PEOPLE INVOLVED IN CHRISTIANITY can only get so far with G-d before He cuts them off because they are the Lawless “workers of iniquity” that Yeshua the Kosher Messiah of Israel prophesied about and refused as His Bride. The Parable of the 10 Virgins and the Lamps identifies Christians as “Foolish Virgins” who will not be the Bride because of their Lawlessness represented by their empty lamps. Only the Wise Virgins were allowed to be the Bride, and the Foolish Virgins were met at the door by Yeshua and He told them , “I do not know you”, and he shut them out, and locked the door, but the same as he shut the door to the Ark with Noah. Christians will in the outer darkness unable to enter the wedding. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth because they didn’t heed my warning.

G-d in His mercy as the G-d of second chances has provided a “Plan B” for Christians when their “Plan A” falls through. (That’s “A” as in abomination, by the way). Christian’s are blinded by their love for sin, but G-d knows they have been lead astray by false shepherds (sheep herders). G-d has made it very clear that His Spirit will not always strive with man and He prophetically warned us that “Many will come to me in that day saying, ‘Lord, Lord, didn’t we do and receive miracles in your name?”. Yeshua’s response as “I never knew you because you believed that my Law all got nailed to the cross and you believed the doctrine of demons that my Law no longer must be obeyed. My covenant of circumcision was annulled somehow? When did I annul circumcision? When did I say it was okay to eat pork and other unclean foods? When did I say it was okay to commit adultery? Yeshua said, “Whoever divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery against her. And if a woman divorces her husband and marries another man , she commits adultery”. The religion of Christianity is under the “Strong Delusion” and is in deep trouble and they don’t even know it.

Many Christians have no idea that their iniquitous religion began as Judaism. His mission was to bring back into the fold the lost sheep of Israel. People always wonder why there is a gap in Yeshua’s life from age 12 to age 30. Because the “lost sheep” was the Northern Kingdom that had dissolved near 700 years before Yeshua arrived it is my belief that Yeshua traveled the world during part of these 18 silent years seeking out the lost sheep that had been carried off by the Assyrians to extend their empire into Europe.

During the time of Yeshua Judaism in Israel was going down the tubes with many Hellenized Jews in positions of power while the occupying force of Rome was in control of Israel having placed a half Jew/half Roman King in power, and lets not forget the traitor Kohen Gadol (the High Priest), confirmed “We have no King, but Caesar”. How traitorous was that statement to the faithful people of G-d who were then as now aching for Moshiach to come and set them free from the Romans. The Roman’s never left and they destroyed Israel, it’s Temple, and the people scattered. This is what the evil Roman’s who invented Christianity did to the Messiah and His people. So, why do Christian’s still cling to the Roman Whore of Babylon religion that forsake’s G-d’s appointed Sabbath day and most of His other Commandments? The Roman Catholics and Protestant Christians love their sinful indulgences. They are happy to eat pigs on the day they claim to worship their resurrected Greek Savior Jesus who would have never eaten pig because He was sinless. You wonder why the Jewish people are disgusted by the Greco-Romano Jesus who nailed all of His Father’s Commandments to the cross. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE FAKE NEW JESUS OF CHRISTIANITY AND THE REAL KOSHER JEWISH MESSIAH YESHUA WHO SAID, “If you love me, keep my Commandments. Not one yod or tittle will pass from the LAW till ALL THINGS are fulfilled. Until heaven and earth pass away….” Nuff said. Christians don’t even realise they are Satanic wolves in sheeps clothing, and they don’t even do a good job of trying to dress up as sheep. Many of them look like prostitutes. It is any wonder Yeshua pleaded, “Come out of her my people!”

As the Pope and other Whore/Harlot (Catholic/Christian) leaders have accepted the homosexual lifestyle into their churches is it any wonder the @REAL Kosher Messiah Yeshua said, “Many will come to me in that day saying Lord, Lord, and I will say to them, go away from me you Lawless/Torahless workers of iniquity! I never knew you!” Leviticus 20:13 still stands as what Judaism calls a “negative” Commandment. All sexual sins, including anal sex and oral sex are considered sodomite sin, but such a sin between two homosexual men is a sin that is worse calling it an abomination and carries the penalty of execution. This is the “letter of the Law” that kills and thus has allowed the homosexuals in the world to make the whole planet like Sodom and Gomorrah. The Hindu Sadhguru says, “We should not discriminate against the homosexual, but we should also not support the lifestyle.” Homosexuals are people who have turned their sin into a lifestyle and claim they were born homosexual like they are a different species and are constantly on the lookout for the “gay gene”. True, we should not discriminate in certain ways, but their sinful lifestyle should not be embraced in Christianity no more than you would accept an active serial killer, or an adulteress on the board of deacons of a church, etc.

I became involved in the Christian ex-gay movement in the year 2000. I personally have known all the so-called “movers and shakers” of the movement having met them and talked to them all at conferences over the years. Some of those meetings created lasting relationships. Some are now dead, like Dr. Nicolosi. Some dropped out of the movement returning to their lives of depravity when they gave into the life that they were born gay and that no G-d would purposely create them with a genetic condition that would condemn them to hell. This is the error of believing is fake science. I’ve seen them come and I’ve seen them go. I’ve seen the abuse going on in the movement. It was during my Jewish education that I walked away from these Christian-based groups for recovery from homosexuality. I saw too many of the people coming to this movement with unwanted homosexual attractions get all excited and hopeful for a short time, but then they’d slowly begin to lose hope again and fall back into sin.

Christian trying to help these people battle their way out of homosexuality lack what I call “the Key of Understanding” which is re-incarnation. It’s not surprising that Christianity does not embrace re-incarnation since they do not even embrace the real Law-Keeping Messiah, Yeshua, but instead have fallen for the Greek/Roman lie of a created Lawless Messiah with a Greek name called Jesus. I won’t just pick on Christianity though. It is said, “All is fair in love and war”, and this is a war. A war on the false teachings of Roman create Christianity that have overtaken the world like a disease that has been responsible for the deaths of millions of Jews, Christians, and many other groups of people. But, what I was saying about fairness. In all fairness I must also call out Judaism for not correctly always addressing the homosexual situation with the re-incarnation “Key of Understanding”. When one realizes spiritually that their homosexuality is not an organic phenomenon of their current lifetime, but a bleedover from their most recent past life as the sex opposite their current life then the homosexual feelings are properly understood and the desire disappears. The homosexual identity disappears and one’s true identity as a child of G-d resurfaces. Re-incarnation is not the only cause of homosexual behavior because we know some people simply experiment and get hooked, and there are those who were terribly abused as children who fall into the homosexual trap. Ultimately, these are snares of the fallen nature of mankind which makes us very susceptible to creating all kinds of loving excuses for our behaviors that are contrary to the Word of G-d.

Christianity was created by the Romans. The faith handed down from the apostles of Yeshua the Messiah was Judaism and those that believed Yeshua to be the Messiah were called Natsarim, and were still Jews,a not Christians. Christianity began with the Romans as a Satanic counterfeit of the Jewish Messianic Natsarim sect. The ancient Natsarim in their day are similar to the Chabad Lubavitch Messianic movement of today where many still believe our Rebbe of blessed memory, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, is going to resurrect from the grave to be the promised Messiah.

After the disciples of Yeshua were all executed Rome then went about the full hostile Satanic takeover of the faith once handed down by the Saints. Rome executed millions of Jews whether they believed in Yeshua or not, but in particular hunted down the talmidim of Yeshua, confiscated their New Testament writings, and executed them. Dead men tell no tales.

Who are the Christians? Where did Christianity originate and when?

In Israel today, and the Arabic speaking countries Christians are still called Natsarim, even though Christians were pointed out in Scripture by Msheekah Yeshua as those future “workers of iniquity” He knew would come with Roman created Christianity. Excpet for a remnant, the Law-Keeping talmidim of Yeshua and the apostles were all but forgotten over the centuries. The true Bride of Yeshua, Jewish born and Gentiles who converted to Judaism for Yeshua became fearful of being public with their faith because Rome was executing Jews and Natsarim by the millions.

Christianity may have had it’s beginning with the suspect Shaul of Tarsus, Rome. He was formerly working with Rome to murder the followers of Yeshua. How could someone who claims to be a student of Gamaliel be murdering Jews and Gentiles for their faith in G-d. Remember, the Jews of the day were fully aware that G-d had incarnated Himself into human form and met with Abraham, and Jacob, so it’s not stretch to understand G-d incarnated again to become our Savior from the death penalty of sin. Only G-d can forgive sin, so He incarnated Himself a third time to fulfill His own promise to us.

Ya’acov and Kefa (fake news names “James & Peter”), did not like Shaul/Paul of Tarus, Rome at all. They had a big argument with Paul about Law-Keeping at Antioch, as recorded by Paul himself in the New Testament. Paul was promoting things that went against the teaching Yeshua. Ya’acov and Kefa were keeping strictly kosher and shomer shabbos, but Paul came in with all these Hellenistic heretical ideas that were not the instructions the Master Yeshua has left behind for His talmidim. Was Paul truly an instrument of Satan and Rome used to destroy the Messianic Natsarim movement by making them repulsive to the Law-Keeping Jewish faith? Or, was Paul simply a fake news character created by the Roman’s and written into the gospel accounts? After the execution of all the apostles of Yeshua and Ya’acov the brother of Yeshua, the full Hellenization of the Jews, and the Messianic Gentile converts to Judaism there would have no hurdles left. Rome was able to complete it’s hostile takeover and it only took a few generations till the Law-Keeping Natsarim of Yeshua were all but forgotten and the Whore of Babylon was revived by Rome and renamed Catholicism the Mother Whore and later on she gave birth to her Protestant Harlot daughters of the reformation, today’s Lawless Christians, the Workers of Iniquity.

Now, for those unbelievers out there who say there is no evidence that any Aramaic or Hebrew gospels ever existed then tell me how the gospel was ever preached to the very pious and religious Jews who refused to learn one word of Greek because the Lashon Kodesh (Holy Tongue) of YHVH was the only language they would read or speak? Remember, the faithful hated the Greek language as it was the language of the oppressors, the ones who desecrated their Temple and burned a pig on their altar. It is totally inconceivable that there would not be original gospels in Hebrew and Aramaic, I don’t care who says differently. If there are any remaining Hebrew/Aramaic gospels that weren’t destroyed by the Roman’s I know where you will find them. There are secret vaults underneath the Vatican where our Temple Menorah and other implements they carried away are most certainly stashed away. Each Pope believes himself actually become Jesus, just like they promote that the bread and the wine actually become the flesh and blood of their Jeezus. That whole Catholic/Christian system is demonic from the get-go and it’s time to follow the COMMAND of the @REAL Kosher Messiah Yeshua and “Come out of her my people”. Come back to living like an Law-Keeping Orthodox Jew like Yeshua wanted when He said, “If you love me keep my Commandments”. Whether Paul was a created agent of Rome, or they took Rabbi Shauls words and changed them we cannot say without more evidence like original writings he penned to compare against the Roman edits. You’ve heard the old adage, “When in doubt, throw it out”. Well, that’s what I saw about the suspect writings of the so-called Paul. Yeshua left behind no such instruction as those that Paul gave and this is why the true heads of the church Yeshua left behind, being His brother Ya’acov and Kefa (James and Peter) were at odds with Paul. You have to remember… Rome, with their two councils of Nicea, was deciding what would go into their compiled book of writings that would later become known as the New Testament book of Christianity. By that time all the apostles were all centuries gone, and it only takes a generation or two for many things to be forgotten. In my own family my Black and Jewish heritage was all hidden in the time of one generation. Could my great grandmother Emma Horstmann have concealed our Black and Jewish ancestry from her kids? I think it was already known and to way to conceal it, but being during the era of the “One Drop Rule” my great grandmother who passed for White and her children who passed even better for White simply kept their mouths shut to protect their own lives and the lives of the family for the future.

I know this all may seem elementary to some, but since Christians are famous for not reading the Bible many of them are ignorant that the Book of Acts records that Gentile converts to “the faith” were converting to Judaism. In the beginning there was no such separate and distinct religion know as Christianity. The New Testament records that the followers of Yeshua went to the synagogue just like all the other Jews. They were told to adhere to certain basic Commandments so they would not be so unclean as to not be allowed in the synagogues, and then like every other Jew they were to show up every Sabbath to learn the Law of Moses. This was the initial stage of conversion that would come once the converts understood the Law, and came to the poissnt where they realized that they too must be circumcised. This was the basis of the trouble between heretical Paul and the co-heads of the Church, Ya’acov and Kefa. They know their Master Yeshua left them no such instruction to allow Gentiles to convert to Judaism without circumcision and adherence to the Law. Ya’acov and Kefa taught a kosher Messiah, but Paul taught an unkosher Messiah. It is for this reason that many reject the writings of Paul as either heretical writings of an agent of Rome, or his writings were altered by Rome. Whichever may be the case, anything in the so-called writings of Paul that go against the Law of G-d are to be ignored. The only Laws of G-d that were nailed to the cross were the Laws concerning the death penalty for certain sins as this is why G-d incarnated for the third time to the Jews in the form of their Messiah to put an end to the death penalty. Just like G-d had formerly declared He would no more destroy mankind with a flood, He now made a declaration that He would no longer destroy mankind with the death penalty, thus giving us more time to understand our sin and make teshuvah (repentance), and receive His forgiveness.


The pagan Roman military commander Constantine claims that on the night of October 27, 312, the eve of the greatest battle of his career, he received a vision of a cross and heard the voice of Jesus speak to him.

Seeing how the Roman’s already for centuries had genocided Jews and outlawed the practice of Judaism under penalty of death can we believe that one day that Constantine went against the empire and declared it okay to be Jewish and Messianic? We know that Rome executed Yeshua and all His chosen disciples he left behind. His followers were hunted down by Rome and executed too. Obviously, there were very pious and devout Jews who had come to faith in Yeshua as the promised Messiah and these Jews would have rejected reading and speaking Greek with the same resolve as they rejected eating swine. It would have been mandatory to have written the Gospels in Hebrew and Aramaic for that large population, but where are they? No a single copy survives. The Romans collected them all and those they did not destroy after copying and altering I believe they have locked away under the highest of security in the vaults under the Vatican along with the Temple menorah and other implements they took.

I believe in a Kosher Messiah that would not have gone against the Torah in any way. The only part of the Law that got “nailed to the cross” was the death penalty for certain sins. That’s all. That’s the short explanation.

The Christian religion that was created by the Roman’s after they killed of the kosher believers is a Satanic counterfeit. They accept active Sodomites into the the assembly and they are the workers of iniquity as the kosher Messiah Yeshua said. Most likely the “strong delusion” Christian’s are gonna stick to their false beliefs not matter who try’s to pry their eyes open and they most definitely will not be saved, but will die in their sins as the Mystery of Iniquity Whore of Babylon Harlot pagan Roman replacement theology Satantic Sodomite embracing Biden/Harris one world government mark of the beast embracing system. If you are damned stupid enough and blinded by your own wicked heart to believe that you can lie, commit adultery, profane and even ignore YHVH’s sabbath day and commit murder and just easily be forgiven as many times as you want because the Law is dead and nailed to the cross you have already taken the mark of the beast and already are headed to the Lake of Fire. No prophet, no preacher of truth is gonna get through to your reprobate mind the New Testament even tells you that G-d is gonna turn you over to to believe the lie. May G-d have mercy upon the souls of those who have already died like my mom and dad and grandparents. If I could beg for mercy on their part and pray them out of their situation I would. It is not in my power to save anyone, but myself and encourage other’s to accept the truth I have been anointed to preach. To my cousin’s the Taylor’s of Indianapolis who all unfriended me on Facebook, my Niece Laura Marx and her daughters who all hated on me for preaching the truth to them and calling them out on their horrifying sins and they also unfriended me. Yeshua said it would happen, that families would be divided because of Him and when I say “Him” I mean THE REAL KOSHER VERSION OF THE MESSIAH YESHUA THAT HAS SECRETLY BEEN ACCEPTED BY THE JEWS FOR 2000 YEARS. WHY DO YOU THINK AS RULE THEY CHANGED THEIR WAYS AND BECAME A FAITH THAT NO LONGER EVANGELIZED OR SOUGHT CONVERTS AND EVEN PASSED ANTI-PROSLETIZING LAWS IN ISRAEL???? THEY LEARNED FROM THE EVIL CHRISTIANS WHO MURDERED THEM BY THE MILLIONS THEY NEEDED TO SHUT THEIR MOUTHS ABOUT THE KOSHER YESHUA THAT THEY ACTUALLY DO ACCEPT AS THE MESSIAH. THEY/WE HONOR HIM EVERY SINGLE SABBATH WHEN IT IS OUR TRADITION BECAUSE OF YESHUA TO HAVE FISH AND BREAD AT EVERY SABBATH DINNER TABLE. WE BLESS THE LOAVES AND THE FISHES JUST LIKE YESHUA DID IN REMEMBRANCE OF HIM. WE BREAK THE BREAD AND THE WINE IN REMEMBRANCE OF HIM. The stupid deceived Satanic Christians just could never understand a Messiah who kept the Jewish Law meticulously and they rejected Yeshua and replaced him with the Roman Jesus false Lawless messiah that would let them eat pork with their false prophet they created by changing the righteous Rabbi Shaul into a Lawless apostle Paul, altering his words in all his writings to make it seem like eating pork and sinning all you want under grace is okay by G-d. Well, it’s not! Paulinian Christianity is the “strong delusion” G-d sent to those who already were in rebellion and hated Him and His Torah and embraced the pagan Roman mishmash satanic sodomite Babylonian whore/harlot system…

Oh, G-d! How sad it is that my living family and relatives like Laura Marx and her daughters reject your truth and will be damned, and cousin Chelsey and her Taylor family who reject you, the homosexuals of the family William McCarol and Mattie Davis, My half brother Henry Gould, my cousin’s Kirsten Wells and her mom Angie, and her brother’s Mickey and Stephen…they all reject Yeshua as G-d and His Law…they prefer to remain in the convenient deception as the workers of iniquity enjoying eating foods you commanded us not to and living in sin like you just gonna wink your eye at them and let them be saved anyway? Oh dear G-d they are all as good as burning the the flames of the Lake for Fire right now and they can’t see it. G-d please open their blind eyes to what you have anointed your servant to show them that they might be saved through the foolishness of my preaching to them. I love my family and don’t want them to be destroyed. I love all the souls of this world regardless of what they have done just like you do and you don’t want any to perish, but to know your love Abba Father and be saved, but you gave them free will to reject your love and your Laws, your instruction for them. They will have nobody to blame, but themselves for hating you, disbelieving in you and rejecting your Torah Law. Yeshua as G-d incarnate (re-incarnated) in the flesh said, “If you love me keep my Commandments”. He could not have been more clear, but still the Catholics and Christians and many other YHVH-based faiths still reject His truth and will be damned. Father help them to understand. I can only tell them the truth in love so much and if they rejected you you warned me they would reject me also and want to pick up stones to stone me. Father, I ask you, just like Yeshua did on the cross to forgive them because I truly believe they are so brainwashed they know not what they do. In Yeshua’s name I pray. Omein.