MY SCOTTISH JEWISH ANCESTRY: The Scots of the Hebrides (Hebrews)

On this day in history, on the 6th of December in 1745 our Bonnie Prince Charlie was forced to retreat from Darby, Scotland. We were fighting to restore our King and Country from the invading British. Our fight end on the moors of Culloden. After this defeat the British began a mass genocide of the Scottish people. My Morrison clan ancestors fled Scotland for the safety of Ireland before eventually immigrating to USA.

My great-great grandmother, Shoshannah Miriam Morrison-Gaylord 1853-1916
My great-great grandfather, Charles Judah Gaylord 1852-1893 husband of Shoshannah Miriam

Charles Judah Gaylord’s DNA comes from Africa and he curiously enough reminds me of how the Yeminite Jews look who’s ancestors left Israel during the 1st Temple period. They have kept to themselves, thus preserving the look of the original Israelites descending from Abraham. I’ve ordered another DNA test that is more in-depth than my previous one that may yield some more answers.

I’m currently trying to find any contacts in Scotland that might be able to track down any property my ancestors used to own. Maybe there is an ancestral home my family lived in hundreds of years ago? Wouldn’t that be cool to find their former homes? What I have found out is that my family helped build Conzie Castle in Aberdeenshire which is only a small ruin now of what it used to be.