MY HEAVENLY DIET PLAN: Miracle of the loaves and fishes

I start my morning with a glass of freshly hydrogenated alkaline water and my serraptase supplement. Email me for the gadget I used to make this water. I drink it with lemon juice to help bring my body to an alkaline base where no cancer can survive. After that enters the digestive tract I have my dose of morning chocolate with cinnamon. I prepare my chocolate drink on the stove with a little pan of boiling water. I ad a heaping tablespoon of 100% pure cocoa powder and 1 heaping tablespoon of cinnamon. To sweeten my drink I add a dash of stevia powder. The cocoa powder I take mainly for the prostate to reduce the benign hyperplasia, and that large amount of cinnamon is part of my anti-inflammatory diet.

When many think of the word “diet” they get all freaked out think about eating foods that are good for them, but don’t taste good. Some people just get so bizarre and freaked out thinking they can no longer eat any of what I call the “poison foods”. I try to bring sanity back to diet keeping compare dieting to be a reformed alcoholic. When someone is drowning their body daily in alcohol they are killing themselves. In the same way, when one drowns their body in “Poison foods” everyday they are killing their body. Hopefully, the alcoholic stops the abuse of alcohol and learns how to eventually enjoy a drink now and then responsibly. The same with all you folks out their eating the “poison diet” that Big Pharma is responsible for pushing on you. They are responsible for poisoning our foods with chemicals, pesticides, and drugs, and even recommending foods that THEY KNOW will make our bodies break down and become ill, foods like, gluten’s from wheat, sugar and all it’s hidden sources like breads and other gluten products along with alcohol. Char-grilled foods, and dairy round out the top 5 things to avoid that have become the foundation of most people’s diets.

If you can begin to cut the “poison foods”, and replace them with the good raw fruits and vegetables, homemade fermented probiotic foods, raw fruit and vegetable juices, alkaline lentils to replace acid beans for a protein source. I make a fresh juice combination of pineapple, blueberry, beet, apple, and celery with green tea. I’ll drink it throughout the day diluted with purified Zero Water (a water filter brand). I pour about an inch of juice in my glass and then fill the rest of the glass with my hydrogenated alkaline water. I strain the pulp out of the juice made in my NutriBullet and none of it goes to waste. Beet pulp and other veggie pulp can be fermented in brine for a probiotic food condiment. Fruit pulp can be mixed with some live goat yogurt and honey.

Because of the worldly diet of death I nearly lost my ability to walk without the aid of a walker when arthritis and fibromyalgia attacked my body, but now I’m beginning to do a light jog of and on while walking my dogs. Recovery of the body from years of abuse don’t happen overnight, but everyday that passes I feel like I’m getting better and better.

I’m 57 years old and for two years my arthritis and fibromyalgia got so bad that I needed that walker to get around. A Bible verse, “The leaves of the trees will be for the healing of the Nations” was a Scripture verse that spoke to me that told me that G-d’s plants He created for our food was the key to healing my body. Notice that the word “plants” starts with “plan”, as in G-d’s “plan” for our diet.

There are Essene gospels where Yeshua spoke in great detail on how to make sprouted grain “bread” wafers that are cooked by the fire of life (in the sun), not by the fire of death that kills (an oven). He reminded the Essenes that G-d’s original diet for us was to be live vegetarian with the milk from animals. I think back in those days that fish was also considered vegetarian as it is recorded that Yeshua ate sun dried (fire of life) fish jerky. Apparently, this was the famous export of the Galilee fisherman. They preserved the fish and would ship it to far off lands. I’ve read somewhere that some think that the eating of fish and the fish added to Yeshua’s miracle of bread and fishes may have been added later to the accounts of Yeshua, but I ask myself what purpose would that serve? Is there something evil lurking behind the eating of fish? I’m sure 2000 years ago people viewed fish like many pescatarian vegetarians do today because it’s not a warm-blooded mammal it’s not considered eating the “flesh” of an animal. This is only guessing on my part at this point. I’m gonna keep an open mind and continue my research on fish eating. The Essene writings though do not record Yeshua as talking about anything other than animal milk products and raw seeds, spouted seeds, and raw fruits and vegetables. Because He does allow milk of animals that many vegetarians refuse and certainly vegans refuse, I used the logic that perhaps fish could have been part of Yeshua’s and the Essenes diet. Not sure, but I won’t condemn anything I have no proven beyond the shadow of doubt.

Now, about the drugs and medicines prescribed to me that made me sick. My first revelation was that the word English word “Pharmaceuticals” comes from the Greek word “pharmakeia”, and it carried with it the idea of sorcery, occultism, and black magic. It is in this sense that Shaul/Paul used the term in Galatians 5:20 as the word “witchcraft”. In Rev. 9:21 & 18:23 it is translated “sorceries”. Do you find it rather disturbing that approximately 60% of the population is taking at least one pharmaceutical drug every day? Some are taking up to fifteen and twenty! We are told that we are living during a time of the greatest medical breakthroughs in the history of the world yet, over one hundred million Americans suffer from various health problems some of those health problems being the result of prescription drug side effects. Why has such a large majority of the world become dependent on pharmaceutical drugs? Perhaps you’re one of the hundreds of millions around the world that’s ingesting a daily dose of pharmaceutical medicine? I think it’s part of Satan’s plan to kill us off before our time.

My diet contained so many foods that were pushed on me by a whole diabolical system that wanted to get me sick so I’d in turn turn to their pharmacology to heal me, but it only made me sicker. G-d had to wake me up and remind me that in the Book of Genesis He gave us a vegetarian diet plan. It was only later that He allowed the eating of animals because the people lusted for it. As you read further in His word however, your read that when Moshiach will rule and reign from Israel that will will all have returned to a vegetarian diet as well as all the meat-eating animals will do the same, and the lion will not longer attack the lamb and eat it, but the lion will lay down with the lamb. Judah, the Lion will lay down prostate in worship of their Messiah, the lamb of G-d.

Over 15 years ago I had gone on a raw fruit and vegetable juice fast for 40 days and I never had more energy and never felt better in my entire life.I firmly believe G-d was teaching us something about a superior healthy diet by feeding the multitudes with the miracles of multiplying the the loaves and fish. Remember those loaves were probably the spouted grain wafers that Yeshua gave a recipe for to the Essenes.

Doesn’t everybody know by now that fish protein with it’s Omega 3 oils are better for you than animal sources of protein?

Doesn’t everyone who has read the Bible know that G-d’s original diet plan at the time of creation of mankind was vegetarian, and it was only later because of pagan influence and Scripture says because of “the lust of their hearts” that G-d allowed animal flesh to be added to the diet? Scripture also says that we will return to the vegetarian diet during the 1000 year reign of Mashiach.

Genesis 1:29 “Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.”

Doesn’t everybody know that egg protein is like the greatest whole protein source? If eggs are not fertilized you are not eating an abortion, but just eating something I guess could be compared to the milk from mammals that Yeshua said was okay to drink?

Now, look at the three food items I have mentioned.

1.) Loaves of bread – Not the garbage Wonder Bread or even “Whole Grain” bread gluten stuff with high levels of salt that they push off on you as bread that causes arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure and fibromyalgia. Have you ever tried store brand of Ezekiel Bread? It’s the recipe G-d gave to the prophet Ezekiel for his only food to eat for like a year. Two of the ingredients in Ezekiel bread, the sprouted wheat and sprouted barley are gluten, but you can recreate this Biblical recipe right at home without those two ingredients and without the salt if you really want to be gluten free. I don’t know how much gluten would be in sprouted grains, but certainly a little is not gonna hurt your body they way the average diet is based on “fire of death” baked gluten bread products. I think if you are eating right then you body fixes the little bit of gluten that gets in. There are recipes online. I’m gonna try making some of Yeshua’s sprouted grain sun baked “fire of life” bread wafers. Right now I’m imagining these sun cooked wafers are very thin disks like some superfood naturally sun dehydrated cracker. Yeshua said also to eat only twice a day when the sun is straight overhead (astrological noon), and then again at sunset. I guess the story about the apostles eating fresh raw corn on the cob on the Sabbath was because he’d not yet taught them to fast on the Sabbath? We know from the Besorah of John that it says, “And there are also many other things which Yeshua did, which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written”. Remember that verse when you start to have any feelings creep in that the Gospel accounts don’t match up or are not perfect. The Gospel accounts are not the same as the Tanakh that already had hundreds of years of verified letter for letter copying. I do believe that Yeshua gave so many instructions and parables and there were probably many more miracles He did that were not recorded in the Gospels. I mean you must really be doing something right when you are attracting crowds of more than 5000 people and I don’t think they were just coming because they heard there’d be free food after the lecture lol.

2.) Fish – Better than eating animal flesh and full of Omega 3 oils. Hmm….Omega…reminds me of The Alpha and the Omega…. the number 3, reminds me that 3 has always been a favorite number of G-d besides the triune mystery of the G-dhead, Father/Son/Holy Ghost. You know Judaism also has a handwashing ritual that includes three rinses. Look at how the simple medical miracle of washing of the hands prevents the spread of disease. What did the Apostles feed the resurrected Messiah when he returned from heaven in His glorified body? They offered him fish and honey. Honey, another amazing superfood. He also recommended honey to the Essenes.

3.) Eggs – What am I gonna say about the perfect protein that comes from chickens that is considered by many to be on the vegetarian menu as it does not involve the taking of an animals life? And for those of you who are not farmers like myself, not all eggs are fertilized. You don’t need roosters around messing with the girls to get eggs. My hens will lay eggs just like a human female will release eggs regardless if there is a man around. Blood-free unfertilized chicken eggs are an awesome superfood–the best protein a body builder can take!

Now, guess what? Take the foods I’ve mentioned above, bread, eggs, fish, honey and what do you get that Jewish people love to eat? Gefilte fish! Did you know that G-d blessed fish in Genesis 1:29 and because of that Jewish people feel that eating some type of fish dish for every celebratory Sabbath supper is a good thing to do? We call it a “mitzvah”. It’s like Gefilte fish is G-d’s perfect food and I love and make it homemade all the time….so simple to make! It can even be made from canned fish. You don’t have to have fresh fish. I ‘ve made delicious gefilte fish from canned salmon, eggs, and a little of my homemade gluten free Biblical recipe sprouted grains bread, with a little honey in it to make that sweet salmon gefilte fish which is delicious! Then, the complimentary condiment for the gefilte fish is a red beets and horseradish mixture. I buy already prepared horseradish, but I make beet pulp from the juice in the NutriBullet which is so good for you. I add a little stevia to sweeten the beet juice and it’s heavenly to drink and so good for you. I strain the juice through the same cloth I strain the whey out of my homemade cheese with. All the tiny beet solids left behind is what I add the horseradish too to make the traditional Jewish condiment for the gefilte fish.