In The Name of Jesus! Satanic Strong Delusion?

Quick synopsis: Even though there was already a Greek name created to replace the G-d given Syriac Aramaic Hebrew name of Yeshua the Messiah when the Septuagint translation of the Jewish Scriptures was done more than 200 years before the birth of the Messiah doesn’t mean we should ever deny the “only name given under heaven to mankind by which we must be saved”. This is indeed a salvation issue as what I quoted from ACTS 4:12 proves it and as well, ACTS 2:38 says baptism in His name is for the forgiveness of sins. How much longer will you deny His name and keep using the pagan Greco-Roman name that is technically neither a translation, nor a transliteration? You can’t argue with G-d and sadly because you have not loved the truth you will find out what happens to you one day. (Said in love even though I know you won’t take it that way because your heart is cold).


Did you know that the name “Jesus” didn’t exist until the letter “J” was created and added to the English language in the late 1400’s near the time of Christopher Columbus?

For those unfamiliar with Christopher Columbus he was a Jewish-Italian sailor who sailed from Spain with a ship full of Jews saving them from a Spaniard Holocaust. He is credited with discovering North America, but we know that is a silly claim since the continent was already inhabited. Those who inhabited North America at the time of Columbus in 1492 also make a false claim to be the indigenous “first peoples” of the continent, but falsehood has also seen the light of day by the new discovery of an even more ancient people who lived here and were invaded by the ancestors of the present day Native Americans who came and killed all those who were here before them.

Before adding the “J” to the English alphabet the letter “i” was used in place of the J. Notice that I and J are next to each other in the alphabet of the English language. The name “Jesus” created by the Roman’s in the Greek language and was Esus/Esous/Iesous. You can still see the name spelled this way in the original King James Version of the Bible because when it was written the letter “J” did not yet exist.

It was the Pagan Emperor Constantine of Rome who was executing those in his empire that were Jews and gentile convert to what was then known as the Natsarim, the members of the Messianic believers of Judaism who were not yet label “Christians” by the pagan Roman Empire as the word “Christian” had not been invented yet by Rome’s pagan Constantine.

Constantine was in fear that the Jews and their converts were going to take over the Roman Empire. They found for every one of these Messianic believers he hunted down and executed their martyrdom would cause hundreds more to come to faith for the one he would execute and confiscate their Hebrew and Aramaic copies of the gospels.

Constantine realized he had a losing battle on his hands and these Jews would soon takeover the Roman Empire if he didn’t figure out a way to conquer them before they conquered him. He conjured up a plan to say he had a vision of a cross in the sky somewhat reminiscent of the apostle Paul conversion story and used this fabricated vision to hijack the Messianic Jewish faith and converted it into the Catholic/Christian Mystery Babylon Whore/Harlot religion that set on the 7 Hills of Rome just as the Book of Revelation foretold. The religion came complete with it’s false Krishna/Christ named “Esus” after the celtic false deity who’s name would later morph from Esus to Esous, to Iesous and then eventually the new English letter “J” as tagged onto the front of the Greek name which gave us the Latinized Greek name J’esus. That is the simple honest truth. Do you own research to show yourself approved unless you’re just playing church and really don’t believe. The real Aramaic Hebrew dialect records the Savior’s name as Yashua. His family and all who lived in the Nazareth Sea of Galilee area all spoke what is officially called the Syrian Aramaic dialect of Hebrew. I know first hand. I lived there in 1998 and also spent time living across the Jarden/Jordan River in city of Amman, Jordan. Your own Bible even quotes Yashua as speaking words in Aramaic a bunch of times. Remember when he raised the young dead girl to life with the words “talitha cumi”? That’s Syrian Aramaic Hebrew for “arise little girl”. You are also familiar with Yashua’s most famous Aramaic words, “Eloi! Eloi! Lemana Sebakthani!”, meaning, “My God! My God! For this I was spared!” being the moment when all the sin of all the world was placed on Him and Matthew recorded that He then pulled in His last breath, died with our sin, and gave up His spirit.

With a few changes here and here Constantine knew he’d regain control of the Roman Empire and the Jews would not take over. He just added one more god to the multi-god worshipping pagans he ruled over. The big god for his pagan people with Mithras the sun god and he realized that the Jewish Messiah was said to be the Son of God, so he tried to pull off the lie that they were both one and the same. Sun god, Son of God, who would understand the difference!

Mithras the Sun god was always depicted with a halo of the light around his head so Constantine commissioned paintings of his new god, the Messiah Esus Krishna aka Esus Christos (Esus the celtic god and Krishna the hindu god) so everyone would instantly also recognize him as Mirthras the Sun God. Statues and paintings of Easter the fertility , goddess were commissioned too and draped with clothing that made her appear as Yashua’s mother, the Virgin Maria, but in many of the depictions so the pagans would know she was also Easter the fertility goddess they depicted mother Maria with claw feet clinging to a crescent moon just beneath the hem of her garment so the pagans would readily identify her as Easter/Astarte. What Constantine did was diabolical and genius. With his Christian Catholic Universalist One World Religion and his false satanic, Lawless, anti-Messiah he created what Yashua would warn about when He pleaded, “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE!”

The Mystery Babylon Whore religion that had plagued the Jews while in captivity in Iraq when King Nebuchadnezzar conquered Jerusalem and carried many of the remaining Jews of the Southern Kingdom of Judah including Daniel the prophet. Hundred of years later it all experienced a resurrection in Rome where the name of the new pagan religion became known a Catholicism , a word meaning Universalism and thus the One World Religion had it’s beginning.

Instead of keeping the Messiah’s Holy name, the name that Acts 4:12 says is the ONLY name, and NO OTHER NAME given under heaven to mankind by which WE MUST BE SAVED, the name of Yashua (Yeshua,Yahushua/Yehoshua/Yahu’sha are acceptable versions) who came in His Father’s name of YaHavah (Ya is Love), they blotted out the ONLY NAME we can be saved by and craftily changed it with a lot of slight of hand mumbo jumbo to another name for Satan “Jesus/Esus”. Look it up! Google it! It’s all common historical information for all to see for those who have eyes to see that Esus is a celtic false deity.

Constantine started the trend that eventually has caused every Christian to break the Commandment of G-d in Exodus 23:13 to “not speak the name of pagan deities”. Everytime a Christian speaks the name of J’esus they are breaking this Commandment and they are the “workers of iniquity (Lawless ones) that Yashua said He will say to them “I never knew you. Go away from me ye workers of iniquity”, just as He said to the Lawless “Foolish Virgins” in parable of the 10 virgins and the lamps, “I do not know you!” and He closed the door in their faces and they were left out of the Rapture and did not get into the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. They were Left Behind to suffer the horrors of the 7-year Tribulation where many will die in their sins without ever coming to the knowledge of the truth that YaHavah/Yashua/Yahusha has entrusted for me to teach to His Lost Sheep of Israel, and secondly the Gentiles.

The faith that was once handed down by the Saints and Apostles of Messiah had been turned into a “strong deception” with it’s followers invoking a name of Satan every tiime they spoke the spoke the Greek name Iesous/Esus. Time went on and the Greek language fell out of favor in the pagan Roman Empire and Latin became the official language of Rome and the Empire and all that had become the Greek translations of the Hebrew gospels were now being translated into Latin and you know the rest of that story how the Catholic church spoke all their masses in Latin, even many till this day in 2020. Less than 500 years ago when the letter J was added to the English alphabet that was to a variation of the “I” in “Iesous” the name of Jesus was born and forever more spoken as another name for Satan by the Universalist One World Religion also known as Catholicism.

Eventually, along comes a guy named Martin Luther who had issues over a doctrine of demons call “indulgences” that the One World Catholic religion created. He was the Father of the Reformation of protestors of these abominations that in turn became afterwards known as Protestants aka the Harlots of The Whore of Babylon.

Satan was not to be outdone! The Protestant Church’s that were born out of the Reformation of Martin Luther were declared apostate Daughters of the Catholic church which many Popes have extended the grace to allow them to return to their Mother, the Catholic Church.

Will you be part of the remnant that is the Law Keeping Wise Virgins Bride or will you remain in the dark with no oil of truth of Torah Keeping and be locked out of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb?

The Foolish Virgins will miss the “thief in the night” rapture. This is why Yom Teruah is called the feast that “no man knows the hour or the day” since the new moon may not be able to be seen if it’s covered by clouds because Adonai Allaheinu’s decree was that we must be able to sight the new moon, not just assume it’s there behind the clouds. For that reason that they could have trouble seeing and declaring the new moonth (new Month) the Yom Teruah feast day became a two-day (sometimes three) event instead of a one-day event. “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE” so you don’t miss the Rapture of the Law Keeping Bride that has the Lamp unto her feet filled with the oil of Torah. Your very soul could required of you in the next two seconds with a heart attack or stroke, or who knows what could befall you, and then you’d be lost for eternity. Today is the day of salvation. I have relayed to you the Truth and if you reject it you will have nobody to blame but yourself at The White Throne Judgement where I will be witness whom you know told you the truth, but you rejected in favor of playing church with the doctrines of men. I tell you the truth in love. I pray my cousin Chelsey Taylor in Indianapolis and all of her family get their eyes opened to the truth before it’s too late and they are cast into the furnace where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Also, I pray for the revelation of this truth to my niece Laura Marx and her family. These are family members who have blocked me on Facebook because they have rejected the Truth that the Father has given me for them. Since they blocked me they don’t know yet that I discovered they are born Jewish by way of their ancestor Susannah Morrison, my great-great maternal grandmother. My mother’s father was Jewish too. This Jewish ancestry revelation came to light after I had wandered in the wilderness of pagan Christianity for exactly 40 years, from age 17 to 57, and also how strange is also that my great-great grandfather was born a Negro slave in 1852 and his family all lived in Goshen, Kentucky just like the Israelites lived in the Land of Goshen in Egypt before wandering in the wilderness for 40 years before finally coming into the Promised Land.

I was thinking about if I’m commanded to now return the Jewish homeland of Israel, now that I found out I’m actually born Jewish. I know if I don’t go before the rapture I’ll be heading there after the 7-day/7-year Marriage Supper of the Lamb as a member of the armies of Heaven to fight at the Battle of Armageddon. That’s gonna be trippy. What happens after we win the battle? Do we all just pick a house to live in that was left behind by someone who was considered a “tare” and thrown into the furnace or is the New Yerushalayim going to come complete with just the perfect Hobbit House and garden for me? 🙂