Beloved Rabbi Isser Weisberg launched a teaching video on April 12th. Here’s the link:

Mind you that Rabbi Weisberg is not a Christian and has made no public statements concerning any belief in the validity of any of the contents of what is widely known as “The New Testament”. The factual statement he released in this video is that the Jewish people should know that the deadline for the expected arrival of Messiah son of David is 2026 to early 2027.

It’s not all easy as that though. When Yeshua (Messiah ben David) comes to accomplish The Rapture He may not be seen by the public, but will all the missing people be evidence that Yeshua is not only Messiah son of Yosef, but He is also Messiah son of David? Will those who are not eligible to leave in The Rapture have to wait to see the Messiah coming on the clouds of glory, and will that event happen 2026 to early 2027?

I awoke this morning to a startling realization. It is generally understood by followers of Messiah Yeshua that The Rapture will happen at the midpoint of the 7 years of Tribulation at the time when the 7-year Peace Covenant will be broken and the Anti-Christ will sit in the Temple and proclaim himself to be G_d. This could mean that the “confirming of a Covenant with many” is something that could happen any day.

Let me break it down for you very simply. At this writing it is now June 2022 the midpoint of the year 2022. Add 3.5 years and that brings us to the beginning of 2026. Unless there is some specific event that will occur that will officially begin the last 7 years that we are waiting for like the signing of the Covenant then we may assume we have entered or are shortly to enter the last 7 years.

I realize “the Covenant” signing I mentioned is widely believed to be what sets off the last 7 years. Forgive me for thinking out loud as I type, but with Iran disconnecting all CCTV cameras at their nuclear facilities a week ago has set Israel on high alert for Iran to make a nuclear strike. Many are thinking that Israel feels Iran has gone too far and could send a nuclear bomb to Israel at any moment. What I’m thinking is there could be a nuclear exchange between Israel and Iran and the whole world will be in such a state of horror and outrage that this will bring about the emergency peace Covenant. It’s a possibility, but who can say for sure?

With Putin threatening nukes, and Iran getting their nukes prepared the nations of the world are not ignorant of what could happen at any moment. Will it take a nuclear strike to bring about a 7-year Covenant or will one be signed without a nuclear exchange taking place? The latter would be preferable, but I don’t have enough faith in humans for that to happen. It’s gonna take a nuclear disaster in the Middle East to force the hand of a Peace Covenant. Just my thoughts. I’m no prophet. One of the two must happen very soon though. Either a Covenant will be signed before a nuclear disaster happens or it will happen after the nukes explode. Either of these things could come about within days.

It’s a prophecy time crunch right now and things don’t unfold soon in the way I have said then the whole time table of prophetic events will fall to pieces. Then what? There will be masses of disappointed believers left without a compass. Both Jew and Gentile will be wondering how can this be? “Where is the promise of His coming?”

If you have watched Rabbi Weisberg’s video already you will know that he said tractate Sanhedrin, page 97 states “the leader of the Jews in Israel will ascend to heaven just prior to the redemption”. Who can define “just prior” when a thousand years are like a day to G_d? “Just prior” could have been 2000 years ago. Also, if Yeshua makes an appearance when he completes The Rapture and then returns to heaven this could also be a fulfillment.

One thing we know for sure. Both Jews and Gentiles find the unfolding of events of the Last Days problematic. Rabbi Weisberg is trying to make the case for Rabbi Schneerson who passed away in 1994 is Messiah son of Yosef saying that his father-in-law’s name was Yosef.

Harpazo is the Greek word which is translated to Rapture, meaning “catching away”. When the world is faced with the unbelievable fact that the rapture has occurred and if you are one of many that are left behind because of your sin what will you do?

I hear so many people that complain about those who try to figure out the time of the Rapture. It doesn’t bother me so much. I find it interesting. Many predicted dates have come and gone. Even some as recent as this last week. I wonder how humiliated those feel who set dates and then the date passes with no Rapture? Ah well, who can blame anyone for being weary of the demonic hoard of sinful people threatening and persecuting the believers. We want to be welcomed by our beloved Rabbi Yeshua.

I know I have suffered enough already in my lifetime that I definitely do not want to be left behind and it is for that reason that I pray daily without ceasing and always ask the Father to search my heart for anything I’ve ever done that I can’t even remember and to please forgive me for it. I do my best to study His Law and to keep it as best as can be done without a Temple. So many Laws we cannot accomplish in complete fulfillment without the Temple so I ask that the Father look upon the blood of Yeshua that was shed for us and ask for mercy. I’ve been studying Scripture since I was a child and I must admit that I may never have a perfect understanding until I get to sit as the Master’s feet and be taught by Yeshua Himself one day in the Kingdom and in the World to Come.

One last thought on date setting. I know some people get frustrated and angry about such, but I say if it brings one soul to salvation because they are inspired to study the Scripture and come to repentance then who can be angry that another soul has entered the Kingdom? The Father, nor Yeshua never said it was a sin to obsess or try to figure out the date of the Rapture. Yeshua only said, no one knows but the Father, but He didn’t say we must not obsess about it. 🙂