Is there a difference between G-d’s Commandments and G-d’s Laws?

Quick answer: No

Example: G-d’s Commandment says, “Thou shall not commit adultery”. The rest of that Commandment is that “Whoever is caught in the very act of adultery by two witnesses shall be stoned to death.” Both statements are Commands/Instructions given to us by G-d and they are His Law or what we call “The Law of Moses”. Some people get confused thinking the “Thou shall not” part is the Commandment and the Commandment to stone to death the adulterer is the Law and in this case there is only a slight difference, but Christians don’t understand because of a couple phrases in the New Testament out no longer being “under the Law, but under grace” and “the Law was nailed to the cross”.

Today while calling Spectrum (Time Warner Cable) for an overpayment issue on my wifi account I took the opportunity to speak to their customer service employee about Yeshua’s prophesied soon return. Customer service agents are always easy to share the truth with because they are not allowed be impolite and shut you up lol.

I mentioned the we are in a prophetic showdown on G-d’s prophetic hourglass where Yeshua must come for His Bride within the next 9 months because after that there is only 7 years left on the prophetic timeclock for the Tribulation. The female customer service agent on the phone brought up the barley and I was excited to know I had someone who was a bit more educated that the average Christian so that kind of knowledge is side effect of someone who is a truth seeker who knows there’s something fishy with the churchworld.

I brought up the the fact of the Foolish Virgins with no oil in their lamps that would not be the Bride and would not go in the rapture because no oil means they were not keeping G-d’s Law. With that she immediately said we don’t have to follow the Law anymore because that was nailed to the finished work of the cross. She seemed to be confused thinking that the Law and Commandments were entirely two different things and I assured her I’m Jewish and I read and speak Hebrew and they are not two different things and the thing that was nailed to the cross was the death sentence of the Law for breaking certain Commandments often known as the “7 deadly sins” that G-d instructed we are to execute a person for breaking. While the Hebrew words for Commandment/Instruction and Law are different they both refer to what we call the 613 Mizvot, not just the 10 Mitzot that Moses brought down no the tablets of stone from the mountain. 10 was just our starter set, or the milk given to the baby Israelites for them to drink in till they were ready for the meat Laws/Commandments that we still need to keep.

I went on to instruct her that we still had to keep G-d’s kosher food Law’s and His Law to keep the Sabbath day which Christians don’t because they are confused and think all of that was nailed the cross. I told her we still cannot eat things like pork, shrimp, and lobster and still must keep G-d’s Sabbath and not the Mithras Sun-day Sabbath that the worker’s of iniquity Roman system set up.

I could tell she was confused and under the “Strong Delusion” as her tone had changed I knew I’d pushed a button with Sabbath keeping and kosher keeping and Law keeping or else that meant you were a Foolish Virgin with no oil in your Lamp and that exempted you from being qualified to be the Bride that would be lifted up and taken off the earth to the Father’s house for the 7day/7year wedding. It will be a 7-day wedding in heaven, but on earth that’s when the 7-year Tribulation will be taking place where G-d is going to pour out His judgements on the pork eaters and Sabbath breakers when the majority of Christians will probably die in the sins and then have to wait 1000 years till the White Throne Judgement.

I told her about my website for Christians who don’t understand they are the Foolish Virgin “workers of iniquity” that will not go in the rapture of the Bride and be left behind to suffer the horrors of the Tribulation with no protection.

Don’t be a Foolish Virgin that get’s LEFT BEHIND when Yeshua returns to rapture His Bride

You know the parable of the 10 Virgins and the Lamps, but do you understand it. It was left a mystery as our Rebbe Yeshua HaMoshiach did not explain this parable to his shluchim (apostles) and talmidim (followers).

Amir Tsarfati knows the truth of the Parable of the 10 Virgins and the Lamps, but he refused to tell his followers because he is afraid he will lose his Christian donations of money if he tells the truth that Christians are the Foolish Virgins that Yeshua refuses at the door of the wedding at His Father’s house. Yeshua told the Foolish Virgins with lamps emptied of oil (representing Lawlessness), “I do not know you”, and like the type and shadow of G-d closing the locking the door of the Ark before the 40-day flood Tribulation, so too is Yeshua warning that the Christian’s who are under the “Strong Delusion” who will be left behind to suffer the 7-year Tribulation where most will die without ever coming to the knowledge of the truth that they read over and over again, but cannot realize because they are blinded.

How many times did the REAL Messiah who’s name is Yeshua (not Jesus), instruct us that “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my Covenant and Law will never pass away”? He also said, “If you love me keep my Commandments”, and “Not one jot or till shall pass from the Law till all things are fulfilled”. Has anybody seen the heavens and earth pass away yet? Don’t think so! So, OBVIOUSLY “all things are not yet fulfilled” AND, the ONLY Laws that Yeshua nailed to the cross was the death penalty Laws for the breaking of CERTAIN Commandments. This is why He died in our place for the “Letter of the Law that kills”. All the Law was not abolished as He said, “Think not that I have come to abolish the Law and the Prophets, but I am come to fulfill them”. You still can lie, or steal, or commit adultery, or murder, or eat pork, or forget G-d’s appointed 7th day Sabbath, and those who think they can are defined by The Rebbe as “the workers of inquity” that he says, “Go away from me! I never knew you!”

If you do not want to listen to my instruction then you will have nobody to blame but yourself when you find yourself left behind and you come scrambling in desperation back to this website to find out if there is a way to be saved after the Wise Virgin “thief in the night” rapture.

Better be safe and start printing out in instructions now for those that get left behind. I’m doing all I can to “be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect” as Yeshua commanded of us so I can go in the rapture of the Wise Virgin Bride.

Do you now how to make teshuvah correctly or go through the mikvah of repentance for the forgiveness of sins correctly so you can be saved according to Yeshua the Messiah instead of the false doctrine of demons from the Roman created Jesus the false christ preached by the money grubbing wolves in sheep’s clothing? Send me and email or a Tweet or join my Facebook page. I don’t bite. 🙂


When the Scripture clearly shows Jacob/Ya’acov/Israel descended from Noah’s son Shem that put’s an end to all claims on descendants of Ham being the true Israelites. The Israelites intermarried with those around them and many conversions took place over time. Seek out the Egyptian depictions of themselves and the Hebrews. The Egyptians were obviously of the Black race and the Hebrews were not. There is so much archeological evidence on this that it boggles the mind.

Look at King David taking Black Bathsheba to wife and having a half Black son Solomon and even Solomon married a Black woman. There was obviously a distinction being made by David be non-Black and taking a Black woman to wife. Moshe took a Black wife and was condemned for it.

My Mixed Race Ancestry

I wanna get one thing straight right out of the gate. The Black man pictured above is my grandfather Charles Judah Gaylord, Jr. He was my great-great grandfather born in 1852 into slavery in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. My grandfather was a result of a White and Black union making him what was then called a Mulatto. Grandpa Charles married a Scottish-American Jewess named Shoshannah Miriam Morrison (aka Susannah Mary Morrison), pictured below, far left.

Their daughter Emma Rachel Gaylord (2nd photo from the left) was my great grandmother that I don’t remember because I was too young when she died. She passed easily for White, but was documented as Black in every year of the United States Census because racists wanted to make sure everybody know who the Negros were that looked White. The third photo is my grandmother Mary Katherine Horstmann that I grew up with in La Grange, Kentucky.

Look at the Black Hebrew Israelite terrorists who’s plans were to attack a school for children, but instead hit a Jewish supermarket in New Jersey killing the non-Black Jewish people.

Here’s the truth of the matter…. I see beauty in the diversity of races, but I think humanity has the obligation to intermarry till all racial lines are removed so racism can end in the human race. Black’s who join the Black Hebrew Israelite movement are just terrorists seeking to get revenge on the Jews who were the ones who put Blacks into slavery. My guess…? Jews enslaving Blacks was payback for Blacks enslaving the Israelites in Egypt. What goes around comes around.

Anytime I’ve ever come in contact with a Black Hebrew Israelite the first question they propose is, “Why did Jews leave Israel as Black and then return as White? They use as their only example the lighter skin color or whiteness of European Jews as if the only place Jews migrated and were exiled to was Europe? How ignorant is that? When the Israelites left Egypt with Moses some separated and went their own way at that time. When the Syrians attacked Israel they took the Northern Kingdom into many different lands as they tried to expand their empire. In the diaspora we find Jews all over the world, not just in Europe. We completely understand that descendants of King David and King Solomon being mixed with the Black race will account for many Black Jews in the world, but it doesn’t mean that Abraham, Yitzak, and Jacob/Israel were originally Negros. Yemenite Jews are probably the closest thing to the darkest skin Jew without being related to the Negro race.

Everyone can agree that the Negro race is very specific in hair and facial features and no other group of people on the planet looks like them unless they have intermarried with Negros. I know a lot of Negros feel they have gotten a raw deal because of their appearance, but bitterness over that experience and revenge is not going to do anything positive for you. Judaism has never been a racist faith as it includes people from all races. The Negro needs to fall in line like everyone else and concentrate on obeying the Laws of the Creator instead of trying to replace the Chosen People, by claiming to be the original Chosen People.

THE ELOHIM ARE ABOUT TO RETURN: We have inherited lies from our Fathers (spiritual and governmental leaders)

My readers who have been following me for the past couple decades know that I’ve often questioned “the Elohim” of the the Jewish Bible’s book of Genesis because Scripture provides scant information on who or what the Elohim are. YHVH, the King of the Universe, and obviously King of the Elohim has only revealed a fraction of who He is through the prophets. He commanded the prophet Daniel to “close up the book” and keep certain things secret until the Last Days when knowledge shall be increased. It would appear from all prophetic indications that the Last Days are at the door and our government and spiritual leaders can no longer avoid revealing the information that they have long held back from the people.

Before I get going here I just want to state one thought. G-d/Elohim/YHVH is going to have a lot of explaining to do to our species he/they created. We have been given very limited information go on. We are a created species by a greater life form known as the Elohim who have the rule over our species and as such we are given instructions from them on how to navigate these lives we have been gifted with.

Our human response is often to disbelieve and rebel because we think we deserve the right to think for ourselves and live our lives the way we want. I do not think there is anything wrong with deciding how we all want to live our own lives, but this fact remains that we are told that this higher life form known as the “Elohim” created our species, from apes it would seem if we are to believe The Sumerian Tablets that use the same names of Adam and Eve and were written thousands of years before Abraham and Sarah began keeping a record of their departure from an alleged multi-theistic system to a mono-theistic system. It would appear the Elohim have power over us. Do we have a choice to obey or not. Yes, we can disobey but with consequence of destruction apparently so that’s not much of a choice.

For myself, I try to keep an open mind about the things that have not been fully disclosed to us, and I choose to understand that there is a higher life form that does have the rule over humanity. I do my best as a created child of this higher life form to be respectful and loving in return as a child is to their parents. I would suggest all of humanity keep an open mind about what has not been disclosed to us. It’s a suggestion BECAUSE there might just be a few surprises revealed when Daniel’s shut up books of revelations are opened and knowledge is increased in these last of the Last Days. Could it be the knowledge that has been sealed till the Last Days of mankind on the planet will be the revelation of EXACTLY WHO G-D IS, WHERE G-D CAME FROM, AND IF G-D HAD A DIVINE ORIGIN SIMILAR TO OUR OWN SPECIES. G-d’s creation has many unanswered questions and better than setting oneself up for disappointment, better to keep a positive attitude and open mind. I always joke and say, “If the Messiah want to return to the earth in spaceship (chariot of fire) with Mohammed and a little green man as co-pilots I’m all for it! Just please show up soon and get this Endtimes show on the road”. 🙂

The Sumerian Tablets, as it would seem, are the original Scriptures (original written records of this planet) written thousands of years before the children of Abraham (the Jews) created their oral Torah and eventually wrote it all down. The original stories of the creation of Adam and Eve, the garden of Eden, the flood of Noah’s time… it’s all there in The Sumerian Tablets. I don’t say this to say that there is anything wrong with the faith of Judaism, but I am saying that Judaism has it’s start with the Anunnaki (a species of Elohim?) who, according to The Sumerian Tablets, genetically created mankind through a hybridization of their own species with the existing upright human-like creatures on this planet. I can’t say the Anunnakim are the Elohim spoken of in the Genesis account of creation, but it is more information about something we know little about.

We are truly the genetic and biological offspring of the Elohim and this is why Pslams 82:6 declares “Ye are gods”, and Yeshua recited the verse in John 10:34 in defense of Him being G-d incarnated into a human body, one of three times YHVH did this according to Scripture–#1 with Abraham when G-d took on human flesh when talking about destroying Sodom, #2 when G-d took on human flesh to wrestle with Ya’acov (Jacob/Israel). #3 There are many times throughout Scripture where G_d incarnates Himself as “the angel of the Lord”.

Former Israeli space security chief Haim Eshed says, “Extraterrestrials exist, and American President Trump knows about it. A galactic federation has been waiting for humans to reach a stage where we will understand… “.

“A galactic federation” would seem to define many different extra-terrestrial species. Did G-d create all those species like He created us? We don’t know. Perhaps that is part of what is sealed up till the Endtimes that will be revealed directly by these Elohims or Extra-Terrestrials themselves. Keep a reasonable and open mind about such things as we have no ideas what secrets G-d told Daniel to seal up till the Last Days.

YHVH’s prophetic hourglass for humanity is almost empty. We are on the verge of all things being fulfilled. That being said, I would dare to declare that humans have now “reached a state where we will understand”. We have had decades of preparation from tv programming and movies about all kinds of space travel, and aliens. BTW, they don’t called it television “programming” for nothing. You ARE being programmed.

Our world government will not tell us everything they know about extraterrestrials because they want “men’s hearts to fail them” when they see them “coming upon the earth”. My final thought is that the extraterrestrials are going to be similar to the Serpent in the garden, or demonic entities that will come with many “lying signs and wonders”. Just some food for thought.



Before I begin: A note to my readers…

This blog is deeply personal. Yeah, I know my whole website is deeply personal, but this post is extra personal and is about a girl named Arlene Phyllis Hogan. For good for bad, for better or for worse she changed my life. She was, and I guess is, the love of my life. My love for her almost ended my life at age 16 when she broke off our engagement. We reconnected once, but then she stopped corresponding. I still have love in my heart for her, but my lesson with her is that familiar saying: If you love someone, set them free. If they don’t come back to you they never were yours… There is another saying I just made up… “If all else fails just obsess about her till you drive yourself mad and eventually have a heart attack from all the pain in your heart.” I don’t want to be thought of as some pitiful obsessed guy. I’ll tell you how she has strung me along over the years.

I have to insert a little item before I continue with our history. I watch a tv series called Outlander that I’ll go into more detail about later in this post, but the other night I was watching a rerun from the 4th season of the series called, “False Bride”. A main character of the series named Roger MacKenzie falls in love with a red-headed girl. He has marriage in mind, but she wants to have sex before marriage. I broke down and cried realizing once again this series speaks to the events of my own life. The red-headed gal I loved and wanted to marry did the same thing to me when I had an official engagement ring in my pocket ready and waiting for just the perfect moment to unfold so I could ask her. I say “official” because I’d given her a gift of a Krementz gold bracelet in 1978 as a “promise bracelet”. I considered us engaged to be married already. It was just between us till we were old enough to make it official a couple years later when I turned 18. Yeah, so this episode, “False Bride” really added a new title to and old memory. I broke down and cried. I guess I cried because my situation didn’t follow the same future path that the characters in my show did. They eventually patched things up and were married and lived happily ever after. Phyllis went off and married some guy she hardly knew a month after I turned 18. Maybe she ever truly loved me? Maybe I was just a way to get out of her mother’s house? Well, she got out by marrying a horribly abusive man and has lived miserably ever after. Why she has stayed with him I can only assume that he has threatened to kill her if she ever leaves. You can see the stress in her face. At least I can. She wouldn’t look so stressed and care worn if she would have married me. Ah, well….on with the story…

I met Phyllis when I was 14 and she was 13. We spent a school year getting to know each other, and lost touch over the summer break, but then a friend of me handed me a note with a phone number on it the first week of school, saying it was from some girl who knew me and wanted me to give her a call. I called and was surprised to find out it was the red-headed girl from Alex G. Barret Middle School.

Phyllis sent me this photo of herself on her birthday October 23, 2008. She looks just as lovely as she did when I met her when she was 13. She wasn’t arrayed in fancy pearls back then 🙂 Where’d you get those pretty pearls? You are a gemologist so I guess you’ve collected a lot of jewelry. I wonder if you still have the Krementz gold promise bracelet I gave you before giving you an official engagement ring.

[Edit 16 November 2020: Today I heard the song “Golden Ring” sung by Tammy Wynette and George Jones, the song G-d used to draw me too Him after you dumped me and I spend two weeks in the hospital after trying to suicide. I sat in my bedroom looking at your engagement ring and listening to that song and G-d spoke to me and I began reading the Bible. Not my condensed stories Children’s Bible, but I purchased a regular full version Bible and read it through 3 times. Then in April when I turned eighteen I moved back to Kentucky to live with my grandmother as planned and had begun talking to you on the phone wanting to eventually work towards us meeting and me giving you your ring, but things didn’t happen the way I wanted. I don’t blame you, but G-d had other plans for me and for you. You ran off with some guy you didn’t even know and married him just weeks after my arrival. When I found out you married I was so shocked and hurt. Here I was still following the plan we made before my family ever left Kentucky and you rejected it and look how your life turned out. A hellish marriage with a severely controlling and abusive man, no children. He don’t allow you to have a car or your own life. I’m so sorry Phyllis. I know you have suffered greatly at his hands and now you don’t have your mother for consolation. I know she your rock during your marriage. Now your rock must be Yeshua the Messiah. Had I had an inkling that anything like this would have ever happened to you I would have run away from home and married you before age 18. My mistake was being the good boy always wanting to do what was good and right. I believe that all things work together for good for those who love G-d. I hope you love G-d, Phyllis. (end of edit)

I know Ireland is a big place. Her ancestors and mine both came from there before landing in America. Mine left Scotland to hide out in Ireland after the Battle of Culloden in 1745 to escape The Clearances where many Scottish families were genocided by the British for being connected to the battle. Could Phyllis and I have shared another lifetime together in the 1700’s? It’s a nice idea that fuels the imagine for the book I’m still writing about our life together. I have to admit for this part of my epic biographic novel was inspired by the Outlander Series created by Diana Gabaldon where my poor heart imagines us as the starcrossed couple James Alexander Malcom McKenzie Fraser and Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser. In the series though I have the red hair and Phyllis has my dark hair lol. As souls have no sex perhaps the roles were reversed back in the day? Regardless, it’s a beautiful love story filled with all the drama and excitement of Scotland of the 1700’s when the British were taking Scotland by force as part of their “United Kingdom” that put an end to the Kings of Scotland. It’s a series full of Scottish history that Scottish people in Scotland even love to watch and they learn things about their history they didn’t know. Diana Gabaldon actually has written one of my ancestors into her books from where the series was created. My Scottish ancestor did not make the cut for scenes in the series, but it’s really an erie connection having one of my own ancestor’s in a series that I’m so drawn to. I secretly hope Phyllis has been watching the series too and views like I do in my imagine as our love story being played out in another lifetime. This is a right nice clip that is a bit of a trailer for the series that summarizes the first two seasons of the series

I believe in destiny. I cannot deny she was drawn to contact me for a reason. She should have went on with her high school years and forgot about me, but she didn’t. There was something that inspired her to call my old friend Sammy Murphy and give him her number for me to call. How she ever remembered his name I’ll never know. I think she must have liked me a lot before I ever knew it.

We spoke on the phone a lot and one day the suggestion came up, her’s or mine I don’t remember, but we were gonna see each other again and I said I could ride my 10-speed over to her house for a visit. I met her mom and her sister Linda. Her mother was a red head like my mom too. We spent an afternoon sitting the front porch swing flipping through the pages of our yearbook and reminiscing about all the characters and personalities we had gone to school with. I have to admit that I’d had no thoughts about her as I had been kinda seeing another girl, but that having ended and with no commitments I found my heart attracted to Phyllis and I know the feeling was mutual. We fell in love.

We saw a lot of each other that fall of 1978. She’d taken on an after school job a small ice cream parlor own by Grover and Geneva Davis. We used to call Mrs. Davis “Old 95” cause she had this amusing habit of throwing her head back to look through her glasses that were down on her nose to see the buttons on the cash register and ring “Ninetyyyy-five”, the price of a Buddy Bar or something. lol How coincidental that Geneva passed away at age 95. See her obituary.

To make a long story short, my mother remarried and decided we would all move to Florida and after 14 months of dating and becoming secretly engaged with a “engagement bracelet” (I guess it was like a promise bracelet) Phyllis and I were forced apart. If I hadn’t been such a well-trained “good boy” I would have lied and told my mom that Phyllis was pregnant with my child and we can’t move and we could have been married and while a deception it would have accomplished the salvation of the only love of my life that left me for another when she claims she didn’t think I was being true to her and she dumped me and when she would not take me back I lost my will to live and suicided. Two weeks later after getting out of the hospital and her mom and my mom talking about what Phyllis’s actions had caused she knew how serious I was and loved her and there was no other and she agreed to take me back. My mother arranged a trip at holiday time that December and she helped me finance an engagement ring that I had in my pocket to give to Phyllis at the perfect moment.

That perfect moment didn’t happen. I thought it was going to happen when her mother ran an errand to the store real quick and I though now was that moment to present her with the ring. She asked me to come upstairs to her bedroom. She went in and flopped on the bed as I stood in the doorway ready to present her with the ring (that I still have), but I was stopped dead in my tracks when she opened her mouth before I could and said something that ruined everything. I’m not gonna repeat it here because it was too private and too heartbreaking for me, but what she asked me broke my heart all over again. Well, time rolls on and heals all wounds they say. When you love someone the forgiveness never ends, until the day they cause you not to love them anymore. Well, a broken heart doesn’t mean you don’t love someone anymore. It means just the opposite. I’ve never stopped loving the one girl that was meant for me that was to have my children that never got the chance to be born. That’s okay though. She married the wrong man, a horribly abusive man and she is afraid he will murder her if she tries to leave him, so out of fear she has stayed with him all these years.

My heart healed some in the year that followed that disappointing December when I didn’t give her the ring, but that ring was still in my pocket and I held onto it for the purpose of trying again when I moved back to Kentucky at age 18 with plans to win her back and marry her. April 1982 finally rolled around and I flew back to Kentucky to live with my grandmother. I flew the day before my 18th birthday because I wanted one of my Granny’s homemade birthday cakes she would always have for me as a kid. I called Phyllis at her mother’s house and let her know I’d returned to Kentucky and why I returned. She seemed happy to talk to me and I was encouraged that I’d finally get to give her that ring I’d been holding onto for almost two years. I felt we were making progress talking, but I was taking it easy considering how she’d already hurt me more than once.

One night, unannounced she and her sister Linda showed up at the farm and came a knocking at the door, but my grandmother forbade me from going to the door. Because I grew up programed by my abusive mother to obey or face dire consequences, although my heart ached to answer the door and have her and her sister come in and meet my grandmother, the “good boy” I was programmed to be dared not go against my grandmother’s wishes. Growing up with a mentally and physically abusive mother really get’s you brainwashed to obey and respect authority. I dared not cross my grandmother. I guess my grandmother was fearing I was gonna run off and marry Phyllis and leave her, but that wasn’t my plan at all. I was hoping we’d marry and we’d share my bedroom in my grandmother’s house and live there till we could one day set up house of our own somewhere else. Well, anyway, I guess Phyllis didn’t like the outcome of her surprise visit, and it proved to be another huge stumbling block for our reconciliation. It wasn’t until years later that I found out that it was only a matter of weeks after that night that Phyllis up and married Patrick Hickey right in my own backyard nearly. I hope one day she explains what the hell was going on with her that she wanted to have sex before marriage and ran off and married some guy she hardly knew before her and I could get our plans figured out. So, anyway, like the words of the haunting Randy Travis song, “There was a time when she was mine in 1982.”

She’s paid a heavy price for her mistakes so I’m not looking to rub her nose in it. Now her rock, her mother is deceased and she has nobody to talk to so she just plays the role of wife with her abuser and honors her wedding vow “till death do us part”. I just hope it’s his death and not her death and that I get to see her again this side of heaven.


Phyllis, I mailed your birthday card today 19 October 2020. The card is a mess. I didn’t know what to say or how to say it and the pen wouldn’t write on the shiny card surface so I switched to a red permanent marker…ugh. There was hardly room to write pleasant and cohesive thoughts and well wishes so I hope that first birthday card in over 30 years will not frighten you like it’s from crazed stalker lol. I just love you and I always have and there’s not been a year go by that I didn’t remember your birthday with joy and tears of what should have been.

I hope the card gets there before or on the 23rd. I hope Patrick doesn’t see it and get nosey demanding to know who it’s from and throw a fit. In my heart I cannot apologize for this action that could cause you some trouble with him. I don’t want you to suffer any consequences, but you’ve left me no other way to make contact. Joan was b*tch to me on when we exchanged messages. You’ve made the best of your mistake by staying married to an abusive man you should have never married and that makes me proud of you because I know if it would have been me you married I’d have a faithful and true love for life. I think I still do, but you are just in a horrible situation that I’m probably making worse and for that I do apologize. You married the wrong man. You deprived us both of the children we were supposed to have, the ones G-d had for us. I still have the ungodly expensive engagement ring I never gave to you the day you broke my heart at your mother’s house when you tried to entice me to have sex before marriage. I had it in my pocket that day and my mother was expecting to gather me up that day after our visit and hear the good news, but instead you crushed me by not honoring the sacredness of marriage. Well, see what you got yourself into? I’m not blaming or shaming. I’m just saying what you already know. We would have had a beautiful life… My grandmother was agreeable to let us build a home on her 20 acres down by the lake and eventually you would have owned and drove you own car to work at Prospect Jewelers. We were young, yes, but we were in love and right for each other. I don’t know if you’ll ever humble yourself to tell me all the issues you had going on that made you up and marry that abusive controlling asshole who’s made your life a living nightmare. I know you are scared he’ll try to kill you if you leave him so I know all you can do is honor the vow you took, “till death do us part”, but I hope it will be his death and not your own that will gain you freedom from the prison you created. If you haven’t watched it already, get a DVD set of the Outlander series and watch it and I know you’ll realize why I’m so attached to this series with Jamie and Claire. In my heart it’s like you and I in another lifetime. It’s been the inspiration for my life story/novel combination where I place you and I in the civil war era via reincarnation, and also have our present day lives with the one exception that you married me instead of Patrick. I’ve never loved another. I still love you. I always will. In my heart I imagine you feel the same and all it would take is one look into each other’s eyes to confirm it that our love never died, but just got put on hold while you went on a bad detour. We will probably have to wait to see each other on the other side because I believe very much so that the Son of G-d is set to return to this earth next year. I hope you will read my website and learn what you need to do to gain salvation. I’ll write it all out for you on this page later as I make updates. I want to see you in heaven. These years of separation from the only girl I ever loved have not been the happiest and an eternity without you I can’t imagine. So, happy 56th birthday and I hope to hear from you….

TO BE CONTINUED…. Sometime after the 23’rd of October 2020

UPDATE: 23/10/2020 4:25pm pst – Well, it’s not after the 23’rd of October here in California, but it is in Australia! lol Do I get credit for it being after October 23rd somewhere? lol

I’ve put the Shabbes bread in the oven that’s been rising all afternoon. I fed a sourdough starter all week long, even took it outside onto the porch to gather some natural wild desert yeast for that local flavor. I’ve heard the natural yeast in the air in San Francisco makes the best sourdough bread in the world. I’m making two loaves of cinnamon-raisin bread for a friend (I don’t eat gluten because it causes arthritis). I made one loaf of gluten-free buckwheat bread for me. I purchase the whole buckwheat and turn it into flour in seconds in the NutraBullet. A little yeast, water and dash of sugar and salt and it makes the best non-gluten bread. BTW, don’t let the name “Buckwheat” fool you. I have no idea why they named it Buckwheat because it is not from the wheat family and has no gluten in it. Oh! The rabbit holes of story telling I go down sometimes! lol

Phyllis, I wanted to say Happy Birthday on your birthday today. I hope my card got to you without Patricks notice and no problems were caused. It’s not my desire to cause any trouble for you or Patrick. I may not like the fact that he is with you and your marriage to him was the biggest mistake of your life in some ways, but G-d made it happen because you had to learn a lesson. I don’t say that with a mean spirit, but everything that happens in our lives G-d is behind as a teaching tool to help us elevate our souls.

You made a vow before G-d with Patrick and I support that vow. No matter how I feel, Patrick is your husband before G-d and it is my duty to respect that marriage even though my feelings are that I should have been your husband and we should be living happily ever after with grandchildren by now, a daughter named Jewel after your Father, a son named David after my Father, and who knows how many more G-d would have blessed us with. I know you said you had some medical issue that prevented you from having children, but you know what I believe about that? I believe G-d shut up your womb because you married the wrong man and having children with such an abusive man would have only been a horrible situation for you and the children, BUT, if you had children your protective motherly instinct may have given you the courage to leave Patrick to prevent the children from being abused the way Patrick has abused you over the years. He will pay for his sins on day.

Speaking of Patrick paying for his sins…. Someone else already paid for his sins and if you and I are to never meet again before our Savior returns I hold no ill will against Patrick and I would like both him and you to be saved.

You know how to pray and give your heart to G-d through Messiah Yeshua. That’s a simple task. Just a prayer to ask for forgiveness for all your sins known and unknown and ask Him to come into your heart and be your teacher and Savior. Then according to ACTS 2:38 you must be baptised in the Name of Yeshua for the remission of sins and this is when the Holy Spirit will come to dwell inside of you to lead and guide you into all truths. Yeshua made it so easy for us, for you, for Patrick. If I never see you this side of Heaven again then I do want to see you in Heaven at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb even if Patrick is there too. lol Bible says that in Heaven we are known as we are known, but we are no longer married in Heaven like we were on earth. We have a whole new understand once released from the physical bonds of mortality on this earth.

In the event though that G-d should take Patrick before the rapture happens then I’d like you to consider raising grandchildren with me. We are old enough now to be grandparents. I was born when my grandmother was 50 and she was more like a mother to me than my mom ever was. There is still that little glimmer of hope. There are so many unfortunate children with no mother or father just dying of loneliness in orphanages all over this world who would be so happy to have loving parents

Well, anyway… I hope you got my card and it did not upset you, but I hope it made your heart feel good to know that I still love you and have your best interest at heart no matter what road your life has taken or will take in the future. If love someone set them free. If they return to you they are yours. If they don’t they never were yours…

I will write more of my thoughts to you here in time. This page is going to become a journal of my thoughts about you and us and what happened that forever changed both our lives “for better or for worse”…

Joni Lamb of Daystar Ministries – Spiritual Wickedness In High Places


First I’m doing a screen grab showing the anti-Semitic response she approved from her assistant where you can see that Joni Lamb or her assistant accidently left in Joni Lamb’s approval on the reply to me. Below the screen grab I’m also publishing the full email thread which is blurry (sorry), but it’s simply there to show the proof that Joni Lamb knows my history that I am a Yeshua-believing Orthodox Jewish rabbi with Black ancestry. I don’t know if she is racist against my Black ancestry, but obviously by saying, “We pray you find Jesus the Son of the living God as your Yeshua” they are trying to shove their Lawless false christ “Jesus” down my throat as my Savior (my Yeshua). They know I’m a messianic Jewish rabbi. They know my website. I’ve tracked every page they’ve read on my site so they can’t claim ignorance that they don’t fully know I’m a part Black Messianic Jewish Orthodox Rabbi. Joni and Marcus Lamb have been accused of being racist against Blacks before and they are currently on a campaign to prove they aren’t, but their racist pandering is ridiculously transparent.

What would do you expect though from people who sell the Gospel of Yeshua to the point their net worth in 2019 was published as $10 million dollars and that even after the huge public scandal that Marcus Lamb, the husband of Joni lamb had adulterous sexual relationships with three of his female employees. Rumor has it that he is still having adulterous sex with women, but these women are paid prostitutes. Looks like Marcus learned his lesson to not have sex with regular women who will tell on him, but to have sex with women who’s job it is to keep the secrets of their sex customers.

Daystar… The so-called Christian Television Network that promotes the programming ministry of Benny Hinn’s whore Paula White that committed adultery while married to her first husband with the man who would become her second husband Randy White two years later. Yes, the well experienced adulteress , and so many very active prosperity gospel abominations, like false teacher Joyce Myers who doesn’t even believe that G-d incarnated into the person of the Messiah to save us from our sins who also lives in luxury with private jets and had vacationed in more countries than I can name and has priceless works of art in her home which she explains she needs for entertaining sinners. So sad how Christian’s are so gullible 🙁 The one and only saving grace is that Satan still can quote and does quote Scripture even if he does try to twist its meaning. A true believer can discern the truth through all the deception and the result is they reject the Satanic Christian system. Yah is still using the stupid Devil to win souls away from the Babylonian Whore system that Marcus and Joni wholeheartedly support. For everything the Most Kodesh One of Y’israel has the Evil One has a twisted counterfeit to try to deceive the people with just the same way he tried to trip Yeshua up in the desert.

EPHESIANS 6:12 “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

Daystar Channel owner Marcus Lamb, his wife, and their family are technically children of the Most High Yah and as such our struggle is not against them personally because they are souls that are in desperate need of salvation especially because they are some of the biggest promoters of the false Messiah anti-Christ Catholic/Christian Babylonioan Whore/Harlot System that Yeshua pleaded about, “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE”. Yeshua was specifically pleading to His people–to the Jew first, and then the gentile.

I repeat, I am not in any way attacking them personally, but I have a responsibility as Jewish teacher and prophet to instruct and give correction with the loving heart of the real Messiah of Y’israel, Yeshua HaMaschiach, not the one Yeshua prophesied of that would “come in his own name, and him you will accept”. That one they have accepted is none other than the invention of the pagan Roman Whore they named JESUS!

If Marcus and Joni Lamb continue to cling to being Foolish Virgins and lose their souls in the Lake of Fire, they will have nobody but themselves to blame at The White Throne of Judgement because they did not listen to the prophet of Yah. Instead they rejected the prophet and rejected the Truth of Torah, The Way, The Life, The Light unto our Path. The Foolish Virgin’s Lambs are devoid of the Truth of Keeping the Law. They wicked chose to be the wicked money grubbing servants of Satan, living in resplendent luxury when the Messiah spoke against the very lifestyle they life.

At the moment of updating this page (5 October 2020) I am monitoring the Daystar channel and Marcus and Joni Lamb have dropped to a new low by bringing on board Benny Hinn the biggest fraud in Christiandumb who own son has disowned him for his fraudulent dealings with the unaware mesmerized Christian’s who follow him.

Marcus and Joni are confusing the flock by teaching them that the Law was forever abolished and nailed to the cross, which is a doctrine of demons creatted by the pagan Roman Whore replacement religion to replace the Jews as the Chosen People. If I’ve said it once I’ll say it a million times, not my words, but the words of Yeshua the Messiah who said:

“Do not think that I came to abolish the Torah or the Neviim (Prophets). I did not come to abolish but to complete. For, omein, truly I say to you, until Shomayim and haaretz (Heaven and earth) pass away, not one yod (the smallest Hebrew letter “Y”), not one tag (ornamental flourish), will pass from the Torah until everything is accomplished. Therefore, whoever annuls one of the least of these mitzvot (divine commandments given by Hashem to Moshe Rebbenu) and so teaches Bnei Adam, (the Son’s of Adam) shall be called katon (least) in the Malchut HaShomayim (Kingdom of Heaven); but whoever practices and teaches them, this one will be called gadol (great) in the Malchut HaShomayim. For I say unto you that unless the Tzedek (Righteousness) of you exceeds that of the Sofrim (Saduccess) and Perushim (Pharisses), you will certainly not enter the Malchut HaShomayim.”

The Catholic Babylonian Whore removed the commandment about idols and deleted Yah’s 7th day Sabbath and instituted their own 1st day Mithras sun god day for their Sabbath and her Harlot Daughters, the Protestant church’s, went along with it all willingly. Both the Whore and Harlots invoke the aka name of Satan, “Esus” with a J–“J’Esus” and many even baptise people in the name of Jesus which is totally worthless for the forgiveness of sins as ACTS 2:38 instructs us to baptise in the Savior’s name, his real name that has meaning and power, Yeshua (Yahuah is Salvation). Jesus is a hybridized Grecco-Latin name that has absolutely no meaning in Greek or Latin as it does in Hebrew.

Sad, but true the woman with the painted eyes reminiscent of Jezebel who’s mission it was to murder the prophet Eliyahu will probably never give up her false Messiah J’Esus and repent to the legitimate Messiah of Y’israel named Yahu’sha, who came in His Father’s name Yahuah. Like many other’s Joni Lamb will probably forever reject He who came in His Father’s name in favor of the anti-Law, anti-Christ of the Whore of Babylon named J’Esus.

Why not just stop the greedy money-grubbing pretense and be done with the Babylonian pagan Roman Whore? Oh, wait, you can’t Joni because like Nicodemus you will not give up your resplendent and luxurious lifestyle to sell it all, give to the poor, and pick up your cross to follow the glorious legalistic Law Giver and King of the Universe Yahu’ah who re-incarnated into the human body of our Lord and Savior Yahu’sha HaMaschiach. Like Nicodemus, you walk away sad, but happy you keep your billion dollar empire that keeps you in the finest of clothes

Marcus and Joni Lamb could be sincere about what they profess, but the horrifying truth is that they are sincerely wrong having followed after the pagan Roman false-messiah anti-christ religious system of Satan called Christianity that names it’s Messiah “J’Esus” in opposition to the Messiah of Judaism who’s REAL name above all other names is Yahu’sha, meaning Yahuah is Salvation. I can already hear the pagans grumbling, as they always do, “Yahu’sha” is not a name mentioned in the Bible. Firstly, one would have enough brain cells to know the New Testament was created by the pagan Romans after 312 AD. They had a good decade or more till they convened two separate councils at Nicaea, Italy to decide what they as pagan’s would have in this NEW RELIGION THEY WERE INVENTING CALLED CHRISTIANITY. These were very wicked men who’s goal was simple to protect the Roman Empire from the Jews who’s faith was making headway to replace their demonic multi-god worship with One True Father of all Creation who incarnated into the body of Yahu’sha Messiah. These pagan’s had no working knowledge of the intricacies of the Hebrew language and had no desire to preserve the name of Yahu’sha. The Roman/Babylonian Whore/Harlot system created their own demonic replacement name for Yahu’sha, which was neither a translation nor a transliteration of the true and Kodesh name of the Jewish Messhiah. Yahu’sha Himself prophesied of the LAWLESS ONE was to come saying, “One will come in his own name and he you will accept.” JOHN 5:43 This “one” that has been accepted is none other than the false Messiah, the invented Roman Messiah named J’Esus, named after Esus.

Long before before there was the diabolical pagan Roman invention of Christianity there was the FAITH ONCE HANDED DOWN FROM THE SAINTS/APOSTLES/FOLLOWERS WHO KNEW YAHU’SHA THE MESSIAH IN REAL TIME. THEY ATE WITH HIM, WERE HEALED BY HIM, AND WERE PHYSICALLY TOUCHED BY HIM unlike the mythical satanic invention of The Babylonian Catholic Whore who birthed a Harlot offshoot called Protestant Christianity, whom the Catholic church calls it’s wayward Harlot Daughters that it welcomes with open arms back to the Mother of all Harlots Catholic Church.

The demonic hijacking of the true faith by pagan Rome became what John the Revelator called “The Whore of Babylon sitting on the 7-hills of Rome” that has it’s origins in 312 AD with the Roman Emperor Constantine and his faked conversion which was part of his crafty satanic plan to replace the true Jewish faith with a Hellenized (Hell inspired) abomination which was nothing more than a hostile, and murderous takeover of the Jewish Natsarim faith thus birthing The Catholic (Universalism) One World Religion that was also prophesied to come. Hundreds of years later along came Martin Luther and brought about the Reformation that created the Protestant Church’s that broke away from the Catholic Universalist (One World Religion). Sadly, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and they continued invoking the name of Satan through the name “Esus” with the letter “J” tacked onto the front of it making it “J’Esus/Jesus”. They had their chance to return to the truth of His Blessed Hebrew Name Above ALL Names, but they didn’t. They continued to embrace the lie and be damned and that’s why they are to prophetic fulfillment of the Harlot daughter of the Whore of Babylon. The Protestants continued to stumble blindly in the “mystery of iniquity” preaching the doctrine of demons that the followers of Protestant Christianity no longer were under the Law, but under Grace where they continue to this day to forsake the Commandments, much less the 613 of the faith of Yahu’sha. The blinded ones read what the true Messiah Yahu’sha said, “If you love me, keep my Commandments”, but in their blinded “strong delusion” confusion they do not even consider this new Commandment straight from the Messiah Himself. Yahu’sha never said it was okay to eat swine. The “Under Grace Doctrine” is the “mystery of iniquity because mysteriously some how the Law was abolished, yet confusingly Christians seem to understand that they have not been given license to murder, lie, steal, worship idols, etc., etc. They seem to think the 10 Commandments they are to keep, except for the keeping of the 7th Day Sabbath that they still break by keeping the pagan Roman sun god Mithras Sun-day Sabbath which IS NO SABBATH TO THE ALMIGHTY YAH, BUT AN ABOMINATION TYPE OF SIN THAT IS GOING TO CARRY THEM ALL TO THE LAKE OF FIRE AND THE DESTRUCTION OF THEIR SOULS. Some say worshipping on the Sun-day sun god Mithras demonic sabbath is part of the MARK OF THE BEST SEAL in the forehead and the right hand as your forehead part of your brain is the part of the brain where you understand right from wrong and make your choice to do right or wrong, and the right hand are those right or wrong deeds being carried out physically through faith–If you have no works of fulfilling the 613 Commandments your “faith without works is dead”.

I’m here to tell you that such demonic faith anti-Law Keeping with no works (fulfilling Mitzvot) your is already soul dead in our Heavenly Father’s eyes, as it’s never been awakened. You folks know the truth, but you sell the gospel so you can live a lavish and luxurious lifestyle. The apostles gave warnings about those who ask for money and instructed the sheep to put them out. Mr. Marcus Lamb, and Jezebel Lamb with your painted eyes, and super thick panstick makeup, and wearing of clothing pertaining to men. Oh, Yes, Jezi’bel/Iso’bel/Isus’bel/Isous’bel Scripture IS VERY CLEAR ABOUT THE Jezibel spirit, and the “painting of the eyelids”even as far back as the Book of Henok (Enoch), the great grandson of Noach/Noach. There is only one reason women paint their faces and that is to give the impression of sexual arousal to men. And to think that the world’s best known name in sinful makeup for women’s faces is Avon Cosmetics Company!!!! Want a terrifying revelation on the prohibition of women wearing makeup that will make you dump all that stuff in the garbage? It’s no coincidence that the leader of women’s makeup in the world has the name “Avon”. Look up the word “Avon” in your Strong’s Concordance and you’ll get enough of a fright that have you running to the cold cream jar to get that satanic paint off your face so you’ll look like a set-apart woman of faith instead of looking like a painted street whore. The Father is very clear about women painting their eyes and you know this Joni Lamb, but you continue in this behavior with no shame. Look at the Ultra Orthodox Jewish women. Nobody has to guess if they are a believer or not because they look like “godly” women as a testimony for all to see and you look like a street walker next to them. Look at the women of the United Pentecostal Church who do not paint their faces like Jezebel, nor wear costly array, or men’s clothing. They keep their hair style very modest, not hanging loose and wild to draw the attention of men. Read the Scripture and know that “God” is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and He still hates the appearance of sin.

In training to become a psychologist we take a similar approach as the Scripture verse above. Our struggle, so-to-speak, is not against the flesh and blood person, but we call out inappropriate behavior manifesting in the individual. We gently try to present guidance like placing a sign post before the individual that says, “This Way”, not that way.

Yesterday, on September 22, 2020 I contacted Joni Lamb of the Daystar Christian Television Network as I had seen an episode of her Table Talk interview format program where she mentioned what I thought was my unique life story. Only having found an email address for a “Barbie Harris” assistant to the Senior Producer of Joni Lamb’s Table Talk Show. I am assuming Rose Howard to still be the Senior Producer of the Table Talk show unless she has been replaced since 2016 by Executive Producer, Joni Lamb herself.

The email trail, so-to-speak, seems to have passed only between Barbie Harris and Joni herself as the reply I received seems to be evidence of. I will place a copy of the email I received at the end of this blog entry.

Basically, what I got from the reply is that they informed me it was not my unique story that Joni Lamb reference, but that of another person with a very similar story to mine! hmmmm… Barbie Harris went on in her reply to me to not reveal the identity of this said individual, but told me:

“In regard to the person Joni Lamb referred to on her program, though it may have sounded like your story, it was not you.  Joni Lamb has met this man and even had him on her program a few years back. “

In my reply I didn’t bother to address the fact that neither Joni Lamb or Barbie Harris address any request in my letter. The reply from Barbie that was passed by Joni Lamb for approval as you can judge for yourself appears to ignore my request to come on the Table Talk show to be a part of the series concerning sexual identity. The dismissal sentence basically said in other words, “We are not interested in having you on our show due to the fact you have already had plenty of exposure by being interviewed in your lifetime”. How else would you understand the reply of Barbie Harris where she wrote to me:

“It sounds like you have already achieved many interviews and exposure in your lifetime.  We pray that you will find Jesus the Son of the Living God as your Yashua.”

Not only is Barbie Harris blowing me off with Joni Lambs approval, she also received the approval to insult my Jewish faith by going further to say:

“We (speaking on behalf of Joni Lamb and herself) pray you will find Jesus the Son of the Living God as your Yashua.”

What insulting gall to say such a thing to me after I wrote to Joni Lamb with a brief biography (see letter below) where I wrote of becoming a Pentecostal minister at the age of 18, also making mention that I have since become an Orthodox Jewish Messianic minister (since the truth was revealed to me back in the year 2000.

I am ONLY testifying to what is blatantly obvious to anyone (even a child) who would read Barbie Harris and Joni Lamb’s disappointing and insulting reply/dismissal.

Is this representative of Christians respect and blessing the Jewish people of Israel??? I’m asking a question, not making any judgement.

Adonai Alaheinu Melek HaOlam YHWH has already given me a prophetic judgement to pronounce, but like Abraham asked for YHWH to spare the inhabitants of Sodom for the sake of a few righteous souls I have asked the Father to please allow me to not yet pronounce the prophetic judgement to Joni Lamb until when and if she responds in a fashion that lines up with the Word.

To me, it is inconceivable how Joni Lamb will have people come on her Table Talk show that are still involved in the sin of the homosexual lifestyle, but they refuse someone like myself??? In bringing up this matter with Rabbi that is over me his first reaction was to shake his head slowly in disbelief at such an insult and dismissal in their letter of reply.

That’s where I’m going to leave this for the moment until and if I hear back from Joni Lamb and Barbie Harris.


Arleen (aka “Arlene”) Phyllis Hogan-Hickey

The Mother of My Unborn Children

I guess I should explain that subtitle. When I’ve told the story to people about the “mother of my unborn children” it confuses them, but that is how I think of Phyllis. She was to be my wife and have my children. My children never got to come into this world because she left me. I’ve had some very low moments in this lifetime because those dreams were crushed. People will say to me, “Why didn’t you just move on and find another girl?” That is what people of the world will ask, but he who has the Words of G_d written on his heart follows another set of rules.

I may not have been very observant and knowledgeable of the written Word, but so father Abraham kept the Torah perfectly our sages say even before the Torah was given much later to Moses to give to the people. His Word is written on the tables of our heart, but because our hearts are deceitful our Abba had to give them to us on tables of stone for us to look upon, similar to the tzitzit He commanded us to wear as visual reminders of His Commandments.

My Scottish ancestry and Jewish ancestry both are in agreement that once you promise yourself to someone it carries the same weight as marriage and you may respect a woman as your wife with full sexual privilege’s. Worldly ways crept in during the last few hundred years and many people don’t see things that way anymore, but G_d is the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

I’ll probably repeat this part later in my recounting, but before my family ever moved away from Kentucky to Florida in 1979 Phyllis and I agreed to wait for each other till we were old enough to get married. Even though just a couple generations before us folks got married at 15 I was under the impression that we had to wait a few more years, but we were in love and we were sure we were meant for each other. Instead of an engagement ring I gave her a gold engagement bracelet with a promised that I’d return when I was 18 and we could be legally married. I moved back when I was 18 for 6 months and ended up returning to Florida because things didn’t turn out the way I hoped.

I can hear the haters right now saying mean things like I should have forgotten about her long ago or that I’m obsessed. Naw, that ain’t it. I simply fell in love with the girl that G_d meant for me and for some reason I’ve yet to figure out He didn’t allow me to keep her in this life. Real love never fades.

Phyllis reached out to me back in 2008. Herself and a co-worker told me how miserable she’d been in her marriage to a very abusive and controlling man. I told her that I felt bad for her situation, and I reminded her that all things happen for a reason, but that I wasn’t trying to say anything negative like that’s what you get for not marrying me. I just tried to be supportive and asked her if she felt she needed to get away from him. She said she was too scared to leave him as he micro manages every moment of her life, never allowing her to have a car, and not even allowing her to walk across the parking lot with co-workers to have lunch at the Diary Queen. And it gets worse. The only place she could have her hair cut was at her brother’s salon on the one day a week the salon was closed and he would demand that the lights not be turned in the salon as to not attract men looking at Phyllis through the window. I can only imagine the hell she has suffered with Patrick Hickey. Phyllis told me that she was afraid if she ever tried to leave him that he would kill her. That’s about the time she stopped communicating with me. If anything ever happens to Phyllis everyone will know who did it because all her family has been witness to his craziness. I hate to see the sweet girl I loved trapped in a hell like that with an abuser, but I’m unable to free her. I can only pray that Patrick softens in his old age and stops abusing Phyllis. I just hope she has been able to hold onto herself and he has not completely psychologically destroyed her. If one day he dies and she is free of him I’d hope to meet the sweet girl I knew long ago again.

As I mentioned, I began keeping a journal at age 12. By the time I began writing my life story in 1990 I had a pile of journals. They became a helpful source for remembering a lot of facts and dates. The writing of my life, or memoire took a creative turn several years to become a novel based on a true story. A publisher who had read some of my online story expressed interest and supported me in the creative novel approach where I incorporate my faith in re-incarnation. That’s all I will say about that for the moment.

In 1977 I began attending Alex Barrett Middle School. I was 14, and Phyllis was 14. The following school year Phyllis began attending another school, but just a week into that new school year one of my friends named Sammy Murphy came to me with a note from a girl he said called him. I called the phone number on the note and it was Phyllis to my pleasant surprise. We began talking on the phone daily and one day I told her I could ride my bike over to her house and bring my yearbook and we could go through our memories of our past school year together.

In my minds eye the memory of that September 1978 day we met again plays over and over like one of the best scenes from a favorite movie. I can still see it all in great detail with me sitting on the left side of the swing and her on the right. I already knew that first day of our reunion that she was the girl meant for me. That day lead to many other days that I’d ride my 10-speed bike over to her home. Her mom and sister Linda would always be there and sometimes her brother Tim would pop in and out. Zina and Joan the older sisters of Phyllis were already living on their own.

During the nice weather of summer Phyllis and I would sit out on the front porch of the house on what her mother would call “the sparkin’ bench”. Some days we’d go for walks down her block and over to the campus of the Sacred Heart school where there was an old cistern under a tree that was covered with a large concrete slab and we’d sit there on the slab and talk. We fell in love. I could spend hours not even talking, but just gazing into her eyes.

For Christmas 1978 I bought her a Krementz gold bracelet for a gift that symbolized an engagement ring that fit over her wrist instead of her finger. I was too afraid to buy a ring just yet, even it was a promise ring so instead I gave her a promise bracelet.

The following spring my mother did something nice for us for my 15th birthday. She took took Phyllis and I out for my birthday dinner at a fine hotel across the river in Indiana. Phyllis and I sat at a separate table from my family. It was like our first official chaperoned date. I remember that night so well, sitting there with her in the warm glow of candles the the table and how grown up and beautiful she looked in her dress. I felt grown up. I guess at age 15 we were. While times and customs change over the years I realized that in the older days many people married at age 15 and younger. My aunt Mary was married at age 13.

I could already see our future together. My plan was to finish high school and then we’d be married. We’d both go to college together and then 5 years into our career we’d begin our family. I was so happy and so was Phyllis. She fulfilled me with the love that made up for all the ugliness of my childhood growing up with an abusive alcoholic mother who never loved me. Everything seemed to be going along perfect and then my mother suddenly met a man and remarried and announced we would be moving to Florida. I was in shock.

Looking back now, I felt so helpless. There was nothing I could do but to go along with my mother’s plans. Had I not been such an abused and beaten down boy that was afraid to even imagine rebelling I would have probably thought of getting Phyllis pregnant so my mother’s plans to move us to Florida would have been stopped and my relationship with the girl who had won my heart would have remained to this day.

When you are the child of an abusive alcoholic you become mentally trained to NEVER step out of line and cause your mother even a hint of trouble or the next time she gets drunk she is going to take out all her wrath upon you. This happened to me over and over as a child as long as I can remember. I have a memory of when I was 6 years old when she was blaming me for all her troubles. I remember we were in the kitchen of our home at 3107 Verne Court where I grew up. She angrily told me she could see my father in my eyes when she’d look at me. Apparently she must have hated my father because she divorced him the year earlier. I’ll never forget how rejected and abandoned I felt as I stood blocking the front door of our home so my Daddy wouldn’t leave. As he was coming to the door to leave for the last time I pleaded, “No Daddy, please don’t leave me!” He said, “Get out of my way boy!” as he shoved me away from the door and I never saw him again. It wouldn’t be till 7 years later when I was 13 that my drunken mother who was beating me over the head with a bottle would reveal to me that he was not my real father, but another man was and she proceeded to drunkenly try to contact him on the phone to reveal for the first time that she was pregnant when they divorced and she’d had a son by him. My eyes memoried the page number and the the family name and address in the phone book. She spoke to his mother telling her the truth, but never spoke to my dad David on the phone. The next day, of course, when she was sober I dared never bring up what she’d told me while abusing me the night before. When you are the child of an abusive alcoholic you know if you are to dare to bring up anything up to them when they are sober that they did while drunk you are going to have hell to pay the next time they get drunk so I forever kept my mouth shut and I never sought out my biological father till another 12 years. I was so happy when I did meet him and got to have a relationship with him for the next 15 years before his death because he was a loving, kind, and humorous man. I missed out so much on not getting to grow up with his love and guidance.

Well, um…alright…dry my eyes and lets get back to the story at hand. Phyllis and I knew we were helpless against my mother’s plans to go to Florida so we spent the next few months saying our slow goodbye till we left for Florida in the fall of 1979. I was very heartbroken and I know it sounds extreme, but I poured out my heart to Phyllis everyday in letters that were never less than 7 pages back and front. I lived to go to the mailbox everyday when I got off the school bus to see if there was a letter from Phyllis for me. Back on those day of 1979 phone calls cost a large amount of money that you are charged by the minute and an hour phone call would put another $20 dollars onto the bill so letters were the mainstay of our continued relationship.

Apparently, I’d committed a cardinal sin by describing the figure of a girl that lived in my neighborhood that waited for the school bus with a group of other kids from the neighborhood. I thought nothing of mentioning her, but I guess I was blind to understand it made Phyllis feel insecure. Before I knew it Phyllis had begun telling me in her letters about a Native American guy who would come into the ice cream parlor job she had and he’d talk to her and try to ask her out on a date. I thought nothing of it because I had complete faith in her love for me. Then one day she wrote to tell me he’d asked her if he could take her to a carnival nearby and then I began wondering why she was telling me this. To my horror it wasn’t much longer after that when I received a letter from her that said she wanted to break things off with me. I immediately called her on the phone, but she refused to talk to me. I called back begging her to talk to me numerous times, but she would hang up on me. I didn’t understand and couldn’t understand. The only person that had ever loved me had now abandoned me. That day I became emotionally devastated and tried to commit suicide. While I was in the hospital recuperating my mother called Phyllis’s mother to tell her what her daughter had done to her son. After returning home from the hospital Phyllis finally agreed to talk with me. I assured her I had no idea that mentioning some girl had upset her and that there was no other girl for me but her and I begged her not break things off with me. After several days of pleading phone calls she finally agreed to take me back and hope returned to my heart.

Christmas of 1980 we traveled back up to Kentucky and I got to see Phyllis. My mother wasn’t always abusive to me. She helped me purchase an engagement ring for Phyllis and I was going to give it to her, but something happened that shocked me to my core. She wasn’t sure she wanted to continue our relationship and I spent a whole day at her house talking with her and reassuring her of my love. Her mother needed to run out to the grocery for a bit and left us in the house alone–a first. Phyllis asked me to come up the stairs to her bedroom and I didn’t think nothing of it as I’d been there before when her mom was home. I was thinking maybe now would the time that I’d ask Phyllis if when her mom came home that I might ask her if it would be okay with her that we became engaged to be married. I was ready with the ring in my pocket, but what happened next made my jaw and heart hit the floor. Phyllis laid herself across her bed and said, “Make love to me”. My mind really goes blank now as to what I said next, but I can only think that it has to be something like saving that for our wedding night. I couldn’t help the feeling, but in that moment of her asking me to do that I felt as if she became the girl I didn’t want to marry.

I still haven’t figured out what was going on with Phyllis for her to act the way she did telling me about other guys coming around like she was trying to provoke me to jealously. I Phyllis I loved I trusted with a pure heart and I wasn’t thinking she was trying to make me jealous. I felt more like she was a victim of guys hitting on her. I never got to surprise her with the engagement ring and I still have it.

That next spring when I turned 18 and went to live with my grandmother I took the engagement ring with me in hopes that Phyllis and I would rekindle our love. We began talking on the phone and I was trying to ease into us mutually deciding on getting together for a face to face eventually. I guess I was moving too slow, but when you’ve had your heart broken by somebody you sure don’t want get your hopes up again too quick. One evening with no warning Phyllis and her sister Linda showed up at the farm. They didn’t know how to open the gate at first and my grandmother became very defensive and forbade me to go to the door to welcome them in. I was so well-trained to obey by my abusive mother there was no way I was gonna go against my grandmother’s wishes even though I saw no harm in going out and letting then in. I didn’t disobey my grandmother and they finally left. I thought I’d call her the next day and explain. I think the whole thing was just mentally overwhelming for me because while I remember that night I can’t remember what transpired afterwards. I think my grandmother felt Phyllis would take me away from her and she needed me to help her on the farm and she wasn’t about to lose me to a girl that had already broke my heart so bad that I was hospitalized for a suicide attempt. I think my grandmother was just protecting me and didn’t want me even talking to her on the phone anymore. Things thereafter soured between me and my grandmother. I found out that Phyllis up and hastily married someone else the next month in May and I was just done. I stayed with my grandmother another 4 months and then returned to Florida where my life began to fall apart.

To be continued…..14 September 2020

16 March 2021 – I’d kinda forgotten about continuing this writing. Today I was listening so some old country music, Hank Williams, Ernest Tubb, Jimmie Rodgers, and it got me to thinking about Phyllis. I hope she is doing okay. I know she has had a difficult life with that man she married. I know it may not be right to think about the day she may be free of him, but I don’t wish anything like that. I just know our heavenly Father has a plan and I wonder if His plan includes that I’ll ever see Phyllis again. I often think of her being free again and we meet and we just simple pick up our happy days as if no time has ever passed. Love doesn’t allow you to remain upset about disappointments. You just continue to love and respect and make every moment a good one. I just noticed the date. Tomorrow is Saint Patrick’s Day. I hadn’t yet met my father when Phyllis and I knew each other. I search him out when I was 25 and found out that I’m part Irish, mostly Irish, I guess. My dad’s great grandmother immigrated from Tipperary, Ireland. On my mother’s side my great-great grandmother was Scottish, but they had all left Scotland after the battle of Culloden in 1746 for safety in Ireland because the British were genociding many of the Scottish. Well, Happy Saint Patick’s Day little red. I hope to hear from you again one day.



Most readers are immediately want to know my position on homosexuality and transgenderism so I’ll give that right away to those seeking that so they can go on their merry way without reading further find out what causes homosexuality and real gender dysphoria. I believe that G_d forbids homosexuality and it’s bedfellow, transgenderism, and I imagine you know what G_d has planned for those who disobey. That’s all there is to it. Now, moving on to the cause and cure of these mental issues.

Leviticus 20:13
“If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.”

Ezekiel 3:17 “Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel (the Lost Sheep of Israel). Whenever you hear a word from My mouth, give them a warning from Me.  If I say to the wicked man, ‘You will surely die,’ but you do not warn him or speak out to warn him from his wicked way to save his life, that wicked man will die in his iniquity, and I will hold you responsible for his blood. But if you warn a wicked man and he does not turn from his wickedness and his wicked way, he will die in his iniquity, but you will have saved yourself.”


Yeshua the Messiah said, “He who loves his (homosexual) life shall lose it. He who loses his (homosexual) life for my sake shall gain his life”.

Of course, I added the word “homosexual”, but it stands as Yeshua was talking about people’s lives of sin, any sin including the homosexual lifestyle.

There is no such thing as “gay pride”. It’s an illusion that is no different than someone who is divorced and remarried is living inside the intentional sin of adultery. Christian teacher Paula White comes to mind. Can Satan quote Scripture? Does Satan know Scripture backwards and forwards? Can people like Paula White preach and teach Scripture all day long while being dead in her sins? Yeshua spoke such people as Pharisees that teach that other people keep G_d’s Laws that they do not keep themselves. You are fooling yourself if you promote the idea of gay pride. It’s a disgrace (dissing of G_d’s grace concerning your sinful condition), not a thing to take pride in. You are trying to take pride in something G_d’s word say’s is sexual sin.

Homosexuality is one of those “thorns in the flesh” that Yeshua described when talking about the parable of the seed sower. Homosexuals are those where the seed (the Word of G_d) fell among the thorns in the heart of the person struggling with same sex attractions. They want desperately to believe they were somehow born gay. Sorry Lady GaGa, nobody was born gay as if there is a gay gene or something. They may want to believe in G_d, but the “thorn of homosexuality” chokes them and they walk away from G_d and many create their own religion or adopt some type of spirituality that tries to make them believe G_d embraces them as homosexuals. This is a lie from the pit and exactly what Satan wants you to do is believe a lie, reject G_d’s Word, and lose your soul.

Yeshua the Messiah said, “He who loves his (homosexual) life shall lose it”. I added the word “homosexual”, but it stands as Yeshua was talking about people’s lives of sin, their sinful lives that have become their chosen lifestyle, such as the sin of homosexuality is. Homosexuality is one of those “thorns in the flesh” that Yeshua described when talking about the parable of the seed sower. Homosexuals are those where the seed that fell among thorns and because they want desperately to believe they were somehow born gay as if there is a gay gene or something they may want to believe in G_d, but the “thorn of homosexuality” chokes them and they leave G_d. Don’t do it! This is exactly what Satan wants you to do is to reject G_d and loose your soul.

FOR THE MAN STRUGGLING WITH HOMOSEXUAL ATTRACTIONS HE MUST FIRST KNOW THAT HOMOSEXUALITY IS A RE-INCARNATION PHENOMENON, and this has always been the position in Judaism. No so-called “conversion therapy” is going to work. The only conversion is a renewing of your mind knowing you are a soul and your body is simply a temporary vehicle for your soul to navigate and fulfill G-d’s plan for your life.

Before you were born you contracted to be born with same sex attraction as a test for a small minority of very advances souls. Your same sex attractions are based in re-incarnation bleed over from your most recent past life where you lived as the opposite sex.


The sages of Judaism have alway known this to be the case in instances of homosexuality, and it’s companion transsexuality, the latter being a more concentrated version of former. The world offers all other kinds of pseudo science explanations for this spiritual issue. Satan wants you to believe you were born this way like you are a different human species.

Anybody is capable of sexual sin. Human beings love to experiment. Men in the ancient world who’s lives were not influenced by G-d had no moral compass to inhibit their sexual exploration. It’s only normal and sensible to know that a man knows what feels good sexually to another man and there are those who adopt a homosexual lifestyle not because they feel the were born that way, but it’s a more attractive way to have sexual needs met without all the restraints that marriage to only one sexual partner presents for their sexual appetite.

I have interviewed men who are so sexually promiscuous that they have hundreds of sexual partners in the span of a year. The Internet has facilitated the ease of instant and quick sexual hookups that may only need about five minutes of contact to bring sexual relief. Having sex with a completely new person every time is super addictive to the brain of a man who has a sexual thought every 6 seconds. It all has it’s foundation in what I call testosterone poisoning. Men suffer from their high levels of testosterone.

The homosexual man (or transsexual man) has just left their last life as a woman, and it affects their current life as male. Except for the severely closeted homosexual, I have NEVER met a gay man that doesn’t have a feminine personality. Why is this? It’s simple. As I tell you. They are experiencing re-incarnation bleed-over from their immediate past life as a female. The same goes for lesbians who’s same sex attraction is organic to her immediate past life a male.

Past lives and their effects on the present lifetime should be embraced for the positive influence they have, but according to Torah not all things life puts in our path are to be embraced, but they are circumstances given to us for the growing and elevation of our soul as it incarnates time and time again into male and female bodies to be able to fulfill all the Mitzvot (some for only men and some for only women).

You might be saying, “Well, that’s Judaism, and I’m NOT Jewish!” G-d created his Law for all of His human family, not just for His “Chosen People”. They are only the conduit to bring His light to humanity. In G-d there is neither Jew nor Gentile as we all come from one father and mother. No human’s on this planet came from any other mother or father. We are all one family. Many are called, but few are “Chosen”. So, now that YOU understand that you are a soul that has re-incarnated hundreds if not thousands of time over the millenia why don’t you just come to a place of acceptance and get down to business allowing this re-incarnation positive so that your soul gets elevated to the next level? If you get stuck in the error of the so-called “Gay Pride” lifestyle you are taking your soul backwards and when you die you will get your past life review and will be told you failed and will have to return to repeat another re-incarnation as homosexual. For those who failed their first homosexual re-incarnation challenge the path will become more difficult for the next homosexual re-incarnation. On the second round you don’t get to come back as a attractive homosexual, but you come into the world as a very unattractive, if I can say ugly homosexual, often times even with karmic physical and mental disabilities added to make you path more difficult.

G-d anointed me with a specific ministry to my family. It’s not one of my choosing, but it is a calling, and being therefore called of G-d I submit to His will. Homosexuality seems to run rampant in my family. Maybe it’s a generational curse for something my ancestors did? Seeing that all my ancestors, the Horstmann family are Jewish by birth, but left the truth for the lie may be reason enough for there to be a generational curse on my family. I can’t say that homosexual attraction in and of itself is a curse as it is a re-incarnation challenge, but certainly there are other ways my family has been cursed, but that is a subject for another day

Three of my Kentucky cousin’s suffer from homosexuality. First there is my older male cousin Eddie McCrocklin that repeatedly raped me as a kid. When I was 18 I confronted him about what he did to me as a kid and all he would keep repeating is, “I don’t remember. I don’t remember”. Eddie lives in the closet with his homosexuality and has a long time girl friend named Karen “Susie” Miller who puts up with him for who knows why. Susie is quite mess herself. According to a family member I will not identify, they said Susie was the one who hatched the plan try to cheat me out of my inheritance from my grandmother. She convinced my cousin Donna McCrocklin that if they could get me convicted for poisoning my grandmother that I’d go to prison and not be allowed to inherit thereby my portion of the inheritance would be divided between the other two heirs Donna and her brother Eddie McCrocklin. Susie wanted to get her hands on my inheritance and reportedly was willing to go as far to say she witnessed me feeding my grandmother rat poison. When I found this out I just about fainted from horror. How could anybody be so evil to falsely accuse me of such a thing so they could steal my inheritance?

Cousin William McCarol of Columbia, and Mattie Davis of Louisville are living openly as “proud” homosexuals. Besides being tormented by homosexuality, Mattie (White mother/Black Father) deals with mental disorders and a lot of depression brought on by being abandoned by her mother whom someone told me was my cousin Tammie Horstman who also had another daughter out of wedlock. She abandoned Mattie to adoption because she came out looking fully Black, but her other daughter came out looking fully White. While I’m not sure if Tammie is Mattie’s mother, when I asked Tammie about it her response was to block me on Facebook. Tammie is one of those severely judgemental Christians, the kind that gives Christianity it’s bad name. I went to highschool with Tammie and even then at age 15 she had the reputation of being one of those types of girls that would be “most likely to sex-ceed”. She made lots of overt passes at me during high school and even in church, even though at the time I was engaged to another girl and she knew it. Tammie found another guy to have sex with and her sin was exposed because she turned up pregnant. Needless to say she got booted out of the United Pentecostal church and now the shameful repercussions of her bad choices continue to follow her the rest of her life. She’s created the image she is a changed woman and another church took her in, but Tammie is a worse sinner now then when we went to high school and church together. I’ve tried and tried to get through to her, but her mind is made up about how she has been brainwashed by Satanic Christianity. She thinks she has the truth, but G-d says differently and has sent her a “Strong Delusion” to believe the lie, and so she remains involved in the Satanic cult of Christianity also known as The Whore/Harlot of Babylon religious system that is an abomination to G-d and to which the “Jesus” she claims to follow pleads in the Bible, “Come out of her my people”.

Poor William also suffers from severe personality disorders, and crohn’s disease. He’s so bad off that the only job he can hold down is that of an graveyard shift manager at the local Wendy’s Hamburgers restaurant in Columbia, Kentucky. I’ve tried to help William too. Because I live in California where Cannabis is legal he asked me to send him some cannabis as a treatment for his crohn’s disease. It cost me $80 bucks and he said he’d repay me, but then he went mentally off the deep end and said all kinds and obscene and nasty things publically to be on Facebook and then blocked me. I know I’ll never see my $80 returned, but that’s okay with me. It was an act of charity for me in the first place inspired by G-d to help him, so I’m good. The sin goes on his account, not mine. G-d loves William and wants him to give up his sinful homosexual lifestyle, but William is like the many millions of those in the world today that have have been bewitched by the popular modern belief promoted by people like Lady GaGa that they were “Born that Way” as if they are some kind of different human species that same sex attraction is natural for. Well, you have heard that the Devil is a liar. G-d is not a liar and G-d says in Leviticus 20:13 that homosexual acts are an abomination to Him and that those caught doing so are to be thrust through with a sword, executed for their sin on the spot. How lucky is William that Yeshua the Messiah died to remove the letter of the Law that kills (the death penalty for certain sins).

I can only pray that my homosexual cousins Eddie McCrocklin, William McCarol, and Mattie Davis will find my website and read this page, and know that I am reaching out to them in love to help them understand their confusion about their sexuality. It is only through understanding why they have these feelings that they will be able to overcome the sin and understand their true identity as G-d’s Chosen People. The world’s answer is to say you are born homosexual like you are a different species or something. This is simply the big deception of Satan just as he tried to humanize and twist Scripture to tempt Yeshua the Messiah to sin.

Understand that the Bible is true, but you must understand it correctly. Know that sodomy not only pertains to prohibited anal l sex, but all prohibited sexual acts and relations. These Laws are for everybody, not just for those who chose the homosexual lifestyle. Homosexual’s are not being singled out for this sin of sodomy which many people are not aware that includes more than just anal sex.

If you are homosexual you do not understand your struggle and the church is to blame because they do not believe in re-incarnation even though it is a foundational pillar to Judaism and the gospels even give proof that The Savior taught re-incarnation. Since all my family is descended from our Jewish grandmother Susan (Shoshannah Miriam) Morrison who is my great-great grandmother that makes all the Horstmann family and their descendants born Jewish, the Chosen People. Please listen to me family. I am sent from G-d to help you “Come out of her my people”.

Judaism, the religion of the Father and Son, has always embraced the truth of re-incarnation believing that the Jewish people re-incarnate as many times as needed in the body of a male or female to fulfill each of the 613 Mitzvot (Commandments). Since some Commandments are only for men and some only for women you MUST re-incarnate as both sexes to be able to fulfill all these commandments. This is a foundational pillar of Judaism, should be foundational to Christianity too, but as we know, Christianity was a Satanic invention of the pagan Roman’s and is not of G-d. Christians are the descendant’s of Esau (Jacob’s brother) whom Scripture say’s, “G-d hated Esau”. Christian’s have a long history or murdering and executing Jews. While times have changed and Christians are no longer going on murderous genocides of Jews since they were lead by another of their false Messiah’s Adolf Hitler, Christian’s still to this day continue to hate Jew’s and the real Messiah Yeshua said, if you hate someone that you have murdered him in your heart. Just the same as he said about someone who looks at a woman with lustful thoughts it is the same as if he committed actual physical adulterous sex or fornication with her.

Judaism has always explained homosexuality as a man who is experiencing re-incarnation bleed-over from his past incarnation as female. Most of the transgendered people are experiencing the exact same thing. Some people were just sexually abused by an older person that caused them to go down the warped road of homosexuality. I’ve counseled many females who say they were sexually abused as girls and they turned to transexuality as a means to protect themselves from being sexually abused as a woman. Thankfully, many of these women have and are understanding the error of this mental disorder and are going through the long process of restoration of their true identity as female. The same can be said for male homosexuals who have finally fought their way about of mind altering abuse, and societal lies to find their true identity as a child of G-d. It’s all so simple when your blind eyes are open to the truth that can bring about instant healing for homosexuals and transsexuals. The truth may set you free of the sin, but bad habits are hard to break and that is why G-d gives us His method’s to remind us to stay on the straight and narrow path. Two of those methods are the commandments to wear tzitzit and to put on tefillin to remind how to live our happiest lives.

When the Satanic Christian church finally accepts the teaching of The real Savior Yeshua about the re-incarnation of Elijah the prophet as John the Baptist and the re-incarnation of the man The Savior healed who was born blind, then, and only then will the Foolish Virgins Roman/Babylonian Whore/Harlot church world that is deceived with the strong delusion will embrace those dealing with same-sex attraction and gender dysphoria so they can know their true identity that is the TRUE CONVERSION THERAPY that works! Sad to say in all my 20 years of dealing with Christians struggling with homosexuality they will claim to be delivered, but eventually all have fallen back into the sin of homosexuality because they have no real deliverance since they are serving Satan and and a Lawless false Messiah, and not the One True G-d of Israel.




Where do I begin to WARN the Christian church world that has fallen away from the first leaders of the Apostolic Jewish faith guarded and taught by the apostles of Yahusha the Messiah, The Son of Yahuah, HaMelek Olam?

Let me tell you right away that the parable of the 10 virgins and their lamps was Yahusha letting us know their would a true and Commandment keeping, Sacred Hebrew Names wise bride that gets raptured while the church world’s foolish bride will be LEFT BEHIND to suffer the plagues put on the Babylonian Whore (Catholicism) and her apostate Harlot Daughters who are both the foolish virgins who have reject the true Holy Tongue names of the Father and Son, Yahuah Melek HaOlam and Yahusha HaMoshiach.

Those are not the only things that are wrong with the foolish virgins who will not be allowed to enter into the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. The Christian Harlot system does not believe in re-incarnation which is foundational to the Jewish faith. Christians will accept that Yahuah incarnated into the body of a man so He could know all we, as humans, suffer physically and emotionally becoming our Passover lamb who’s blood washes away our sin.start with Yahuah incarnating into the man most Christians only know as “J-Esus”. I hyphenate that monsterous name so you could see the name Esus that was used in the Greek as Iesous or Esous which was the Greeks so-called transliterated (sound alike name) for Yeshua, the real Aramaic Hebrew name that is the same as the Book of Joshua (Yeshua/Yashua being the diminutive version of Yehoshua/Yahusha). Now, ask yourself this– Why was Joshua’s name name not corrupted to J-esus, but the Saviors name was when it’s supposed to be the Name above all Names, the only Name given to mankind by which we MUST be saved by the reciting of the name Yahusha in water baptism for the remission of the sin nature and you sins.

Again, ask yourself whyyyyyyyy if they got Joshua’s name correct after transliterating why didn’t they do the same with the Messiah. Well, lets go to the Word.