Elon Musk Twitter Messiah?

The decent people of this world that believe in the rule of law to protect, and capital punishment for violators of law have awaited a Messiah, or The Messiah for thousands of years. The Jewish view is that The Messiah will come and there will be world peace.

The social justice warriors who now hold Twitter hostage do not allow Americans (or any other Earth dwellers) the right to free speech. They call it “violating our rules against hateful conduct”. If a blood thirsty terrorist opens fire in public and murders people he hates Twitter will not allow YOU to mention this race, or religion because they consider that hate speech. Allow me to just show you a personal example (that inspired the writing of this article).

There are their rules right there in black and white. Their interpretation of their rules however play out in whatever way they desire to fit their liberal leftist agenda that wants to turn the whole world into a safe place for school shooters like Salavador Ramos. There were plenty of warning signs this young man was deeply mentally disturbed and a danger to himself and others, but the liberal social justice warriors protected him from being persecuted as someone with mental illness that deserved to be locked up to protect peaceful society.

You can’t call out Salvador Ramos on Twitter for being mentally disturbed as to the reason he went on a murderous rampage with a firearm as that would be hate speech according to Twitter. If someone hates and mass murders Jewish children because he is Muslim, and his Quran commands him to kill Jews where he finds them, that is hate speech too so you can’t mention the religion of the terrorist that mandates him to go on a murdering spree.

So why does Twitter protect evil doers? Salvador Ramos is dead. How can you “promote violence against, threaten, or harass” a dead man??? How can you do the same to a Muslim terrorist who has also been shot dead by the IDF to stop him from murdering innocents? You are no longer consider “people” or a person after you are dead. After you are dead you are a rotting corpse that will return to the dust of the earth. Compost is not a person.

Obviously, my Twitter post was pointing out that firearms are blind, deaf, and dumb. They are not the problem. The crazy person who wields them are the problem. Oh, but Twitter tells me I’m hateful if I report that Salvador Ramos was mentally disturbed and should not have been able to buy firearms. Twitter tries to condemn me as the hater she denounces violence when I speak of a dead Muslim terrorist who just killed several innocent people having a meal in a restaurant.

The truth is not hidden about mental health problems or the Muslim religion. There are volumes of mental health studies written to warn of the danger people like Salvador Ramos present to free society. The Quran is a book every person can read so they know that being part of the Muslim religion requires you to be a homicidal maniac. This is the foundation of Islam, like it or not. Just because “Islam” is a word that means “peace” doesn’t mean it’s followers are going to be peaceful. The peaceful minority involved in Islam may have never read the verses that command them to murder Jews and Christians. You want a lecture on the peaceful minority of Islam? Check out Bridgette Gabriel, a Middle Eastern woman who survived Muslim terror.