Clement’s Prophecy of Trump’s Re-Election


In 2007 Kim Clement prophesied that Trump would become president of the United States and also be re-elected. The Democrats are trying to declare victory that Biden and Harris won the election. Does that make Clement a false prophet or does it mean G-d changed his mind? You do know that G-d can change his mind? He wanted to destroy Sodom, but Abraham changed his mind several times asking He would not destroy the city for just a few righteous inhabitants.

Now, the scary thing is this. Trump may have accelerated G-d’s endtime plans and left nothing for him to accomplish in a second term. All scholars agree that G-d’s prophetic hourglass is almost empty. Israel became a nation again in 1948 fulfilling what is known as the fig tree prophecy and in 2020 that only leave 8 years left for the 80-year limit for a generation to not pass away till they see the fulfillment of the beginning of the 7-year Tribulation. Eight subtract one equal seven so that means it’s time for a prophet showdown with G-d, if I’m to suggest such a thing. At the moment the peace covenant that must be signed between Israel and Palestine gets signed by the anti-Christ that begins final 7 years know as The Tribulation.

Should the wicked Haman and Jezebel (Biden and Harris) get into the White House that only means that G-d’s wrath from these satanic pro-sodomite innocent life abortion supporters are going to put G-d’s wrath plans into high gear. It’s probably time for that to happen anyway. Trump has been restraining with his good works, but perhaps it’s now time for G-d’s wrath and we must accept that.

Now, what about that “great falling away” that is supposed to happen? Well, with folks like me releasing almost “the day and the hour” of Yeshua’s “thief in the night” collecting of the Wise Virgin Bride, and the satanic rule of Biden and Harris possibly to commence it will certainly set the mood for all the ungodly Democrats to hasten the Great Falling Away. When the shit begins the hit the fan and the deceived “Strong Delusion” Foolish Virgin Babylonian Whore/Harlots feel that G-d’s prophetic timeclock has run out they are gonna begin to chant along with the Wicked, “Where is the promise of His Coming?” The Great Falling Away has commenced already and will only increase during the time of the Tribulation, especially when the ungodly know the 7 years are expiring and Yeshua’s big Second Coming spectacle where “every eye shall see Him” has not happened yet. Even those clinging to faith will give into Satan’s like that it’s all been wishful thinking and they will fall away at the last minute.

It certainly feels like the wild ride is about to begin. It’s an exciting time to be living!