PALESTINE: Will it become an autonomous State?

This is what we all can agree on: The Palestinians claim to be descendants of Abraham. A nice claim, but can they prove they are legitimate heirs?

Let me make this personal. I myself claim to be a descendant of Abraham, not as a Palestinian, but as a Jew. I grew up with no knowledge of my Jewish ancestry, and on top of that I grew up with an atheist mother who’s answer to religion was to say, “Man wrote the Bible”. Only recently in the year 2020 was my hidden Jewish ancestry allowed to surface through the miracle of DNA testing and genealogy research.

My Jewish ancestors became what is known as “crypo-Jews” Jews who outwardly converted to Christianity for the sake of survival. As part of my legal claim to become a citizen of the country of Israel I must prove that I am a Jew and this process is only made possible by DNA testing. If I, as a Jew, must prove I am a Jew, a descendant of Abraham to become a citizen of the land of Israel, I believe it’s only fair for the Palestinians to submit to the same testing to prove their claim to the land.

Palestinians claim to be the descendants of the illegitimate son of Abraham named Ishmael who was born of Sarah’s slave named Hager that they were given by Pharaoh during their time in Egypt. The only way that Islam and the Muslim people have any claim to legitimacy to to be heirs to the promises of G-d is to prove their ancestry the same way I am forced to do.

If the Palestinians are claiming to be descendants of Abraham and if they regard their religion with any legitimacy then they must bow the knee to the Word of Allah, and His Torah. We Jews have preserved the Word of G-d/Allah/Eloah/Allahim/Elohim. Allah never decreed that we are to divide the land of the Covenant, the country of Israel. We Jews have already experienced the judgement of Allah and His wrath for giving away the Gaza strip to a people who have not proven they are the legal heirs of Abraham. Do not these Palestinian people realize that they will only bring the wrath of Allah upon themselves if they are not the legal DNA heirs of Abraham? They should be fearful enough of G-d to want to be sure they are not bringing the curse of Allah upon themselves.

I am not going to claim to know if the Palestinians are the descendants of Abraham that would have a legal right any of the promises of Allah/Eloah/Allahim/Elohim. This whole two State idea presented is not Biblical and Jews and Ishmaelite’s need to understand this as the foundation for any future agreements or covenants. Enough damage has already been done.

The question I have is why cannot the Ishmaelite’s become citizens of the country of Israel and be satisfied with that? Let me make this personal again through my own experience. In the country of my birth, the USA, like the ancient Israelites who fought their way through G-ds promise to established “The Promised Land”, the USA fought their way across the continent in the similar manner dispossessing the people already settled on the continent to establish what was then called the British colonies of America. Hundreds of years later as we expanded westward and under president Abraham Lincoln we fought the Mexican American war to take by force the land that would become the States of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and California. We extended American citizenship to any Mexican people who wanted to remain in the land.

The prophets have foretold how it’s all going to pan out, and if the Palestinians persist in their effort to divide the Covenant land of Israel, then they must know that Allah is going to punish them. This is so simple to understand if you submit to Allah’s Word. And let me say a word about “Allah” to the uneducated. The word “Allah” is simply an alternate spelling of the Hebrew word “Eloah” and Eloah is where we get the word Elohim. This idea that Allah is something other than Elohim, the G-d of Abraham is the height of ignorance. All these wicked people who make the ridiculous claims that Allah is some “moon god” need to return to living under the rock they came out from under. They are idiots who don’t read the Bible and don’t know the language(s) it was originally written in, Hebrew, and Aramaic, and do not understand that all the prophets in the Bible were Muslim and submitted to Allah/Eloah/Allahim/Elohim long before the faith in the G-d of Abraham ever became named after Yahudah the son of Jacob/Ya’acov/Israel. You folks need to read the Bible, and study to show yourselves approved. Today’s modern name for the faith know as Judaism only began from when the tribes of Benjamin and Judah were all that were left after the other 10 Northern Tribes left Israel or were carried off by the Assyrians.

Abraham argued with G-d trying to save the city and people of Sodom and Gomorrah from destruction. This was the story of origin in the Bible where Abraham attempt to Jew G-d down on the number of righteous required by HaShem to spare the destruction of the cities. The final number dwindled down to 10, the minimum for a praying minion that would have provided the foundation for a return of the people of Sodom and Gomorrah to a place of teshuvah and reconciliation with G-d, but sadly not even 10 righteous people were found when G-d, while incarnatated into human form Himself walked the streets to seek out 10 righteous. I wonder if anybody in Sodom or Gomorrah looked upon the face of G-d as He walked their streets?