Lew and Phyllis White of www.TorahZone.net

In the year 2000 YHWH was bringing me out of the Catholic/Protestant Babylonian Whore/Harlot daughters lawless and fake name church world after being a member there as a member of the United Pentecostal Church for 22 years (since age 18), I experienced “knowledge shall be increased” on the Internet when I found Lew and Phyllis White’s Ministry, and read his book, Fossilized Customs, and later distributed copies to every member of my church who weren’t scared to take one out of my hand. I placed them on my local library shelves and on the shelves of local bookstores because I knew the contents to be the truth of YHWH and the unmasking of the Babylonian Catholic Whore system and her Harlot daughters, all the protestant church’s who forsake God’s commandments and use the Roman fake news satanic lie Jesus name that has no power unto salvation (Acts 2:38 and Acts 4:11). I am not sure how Yahusha will judge the individuals who deny the only name by which we must be saved or the Father’s name, so I’m not even gonna go there and be judgemental of any of them. All I know is I was horrified and convicted to get re-baptised in the real name of the Savior Yahusha just to be sure my sins were forgiven. I really want to be with Yahusha for eternity, not sent to the Lake of Fire because I hated his refused His real and and refused to follow His commandments.

I’m very thankful for Lew and Phyllis White who are two of the great teachers of the Remnant “Wise Virgin Bride” preparing for Yahusha’s “thief in the night rapture”, not to be confused with the end of the Tribulation 2nd coming when all eyes shall see Him coming in the clouds of glory, and the angels as He arrives at the Mount of Olives–this is the resurrection that Paul spoke of, “For we shall not all sleep, but in the twinkling of an eye”, you know the verse…. The resurrection of bodies of all who died and were saved and then this will be the 2nd rapture where any of the “Foolish Virgins” filled their lamps with the Truth of Torah keeping and honoring the Holy/Kodesh Name of the Father Yahuah and His Son Yahusha instead of invoking the demonic names of false satanic deities by pronouncing their names like god/gad/gott/lord and jesus/iesous/esus. It’s truly showdown time. As soon as the Trump Israel/Palestian peace deal is signed the last 7-year tribulation begins. Today is the day of salvation. Don’t put it off. Be a “Wise Virgin” that is lifted up as His Bride and carried to the wedding and marriage supper of the Lamb! Don’t be a Foolish Virgin that must suffer the horror of the Tribulation and have wait for His 2nd Coming rapture just before He scorches the earth with probably what could be the asteroid Apophis which NASA said in 2004 that will hit our planet on April 13, 2029–the Book of Revelation, I believe, defines this asteroid as “Wormwood” and it looks like it will hit the earth in the Pacific ocean off the coast of California and Mexico. It’s four football fields in size and is going to land on the largest volcanic area of the world and obviously also cause the San Andreas Earthquake faultline to probably cause all of California to break off and since in the Ocean. The book of revelation says it will poison 1/3 of the earths water. NASA has since tried to walk back their prediction, but president Trump is preparing “Space Force” to try to intercept it and destroy is with a nuclear bomb in space before it hits us. Good luck with that lol