CHABAD: The Worlds largest “ultra” orthodox movement

20 years ago on the Roman calendar year of 2000 I began my exit from Christianity and was still quite blind to many truth, but at least the scales had been removed from my eyes. I continue to “study to show myself approved” and as I do more and more gets revealed to me.

When I was a child I had the simple and pure faith in an omnipotent Being called G-d. Slowly, the culture around me I began to gain and understanding of G-d as the Creator Father G-d of all that is. I learned that underlying theme of the Bible that mankind was a rebellious lot with lots of sibling rivalry.

At one point in His relationship with us G -d decided to make a personal appearance by taking on human form when He and a couple of his angels apparently just showed up one day at Abraham’s tent. G-d’s spoke to Abraham face to face about His plans to destroy the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah for a list of sins, those being at the top of the list were that were inhospitable to strangers visiting their cities and both the cities were overrun with homosexuals. We all know the the great historical story of how Abraham bargained with G-d several times “Jewing Him down” on the minimum number of righteous souls for that He would forsake His plans to kill all the inhabitants and destroy the cities. We know this Biblical event as the second “type and shadow” of mass judgement and destruction of humans after the flood.

I’m not going to go through all the Judgement/destruction “type and shadow” events, but wanted to move right along to soon to come Tribulation period where Christians will get beheaded for their refusal to denounce their faith in their “Jesus Christ” as G-d. I think everybody knows this story from the Book of Revelation, but if you don’t, go read about it.

I am going to unveil for you how I understand these events will come to pass during the 7-year Tribulation. This is not going to be pretty, neither is a lot of the “Truth Telling” on this website. Things I write offend the Christians and there are things I write to offend the Jews. I also offend the Muslims from time to time. I think of myself as an equal opportunity offender. Nobody gets a pass. If you are doing evil then I’m going to call it out. I can already empathically sense the anger of those who are picking up stones and swords ready to stone me to death and then behead me for the truth I tell, but here goes.

As I had mentioned, my “Come out of her” experiences began in the year 2000. When you “study to show yourself approved” it’s inevitable that the scales will begin to fall from your eyes and you once may have been blind, but now you can see. The truth I am about to open your eyes with gives me no pleasure, but let me go ahead and begin to get it all out.

Shortly after returning to live with my grandmother of blessed memory in 2001 on the family farm in Kentucky I sought out the ONLY Orthodox Jewish Synagogue in the area which was 30 miles away. This synagogue was headed by a Chadad Rabbi. I was warmly welcome by all as a non-Jew to come and learn through mid-week teachings from the Rabbi, even had invitations for Shabbataton’s. That’s were someone in the community invites you to come and stay at their home over the Sabbath.

When my grandmother was hospitalized in November of 2003 nearby the synagogue it made my visits to the synagogue easier and more frequent. G-d does work in mysterious ways. After the passing of my grandmother the next year, I returned to my home in South Dakota, my journey of discovery continued. I had made a friend in Chabad named Ya’acov and in 2005 we planned a Shabbataton trip to Minneapolis/St. Paul. Part of that trip was for the purpose of introducing myself to the Chabad shul there and presenting the need for an Orthodox Jewish synagogue where I lived. I guess I could have gone to the little conservative synagogue that had maintained a presence since 1917, but I was Orthodox, not conservative, and so….

I had taken a great liking to Chabad because of their warmth and outreach that I never experienced from the other “ultra” Orthodox groups like those who do not cut the corners of their beard to fulfill the mitzvot of Leviticus 19:27 “You must not cut off the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard” and have the long uncut curls called payot hanging in front of their ears. Chabad doesn’t really have payot, but they will argue that they do as long as you do not shave the area clean and the hairs left are long enough to grasp and pluck out.

Many in the Chabad movement believe their Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson who passed away in 1994 believe he will resurrect from his grave at any moment to become the Messiah. Some believe Schneerson is the Messiah, but they are just awaiting his resurrection. Not all in Chabad believe this way, but they all do believe that their former Rabbi did qualify to be the Messiah. It is for this reason that the Chabad movement is very attractive to Christians because they feel they are more understood by a people who also have someone they believe to be the Messiah.

Sadly, as a truth teller I cannot speak of Chabad without telling you this scary fact. Chabad is really big on promoting the 7 Laws given to Noah and his family by G-d when they exited the Ark. These are known as the Noahide Laws that are to be for all humanity. These Laws ruled mankind from the time Noah came off the Ark through the time of the Law of circumcision came with Abraham, and eventually till the 10 Commandments were given to Moses at Mount Sinai and all the other instruction/commandments/law that followed.

Rabbi Schneerson gave a lecture that was filmed about the importance of his students to take the Noahide Laws to all the people of the world. The 7 Noahide Laws all seem okay until you understand what