G-d is an Extra-Terrestrial


In Judaism we speak to G-d as the King of the Universe, the Creator of the Universe. Do you know though that the word “god” is a replacement word for the Hebrew word “Elohim”? If you don’t know the Bible was originally written in Hebrew and Aramaic then you may have never heard the word “Elohim”. You can do that research for yourself.

The Hebrew word “Elohim” is the plural of the singular “Eloah” or “El” for short. So, Elohim = gods and Eloah/El = god. Now, Christian teachings that are far removed from Judaic teachings are that Elohim (gods) is referencing the Christian created doctrine of the trinity of the godhead where the G-d the Father, G-d the Son, and G-d the Holy Ghost are a unity of one unseparated entity, and that’s how they explain away the Biblical concept of there being more gods than just one, but that is simple another error of Christianity.

If the Jews who are the Chosen People of G-d to reveal and define El/Eloah/Elohim then who gave Christian’s the job of defining what the Elohim are???

I would present to you that NONE OF US HAVE THE WHOLE STORY. We know from Scripture that G-d reserves the right to keep secrets from us about certain things. One of those most famous proof texts is from the Book of Daniel where G-d gives Daniel secret knowledge of what is going to happen in the Last Days and orders Daniel to seal up the words of this prophecy until the time of the end of days is coming upon us when “knowledge shall be increased”, meaning G-d will begin to reveal what He ordered Daniel to seal up until the time of the end.

If we have not been told about G-d creating life or other humans or other species on other planets in the Universe or distant galaxies that is no reason to not have faith in this extra-terrestrial G-d/Elohim/El/Eloah named YHVH that we have come to believe in. G-d said, “Your thoughts are not My thoughts”, and “Lean not to your own understanding”. We have to be very carefully that we don’t try to impose our will our our thoughts on the King Creator of the Universe, blessed be He. This is in particular where Christians get into trouble because they forget that it is not them who are being worshipped, but they are to be worshipping G-d. It’s the same old problem that Satan had because he got so puffed up thinking he should be like G-d and wanted to be worshipped as G-d. Satan created Christianity as a Lawless knockoff of G-d’s Torah (Torah means “Instruction”), and G-d’s Instructions for us is His Law, but Christianity claims the Law of G-d is abolished, nailed the cross and they don’t have to keep the Law anymore because it was nailed to the cross of their “Jesus”. Do you see why Christianity is a Satanically created counterfeit of Judaism?

Getting back on track… Surely other species are out there on the other planets that G-d created. Why would we have the gall to presume G-d didn’t create other life forms on the many other planets in our solar system, or in other planets in other galaxies or other solar systems in the vast reaches of the “space” the stretch out? Do we limit G-d’s creation because our pea brains don’t have an answer so we can feel puffed up with knowledge and feel like we “know it all”? Is there an end to our universe with live in? How far does space continue beyond the planet Pluto? Is there a brick wall enclosing the universe? Is our universe placed in a shoe box under the bed of G-d?

I think you get the picture. Now, for those who have ears to hear, and brains to comprehend YOU BETTER GET READY FOR A DOSE OF REALITY. You need to stop trying to control the Elohim, or the El that created us and our planet. You better keep an open mind or else you are going to soon experience the fulfillment of prophecy of “men’s hearts will fail them for the things coming upon the earth”. People, we DON’T have the whole picture. You know there are thing’s G-d has concealed from us so you need to keep and open mind or you will soon be finding yourself up Shitz Creek without a paddle.

G-d has handed us a simplified relationship so we stay on course. He don’t need us to understand it all. We will understand it better by and by, right? It is for this reason that we don’t overly concern ourselves this our past lives if we are fortunate enough for G-d to reveal them to us. We may have thousands of re-incarnations, or life of other planets, but that is our past and we need to focus on the here and now because WE ARE NOW THE most important chosen generation in the history of this planet. All the souls on the is planet right now were specifically chosen to be here right now a thte time of the end with specific missions to accomplish. Some may have great missions, and some of you maybe be support staff. We have to have some Martha’s who are busy being servants to the Master. I hope you got that reference to the complaining Martha whom Yeshua told her she was busy with much and needed to think about what was more important like her sister Mary who was sitting at the feet of Yeshua listening to His teachings.

We have a mission here on this earth that is difficult enough to stay focused on without trying to juggle all the rest of the Universe and whatever G-d created in it. If He created little green men on Mars so be it! If we need to know about them or any other planet or species He created I think He will reveal that to us if it’s important for us to know. For now, just stick with the basic instructions, His Torah. We Jews call the G-ds Holy Book of Instruction the Torah while Christian’s call it the Bible, but it’s the same as B.I.B.L.E. stands for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. 🙂

What more is there to say on the matter? Seems very simplistic, right? The oldest history on this planet that was written long before Adam and Havah, before Abram and Sarai, was that of the ancient Sumerians and their extra-terrestrial visitors called the Anunnakim. The human’s thought of them as god’s. Were they were another advanced species G-d created and they came to our planet probably without permission from G-d, and got some things stirred up, sort of like the fallen angels who rebelled against G-d, had sex with human women and then their offspring were the Neffelim? Sort of like Adam and Havah/Chayah (Eve) rebelled and were cast out of the garden. Sort of like the Jews rebelled and were cast out of Israel.

As Forest Gump says, “And that’s all I got to say about that for now”. 🙂