Mitt Romney accuses president Trump of inciting an insurrection

Before I start in on Mitt Romney I want to ask about the evidence that Trump incited an insurrection. I listened to every word president Trump spoke on every version of every video leading up to the incident at the Capitol. I listen to his orders for people to go home, and I listened to his rebuke of the violence in the aftermath. Every word he spoke was carefully chosen and the meaning clear. If you are good person you hear no incitement. I could go through every Tweet and every video word by word to try to convince you of this, but if you are a person with a rotten soul that does not love G_d you claim to plainly hear what they called a “dog whistle” incitement of insurrection. Frankly, claims of incitement are ridiculous hallucinations of poisoned minds.

Mitt Romney is a foolish man to say such a thing, but all the Sodomite Democrats will worship him like he is G-d Almighty for saying such a thing about our president Trump.

Beyond anything else I say in this off the cuff article I’m writing with righteous anger let me say this for you to know if you take nothing else away from this article. This election was a f’d up! The election needs to be redone. No mail in votes allowed. Everybody show up in person with a photo ID and all vote counting and tabulating will be recorded on video for all to see so no fraud is possible. There has to be a way to be sure no fraud is committed. My proposed plan may not be possible or the best plan, but we must create a fraud-free way to vote in this country. The Republicans and Democrats know this election is false, but it’s like a force from beyond is forcing it to go in the way of those who cheated to elect Biden. Are you doing this G-d to bring on your final wrath upon the wicked sooner?

I’ll say this about Trump. Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. He may not have been very observant of G-d before entering the White House, but he has had counsel and fast track education from the greatest teachers of the Jewish and Christian faiths. Trump may not have been much of a believer before he came to office, but he sure the hell is now. Did you know that Trump’s Scottish mother is of Jewish ancestry that converted to Christianity under threat of execution by Christians hundreds of years ago? Converting to other religion’s for the Jew means nothing in relation to their Jewish soul. Their soul remains Jewish regardless of what they may or may not observe. Donald J. Trump was born with a Jewish soul as he had a Jewish mother.

Trump did more good things for this country and other countries of this world in his first term than several presidents ever combined got done. All the stock market needed to hear was that Donald Trump was nominated by the Republican party and it ignited the fuse that brought us to the highest records in the stock market ever in history. He brought jobs back from overseas that the Democrats said were gone forever. His economy lifted more Blacks, Latins, Asians and all minorities out of poverty more than any time in our history. Black colleges benefited under Trump. He began prison reform that is bringing out the Blacks Kamala Harris condemned to prison for marijuana and many other petty crimes that a White person never spends time for. It could be said that Trump may have been discriminatory against Blacks in his past, but when someone repents to G-d for their misdeeds we are never to throw those things back in their face, but look at what the evil Sodomite so-called Christian Democrats do! Many Democrats claim to be Christian, but they are so far removed from what Christians claim to stand for it’s ridiculous! Don’t get me started talking about the misguided Satanic Christian religion…

How dare Mitt Romney. If Trump were to actually incite or truly call for what Romney has called an insurrection I’d be behind Trump the same way the colonists seeking freedom from the oppressive British followed General George Washington into a fight for freedom. Those on the Right side of history have gone to war against the wicked Democrats before. With G-d on our side we were victorious over those who treated my family like animals kidnapping them from Africa and enslaving them. If Democrats had their way they would be enforcing the One-Drop-Rule and even though I pass completely for White, they would enslave me because my great-great grandfather was born a slave in 1852 in Kentucky, USA.

As one of G-d’s chosen people it pains me to see our Jewish president Trump treated so awful. He has done more for the Jewish people than any other American president in history. With so many godly and good accomplishments completed under Trumps administration why is it that these evil Democrats have had it in for him before he even was nominated? No long explanation is needed. They are the DEMONcrats who promote the WORST of everything that G-d forbids to humanity–the murder of defenseless children, and the promotion of the homosexual sin. I’d still be their slave in chains if they had the kind of control they want in this country.

We, the People, those with G-d on our side fought a war against the evil Democrats and it was called The American Civil War. As a Jew we would call them Amalek. We the people fought them in the American Revolutionary War of 1775 too.

Without another Revolution in this country our democracy will be lost to the Socialist Communists masquerading as Democrats who falsely claim to believe in G-d, but deny His Laws. They cannot be allowed to destroy our great democracy that Americans fought to protect in the Civil War and the Revolutionary War. Remember, the Democrats of the South succeeded from the Union and they were no longer Americans. They formed their own Confederacy of States and waged war on America all for the reason to keep Blacks enslaved. How any Black person can ever be a Democrat or vote for one is beyond reason. I’m part Black and I’ve got the birthright to use the word “Nigger”, and I hate to say it, but any Black who supports the Democratic party is a traitor to the Black race and is a dumb Nigger. I mean how dumb can you get? You freely choose to support those who kidnapped our ancestors, enslaved us and have murdered us by the millions and continue to make life hell on earth for us? What the hell is wrong with the brains of these Black people who want to worship their enslavers????? Instead of Blacks killing their own people in Chicago why don’t they turn their guns on the the Democrats who fought to keep them enslaved non-human animals with no souls? Where is that Black on White war that I’ve heard is coming since I was a kid? Before I became educated I feel for the victim mentality that Democrats promote to gain supporters. I never was a registered voter, but I took on that victim mentality and thought that identifying as a Democrat made me a champion of the oppressed racial and other types of minorities. How wrong I was. Over the years every single White Democrat I ever met was in actuality a Black-hating racist. All you have to do it get to know one for a while and gain their trust by hinting that you have some dislike for Blacks and the floodgates of racism from them will open. Democrats are wicked evil racist wolves in sheep’s clothing. Never forget it.

Trump knows what the Bible says from both the Jewish and Christian perspective. There’s not much difference between the faiths when it comes down to what is prophesied to happen in the last of the Last Days that are upon us. Trump has tried to restrain the Satanic hoard from overtaking our country. He has fought the good fight even though he’s said and done a lot of social no-no’s. His inappropriate or “unpresidential” behavior means nothing, not a hill of beans. So what if he has a potty mouth and who cares if his raunchy locker room talk about grabbing women is true? What matters is he has reset America on the path to Independence again whereas the Democrats had put out country in slavery to the Chinese and other countries. The Democrats goal is destroy our G-dly country and install Communism with it’s first phase called “socialism”.

I’ll say this in closing. If Trump is not vindicated and does not remain in the White House for a second term as prophesied, maybe it won’t be a consecutive term? The prophecies only said he’d be re-elected to a second term and nothing was said about it being consecutive. If the Democrats sit in the presidency then you will see what happens. The whole world will see. Once our country and the whole world see’s happens with the Satanic Democrats in full power, they will be begging Trump to return and save them in a second term.

Regardless of what happens, HaShem reminds us not to lean to our own understanding as our ways are not His ways. G-d is in control and may good or bad things happen it’s all happening according to G-d’s plan to bring about the final redemption. The footstep of the Messiah are getting so loud my ears ache!