Dr. Gundry MD Olive Oil Review

Just got my oil today and took my first tablespoon full. The oil doesn’t even smell peppery like regular extra virgin olive oil does and it tastes very light. What’s with all the fake reviews I read online where they said the oil stank so bad they had to clear the house and open the windows to get the smell out???

I will be updating this review as I see how this product works for me.

Update: 10 December 2020 – On this first day of Chanukah I want to just say I love the taste of olive oil. No fried potato latkes for me because potatoes are not in my diet plan as they are a “nightshade” that causes an inflammatory response in the body.

The only thing I’ve noticed so far about Dr. Gundry’s olive oil is that it makes all my food taste better. I know I haven’t been taking it but a week, but I still just wanted to start entering updates. 🙂