Created in The Image of God

I believe we all know that in the Jewish Scriptures, in the Book of Genesis, is where we get the story of God creating man in His image, right?

Now, as I always tell people, I am not a spoon feeder. That means that in order to keep this teaching short and sweet I don’t quote the Scripture source all the time, but I expect you to have enough desire to fact check for yourself. That said, let’s continue…

The book of Genesis (Bereishit in Hebrew), we are told how God created us humans. He created the male first and then the female. When He made the man it says that man was made in his image. There is nothing in God that is not replicated in His creation. Man being made in His image meaning, man has both the attributes of male and female in one body, just like God has both of the divine attributes in one body, if I can say, so to speak that God has a body.

Most of you reading this article did go to school and had a biology class that taught you about male and female chromosomes, right? The male has an XY chromosome pattern and the female is XX. I happen to be a rare mixture of both sexes having been blessed with a medical condition called XY/XO Mosaicism. In coarse language, I was born a hermaphrodite. My mother was so horrified that she told them to take me away after I was born and she did not want to see me again. She was going to give me up for adoption, but my grandmother intervened and took me home from the hospital and cared for me for the first 3 months of my life till my mother finally calmed down and took me back.

Five months later at 8 months of age in December of 1964 I underwent surgery to fix my body to appear totally male. My pseudo-vagina with no vaginal canal, or womb was cut out and sealed up after they brought down my undescended gonads of which one had developed into a normal testicle, but the other one had developed into a hybrid of an ovary and and testicle called an ovo-testis. Because my urinary tract had developed normally the penis so I could use it for urination that was the decision maker for fixing me to be male. Keep my personal medical history in mind as you read further.

So, you understand that females have two XX chromosomes and men have just only one X paired to a Y chromosome. Until the fetus goes through what is known as the period of differentiation at 6-8 weeks all developing babies appear as female. If the chromosome pattern is XX the baby continues to develop as female, but if the chromosome pattern is XY then the female default body begins to differentiate and the clitoris grows larger into the eventual penis and the gonadal tissue develops into testicles instead of ovaries. All men begin life with a female body and then, in the womb, they differentiate from the female default body and start developing a male body. It’s like every male human on this planet begins life as female and then has in the womb by virtue of the chromosomal blueprint that dictates what sex the female default fetus will become.

Now, if God made man (males) in His image with the divine attributes of male and female then what image did God make woman in? Bereishit (Genesis) tells us that God took one of man’s sides (rib is a mistranslation of the Hebrew) and formed the woman from it. To me, it sounds like God took the one “side” of the XY chromosome pattern, taking only the female X chromosome from the man he’d created and multiplied it like the loaves and fishes and woman was created.

So, my friend, you see every man is made in the image of God with both male and female attributes or chromosomes. There is a stumbling block for the Christian churches, but it’s been common knowledge in the Judaism of Yashua the Messiah forever. Christians will say that God only made two sexes, male and female. Lori Lamb of Daystar Ministries has promoted this false teaching in opposition to the thousands of children born as I was, as a third sex medically called “Intersex”, a hermaphrodite with an XY/X0 chromosome pattern with both male and female genitalia. I messaged Joni Lamb personally on Facebook to have her invite me and my Rabbi onto her her Table Talk program to give the Jewish side of the story of creation which would correct her false teaching, but I have not heard back from her.

Because Joni Lamb has also had a series of shows with gays, lesbians, and transgenders I want to teach her and her audience from Judaism how us Jews believe that homosexuality and transgenderism is a reincarnation issue. Most people have no clue that reincarnation is foundational to Judaism. At least twice in the New Testament *Jesus taught on reincarnation. It’s right there in the King James in red letters. “Red letters” mean’s those are the words of *Jesus. I’ve also called Dr. Joyce Myers on the carpet for not knowing that *Jesus taught reincarnation. Homosexual men and the transgendered folk are experiencing a reincarnation bleedover from a most recent past life as a woman. This is Judaism 101, but the anti-Jewish church world is clueless. They are coming along in these Last Days, but still Yashua says, “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE”.