Rabbi Tovia Singer Sexual Predator

A lot of people don’t know that Rabbi Tovia Singer is not only a deceptive anti-Christian missionary, but did you know he is also a drug addict, and a three times divorced adulterer sexual predator who has victimized countless women seeking to convert to Judaism?

Read about Tovia Singer’s sin. Here’s some links to get you started:



It’s quite shameful that he has not been stripped of his rabbinic ordination. Multiple women have come forth with photographs that prove their relationship with him, but the orthodox rabbinate has done nothing about his abuse of many women!

For over 20 years I have been exposing Rabbi Tovia Singer’s deception and outright lies as an anti-Christian missionary. That’s the job that puts money in his pocket. He is deceiving uneducated Jews and Christians alike. It’s obvious Tovia Singer doesn’t believe in God and is just using religion for financial gain.

The latest outright deception I caught him in was on this July 23, 2022 video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PT6xFdQMF6E&t=2624s

@43:50 on the video Tovia Singer tried to claim that “There is not a single passage anywhere that echo’s what Paul says in 1 Corinthians 15.” I won’t quote Tovia Singer more because you can watch the video for yourself to see that he is outright lying. In the gospels Yeshua referenced the scripture that Paul is echoing from the scripture of the book of Jonah. Yeshua said, “No sign will be given, but the sign of Jonah”, speaking of his own death, and his resurrection after 3 days.

Either the drugs are making Tovia to make such a blunder or he is deceptively trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes. In my 20 years of exposing his deceptions I’d suggest the latter is the case, but also my years of medical experience dealing with people on psyche meds I have seen the physical evidence in Tovia Singer.

It’s really sad. When someone like Tovia Singer is outright deceiving people solely for the purpose of financial gain you know they cannot believe in God. Yeshua Messiah instructed us to bless and pray for people like Tovia Singer. Don’t allow your anger at his lying about the Word of YeHoVaH turn into hate. Tovia Singer is doing his best to destroy souls both Jewish and otherwise. We must pray that this wolf and sheeps clothing be taken care of by God, and God alone. Ours is to love, and bless, and pray, not to hate.