Joni Lamb of Daystar Ministries – Spiritual Wickedness In High Places


First I’m doing a screen grab showing the anti-Semitic response she approved from her assistant where you can see that Joni Lamb or her assistant accidently left in Joni Lamb’s approval on the reply to me. Below the screen grab I’m also publishing the full email thread which is blurry (sorry), but it’s simply there to show the proof that Joni Lamb knows my history that I am a Yeshua-believing Orthodox Jewish rabbi with Black ancestry. I don’t know if she is racist against my Black ancestry, but obviously by saying, “We pray you find Jesus the Son of the living God as your Yeshua” they are trying to shove their Lawless false christ “Jesus” down my throat as my Savior (my Yeshua). They know I’m a messianic Jewish rabbi. They know my website. I’ve tracked every page they’ve read on my site so they can’t claim ignorance that they don’t fully know I’m a part Black Messianic Jewish Orthodox Rabbi. Joni and Marcus Lamb have been accused of being racist against Blacks before and they are currently on a campaign to prove they aren’t, but their racist pandering is ridiculously transparent.

What would do you expect though from people who sell the Gospel of Yeshua to the point their net worth in 2019 was published as $10 million dollars and that even after the huge public scandal that Marcus Lamb, the husband of Joni lamb had adulterous sexual relationships with three of his female employees. Rumor has it that he is still having adulterous sex with women, but these women are paid prostitutes. Looks like Marcus learned his lesson to not have sex with regular women who will tell on him, but to have sex with women who’s job it is to keep the secrets of their sex customers.

Daystar… The so-called Christian Television Network that promotes the programming ministry of Benny Hinn’s whore Paula White that committed adultery while married to her first husband with the man who would become her second husband Randy White two years later. Yes, the well experienced adulteress , and so many very active prosperity gospel abominations, like false teacher Joyce Myers who doesn’t even believe that G-d incarnated into the person of the Messiah to save us from our sins who also lives in luxury with private jets and had vacationed in more countries than I can name and has priceless works of art in her home which she explains she needs for entertaining sinners. So sad how Christian’s are so gullible 🙁 The one and only saving grace is that Satan still can quote and does quote Scripture even if he does try to twist its meaning. A true believer can discern the truth through all the deception and the result is they reject the Satanic Christian system. Yah is still using the stupid Devil to win souls away from the Babylonian Whore system that Marcus and Joni wholeheartedly support. For everything the Most Kodesh One of Y’israel has the Evil One has a twisted counterfeit to try to deceive the people with just the same way he tried to trip Yeshua up in the desert.

EPHESIANS 6:12 “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

Daystar Channel owner Marcus Lamb, his wife, and their family are technically children of the Most High Yah and as such our struggle is not against them personally because they are souls that are in desperate need of salvation especially because they are some of the biggest promoters of the false Messiah anti-Christ Catholic/Christian Babylonioan Whore/Harlot System that Yeshua pleaded about, “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE”. Yeshua was specifically pleading to His people–to the Jew first, and then the gentile.

I repeat, I am not in any way attacking them personally, but I have a responsibility as Jewish teacher and prophet to instruct and give correction with the loving heart of the real Messiah of Y’israel, Yeshua HaMaschiach, not the one Yeshua prophesied of that would “come in his own name, and him you will accept”. That one they have accepted is none other than the invention of the pagan Roman Whore they named JESUS!

If Marcus and Joni Lamb continue to cling to being Foolish Virgins and lose their souls in the Lake of Fire, they will have nobody but themselves to blame at The White Throne of Judgement because they did not listen to the prophet of Yah. Instead they rejected the prophet and rejected the Truth of Torah, The Way, The Life, The Light unto our Path. The Foolish Virgin’s Lambs are devoid of the Truth of Keeping the Law. They wicked chose to be the wicked money grubbing servants of Satan, living in resplendent luxury when the Messiah spoke against the very lifestyle they life.

At the moment of updating this page (5 October 2020) I am monitoring the Daystar channel and Marcus and Joni Lamb have dropped to a new low by bringing on board Benny Hinn the biggest fraud in Christiandumb who own son has disowned him for his fraudulent dealings with the unaware mesmerized Christian’s who follow him.

Marcus and Joni are confusing the flock by teaching them that the Law was forever abolished and nailed to the cross, which is a doctrine of demons creatted by the pagan Roman Whore replacement religion to replace the Jews as the Chosen People. If I’ve said it once I’ll say it a million times, not my words, but the words of Yeshua the Messiah who said:

“Do not think that I came to abolish the Torah or the Neviim (Prophets). I did not come to abolish but to complete. For, omein, truly I say to you, until Shomayim and haaretz (Heaven and earth) pass away, not one yod (the smallest Hebrew letter “Y”), not one tag (ornamental flourish), will pass from the Torah until everything is accomplished. Therefore, whoever annuls one of the least of these mitzvot (divine commandments given by Hashem to Moshe Rebbenu) and so teaches Bnei Adam, (the Son’s of Adam) shall be called katon (least) in the Malchut HaShomayim (Kingdom of Heaven); but whoever practices and teaches them, this one will be called gadol (great) in the Malchut HaShomayim. For I say unto you that unless the Tzedek (Righteousness) of you exceeds that of the Sofrim (Saduccess) and Perushim (Pharisses), you will certainly not enter the Malchut HaShomayim.”

The Catholic Babylonian Whore removed the commandment about idols and deleted Yah’s 7th day Sabbath and instituted their own 1st day Mithras sun god day for their Sabbath and her Harlot Daughters, the Protestant church’s, went along with it all willingly. Both the Whore and Harlots invoke the aka name of Satan, “Esus” with a J–“J’Esus” and many even baptise people in the name of Jesus which is totally worthless for the forgiveness of sins as ACTS 2:38 instructs us to baptise in the Savior’s name, his real name that has meaning and power, Yeshua (Yahuah is Salvation). Jesus is a hybridized Grecco-Latin name that has absolutely no meaning in Greek or Latin as it does in Hebrew.

Sad, but true the woman with the painted eyes reminiscent of Jezebel who’s mission it was to murder the prophet Eliyahu will probably never give up her false Messiah J’Esus and repent to the legitimate Messiah of Y’israel named Yahu’sha, who came in His Father’s name Yahuah. Like many other’s Joni Lamb will probably forever reject He who came in His Father’s name in favor of the anti-Law, anti-Christ of the Whore of Babylon named J’Esus.

Why not just stop the greedy money-grubbing pretense and be done with the Babylonian pagan Roman Whore? Oh, wait, you can’t Joni because like Nicodemus you will not give up your resplendent and luxurious lifestyle to sell it all, give to the poor, and pick up your cross to follow the glorious legalistic Law Giver and King of the Universe Yahu’ah who re-incarnated into the human body of our Lord and Savior Yahu’sha HaMaschiach. Like Nicodemus, you walk away sad, but happy you keep your billion dollar empire that keeps you in the finest of clothes

Marcus and Joni Lamb could be sincere about what they profess, but the horrifying truth is that they are sincerely wrong having followed after the pagan Roman false-messiah anti-christ religious system of Satan called Christianity that names it’s Messiah “J’Esus” in opposition to the Messiah of Judaism who’s REAL name above all other names is Yahu’sha, meaning Yahuah is Salvation. I can already hear the pagans grumbling, as they always do, “Yahu’sha” is not a name mentioned in the Bible. Firstly, one would have enough brain cells to know the New Testament was created by the pagan Romans after 312 AD. They had a good decade or more till they convened two separate councils at Nicaea, Italy to decide what they as pagan’s would have in this NEW RELIGION THEY WERE INVENTING CALLED CHRISTIANITY. These were very wicked men who’s goal was simple to protect the Roman Empire from the Jews who’s faith was making headway to replace their demonic multi-god worship with One True Father of all Creation who incarnated into the body of Yahu’sha Messiah. These pagan’s had no working knowledge of the intricacies of the Hebrew language and had no desire to preserve the name of Yahu’sha. The Roman/Babylonian Whore/Harlot system created their own demonic replacement name for Yahu’sha, which was neither a translation nor a transliteration of the true and Kodesh name of the Jewish Messhiah. Yahu’sha Himself prophesied of the LAWLESS ONE was to come saying, “One will come in his own name and he you will accept.” JOHN 5:43 This “one” that has been accepted is none other than the false Messiah, the invented Roman Messiah named J’Esus, named after Esus.

Long before before there was the diabolical pagan Roman invention of Christianity there was the FAITH ONCE HANDED DOWN FROM THE SAINTS/APOSTLES/FOLLOWERS WHO KNEW YAHU’SHA THE MESSIAH IN REAL TIME. THEY ATE WITH HIM, WERE HEALED BY HIM, AND WERE PHYSICALLY TOUCHED BY HIM unlike the mythical satanic invention of The Babylonian Catholic Whore who birthed a Harlot offshoot called Protestant Christianity, whom the Catholic church calls it’s wayward Harlot Daughters that it welcomes with open arms back to the Mother of all Harlots Catholic Church.

The demonic hijacking of the true faith by pagan Rome became what John the Revelator called “The Whore of Babylon sitting on the 7-hills of Rome” that has it’s origins in 312 AD with the Roman Emperor Constantine and his faked conversion which was part of his crafty satanic plan to replace the true Jewish faith with a Hellenized (Hell inspired) abomination which was nothing more than a hostile, and murderous takeover of the Jewish Natsarim faith thus birthing The Catholic (Universalism) One World Religion that was also prophesied to come. Hundreds of years later along came Martin Luther and brought about the Reformation that created the Protestant Church’s that broke away from the Catholic Universalist (One World Religion). Sadly, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and they continued invoking the name of Satan through the name “Esus” with the letter “J” tacked onto the front of it making it “J’Esus/Jesus”. They had their chance to return to the truth of His Blessed Hebrew Name Above ALL Names, but they didn’t. They continued to embrace the lie and be damned and that’s why they are to prophetic fulfillment of the Harlot daughter of the Whore of Babylon. The Protestants continued to stumble blindly in the “mystery of iniquity” preaching the doctrine of demons that the followers of Protestant Christianity no longer were under the Law, but under Grace where they continue to this day to forsake the Commandments, much less the 613 of the faith of Yahu’sha. The blinded ones read what the true Messiah Yahu’sha said, “If you love me, keep my Commandments”, but in their blinded “strong delusion” confusion they do not even consider this new Commandment straight from the Messiah Himself. Yahu’sha never said it was okay to eat swine. The “Under Grace Doctrine” is the “mystery of iniquity because mysteriously some how the Law was abolished, yet confusingly Christians seem to understand that they have not been given license to murder, lie, steal, worship idols, etc., etc. They seem to think the 10 Commandments they are to keep, except for the keeping of the 7th Day Sabbath that they still break by keeping the pagan Roman sun god Mithras Sun-day Sabbath which IS NO SABBATH TO THE ALMIGHTY YAH, BUT AN ABOMINATION TYPE OF SIN THAT IS GOING TO CARRY THEM ALL TO THE LAKE OF FIRE AND THE DESTRUCTION OF THEIR SOULS. Some say worshipping on the Sun-day sun god Mithras demonic sabbath is part of the MARK OF THE BEST SEAL in the forehead and the right hand as your forehead part of your brain is the part of the brain where you understand right from wrong and make your choice to do right or wrong, and the right hand are those right or wrong deeds being carried out physically through faith–If you have no works of fulfilling the 613 Commandments your “faith without works is dead”.

I’m here to tell you that such demonic faith anti-Law Keeping with no works (fulfilling Mitzvot) your is already soul dead in our Heavenly Father’s eyes, as it’s never been awakened. You folks know the truth, but you sell the gospel so you can live a lavish and luxurious lifestyle. The apostles gave warnings about those who ask for money and instructed the sheep to put them out. Mr. Marcus Lamb, and Jezebel Lamb with your painted eyes, and super thick panstick makeup, and wearing of clothing pertaining to men. Oh, Yes, Jezi’bel/Iso’bel/Isus’bel/Isous’bel Scripture IS VERY CLEAR ABOUT THE Jezibel spirit, and the “painting of the eyelids”even as far back as the Book of Henok (Enoch), the great grandson of Noach/Noach. There is only one reason women paint their faces and that is to give the impression of sexual arousal to men. And to think that the world’s best known name in sinful makeup for women’s faces is Avon Cosmetics Company!!!! Want a terrifying revelation on the prohibition of women wearing makeup that will make you dump all that stuff in the garbage? It’s no coincidence that the leader of women’s makeup in the world has the name “Avon”. Look up the word “Avon” in your Strong’s Concordance and you’ll get enough of a fright that have you running to the cold cream jar to get that satanic paint off your face so you’ll look like a set-apart woman of faith instead of looking like a painted street whore. The Father is very clear about women painting their eyes and you know this Joni Lamb, but you continue in this behavior with no shame. Look at the Ultra Orthodox Jewish women. Nobody has to guess if they are a believer or not because they look like “godly” women as a testimony for all to see and you look like a street walker next to them. Look at the women of the United Pentecostal Church who do not paint their faces like Jezebel, nor wear costly array, or men’s clothing. They keep their hair style very modest, not hanging loose and wild to draw the attention of men. Read the Scripture and know that “God” is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and He still hates the appearance of sin.

In training to become a psychologist we take a similar approach as the Scripture verse above. Our struggle, so-to-speak, is not against the flesh and blood person, but we call out inappropriate behavior manifesting in the individual. We gently try to present guidance like placing a sign post before the individual that says, “This Way”, not that way.

Yesterday, on September 22, 2020 I contacted Joni Lamb of the Daystar Christian Television Network as I had seen an episode of her Table Talk interview format program where she mentioned what I thought was my unique life story. Only having found an email address for a “Barbie Harris” assistant to the Senior Producer of Joni Lamb’s Table Talk Show. I am assuming Rose Howard to still be the Senior Producer of the Table Talk show unless she has been replaced since 2016 by Executive Producer, Joni Lamb herself.

The email trail, so-to-speak, seems to have passed only between Barbie Harris and Joni herself as the reply I received seems to be evidence of. I will place a copy of the email I received at the end of this blog entry.

Basically, what I got from the reply is that they informed me it was not my unique story that Joni Lamb reference, but that of another person with a very similar story to mine! hmmmm… Barbie Harris went on in her reply to me to not reveal the identity of this said individual, but told me:

“In regard to the person Joni Lamb referred to on her program, though it may have sounded like your story, it was not you.  Joni Lamb has met this man and even had him on her program a few years back. “

In my reply I didn’t bother to address the fact that neither Joni Lamb or Barbie Harris address any request in my letter. The reply from Barbie that was passed by Joni Lamb for approval as you can judge for yourself appears to ignore my request to come on the Table Talk show to be a part of the series concerning sexual identity. The dismissal sentence basically said in other words, “We are not interested in having you on our show due to the fact you have already had plenty of exposure by being interviewed in your lifetime”. How else would you understand the reply of Barbie Harris where she wrote to me:

“It sounds like you have already achieved many interviews and exposure in your lifetime.  We pray that you will find Jesus the Son of the Living God as your Yashua.”

Not only is Barbie Harris blowing me off with Joni Lambs approval, she also received the approval to insult my Jewish faith by going further to say:

“We (speaking on behalf of Joni Lamb and herself) pray you will find Jesus the Son of the Living God as your Yashua.”

What insulting gall to say such a thing to me after I wrote to Joni Lamb with a brief biography (see letter below) where I wrote of becoming a Pentecostal minister at the age of 18, also making mention that I have since become an Orthodox Jewish Messianic minister (since the truth was revealed to me back in the year 2000.

I am ONLY testifying to what is blatantly obvious to anyone (even a child) who would read Barbie Harris and Joni Lamb’s disappointing and insulting reply/dismissal.

Is this representative of Christians respect and blessing the Jewish people of Israel??? I’m asking a question, not making any judgement.

Adonai Alaheinu Melek HaOlam YHWH has already given me a prophetic judgement to pronounce, but like Abraham asked for YHWH to spare the inhabitants of Sodom for the sake of a few righteous souls I have asked the Father to please allow me to not yet pronounce the prophetic judgement to Joni Lamb until when and if she responds in a fashion that lines up with the Word.

To me, it is inconceivable how Joni Lamb will have people come on her Table Talk show that are still involved in the sin of the homosexual lifestyle, but they refuse someone like myself??? In bringing up this matter with Rabbi that is over me his first reaction was to shake his head slowly in disbelief at such an insult and dismissal in their letter of reply.

That’s where I’m going to leave this for the moment until and if I hear back from Joni Lamb and Barbie Harris.