How Satan is preparing Christians to cling to the false Roman-created name of Jesus

I just finished watching the 1999 movie called Revelation. I never saw the film when it came out because in my firm faith I didn’t feel an desire or need to see an evangelistic type film. I am VERY glad I have finally viewed the film and I’m gonna tell you why.

First of all, most of the film is non-Scriptural and seems to have been made for entertainment value, but for the “Strong Delusion” Christian I’m sure they will find the movie very evangelistic. The whole film had me thinking of how Satan tempted Eve to sin in the garden by twisting G_d’s Words, the same as he did with Messiah Yeshua in the desert.

At the end of the film the false Messiah/Satan character is seen ranting and raving from a balcony to a crowd of those who have taken the 666 Mark of the Beast reassuring them that while they have just experienced a setback that they would eventually come out victorious over the “haters”. In the film those who believe in G_d are branded as haters by Satan. In the very last words of the film spoken by Satan he called out the Christians (aka haters) as “the followers of the deceiver, Jesus”. When I heard those last words of the film they hit me like a ton of bricks. Like all the last lines of every great film they stick in your memory. It’s a psychological brainwashing technique. Movies and television–they don’t call it programming for nothing. Immediately I understood how Satan is using films like this to get Christians to cling to the Roman-created name of Jesus that has no power in it. In Matthew 7:22 the real Messiah Yeshua prophesied of the false Roman Christian Whore/Harlot system with the false name above all names that would be created when He said,  “Many [messianic darshanim (professional or qualified expounders of Scripture)] will say to me [Moshiach] on that Day [the Yom HaDin, the Day of Judgment], Adoneinu, Adoneinu (Lord, Lord), did we not speak as neviim (prophesiers) in your Name? Did we not cast out shedim (evil spirits, demons) in your Name? Did we not accomplish many niflaot (miracles) in your Name?  And then I will tell them to their face, I never had da’as (knowledge) of you. Depart from me, you workers of mufkarut (lawlessness) [TEHILLIM 6:9(8); Mt 13:41]. ~ As a side note, the church “father” known as Ephiphanius stated in his best known book, Panarion, They have the Goodnews according to Matthew in its entirety in Hebrew. For it is clear that they still preserve this, in the Hebrew alphabet, as it was originally written.” (Epiphanius; Panarion 29) Many ignorant Christians try to say the New Testament was originally written in Greek. If it were then how would they have ever gotten the good news to the Jews who shunned the Greek language of the Roman invaders. You see, this all relates back to the real name of the Messiah in the Aramaic Hebrew as “Yeshua”. The Greco-Roman created false name of Jesus wasn’t used in the Savior’s lifetime, nor until the 1400’s, but the Greek precursor to the Jesus falsehood began with the Greek “Isus/Iesous” were the name Jesus eventually developed from. Your salvation depends upon being baptized in the Savior’s real Aramaic Hebrew name of Yeshua. Acts 4:12 doesn’t say you have multiple choices of names by which you MUST be saved/forgiven of your sins in baptism in His name (not a fake name) Acts 2:38.

Do Christians ever contemplate why if they have cast out spirits in Jesus name or have prophesied in Jesus name why would the be called “workers of Iniquity/Lawlessness” and told to depart from Him as He NEVER even knew them???

“Worker of Iniquity (Lawlessness)” is the key. Iniquity and the falsely created name of Jesus go hand in hand to explain why Yeshua say’s “I never knew you”. Similarly, in the parable of the 10 Virgins and the Lamps, Yeshua illustrated the difference between the Wise Virgins Bride and the Foolish Virgins that would NOT be the Bride due to them being foolish and falling for the lie of the Babylonian Whore/Harlot Roman Christian system that Yeshua pleaded with, “Come out of her my people!”

In the Virgins/Lamps parable the Wise Virgins were Law-keeping followers of Yeshua signified by the lamps with oil in them, the oil representing Law-keeping. The empty lamp Foolish Virgins believed their false teachers (wolves in sheep’s clothing) who told them you don’t have to follow the Law anymore because it was all nailed to the cross and now we are under grace and can eat pork and bottom feeder sea foods and we don’t have to keep the 7th Day Commanded Sabbath anymore, nor any of the Commanded feasts, nor circumcision. Can you image how quickly Yeshua would have lost every apostle and disciple if He would have proclaimed everybody can now eat swine and every other unclean creature? He would have never even been cruxified. He would have simply been the laughed off by EVERYONE and history probably would have never even recorded a thing about Him. Christians are so blind to this one simple fact. When a Christian’s eyes get opened to the truth they wonder how in the hell they could have been blinded for their whole lives. Well, “how in the hell” is the answer.

Billions of Christians around the world will have no excuses on the Day of Judgement. They chose the false named anti-Messiah Jesus over the real Messiah Yeshua. They chose to invoke a false name instead of His real name. They chose wallowing in the luxury of sins instead of keeping the Law.

All I can do is tell them the truth and ask Christians why they would reject the real Hebrew name of the Messiah in favor of a fake name?

All I can do is ask Christians, “Why wouldn’t you want to keep G_d’s Commanded Scriptural 7th day Sabbath? Why forsake G_d’s appointed Sabbath and instead embrace the Roman’s 1st day of the week, Mithra’s sun god Sunday Sabbath?

My Grandma had this saying, “Those don’t listen gotta feel”. Christian’s don’t want to listen to me and so they are gonna feel what it’s like to know they were deceived and got left behind when the Wise Virgins disappear from the earth. I’m sure the Democrats will explain the disappearance of people as some of those who were put in the FEMA camps and died of COVID and had to be buried in mass graves. Those FEMA camps with all those plastic caskets are going to be used for something planned in the future, if not for COVID then for somehing else to do with the end times. The anti-Christ, anti-G_d, anti-Yeshua movement has officially begun.

You may ask how I can say the things I do? If you are a Christian, are you blind the fact that G_d’s prophecy hour glass is about to run out? We have entered a time period known as a prophecy showdown with G_d. We are just about to start running on fumes.

All Christians agree that Yeshua’s parable of the fig tree putting forth it’s new seasons budding of branches means summer is near. Christians all agree this parable is about Israel being the fig tree becoming a nation again in 1948. Christians are all aware that this prophecy was given a time limit by Yeshua that the generation seeing Israel becoming a nation again in 1948 would not pass away till all things are fulfilled. Christians know that the length of a generation is given a 10-year window in the Pslams and a generation is defined as 70-80 years. Christians know that 2021 – 1948 = 73 and they know that 80 – 73 = 7. Seven years are left on G_ds prophetic hourglass. COVID seemed to target older adults and killed off a lot of those over the age of 65, so one may wonder just how many more of the generation born of 1948 are going to leave us before this pestilence is over? Yes, I’m sure there are going to be quite a few born in 1948 who might live to be 100 and that could stretch things out a bit more, but one thing for sure is that we know the last 7 years begins with the signing of the Israeli/Palestinian covenant. Trump has one written up and so does French president Macron. Keep an eye on these two.

There are groups of believers that think Rabbi Shaul (aka Paul) was a fake apostle or his writings were compromised by the Romans, but these folks do not understand the bottom line is that no one has any authority to cancel any of G_d’s Covenants or Commandments. All of G_d’s Covenants remain active and they stack one on top of each other fitting together perfectly. For an excellent teaching on the Book of Romans and the need for the Law to still be kept by believers listen to Jim Staley’s teaching videos:

Yeshua’s brother Yaacov (aka James) and Kefa (aka Peter) were having trouble with Shaul because even they were not as learned and clever as Rabbi Shaul in the Law. The confusion around understanding Rabbi Shaul (Paul’s) writings for those who do not have a Jewish understanding is going to cause Christians to be left behind without a drop of Salvation because they have swallowed and invoked a fake Jesus name and they have no forgiveness without being baptized in His real name. Remember, Yeshua said, “I never knew you”. If you don’t respect His real name of Yeshua and you fall for the Serpent’s confusing lie about the Law being abolished do you no longer must keep it then this is why you as a confused Christian will not be the Bride of Yeshua.

Romans 1:25 “You exchanged the truth of G_d for the lie and worshipped the creature (Satan) instead of the Creator (Yeshua).”

If you don’t love G_d you won’t keep His Commandments. Yeshua said, “If you love me you will keep my Commandments”. Confused Christians will try to say His words are not talking about G_d’s Commandments even though Yeshua was G_d incarnate, but in their “Strongly Deluded” state they try to explain that they only have to keep the specific commandments that their Jesus, gave like, “Love one another as I have loved you. If you have love for one another they will know you are my disciples”. Excuse my frustrated French, but it’s time to call BULLSHIT! Either Christian’s really belief that the one they call Jesus is G-d Himself incarnated into a human body or they don’t! Christians are under a Satan delusion that the G_d of the Old Testament was mean and wanted to punish us with Law’s that the G_d of the New Testament abolished. When Yeshua said, “If you love me you will keep my Commandments” He was speaking as G_d who gave all the Commandments in the Bible, and all the Covenants that stack perfectly one on top of the other, not just a couple new Commandments He gave during the time He walked the earth as Yeshua the Messiah. Christians cannot see how their lack of understanding puts them in the same situation as Eve in the garden being seduced by the Serpent to disobey G_ds Commandments. As Eve was confused and blinded by the slipper words of the Serpent so too are confused and blinded by their blind guides.

All I can do is tell you the truth that G_d has revealed to me and pray for you Christians to wake up and “Come out of her” before it’s too late and you are left behind to suffer the horrors of the 7-years Tribulation and perhaps die without ever coming to the TRUTH and then you will be sent to the Lake of Fire. You think things are bad now with COVID-19 bioweapon of China who have begun WW III and the last 7 years have not even officially started yet? These are but those birth pangs and just you waiting and see! When the specific Peace Covenant is signed between Israel and Palestine (not to be confused with the Abraham Accords) this will begin the last 7 years of Tribulation, the latter 3.5 years of the Tribulation known as “a time of Great Tribulation” as Yeshua prophesied.

You might want to cut and paste this next paragraph and print it out and put it in your Bible because I’m sure the anti-Christ will have this website removed from the Internet at some point. In fact print the whole page like a tract to give to others even. Don’t you see how the Leftist Democrats are restricting the free speech of Believers. At some point ( re: Mark of the Beast) Believers will not be able to “buy or sell” Internet access and you will not have these teachings unless you print them out now.

If you are a Christian who has been left behind and are suffering the 7-year Tribulation then you need to repent of not keeping the Law, repent of all your sins against G-d and others, and be baptized in the name of Yeshua for the forgiveness of those sins, and then you will receive the seal of the real Holy Ghost, not some other spirit Yeshua said you received. Keep the Law, food Laws, Feasts Laws, 7-th Day Sabbath Law, circumcision, etc. The only Laws that were nailed to the cross were the Laws concerning the death penalty for for adultery, homosexual sex, etc., (the seven deadly sins – look them up). Yeshua took the death penalty for us that allowed us to live under His grace. Grace like was given to the woman caught in adultery and released by Yeshua didn’t mean she could continue to disobey the Law as Yeshua said, “Go and sin no more”. If you do these things then you as Christians will finally have salvation and then if you are to be beheaded for your faith in Yeshua Messiah as G_d incarnate then you know without a doubt you will be saved as you will know you’ve covered all the bases, keeping the Law of Yeshua Messiah, G_d incarnate. Those who are alive and remain then when the 2nd Coming happens at the end of the Tribulation period you will be given that 2nd chance by the G_d of second chances and will be “changed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye” and you will rise to meet Yeshua when he comes in air with His Wise Virgin Bride and the armies of heaven. You will go to the battle of Armageddon and when done there everyone, including those who made it through the Tribulation will attend the wedding reception known as the wedding supper of the Lamb. Christians may have missed out on the rapture of the Bride and the wedding, but by getting saved during the Tribulation they will leave their stained Foolish Virgin garments behind in exchange for a white robe just for those who came out of the Tribulation.

If you don’t understand any of this feel free to email me while there is still time.