Parable of the 10 Virgins (and Their Lamps)

Remember: Yeshua Messiah said, “Salvation is of the Jews” (not the of gentiles), and The Jewish Rabbi Sha’ul (known to xtians as “Paul”) who was the student of Rabban Shimon Ben Gamliel (aka Gamaliel), said, “To the Jew first, and then also the gentile. So, the Truth of Salvation comes from the Jew and it passed onto to the gentiles. People like Joni Lamb of Daystar Christian Network should remember such before writing me a hateful anti-Semitic letter that insinuated I need her “Jesus” so I can be saved. Her Jesus is the false Christ that the true Messiah Yeshua said, “I come in my Father’s name and you reject me, but one will come in his own name (jesus), and him they would accept. Yeshua knew EXACTLY what would be going on with the Roman counterfeit replacement for Judaism’s Messiah Yeshua and so He prophesied against the coming of Constantine and his Babylonian Whore/Harlot Foolish Virgin hostile takeover of the Jewish Natsarim’s.

The Biblical Yeshua the Messiah is nothing like the Christian Jesus. For near 2000 years Judaism has known who their Messiah is, but when we tried to teach it to the gentiles the pagan Roman’s executed us by thousands so we shut up to spare our lives. It’s only now that we are on the very eve of Yeshua’s return that Jew’s are beginning to admit our faith in our Kosher Messiah Yeshua without the fear that we will be executed for it. First you executed our Messiah, then you executed us as the Roman oppressors who tore down our Temple, then a couple hundred years later you accomplished a hostile takeover of our Natsarim faith and changed the Truth of G-d into a lie with your false christ and executed more of us by the thousands, over and over again through the years. Along came your “Christian” Adolph Hitler who thought he was going to finish the job and you cheered him on with America even rejecting ship loads of Jewish refugees trying to flee the Nazi’s. When the world saw what the Christian Nazi’s did to us they condemned your actions. All that murderous Jezebel spirit is still alive and well today in Joni Lamb of the Daystar Network. Check out the hateful letter she sent me.

The real Messiah of Israel did not nail His Law to the cross, not “one jot or tittle” of the Law has passed from His Law and this is the grievous error of Christianity. It was ONLY the death penalty of the Law that was required of certain sins that was nailed to the cross. This is why Christianity is referred to as The Babylonian Mystery of Iniquity Whore/Harlot system of Foolish Virgins that WILL NOT BE LEAVING THIS EARTH AS THE BRIDE OF YESHUA. They are confused and think the Law does not apply to them even when Yeshua warned them over and over again, “If you love me keep my Commandments”, even to the point of pleading, “Come out of her my people”. Sellers of the gospel of our Lord like Joni Lamb who hate the Jews and claim they need her Babylonian counterfeit Lawless Jesus are gonna find out exactly how it feels to get left behind and not be attending The Wedding. Sorry, Joni, you are a widow before you even get started. You are the Roman spirit of Jezebel who cruxified our Lord on the cross just like you wanted to murder Elijah the prophet. Truly, I came to you as a Jewish prophet and you made sure you executed me real quick with your nasty, hateful, anti-Jewish letter to me.

It is remarkable that in the Talmud tractate Sotah 9:15 that it is said of the Rabban, “Since Rabban Gamaliel the Elder died, there has been no more reverence for the Law, and purity and piety died out at the same time”. The Rabban was a member of the Sanhedrin and spared Saul’s life on at least one occasion. In Jewish Rabbinic literature Gamliel is praised on one hand and dismissed on the other having been believed to have secretly been a baptized believer in Yeshua as the Messiah.

Truly, “no more reverence for the Law” was pushed by the Roman Catholic Whore and her Christian Harlots and is still being pushed by them today with their false version of the Messiah. Once again folks, Yeshua the real Messiah said, “Come out of her my people!” If you don’t leave the Mystery of Iniquity Babylon Whore/Harlot system you WILL partake of her plagues and probably die in your sins during the 7-year tribulation while the True Bride is enjoying the 7-day wedding with Yeshua in His Father’s house.

I’m going to become repetitious now, but you need to get this understanding in your head because once the Anti-Christ takes over you probably will no longer have access to my website or be allowed to own a Bible.



Wake up and understand that The Savior Yeshua warned us about the Mystery of Iniquity Babylonian Whore and her Harlot daughters.

So many people have so much pride and arrogance in their chosen denomination/sect of Christianity that they do not want to believe that they could ever be in the wrong. The United Pentecostal Church and all the other “Jesus Name” and “Holy Ghost filled” Pentecostal churches of other various names head up the the “Strong Delusion” that G-d said He would send. All Christian denominations were created because each group felt they had “The Truth” and the worst of these is the United Pentecostal’s who actually believe they are THE ONLY ONES WHO ARE ACTUALLY SAVED.

I was called out the United Pentecostal Church (UPC) in the year 2000. I was studying to show myself approved. I was seeking the truth that will make you free. I didn’t make a big exit at the time in 2000 apparently because G-d was still preparing me for such a time as this. When I was called out of the UPC I had been downloading a lot of truth about many of the pagan traditions of Christianity that went against the very Commandments of G-d. I went through a period of intense study for about 5 years and at the end of those 5 years G-d “renewed my mind” as if blinders were taken off and I could now see a truth that was always there, but the “Strong Delusion” G-d sends would not allow me to see what was right in front of me. When my blinded eyes were opened it was all a bit too much for me and the truth was so huge that I had to take a step back for a few years and just stop studying while I allowed these Scriptural truths that were unveiled to me sink in.

Messiah himself warned us against the anti-Christ false religious system that His followers could become in involved in if they were not careful. Over and over He gave these warnings about false Christs, false teachers, and false prophets who would come in His name (or even their own name) to deceive many. How many of you fell victim to these wolves in sheep’s clothing? He also warned about a strong delusion will be sent by the Father to those that reject truth. Now, that seems rather harsh that G-d Himself would send a Strong Delusion amongst the believers??? Scripture was and always has been about separating the sheep from the goats. Are you a sheep gets the blessing or a goat that gets the curse?

You KNOW that part of the truth that many do understand, but they gloss over is that Messiah was Jewish, had Jewish parents and grew up speaking the Syriac Aramaic dialect of Hebrew. His real name “Yeshua” was actually of that dialect as directed by the angel Gabriel to give to his mother Maria, yes, Maria. Her real name was Maria, not Mary, not Miriam, but Maria. With so many long accepted wrong translations of names in Scripture it takes a lot of investigation to SEEK THE TRUTH THAT WILL MAKE YOU FREE.

Yeshua Messiah also spoke the proper Hebrew the language that His Father YHVH gave mankind, known as the Lashon Kodesh (aka Holy Tongue). The real name of the Savior in the Aramaic dialect is Yeshua, but certainly He would have rejected the Greek name of “Jesus” (Iesous/Iesus/Esus) that would have been known as found in the Greek translation of the Scriptures (The Septuagint) as had already been done well over 200 years before His birth. Remember, the Greeks were an abominable invading culture who desecrated the Jewish Temple and as a result the Feast of Dedication (Chanukah) was created. Religious Jews would have rejected the language of the invader, but there were many who were “Hellenized” who didn’t, and there were some who felt that learning Greek was a way to take the Gospel to the world. Bottom line, you don’t take a G_d given name that is the name above all names and change it into another language.

The name “Jesus” was use that has only existed since the 1400’s when the letter “J” was introduced into the English language did not exist in the Greek language, so in the time of the Savior some may have tried to call Him the Greek Iesous/Esous/Esus/Isus/Isis and they probably would have gotten a sharp rebuke from Him to respect His real name given by His Mother, given unto her by the angel Gabriel, and ultimately from G-d the Father. I always use this example: You wouldn’t disrespect the former leader of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev. by calling him and English translation of his name, “Michael Hunchback”, would you? You’d respect him and call him by his real name instead of trying to translate it. So if you would pay that respect to a mere man what is it inside you that makes you disrespect “THE NAME OF ALL NAMES, THE ONLY NAME UNDER HEAVEN (not multiple choice names), GIVEN TO MANKIND BY WHICH WE MUST BE SAVED”? ~ Acts 4:11

When Rome switched from the Greek language of the Empire to Latin the celtic god “Esus” (another name for Satan) that became Iesous in Greek was Latinized with the “J” to make “Jesous” or “J-Esus”. It was a long and well thought out plan by Satan to replace the ONLY NAME by which we must be saved and it all began with the translating of the Jewish Scriptures and the books of the prophets like Joshua into Greek more than 200 years before the Messiah would be born. Jesus or Iesous/Isous/Esus/Isus/Isis is neither a translation or proper transliteration as claimed. It’s simply a Satanic lie to get you to speak a name that sounds like a pagan deity. Most of all IT IS NOT THE ONLY NAME GIVEN UNDER HEAVEN TO MANKIND BY WHICH WE MUST ME SAVED. It’s not multiple choice names. There can only be one name above all others, not several. Reject the Greco-Roman-Latinized Whore/Harlot Satanic replacement name before your soul is lost for eternity.

So, every time you utter the name Jesus from your lips you are actually saying a sound-alike name for Satan and our Heavenly Father is not happy about that because in the Book of Exodus He forbade such utterances.

Exodus 23:13
“Now concerning everything which I have said to you, be on your guard; and do not mention the name of other gods, nor let them be heard from your mouth.

If you consider yourself a real Christian you should be, excuse the expression, scared shitless right about now because you are a Foolish Virgin with an empty lamp (signifying you do not have the Truth of the Father’s Words/Laws locked in your heart that you might not sin against Him).

The Mystery Babylon system has it’s beginnings all they way back when part of the southern kingdom of Judah along with Daniel the prophet were forcibly carried away and taken into captivity in Babylon.

You may have heard in Protestant church circles that the Catholic church is the whore of Babylon because they worship idols in the church and even had the nerve to delete the 2nd Commandment and changed the 3rd Commandment to keep the 7th Day Sabbath that The Father created for rest from our labors. The Catholic church deleted His Sabbath and created their own for the sake of the pagans who worshipped the sun god (not the Son of “God” on the Roman 1st day of the week when it was mandatory to worship Mithras the sun god. Are you beginning to get a clue as to how demonic this deception has been? I mean after all, we are talking about the Whore Catholic church of which it is believed that the Pope in power at the time of The End will be the false prophet. We already know all Popes are false prophets because the doctrine of the Catholic church declares that each Pope actually becomes changed into “Jesus” when they become Pope. If that doesn’t provide the definition of “doctrine of demons” I don’t know what would!”

While trying to write this I’m really tired and need to rest so I’m just typing out a bare bones warning and will come back and flesh out this blog entry later.

But know…. the Christian church world is the “Foolish Virgins with no oil in their lamps” and they are going to be left behind because they are they were are “workers of iniquity”. Not only will the whorish Catholics and Christians be left behind as part of the Whore of Babylon and her Harlots system, but also Judaism will have many left behind as well as Islam because they have all left their first love, the Word/Law of YHVH’s Torah.

Those left behind are going to be destroyed just after the rapture when Yeshua the Messiah scorches the earth with fire and all those souls will have to wait till the White Throne Judgement where they will be resurrected and judged based on if they rejected the truth I have been sent to witness to them to change their ways. If they were told the truth by myself and others, but rejected it then there will be no hope and they will suffer the merciful 2nd death in the Lake of Fire. It is my hope that this website will stay up during the 7-year Tribulation and when people realized they missed the 1st boat they will right themselves and the Father of second changes, and fourth, and fifth, and sixth, etc., etc., chances will have mercy on them and they will be Elect-ed to go in Rabbi Sha’ul’s resurrection/twinkling of an eye 2nd chance/2nd coming rapture where these who have washed their robes during the tribulation will be joined by Yeshua and the Wise Virgin armies of Heaven, and angels to head to the Valley of Megiddo for battle.

To be continued….maybe….if need be..? Is this enough? Did I get my point across? Email me from the homepage if you have questions.

Raymond Aguirre Landicho

Raymond Aguirre Landicho, RN

When I moved to Los Angeles in 2008 I was going through a phase in my life where I had just finished some intense years of University study . I had also just gone through about 8 years of intense study and revelation about my faith. Moving to Los Angeles was like a vacation phase from all my studies. Los Angeles is where I met Ray Landicho.

I’m telling this story as a way to let people know that G_d can use people you’d least expect, even people who do not believe. I say that because Ray Landicho is a homosexual who does not believe in the Bible and he is very quick to denounce anyone who does. While Ray Landicho may not believe it was an experience I had in 20__ that involved Ray Landicho the super charged my faith.

I was working as a therapeutic massage therapist in Los Angeles when Ray contacted me about services. As with all clients I did a lengthy phone interview to assess the issues the client had that could benefit from massage. It was during this interview that something out of the ordinary happened that had never happened before in my years as a therapist. The interview became a conversation between two people and Ray never actually became a massage client. He instead became a friend that had an interest in many subjects of a higher level than average people talk about, and that’s how we clicked.

Ray was a nurse so obviously being a very caring person was in his nature. We were both in professions where we helped others heal. Our friendship developed over a period of months and then one day Ray fell ill with some respiratory illness. He said he’d really been feeling bad and had an appointment on Thursday and the doctor was going to do an MRI of his lungs after diagnosing him with Desert Fever aka coccidioidomycosis. When I didn’t hear from Ray after his MRI I became very concerned leaving message after message on his phone. Finally, a few days later I received a phone call from his phone from a woman claiming to be his best friend. She told me Ray had gone for his lung MRI and while it was taking place one of his lungs collapsed and he was taken to the ICU and had been into a drug-induced coma and they didn’t know if he was going to live or not.

Ray did not return to consciousness after the drug-induced coma wore off and he remained in a comatose state on life support for nearly a month. It was relayed to me that the family was making the decision whether or not to remove life support and allow him to pass. Nobody had been in contact with Ray’s co-workers to keep them informed so I took it upon myself to call the nurses station where he worked and let his co-workers at Los Angeles Children’s hospital know his condition and asked for prayers for his recovery.

Ray’s friend told me the family had decided upon medical advice to disconnect the life support the next day after all the family had come to say their goodbyes. I went to bed that night with such grief knowing Ray was going to die. It was 1:04am when I was awoken from my sleep hearing Ray’s voice call my name loudly twice. I sat up in bed rather freaked out because there was no mistaking Ray’s voice. Anybody who know’s Ray knows he has a very distinctive voice. I sat up on one elbow in bed and suddenly I felt something hit the bottom of my feet twice and I shrieked, “Oh,shit!” and yanked my feet away from the end of the bed. Nothing else happened. Immediately I wondered if Ray had passed and this was his way of saying goodbye to me? There is more to this story and I didn’t speak of it for some obvious reasons, but give me a minute and I’ll tell you the rest of the details of what happened during this experience.

The next morning I called to check on Ray and his friend said he had passed. I wanted to know about funeral arrangements, but she said it was already decided it would be a family-only funeral. So, I never got to say goodbye and I didn’t get to go to his funeral. I realized I had to share the sad news with his co-workers at Los Angeles Children’s Hospital and so I made that call that everyone hates to make.

It was about a week after Ray’s death that some friends of mine from Las Vegas were in town and wanted to so something to help me feel better so they took me out to the Universal Studios theme park. It was while exiting one of the rides through the gift shop trap that I had another supernatural experience with Ray. As we were passing through the shop I saw a white stuffed animal bear holding a blue heart that had the words written on it “Wish you were here!”. My heart sank because I immediately thought of Ray and said in my mind, “I wish you were here, Ray.” That very moment I audibly (not in my head) heard Ray’s voice say, “I am here!”

The next months were very difficult for me. These two supernatural experiences with Ray and mourning his death had taken me down into a bad depression. I remember one night my phone rang and when I looked at it the caller ID said, “Ray Landicho” calling and I shrieked as horror raced through my body. I returned to calm thinking perhaps Ray’s friend still had his phone and had dialed my number by mistake.

A couple months later there was a voicemail on my phone. It was from Ray’s number and I wondered what it could be about. Maybe his friend felt bad for me and she was going to let me know where he was buried so I could visit his grave, at least. I opened the voicemail and what a heard devastated me. It was Ray leaving me a short message to say he hadn’t died and he couldn’t talk to me now, but he’d tell me what happened soon. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I wasn’t imagining it was Ray’s voice. It was really him and he was really alive, but how??? When we talked the next day he explained that his family was religious and were concerned about him possibly dying as an unrepentant homosexual and going to hell and they didn’t want anything to do with any of his friends who accepted his lifestyle and that’s why they told me he died, just to get me off their backs. I wanted to come see him in the hospital and they didn’t want that.

He explained that after he woke from the coma and found out what they had done telling me he had died, the damage had already been done and he didn’t know how it would be possible for him to now contact me and tell me he was alive. He said it wasn’t until he read on my website how depressed I had become and was even having suicidal thoughts because of his death that he knew he had to contact me to right a wrong before another wrong happened and he would feel I killed myself over the grief of his death.

So, that was his explanation. What was I to do or say? What would you do if someone you cared about allowed you to believe they were dead and then out of guilt and fear that you might commit suicide because you are so depressed that they finally come forward so you don’t commit suicide? Very unusual situation, and I was in shock about the whole thing, but was handling it well and so Ray and I went out to get some dinner and he filled me in on all the details.

What kind of friend does something like this to another friend? Ray was let go from Los Angeles Children’s Hospital for faking his death and he blamed that on me. He felt I had no right to tell his co-workers that I’d been told he died. I’m not even gonna try to comment or explain that one except for I think I did what any caring person would have done for friends of a deceased person.

Now, I’ll get to that part of the story I held off telling a few paragraph’s back. I never told Ray about this because he doesn’t believe in the Bible so why bother I thought. That night I was awakened hearing him call my name twice I picked up my cell phone off the nightstand because I wanted to write myself a note about what had just happened so I didn’t go back to sleep and think it had all been a dream, or worse, forget all that had just happened. So, I was awakened by hearing Ray calling my name twice and when I sat up in bed then something hit the bottom of my feet twice. I’d describe like someone swatted the bottom of my feet with a broom. I thought that was a really strange thing to happen, but I was later to find out it had a certain significance. At that same moment I heard Ray’s voice calling out to me, “Please help me! I’m on my way to hell!”

That was the extra part I never told Ray about because if someone doesn’t believe in G_d or Hell or anything like then there is never going to be anything you can say to convince them. I don’t think Ray wanted to believe the other parts of the story either so why give him an excuse to be mean to me when he’d already devastated me about as much as anybody ever could by allowing me to believe he was dead. He later told me that when he first awoke from coma he wanted to contact right away and set the record straight, but then when he heard that Los Angeles Children’s Hospital had fired him for faking his own death he blamed me for that happening and decided he’d not right the wrong. It was only when he began feeling guilty about if I would commit suicide that he felt he had to tell me the truth.

I’ve tried to talk about faith with Ray since that time, but he was very quick to cut me off with letting me know he has his own relationship with a god that accepts him as homosexual. Well, that’s not the G_d of the Bible. Ray began a very cruel personal attack against me and my faith and I wanted to tell him that when he must have been having that near death experience or whatever it was, perhaps astral travel, that he knew he was on his way to hell for eternity and was pleading for help. When I talked about him contacting me he said he had no memories at all from when he was in the coma. That’s a shame. He’s never gonna know that whatever god he is believing in is taking him straight to hell when he dies for being a homosexual.

Coincidentally, I know a lot of people who know Ray and they are shocked when I tell them what Ray did to me. All I can see there are a lot of evil people in this world that hide a lot of pain and issues behind a smile. I had always known Ray to be very kind, but I found out he also has a very vicious and hateful side too. The personal attack he made on me for a health issue I was born with was so cruel and unforgivable. When he said those things to me I offered no reaction other than just walking away to never talk to him again.

So, that’s the whole story. Ray letting me know he was on his way to hell was a wake-up call for me. It helped me clean my life up and even though what he did to me was so horrible at least there was a silver lining in it for me.

Call Me By My Name, Yeshua


Philippians 2:9-11 “Wherefore G_d also hath highly exalted Him, and given Him a name which is above every name (not multiple choice names)[Acts 4:12]. That at the name of Yeshua every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; and that every tongue should confess that Yeshua the Moshiach is Master, to the glory of יהוה‎ G_d the Father.”

The use of any other name than Yeshua, the name above all names, is a demonic deception engineered to take your soul to the Lake of Fire.

Yeshua said, “I come in my Father’s name, but you don’t accept me.” The Sacred Namer’s movement has as many true pronunciations of YHVH as there are many denominations of Christianity all claiming to have the truth when in fact not a single Christian has the truth because Christianity itself, the Roman-created version is a fraud. The various Sacred Namer groups claim to have the true pronunciation and they dare to base salvation on the correct pronunciation. They need to watch this excellent comprehensive video and end their ridiculous quest to claim to have have the true pronunciation.

The archeological find of the real tomb of Yeshua and His family in the Talpiot suburb of Jerusalem forever puts to rest the argument of the true name of the Messiah. In the documentary film by James Cameron the ossuary unmistakably reads, “Yeshua son of Yosef” in the ancient Hebrew as shown in this photo taken from the film where they superimposed the modern Latinized-Greek “Jesus” son of Joseph instead of transliterating as “Yeshua bar Yosef”.

On the ossuary Messiah’s name spelled Yud-Shin-Vav-Ayin, Yeshua. His family would not have carved the wrong spelling of his name on his ossuary. Oh, but there are going to be those who say Yeshua’s family burial tomb is a fake, but that’s ridiculous. They only claim the find if a fake because they do not understand how the “first fruits” resurrection of Yeshua where His bones were left behind differs from the resurrection of Lazarus who wasn’t a “first fruits” and Lazarus obviously lived out the rest of his natural days and died and was buried. Christians, and other naysayers simply do not understand the difference of a “first fruits” glorified body that is a magnificent glorified body that leaves the physical body behind. Christians are gonna be mighty shocked when the rapture happens and the bodies of those raptured flop dead to the ground while their glorified bodies rise up to meet their Bridegroom in the air to go to their wedding.

The burial tomb with Yeshua, His wife, his son, his mother, brother James, and His mother’s cousin and their DNA evidence cannot be refuted. If they had wanted to create a fake tomb around the time of Yeshua’s burial or even hundreds of years later they had no idea about DNA and the bodies buried there for a fake tomb would have been made up probably of bones taken from other graves, but the DNA proves this is not the case. There are no findings about the tomb that conflict with Scripture.

Of course, there are going to be those who want to say you can’t have the bones of Yeshua in an ossuary and have His resurrected body separate from His physical corpse. This is where those people have a lack of understanding. Yeshua was the first fruits of the glorified bodies yet to come. His resurrection was not the same as those of the bodies of Lazarus and the “talitha cumi” girl that were raised from the dead. Being raised from the dead and being “changed in a moment” into a glorified body are not the same thing. These are two entirely different types of resurrections. Lazarus’ natural body was regenerated the same way as someone who dies, leaves their body, and returns to which is referred to as a Near Death Experience. When those with salvation get resurrected they will have a glorified body like Yeshua’s first fruits body. Yeshua’s earthly remains were left behind in the tomb as a corpse and the new glorified body came out of that corpse leaving the corpse to rot. Those who have died with salvation will do the same.

If any of you have seen the silly Left Behind movies you will remember those theatrically raptured disappear out of their clothes, leaving their clothing behind. In the real rapture the human body as well as the clothes will be left behind. Now this is where it gets amazing because this is going to be how the anti-Christ will deceive even the elect, if it were possible. He’s already got you conditioned with the satanic Christian movies to think bodies disappear with clothes left behind in a heap. When the remnant Law-keeping Wise Virgin Bride leaves the earth their mortal bodies will be left behind flopped to the ground dead. The anti-Christ is going to explain their deaths as COVID or something and nobody except my students will understand this. Nobody will know the ‘thief in the night” Wise Virgin Law-keeping bride has been raptured. Anti-christ or his minions perhaps will say these people suicided, and nobody will know with all COVID chaos, and their bodies will be taken away and no autopsy, no viewing by family, no nothing, gone. Just straight into a box and you never see them again.

Most of Lawless Foolish Virgin Christianity, that don’t have one drop of salvation, believe in a pre-trib rapture and when they don’t see it happening to them there is going to be a great falling away from the faith. If I, as a Jew from the tribe of M’nasheh, am granted the honor of being one of the 1200 from my tribe sealed to be left behind to be an evangelist during the 7-year tribulation, it will be the greatest honor. I feel this is where I am headed because it seems nobody else is preaching the truth that I do about the correct name above all names and the pre-trib rapture of the Law-keeping Wise Virgin Bride while all the Foolish Virgins of Christianity get left behind for not keeping the Law and also being baptized in the wrong name.

Before my close, just a brief word about those who will be beheading Christians during the Tribulation for their witness of Yeshua (or aka Jesus). In what are known as the Noahide Laws (please Google it), non-Jews must keep a minimum of 7 Laws of G_d to make it to heaven. I won’t explain Noahidism more, just go to Youtube or Google it and you will find many people talking about how the 7 Noahide Laws for non-Jews is going to be how the anti-christ whom Jews will accept as the Messiah will be beheading Christians for idolatry. Yes, you heard right. There are going to be Jews, not all of them, but some who join forces with the anti-christ and they will be using the Bnei Noach Laws to behead Christians who profess (and worship) Yeshua (or Jesus) to be G_d in a human body. Jews will be following the instruction of the former Rabbi known as The Rambam who said Noahide idolaters must be beheaded. That’s the long and short of it. Do you own research.

Today is the day of salvation. Repent of not keeping the Law. Only the 7-deadly sins Laws were nailed the cross. Everything else is still in effect for Jew and Gentile that comes into the faith. Hopefully “those who are alive and remain” will repent and be re-baptized in Yeshua’s name for the forgiveness of their sins and then they can know that they will be joining those previously raptured 7 years earlier that will be returning with Yeshua at the 2nd Coming with the armies of heaven when every eye shall see him. He raptured His Law-keeping Wise Virgin Bride like a thief in the night and every eye did not see Him then because the rapture of the Bride is not the 2nd Coming . He just slips in and slips out with His bride under cover of darkness, so to speak. Those who survived the Tribulation and finally got the real salvation will be “changed in a moment’ into those glorified bodies that will travel with Yeshua, His Bride, and the armies of heaven to fight at the battle of Armageddon. After the battle we all head to the wedding reception where supper and drinks will be served. The former Foolish Virgins that didn’t make Bride status at least are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb having finally joined the family.

Why I Don’t Ask For Donations

The false teachers of Christianity deceitfully claim the tithe that Yahuah ONLY gave to the Levites to support them. The Re-Newed Testament/Covenant Scripture make no instruction on tithing because it should be OBVIOUS that the Levital priesthood was a “type and shadow” of the Messiah that was to come that would become our High Priest and ultimate blood sacrifice for sin. When Yahu’sha our Messiah finished the work of Atonement for our sins it brought an OFFICIAL END TO THE LEVITICAL PRIESTHOOD and those tithes were NOT directed to go anywhere else in Scripture. Even the first fruits offering fulfilled by Yahu’sha so that is no longer valid. If you want to financially support through a donation to a ministry who is preaching the “If you love me, keep my Commandments” that Yahuah in the flesh as Messiah Yahu’sha commanded us then then you are doing a correct thing. Also, we are to bless Israel. You can bless the Jews and Israel by donating directly to the Israel National Food Bank. Don’t donate or give tithes to these television money grubbers who are living off your donations and tithes that you give in error. They live in resplendent luxury. Investigate these false teachers live, it’s easy online. Anyone teaching that we do not have to keep the Law as Yahu’sha said, “The truth is not in him”. Only support the true Wise Virgin teachers of truth who teach the true Holy/Kodesh names and never use the pagan deity false names that actually invoke Satan as they are the Foolish Virgins that are destined for the Lake of Fire if they do not fill their empty lamps with truth before they die or the time of the second coming rapture that takes place after the select “thief in the night” rapture. The redeemed Foolish Virgin rapture will take place at the end of the Tribulation when Yahu’sha comes in the clouds of great glory and “Every eye shall see him” and “They will look upon the One they pierced and they will mourn for Him as one morns for an Only Son.”

I depend on God to supply all my needs, not other people. Short and sweet huh? I’ve received some nice gifts over the years for the support of my ministry, but I don’t hawk any outrageously overpriced products like Mystery Babylon does to support their organizations. If Yahuah has put it on someone’s heart that they are to support my ministry with a blessing of financial assistance then that is on them and I’m not allowed to refuse a blessing, but I will never ask for any financial support and well never sell any products, or never offer a free gift just to get you on a mailing list where once I have your name and address I will send you regular and endless mail begging for money like the false teachers of the Foolish Virgin masses do.

I would suggest you donate to charities like helping your local war veterans of which there are various organizations I have a neighbor that is a war veteran that our United States government will not pay for nursing home care that he needs because he can’t even get out of bed but maybe twice a day to use the facilities and eat. I am horrified by this and I’m working on doing something to stop this abuse of our War Veterans. There are many charities that help to feed the starving people around the world, Saint Judes Childrens Hospital, the Natural Law Defense fund, etc., etc.

I wouldn’t mind being rich, but I’m not gonna do it by fleecing the flock like the false prophets and wolves in sheeps clothing do so they can live in a mansion and drive fancy cars. and have fine works priceless art in their home like has been documented about false teacher Dr. Joyce Meyers who lives in resplendent luxury when the “J-Esus” she preaches had no place to lay his head. Yahusha HaMoshiach had nice clothing, but that was about it. No cars, no jewels, no pool attached to a mansion. He was a humble frum Jew. You should try it sometime.

The Father has sent some my way that were moved by His spirit to meet certain ministry financial needs, and lodging, and other basic necessities of my life, but that, as I said was because they were moved by the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) to do so. Again, my ministry never asks for donations, support, and I do not sell the gospel or products for money. Freely I have been given and freely I give to you.


Yosef Ben David

IN THE BEGINNINGS… Yosef Ben David’s mini bio and website history

“In the Beginning Elohim created Adam in His own image. Male and female He created Adam.” ~ Genesis 5:2 This is the literal Hebrew translation into English. You may be used to the fake news translation. Learn Hebrew.

In 1964 my beginning started with me having a different chromosome pattern than most people. I’m not a normal XY male, but I’m blessed by our Creator who formed me in the womb with an XO/XY Mosaic chromosome pattern, a blend of male and female. “Intersexed” is the polite modern medical term for this chromosomal condition. “Hermaphrodite” is the outdated term. It wasn’t an easy way to grow up with a body that was different, and it lead me to make and agonizing decision in my teenage years that didn’t happen until I was brought to the point of being hospitalized for a suicidal episode where I had something called and NDE (Near Death Experience).

Just real quick, my NDE story in a nutshell…. I overdosed on sleeping pills because I wanted out of this life as I could not perceive any good future for myself as male (or as female). As I laid in bed I lost consciousness and that’s when I had my NDE. In an instant of going from consciousness to unconsciousness I was aware of being in a vast expanse of nothing that I perceived as total darkness. Then, I witnessed a pinpoint spark of white light in the darkness that grew in size as it came closer to me and I heard what I perceived as a male voice say to me, “If you do this you will never have a chance to be happy.” ~ The End

It was the end of my Near Death Experience. Nothing big. No glimpses of Heaven, or Hell. Just darkness, a light in the distance and a voice giving me a warning. Nothing dramatic or lengthy enough to write a money-making best seller about. It was all over about as quick as it began lasting only seconds it seemed, but it had a big impact. I jolted back into consciousness with that voice still ringing in my ears and it had scared the shit of me because it was real. It wasn’t like any dream I’d ever had. I was shaken to the point of abandoning my suicide plan. I picked up the phone next to the bed to call my mother who was at work at our family business, but then I sat the phone back down because after having a minute or two to call down the deep pain of this life was still there and I wanted out. Who cared about happiness. I wanted the pain to end so I hung up the phone and didn’t call. The shaking of the NDE I’d just had was undeniable and I asked myself who was that speaking to me? I couldn’t say. All I knew was the voice sounded male and even to this day I can’t tell you who it may have been even if my multiple choice answer could have included a guardian angel, The Savior, G-d, or whoever. All I knew is it shook me to the core and I knew I was beginning to feel like I was going to lapse back into unconsciousness.

I picked up the phone again and this time spoke to my mother. It was a strange conversation that consisted of me telling my mom that I just wanted to call to tell her I loved her and that was all and I hung up. I wondered if she thought that peculiar. I had chickened out. I still wanted to die, but at least my mom would have the memory that I cared enough to tell her I loved her before I left this world.

I gave it a couple minutes. I feared my mother would call back worrying that there was something funny going on with me, but there was no call back. Then I thought that maybe that voice I heard was letting me know if I lived that things were going to get better for me and I’d finally find some happiness? Yes, that had to be it. I picked up the phone again and called my mother and told her what I’d done. I don’t remember hanging up the phone. I lapsed into unconsciousness again and the next thing I knew my older brother was shaking me and lifted me out of the bed and put me in the car and he and my mother took me to the hospital emergency room that was only blocks from our home.

After a two-weeks stay in the psychiatric ward for trying to kill myself I returned home and realized I had hit rock bottom and nearly died so there was nothing left to lose. I plucked up the courage and said to myself, “I have nothing to live for and I almost died. I feel dead inside. I’m don’t feel comfortable for feel like I fit in this world as a male who feels torn between two sexes. Now, this is gonna sound funny to some, but I told myself, “I don’t care if I turn out looking like the cartoon character Fred Flintstone in a dress and I have to support myself scrubbing floors on my hands and knees on the graveyard shift the rest of my life, at least maybe I’ll have some peace doing it as female instead of male.

I began taking estrogen my last year of highschool and completed the full physical medical transition to live “as” female in Belgium in May of 1988. I lived that way till the year 2004. When my grandmother passed away in March of 2004 I was already years into a deep disappointment with live “as” a female and not really being a female. I wasn’t happy with a life of illusion and decided to return to live “as” male. I could not escape the fact I was born both male and female, but I knew I’d given living as female a good 20+year run, and the past five years I’d become comfortable with the decision to return to a male presentation.

I was watching the Montel Williams talk show and his guest for the day was a woman who started a website to raise funds so she could divorce her husband called and in an instant I knew I had to create my own website called And the rest is history, as they say, right? Now that same website survives, but has a redirect URL: www.LeftBehind.ICU

So, there you have it. If you want to continue reading I’ll tell you more about my life’s back story, and as Paul Harvey used to say on his radio show, “And now, for the rest of the story”…

My maternal great grandmother, Emma Rachel Gaylord-Horstmann who passed when I was young was the daughter of Charles Judah Gaylord, Jr. born in 1852, the result of my 3rd great grandfather fathering him with an Black African slave he owned by the name of Amanda Comee. That makes me 1/32nd Black. Great-great grandfather Gaylord was documented as Mulatto (as all first offspring of a White/Black union were branded. His children with White Scottish great-great grandmother Susannah Morrison-Gaylord were all documented as Black as was the custom in those times in the post-slavery period in the USA where the One-Drop Rule was enforced in the census documentation done every 10 years in the United States up until the 1920 census when my grandmother and her siblings were all documented as White. Although the children of great grandmother Emma Rachel Horstmann’s were 1/8th Black, and were never documented as such, but instead White that did not mean the people of the area would ever forget the Black ancestry.

My grandmother Mary Katherine Horstmann recalls when she was a girl shortly after the birth of the baby of the family, Henry Horstmann, Jr. their log cabin home in Goshen, Kentucky burned to the ground. She recalls her dad wrapping baby Henry in a blanket and dropping him to the safety of his mother’s arms from the upstairs window before he fled the burning cabin. That was my grandmother’s version of the story I’d always heard, but her sister Irene Horstmann-Kelley had a different story to tell about the night their family cabin burned to the ground.

My mother went through five marriages, my father being her second divorce in 1963 before I was born in April 1964.

To be continued….


Part of this website’s legacy is the help provided to me by Mr. Arthur Goldberg and Mrs. Elaine Berk who co-founded an organization called JONAH (Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing). They paired therapists with people of various faiths who were experiencing unwanted same-sex attractions. They acted as custodians for my surgery detransition fund.

Arthur and Elaine became friends. More than that they were people who extended love and caring towards me and my situation. They introduced me to Rabbi Samuel Rosenberg who supported me in so many ways to discover who I AM in God that had been hidden under a heap of lies I’d believed about myself. I was having a very dark night of the soul when my grandmother and father, of blessed memories passed away and all withing the same space of a year I also lost my three dogs, and my cockatiel to illness and old age

I tell myself I am strong, but sometimes that’s just an illusion we create for ourselves so we can hold our head up and not let others know how deeply we are hurting. On top of the five deaths in a year leaving me orphaned and alone I was also a victim of a hate crime assault leaving me afraid to remain in my home so I sold my home and loaded up the truck and I moved to Beverly Hills, California where for the next 7 years I fought my way through the dark night of the soul.

I’d found out I was actually chromosomally intersexed and with my deep grief I was experiencing and this new confusing medical diagnosis I fell into a state of what is called in psychology, “disassociation”. It took me 15 years to recover and find myself again and be full restored by the renewing of my mind by God. I felt as if I had to find my own way, but I wasn’t on my own HalleluYahu! Abba Father quietly took one hand and Yahusha the Mosiach of Israel took the other hand. The next 15 years were not an easy road, but it was all in God’s time and slowly, but surely I was restored by the renewing of my mind…okay lemme hush with all the Scripture references and personal testimony of what the LORD has done for me. I can’t help myself! I love my Abba YHWH and יהושע‎ Yahusha my soon coming King of whom His government there will be no end as He destroys the wicked and their increasingly controlling, unGodly, Marxist Communist One World Order Government.

From what I’ve read on the Internet, in 2012 pro-gay activists had posed as clients and then brought a lawsuit funded by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Arthur and Elaine helped me a lot in my journey of healing. I’d like you to consider making a donation for their legal defense fees at the Natural Law Defense Fund so Arthur and Elaine can be allowed legally to continue to fight the good fight for God without being shut down by the atheist devils.

Thank you for reading this blog post. If you have comments or questions please email me at CompassionThinker (at) gmail dot com.