with my great Aunt Irene Horstmann-Kelly that I didn’t know he wasn’t a regular member of the church.

In 1998 I moved from Indiana to South Dakota and the local church there had Brother Irvin’s prophecy magazine. In the year 2000 I would often discuss and ask questions of Brother Irvin as my eyes were beginning to be opened to Scriptural truths that were not accepted by Christianity.

In 2001 my grandmother was in her declining years and needed some help so I closed up my home in South Dakota and returned to my home state of Kentucky to live with her on the farm. The next three years would be the best spent 3 years of my life. My knowledge of the truth of Scripture steadily increased. I would discuss Scripture truth and how it conflicted with Christian doctine with Brother Irvin and others that attended my Christianity church. It all came to a head one day when G-d had been having me study on the tithe and how he had set it up specifically for the Levite priests. My eyes got really big one Wednesday evening at the church when the new church pastor had read off a list of bills paid concerning the retirement of the previous pastor and then he said, “Now what everything is paid off all the tithes come to me”. Those words scared me because I knew this guy was not of the Levitical priesthood and the entire New Testament was silent on the matter. Understanding that Yeshua’s prophecy that the Temple would be torn down and it was in 70 C.E. then that means the Levitical priesthood went out of business and tithing was no longer a thing. Wicked Roman Christianity picked it up though and tried to lay claim to it. When I confronted the pastor of the church with Scripture, his only reply was, “That may be the Truth, but it’s not the truth we preach here”. I was horrified and replied that I could no longer be a part of a church that went against’s G-d’s Word and I walked out of the church to never return. I would still keep in touch with my friends and people I knew in the United Pentecostal Church like Brother Irvin because I now saw them as a mission field that Yeshua pleaded to, “Come out of her my people”. I’m not out to demonize or dehumanize anybody involved with Christianity, but I’m here to confront Christianity with the Word of YHVH that calls their religion out to be the “workers of iniquity” who will have no claim on the world to come. They will not be the Bride of Christ as they think. My mission is to open their eyes before it’s too late and they are cast into the Lake of Fire and destroyed.

G-d lead to me leave Christianity and the church I’d belonged to since I was 18. I turned to the religion of my Savior, Judaism. I began attending services at the local Orthodox shul that I felt was very welcoming as they were a Jewish Messianic Orthodox shul. I began exploring official conversion to Judaism. This is when I began to distance myself a bit from Brother Irvin and draw closer to the teachings of Rabbi Sac

It was it was quite clear to me that Yeshua took the death penalty for sins that required capital punishment known as “the 7 deadly sins”, and that’s the ONLY part of the Law that got nailed to the cross. Pauline Christianity wanted to nail all the Law to the cross and that’s why I hold all of Paul’s writings under suspicion.

Apparently, Yeshua’s brother Ya’acov (James), and Kepha the Rock (Peter) did not like or get along with Paul at all who had very Hellenistic ideas of abolishing G-ds Laws in opposition to Yeshua’s words, “Truly I tell you, till heaven and earth pass way not one yod or tittle shall pass from the Law till all things are fulfilled”. Obviously, Yeshua was speaking of a time in the future that Isaiah the prophet spoke of about the “new heavens and new earth”.

I ask Christians, have the heavens and earth passed away yet? We must follow Yeshua’s instruction on the matter, not suspect Paul’s. Personally, I believe Paul to be one of the many false shepherds that Yeshua said would come in his name and would lead many astray to become the “workers of iniquity”. Whether Paul maliciously did this or it was the Romans who compiled and rewrote the New Testament I cannot say, but this I can say… Anything that goes against Yeshua’s words get’s discarded. Omein?

Rabbi Sacks taught be about “duality” and how it relates to the fanatical terrorists who profess to kill in G-d’s name. These people are obviously living in another reality as they demonize and dehumanize people of their own Islamic faith and others so they can justify murdering them. It’s probably the same thing Pharisee Rabbi Shaul (Paul) of Tarsus, Rome was doing before his alleged “conversion” scene on the road to Damascus. I would never demonize anyone. My mission field extends to all of Christianity in general and a specific group of people known as the LGBT community. I reach out to all these people in love and educated them on they “Key of Understanding” that has always been foundation to the faith of Yeshua, but somehow Christians reject as something “of the Devil”. I’m speaking of re-incarnation.

We have all read in Scripture how G-d incarnated Himself into human form and visited with Avraham Avinu (Father Abraham) before G-d physically walked the streets of Sodom looking for at least 10 righteous people to prevent Him from destroying the city. The second time G-d re-incarnated Himself into a human body was when he wrestled with Ya’acov (Jacob) . After that wrestling match with G-d Ya’acov’s name was forever changed to Yisrael. The 3rd time G-d re-incarnated Himself into a human body was as Yeshua. Wake up people! Without re-incarnation would would never have a Moshiach (Messiah).

Re-incarnation is the “Key of Understanding” for the LGBT community who are plagued by unwanted same sex attractions that are a re-incarnation issue for most. I say, “for most” because we know there are those homosexuals who became so because of sexual experimentation, or because of abuse. Re-incarnationally speaking however all homosexual men whether they struggle with gender dysphoria or not are “women trapped in mens bodies” as a result of their past life as a female bleeding over into their present live as male.

Rabbi Sacks was against the death penalty for homosexuals as per Leviticus 20:13 that requires immediate execution for such an act. Surely this is Christological thinking as Yeshua removed the “letter of the Law that kills”. There is no other way to explain Rabbi Sack’s opinion and teaching on the matter.

Yeshua died to end the death penalty. While there is life there is hope that one will make teshuva after having their eyes opened to the truth of their real identity as a child of G-d, and not a child of the homosexual movement. Knowledge of re-incarnation is what provides the real cure for homosexuals and transgendered people. Jesus don’t “deliver” anybody from homosexuality or transgenderism because “Jesus” is the false christ of the Roman Whore/Harlot system catering to the workers of iniquity who are on the fast track to soul destruction.

Pastor Baxter and Rabbi Sacks will be missed, but let us all thank G-d that all their teachings are preserved so we can still eat the meat and leave the bones.