LIKE FATHER LIKE SON: Prince Charles had Princess Diana killed

Like his ancestor King Henry the 8th the prince of Wales had his wife Lady Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales murdered. If she was dead he’d be legally able to remarry and remarry he did to the already married woman he has been committing adultery with for many decades, Mrs. Camilla Bowles wife of Andrew Parker Bowles. In the eyes of G-d Charles and Camilla are murderous adulterers. I am reminded of how King David had Bathsheba’s husband killed so he could take her to wife.

With the recent death of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks the crowned prince of Britain had to put his two pence in to say nice things about Rabbi Sacks and his passing. I was reminded of the alcoholic illness Charles suffers from with his reddened and swollen hands and feet. It’s a commonly known fact both him and Camilla are alcoholics, and rightfully so they should be since they both have the shame and guilt of being adulterers who had Lady Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales murdered.

Lady Diana was and is yet another type and shadow of a messianic figure. She was an innocent. Charles corrupted her, broke her heart, ruined their family, and then had Diana executed.

Although I never met Diana in my lifetime she was a person of such chesed (kindness) that I felt like I knew her. Through the miracle of television I got to grow up with her like an older sister. I know many people share this sentiment. She had the ability to touch hearts. She will forever be known as our Queen of Hearts.

Remember her always on the 31st of August. Light a candle for the woman who will forever be memorialized by Lord Elton John’s song rewritten just for the Princess,”Candle in the Wind“. Our Queen of Hearts who’s life was snuffed out by her former husband who could not remarry until Diana was dead.

There will never come a day that I do not shed tears in remembrance of Princess Diana.