Donnie Swaggart

Son of Jimmy Swaggart

I was living in St. Rose, Louisiana in 1988 when Jimmy Swaggart was caught in a hotel room with a known street prostitute at a sleazy hotel just down the road from where I was living.

I was watching Donnie Swaggart’s program on The Daystar channel today and he was preaching heavy Paul’s writing to the Hebrews where he taught that the Law was nailed to the cross and we didn’t have to follow the law anymore? We can kill and lie and commit fornication now? Don’t think so Donnie Swaggart.

Then he went on to make fun of Messianic Jews who continue to keep the Law and wear the Tallit. He was mocking and all I could think of was wolf in sheep’s clothing preaching doctrines of demons to those with itching ears who want to hear the smooth things.

We know the evil pagan Roman’s rounded up every apostle of Yahusha and confiscated their writings of the saying’s of Yahusha and burned them, but not before they copied them into Greek and edited and rewrote them just enough to suit their needs to have a non-scriptural hell-based one life and then the judgement, anti-re-incarnational Messianic Judaism. They took Zeus and Krisha and created their Iesous/Esus/J-Esus/Jesus–the Babylonian anti-messiah Whore religious system was born and would later give birth to the protestant apostate Harlot daughter churches in the reformation of Martin Luther.

Donnie Swaggart said, “God doesn’t go backwards”, as he explained the Law is dead and nailed to the cross. All I could think of was Yahusha’s instructions as Elohim/Allahim in the flesh said, “If you love me keep my commandments”. Just then in my minds eye I saw Yahusha on Passover (that Swaggart mocked again the Messianic Jews remembering each year), that Yahusha kept with the apostles His final night and instructed them to from then on to keep Pesach (the Passover) “In remembrance of Me.” It is written: He blessed the new wine and said, “This is my blood that is shed as the covering for your sin.” He broke that bread and said, “This is my body that is broken for you”.

Surely, Yahusha’s sacrifice brought an end to Commandment to do sacrifices, and we are allowed to be forgiven and not to die in our transgressions against the Commandments, but certainly ALL THE LAW was not blotted out by Yahusha. That’s ridiculous, but then again isn’t Satan ridiculous??? Should the church be lying, stealing, praying to idols the way the Catholics do, commit fornication, adultery, murder, sodomy??? I don’t think so. What I think is the pagan Roman’s who hijacked Messianic Judaism and renamed it Christianity, they altered the Hebrew Scrolls in the Greek before destroying the originals. Who knows maybe the Vatican still has the originals with the apostles signatures on them?

It is my job to expose false teachers and their false teachings. Awmane (Hebrew word for “so be it”) BTW, just saying “Awmane” is a lesson in false teachings itself. See my page, SHOULD WE END OUR PRAYERS WITH “AMEN”?