Dear President Trump,


On this last day of your first term and first day of your second term you were elected to as President of the United States I have a few things I’d like to say.

First and foremost, THANK YOU, for all your efforts and all the great things you did that protected our country from a hostile takeover by Islamic terrorists. Certainly, your quick action saved millions of American lives and kept our country free. Now, you must fight to prove you ARE the true elected president of the USA.

Having said that now I will say something that will sound contradictory, but it’s a conversation that must be had. Because Bible prophecy is very clear that the anti-Christ will be confirming a covenant between Israeli’s and Palestinians for peace and the fact that you are Jewish by the fact that your Scottish mother is of maternal Jewish descent that really does make you a candidate for being that long awaited man of sin. The fact that you have been speaking very openly about a belief in G_d, but do not feel you have done anything to make teshuvah (repent) for, that sets off a lot of alarms. As the anti-Christ will be one of the 7 heads of the beast that is wounded unto death, but is healed this could be relating to your presidency that appears to have ended, but will be healed when you present the voter fraud proof and you and Melania retake the White House. Please don’t be the anti-Christ and lead all of my unaware Jewish brothers and sisters to believe you are the long awaited Messiah. I feel stupid saying that because if you are Satan incarnate then there is little that I can do or say to stop you from being the false Messiah the Jews will finally accept, but I know how the story ends and so do you. We’ve both read the Book and know that Yeshua the real Mashiach comes and puts an end to the deception. The values you promote to protect America and it’s citizens form terrorists, Islamic and Abortionist is the reason why I voted for you. We will see what happens, but know that there are many that will smile to your face, but they are watching you VERY closely because you continue to fulfill the prophecies about the man of sin that we are to expect that will pave the way for the 3rd Temple to be rebuilt and that person according to prophecy is going to sit in that Temple, so on, and so on, etc., etc.

Joe “Jefferson Davis” Biden has been inaugurated and placed into office fraudulently creating a situation where the USA now has two presidents! Just like when the Democrats of the 1860’s began a war to keep my African ancestors enslaved, now Democrats are trying to make slaves of all Americans to the anti-christ one world Communist party government. President Trump you must prove this election fraud and have Joe Biden and all his treasonist seditionists prosecuted to the full extent our Laws allow by the Constitution. I know the the concept of justice delayed does not mean justice denied as you stacked the courts and you had your judges reject your lawsuits just so you could give the Democrats a false sense that they succeeded in their election fraud as you give them more and more rope to hang themselves. I believe it’s just a matter of time before you make your move and send Biden packing out of your Oval Office.

The next thing I must say is I am disappointed that you feel you do not need to repent of your sins to G_d. Whether you have repented or not is up to you and it’s not my place to judge you. I didn’t vote for you because you are a forgiven believer. I voted for you because there were two choices–vote for the team that believes in the slaughter of innocents (abortion) or vote for the one who believes in G_dly values even if you don’t do everything you are instructed to do. G_d can use a sinner or a saint to do His bidding as we know from Scripture so you got your vote from me and other people of faith because of that. I’d like to hear you have repented because you certainly have sinned and without repenting your soul will go to the Lake of Fire and be destroyed with Satan.

Oh, and before leaving the subject of religion let me not be leave out the subject of the one who is to come who will be known as the anti-Christ. President Trump, not everyone knows your family ancestry like I do. I know your mother was Scottish and her ancestry is Jewish. I know by birth your ancestral lineage is of the tribe of Judah. You know every president that has ever been in this country has been under speculation for being the anti-Christ, but I have studied you very closely Mr. Very Stable Genius/Chosen One. Your history of how you stealthily deal with your opponents, your reciting of the poem about the serpent–I could compile a big list about you as I could about any of the past presidents of the United States that never became the anti-Christ. You are a bit different though and while I want to believe you are just an overly confident man with many accomplishments….well, let me say this, Einstein was very much a genius with many accomplishments, but he wasn’t a narcissistic. I don’t think your genius uncle was a narcissist either. Just don’t become that man of sin that many of the wise of YHVH are watching and waiting to make himself known Mr. President. Someone is going to sign that Israeli/Palestinian peace covenant and a lot eyes are looking at Pres. Emmanuel Macron and his Israeli/Palestinian solution, but you unfortunately are in the sights too. Those who are wise will instruct many.

I can’t go through the long list of things you did to Make America Great Again as they are too many to mention, and those great accomplishments are all documented elsewhere, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did for me and all Americans, even those who did their best to try to take you out of office like they took John F. Kennedy out of office. I and all the people of the world thank you for trying to make planet earth great again.

You next move Mr. President as a citizen again will be to continue to protect your people and our Constitution. Know that you are still The Peoples President no matter what the compromised election says and you should set up your new oval office at the southern White House. I think heard something about you not liking Melania’s redecorations and you had it all removed lol. Well, she tried. I’m sure you wanted less wood and more gold lol. I can’t wait to see you broadcast soon from your new oval office at the southern White House. You must have your own 24/7 television network. You must create or support a conservative social media to combat the Communist enemies Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Google, and all the other Big Tech thugs.

Also necessary is the creation of an Internet store to rival Jeff Bezos. I’ve already researched possible names for your Amazon rival and of course many names have already been snatched up by those who think they can be one step ahead of the genius that you are. I’m very familiar with your uncle of blessed memory and that intelligent line of people you come from. You don’t need anything as ridiculous sounding as Trumpazon lol. There are a million other simple and great names for such a Internet superstore where your supporters can support you. Perhaps you will not need your own brand of parcel delivery service, but that’s one more thing that might be needed. Make the delivery service as fast as the sound of a Trumpet.

Mandatory on the list so we do not lose communication is a VPN that you endorse, create, or have part ownership in so support dollars can go to you. We will be needing a Trump phone too. All these CCP phones and Google/Android, and iPhones cannot be trusted.

The American people are heartbroken that you were forced to temporarily move out of the White House, but we expect to continue to receive your guidance and support as the REAL president of our country and in return you will continue to have our support. We know you are on the side of G_d. We know you may not have thought much about G_d or thought you needed G_d before you got into office, but we know you got a quick education by some of the greatest leaders of the faith and we know you became a man of G_d while in office. We know you know about the Elohim and other extra terrestrials. The Bible doesn’t explain the Elohim, but you can. The people of world are no longer ignorant of extra terrestrials, our creators, and we are not going to freak out or have worldwide panic and pandemonium if you begin speaking openly about them.

You did your best to hold back the Sodomites with the time given you from G_d. President Trump I know you understand that G_d’s prophetic hourglass is almost out of sand. We are nearly running on fumes as the “thief in the night” rapture of the Wise Virgin Remnant Bride of Yeshua will be soon taken off this planet to avoid the 7-year wrath of G_d that is to soon come which is more commonly known as the Tribulation. Understand, by the word of G_d’s prophet that only the Yeshua’s name baptised and Law-Keeping remnant will be raptured. Mainstream Christians are the Foolish Virgins with no oil (no Law-keeping) in their lamps, they are the “strong delusion” workers of iniquity that are not eligible to be the Bride of Christ and will be left behind to suffer the wrath of G_d. It will be the job of the 144,000 evangelists to teach them the error of their ways so that they might become saved. Not part of the remnant that were raptured, but become the “elect” or those elected during the Tribulation to be redeemed. The many Lawless worker of iniquity Christians will die in their sin during the Tribulation and must await the White Throne Judgement as all of those who have died in the last 2000 years will do. At the end of the Tribulation the 2nd Coming will occur when the dead in Christ shall rise and those who survived the Tribulation and remain shall be changed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, and they will be given the privilege to then join Yeshua in the clouds with the armies of heaven to fight at the battle of Armageddon, to earn a seat at the wedding reception at least since they missed the wedding itself.

President Trump, your G_d, your nation, your supporters, and the whole world still need you to stand up for what is right and good in the eyes of G_d. The past is behind you, under the blood. Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. Today is the day of salvation. This is why we always are in a humble mode of repentance. Yesterday you could have done something against G_d, but today is the day of salvation and don’t let nobody hold yesterday up in your face. You have been and will continue to be a type and shadow of the Messiah Yeshua who is yet to come again, but this next time to rule and reign for a thousand years. I expect to see you in His Kingdom and all your extended family!

Do not fail us.

Keep him on track First Lady Melania! Thank you for your service.

Remember, Yeshua said, “The world will hate you for my name sake”. Don’t take it personal Mr. President. It’s not you they hate, but what you stand for.


Rabbi Yosef ben David