CHRISTIANITY: The Satanic anti-Jew religion created by the Adolf Hitler of the day with it’s anti-Mashiach J’esus Kristos


In 312 AD the Roman Emperor Constantine had a big problem on his hands. Jews and Gentile converts to Judaism who believed that the long awaited Messiah had come and fulfilled all the prophecies. Messianic Judaism was spreading like wildfire throughout the Roman Empire and the Jews were threatening to take over and clear the Empire of all the pagan idols and places of worship. Paganism was a big money making business for Rome and Constantine had to figure out a way to get rid of the Jews. He tried rounding them up and cruxifying them as Roman had done to their Messiah, but for every believer that was cruxified, another 1000 would come to faith because of the martyrs. Maybe this was when to old well known adage “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” was born.

Constantine claimed to have seen the sign of the crux appear in the sky that inspired his (fake news) conversion to the faith. His satanic plan was installed to mix paganism with Judaism. The Roman Sun God also became known as the Jewish Messiah Son of “G-d”. The pagan Roman’s worshipped a celtic origin deity called Esus and they blended Esus and the Krishna of Hinduism together to create “Esus Christos” the Messiah of the newly created Universal (Catholic) One World religion.

In the Greek language that was the official State language of the Roman Empire at the time the celtic deity Esus was spelled Esous so their new Catholic Messiah became known as “Esous Christos”. “Esous” was NOT a translation or transliteration of Yashua, Yeshua, Yahushua/Yehoshua,Yahu’sha or anywhere close the divine Hebrew name of the Father YHWH. For the Roman’s to say that they were transliterating was just the fake news of the day to facilitate the hostile takeover of the future of Judaism and Constantine was just many that HaSatan has used over the centuries to try to destroy the Jewish people. Certainly, he was a type and shadow of the Adolf Hitler holocaust to come as Constantine executed many thousands of Jews. Catholicism was famous for feeding Jews and Messianic believers to the lions in the Colosseum. We all know this history. We all know about the the Popes of Catholicism going after Jews in every country they lived to get rid of them. Christopher Columbus was believed to be a Jew who saved many Jews he packed onto his ship as he sailed from Spain.

The King of the Universe said H