Kirsten and Joerg Wick: 2 Nazi’s in Britain

6 February 2023

Above is the banner for the Youtube channel of Kirsten and Joerg Wick who live in Chester, England. They are the grandchildren of Nazi’s. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I found a wealth of information on their background starting my search through

In December 2022 Kirsten and Joerg Wick released an offensive video promoting a British monument called Culloden Tower that glorifies the genocide of many thousands of Scottish people by Prince William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland, son of King George II of England.

You can view their offensive video at:

Let me be clear. Kirsten and Joerg Wick knowingly spent a weekend holiday in a monument to genocide called Culloden Tower which is located in North Yorkshire, England. Kirsten and Joerg Wick are fully aware this place is worshipped by British and Germans Nazi’s who often rent Culloden Tower to mock the Scottish. How could anybody stay in such a holiday let knowing the place was built to commemorate the slaughter of thousands of Scots by “Butcher Cumberland”, as Prince William Augustus is known to history? Butcher Cumberland landed the final death blows to Scotland in Britain’s centuries long battle to takeover the country of Scotland much like Russia and Putin are slaughtering the Ukrainian people to take their country from them today.

Nazi’s are still alive and well in Germany today and are the cause for the recent calls from Jewish Rabbi’s telling the Jews of Germany that it is time to leave and come home to Israel. The same is happening in France. The Bible prophecies tell of when all nations will come against Israel in the Last Days.

Today’s descendants of World War II’s Nazi’s know that England’s King George II was born a German in the city of Hanover, Germany. Hitler never wanted to bomb England because he saw it as a German country that had a long history of hatred for the Jews. Son of King George II, Prince William Augustus was one of Adolf Hitler’s Germanic heroes where he received inspiration for his final solution concerning the extermination of the Jews. German Nazi’s and British Nazi’s have a long history of working together to genocide all people’s that are unlike them.

Adolf Hitler was very cozy with King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson. When King Edward was forced to abdicate it threw a wrench into Hitler’s plans for the Germanic peoples of Britain join him in his genocidal war. After World War II the German’s of the British Monarchy would change their surnames hoping to brush the stigma of their Nazi involvement under the rug. If Edward would have remained King the outcome of World War II would have been different.

Briefly, you can see there is a very chummy history between Germany and England. As someone who has lived in Germany and England I can testify to the large Nazi populations still alive and well. Is it any wonder that modern Nazi’s would find Britain a cozy place to call home? When you know the facts you understand that England while separate is one with Germany. Is it any wonder’s Nazi’s would enjoy staying at a holiday let all the while knowing the only reason the place exists is because it’s glorifying the slaughter of thousands of innocent Scottish people who just wanted to be left alone in their own country?

It’s necessary to tuck this wee bit of information in too. Through the work of Rabbi Yair Davidy we can trace many of the peoples of Scotland to be descendants of Jews. Kirsten and Joerg Wick obviously know this. Evil people are not ignorant of facts. It is for this reason that the German monarchy of Britain fought for centuries to murder the Scots and steal their country from them. I think you can see why Kirsten and Joerg Wick have no apologies for promoting the holiday let that serves as a monument to the successful genocide of Scots and Jews. Winks, nods, and Nazi dog whistles.

I reached out to Kirsten and Joerg multiple times about the offensive message their video was sending, but the only response I received was to be completely ignored and banned from commenting on their channel. My initial complaint to them with other people calling them out for promoting the genocide of the Scottish was deleted. That’s what the Nazi’s did to many millions of innocent human beings…they ignored their humanity and deleted them from the land of the living.

This is the way Nazi’s treated their Jewish neighbors when Hitler’s SS came knocking on doors to forcefully remove anybody they didn’t like and cart them off to the death camps. The Nazi neighbors would just turn their heads and not say a word while millions were taken away to be murdered. That’s the same thing Kirsten and Joerg Wick are doing. They turn their heads and have not a word to say about promoting a Nazi genocide monument called Culloden Tower.

Kirsten and Joerg Wick are actors on their own stage. They act as if they are lovely people, but that is far from the truth. Isn’t that exactly what the Nazi’s of World War II did? They held their heads up high as the bloody bodies of their Jewish neighbors were dragged out of their homes. They mock the Scottish people by glorifying that hellish monument of Scottish genocide.

Culloden Tower in North Yorkshire, England should not be a holiday let for Nazi’s who care nothing about it representing thousands of murdered Scots. It should be torn down and a memorial to the Scottish genocide placed there instead.

What kind of person takes a holiday in such a place? The same kind a person who’d love to sleep in Adolf Hitler’s bed in one of his former residences turned into a holiday let.

I need a place to slip this morbid fact in, so here goes. I have a dear friend that lives in Austria. She has purchased an apartment she was renovating. She started with the kitchen. When she began removing the layers of wallpaper she found the walls splattered with blood. She inquired of the old woman who lived in the apartment below her that had lived there since the 1930’s. The old woman said that “dirty Jews” had lived there and were taken away by the Nazi’s. My friend said, “Under the beautiful rugs of Austria the floors are stained with the blood of Jews”. The sad reality that there are many Germans/Austrians to this day that have found the Jewish blood in their homes and preserve it because it gives their Nazi souls a thrill to know it’s there underneath the wallpaper or carpets. These are the people I’m telling you about like Kirsten and Joerg Wick. They put on a sweet and lovey dovey show for people on Youtube to make money, but they have a very dark side to them as Nazi’s that they don’t deny. Just more winking, nodding, and Nazi dog whistles. When someone shows you who they are, believe them.

The world needs to know that such evil people as Kirsten and Joerg Wick exist who care nothing for people they feel are inferior to their race. They are wolves dressed up in sheep’s clothing. This is how evil operates. They wink at you like sweet tea and cookies and turn a blind eye while innocent people are genocided. They are encouraging other evil people them to become more emboldened. Like Hitler once did when it was convenient, Kirsten and Joerg promote themselves a Christians on their channel. Hitler was no Christian. In fact, Hitler would have prefered that Germany been a Muslim country. Hitler took help from Jew-hating Islam, and Catholicism to destroy the Jews. Disgusting!

What is even more appalling is Youtube is paying them big bucks to have such offensive content on their channel.