Can the New Testament of Christianity be trusted?

Short answer: Absolutely NOT!

There is proof that the New Testament is not divinely preserved inspired Word of G-d.

Make up your mind Christian. Are you just “playing church” to make yourself look good to your neighbors? Are you sincere about your faith, but perhaps sincerely wrong? Are you just blind, but wish to see?

My name is Rabbi Yosef ben David and “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because He has anointed me to preach good news to the poor (the @real good news to those who “poorly” understand their Romanized New Testament). He has sent Me to proclaim liberty to the captives (those held captive by the money grubbing wolves in sheep’s clothing) and recovery of sight to the blind (those blind who will soon be left behind and fooled by the “Strong Delusion” G-d said he would send to those left behind), to release the oppressed (there is but one way to get the oppressor to leave you alone), to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.” The “year of the Lord’s favor” was the one year period (not three) when The Rebbe Yeshua began his Messiahship ministry from this recitation from the Book of Isaiah till the day He was cruxified.

It is not not that the Word of G-d is not found within the New Testament, but lies by the Roman’s who compiled the New Testament are inserted and intentional misquotes from the Old Testament. The same with the Jewish Tanach (The Jewish Testament) as even Judaism’s greatest sages and Rabbi’s of old have declared in the Talmud and other Jewish books that there are at least 18 places in the Tanach where man took it upon himself to change the Word of G-d. Surely, Islam has done the same. Let’s just stick with the New Testament.

The facts speak for themselves.

Who was the invading force in Israel at the time of The Rebbe Yeshua HaMashiach? The Romans.

Remember, the Roman’s had their own rulers in place in all the cities in Israel, and a vast army living there, and a half breed Jewish King not of the royal line of David in place, and they all loved to eat the Roman national dish– pork. I was a harsh and murderous hostile takeover and rule of Israel by an unrighteous invader. And so, some of you may say that it karma because the G-d of the Jews commanded them to genocide there way to taking over lands that weren’t theirs. That’s true, but consider the source. The source being the Elohim who created mankind on this planet, and according to Judaism the Elohim also created this planet. If the Elohim created the planet and our species I guess they must have powers greater than us and we must do what they say or else. Or else what? Or else we will be punished for not obeying. But anyway….moving right along…

Jerusalem with it’s fame throughout the known world was like the #1 tourist destination on the planet at the time. Nothing has changed so much in 2000 years. Jerusalem is a tourist-based economy with tons of people doing today in modern Jerusalem all the things they did 2000 years ago. It’s a place of awe and intrigue, a place of pilgrimage for all people who want to deepen their relationship with the alien lifeforce or species that created this planet and us as a species. In the ancient world and today souvenir peddling in the streets and the whole tourist trade is King. The love of money and power replaced G-d as King of the Jews so is it wonder that such a den of thieves who were profiting off of religion caused Messiah Yeshua to go ballistic on the Pharisee traitor’s to G-d?

Being a tourist destination, and a marketing port for merchants to sell their wares from around the world and with a vast Roman population there the Jerusalem of Yeshua’s time was a horrible place full of sinful activity and many statues of pagan deities around the city so the merchants and Roman’s could conveniently worship their gods. Where there is tourism prostitution is always big business.

Remember, nearly 200 years before the birth of Yeshua you had the Maccabean revolt where they had to fight to get the Greeks out of their Temple they desecrated by sacrificing a pig on the altar.

The evidence we have is that the Temple workers, the priests cast, along with the current high priest at the time of Yeshua was Caiaphas were all mostly appointed and in the employ of the Roman’s leaving very few actual righteous priests working in the Temple at the time of this very harsh stage of Roman occupation that would come to a “final solution” just 40 years later when the Roman’s completely destroyed the Temple and nearly genocided all the Jews except for those who ran for their lives. Remember, the Northern 10 tribes had already gone into diaspora long ago during the time of the first Temple and now the remaining tribes of Benjamin and Judah would also be going into diaspora shortly with the destruction of the 2nd Temple by the Roman’s.

So, now with no Temple and nearly all Jews dispossessed of their covenant Promised Land the Roman’s felt they were finally well on their way to their own “final solution” to rid the world of such an arrogant people who want to claim there is only one G-d and only one Way to live. This was the ignorant perception of the Roman’s who were still waging war on Judaism centuries later when the Roman Emperor Constantine was executing Jews, messianic or not, because their numbers were once again threatening to overwhelm the Roman Empire and make it a Jewish Empire.

Spiritual Edom/Esau/Rome is still fearful today of the Jews taking over the world. Pagan Rome and it’s Universalist religion (Catholicism) and it’s wayward apostate Protestant Christianity daughter make the the Babylonian Whore/Harlot system that Yeshua prophetically warned, “Come out of her my people”. Christianity as a whole is nothing more than a hostile Roman takeover of the Messianic Jewish faith with their own false Christ they named Jesus in opposition to the real Messiah of Judaism, The Rebbe Yeshua.

Well-know racist anti-semites like Joni and Marcus Lamb of Daystar xtian tv have been working hard to create their thrones as leaders of Satanic Christianity. I’ve got a news flash for you Joni and Marcus Lamb. This world was created by a Jewish G-d who loves the Jewish people and hates the “workers of iniquity” from the Lawless Babylonian Whore/Harlot system you promote in your hatred for the Jews (and the Black race, btw). Joni Lamb’s lust for money and power would not let her divorce her adulterous husband Marcus Lamb even through he was caught having sex with multiple women. Isn’t Marcus Lamb the lucky one that doesn’t have to pay the Biblical price of being stoned to death for adultery? That would have rid the world of one less hypocrite using G-d to get rich.

This is what it’s all about. Religious hypocrites using G-d as away to get rich. The Romans shut down Jerusalem as the religious money making tourist attraction and moved it’s headquarters to Rome. People like Marcus and Joni Lamb may do things to help others, but wouldn’t anybody let go of a few dollars to help the needy if they were swimming in gold? They are corrupt before G-d and have gone out of their way to personally try to destroy me and my faith as a Jew in Yeshua, the real Messiah that they hate who is competition with their Roman manufactured moneymaker, the Lawless false christ named Jesus who abolished all of G-ds Law.

History and truth is on the side of the Jews and The Rebbe Yeshua who prophetically denounced the coming Catholic/Christian Whore/Harlot system which Yeshua described as “Foolish Virgins” and “The Workers of Iniquity”.

From the beginning, the Roman’s, who executed Yeshua at the Jew’s request, have systematically murdered those who were in possession of the Gospels of Yeshua and the Torah. There are piles of evidence that the Romans decided what the New Testament Bible we have today would contain. We know there is evidence the Roman’s changed the words of the gospels written by they eye witnesses and those who knew Yeshua. For that matter there is also plenty of evidence from well revered sages and Rabbi’s that over 18 changes were also made to the Torah shange meanings of verses so that proves that not even the Jews have a reverence for the inspired Word of G-d as much as they claim to just like the Christians. All have sinned and fallen short of preserving G-ds Word.

So, what does a believer in the Elohim do when you know that G-d’s word has been changed by both Jew and Gentile? All you can do is continue to see the truth that will make you free. What is that truth that makes you free and free of what? Do I dare to give my opinion?

Before giving my opinion my first question would be to you, “Why are you not asking Judaism who the Elohim are?”–those Elohim who said, “Let us create the human species similar looking to ours” (Let us make man in our image).

The oldest written history on this planet comes from the place where the Patriarch of Judaism is said to have resided. However, in that place known as the Sumerian city of Ur their recorded history goes back 450,000 years unlike the near 6000 years of Judaism. The Sumerian Tablets have all the recorded history of creation of Adam and Eve and the flood of Noah and they had it all recorded and it sits in museums for all to see as proof that the Jews appropriated and plagiarized their Elohim creation account from the Anakkim/Anunnakim records known as The Sumerian Tablets.

It would appear that Abraham’s father and family immigrated from India to Ur. After all Abraham is named after the top Hindu Creator Father G-d named Brahma. In Hindu history Brahma had a half sister wife named Saraswati, and so there you have the humble origins of Abraham and Sarah the Patriarch and Matriarch of not only Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, but other faiths.

The most genetically pure strain of Israelites that Moses lead out of Egypt who left Jerusalem during the first Temple period are the Yemenite Jews and they obviously look like the Hindu people of India. When they were airlifted out of Yemen in the 1970’s to return to living in their Promised Land they received a very cold and even racist welcome by the now white-faced Jews who had begun resettling the land in droves since 1848. Funny how the Yemenites are the most genetically authentic Israelites we have and the watered down Ashkenazi Jews (my own ancestry) who interbreed with the Goyim somehow see themselves superior to their dark-skinned brothers who left Israel and returned looking just like they did when they left unlike every other Israelite on the planet. And look at the Ishmaelite’s in Saudi Arabia who obviously look like the Negro race descendants of their Egyptian Matriarch Hagar, mother of Ishmael.

To close, let me say this. We can’t trust the New Testament, the Torah, or the Quran as they have all been corrupted by dirty little man’s fingers and his poisoned pen. That’s just the the truth.

The bigger truth is that those who created all of us rebellious human beings are just about to make a grand re-introduction. The Elohim are getting ready to return to this little laboratory planet to save us from those who they know are gonna push the button that would begin the domino effect of this planet being completely destroyed by nuclear war. It’s all there written in the Bible already. Maybe not the way you see it through your rose colored glasses or your Jew, Christian, or Muslim glasses, but it’s all there and is finally being revealed in these last days. It’s people like me that the Elohim have entrusted to help you waring savages wake up before it’s too late and you bring destruction down upon all of us. Your hatred for your brother, the age-old sibling rivalry which is the true inner theme of the religions of the earth is gonna end this earth and end our species. Educate yourself and stop your hate before it’s too late. The Book of Daniel says, “In the last days knowledge shall be increased”. That knowledge simply takes us back to the beginning knowledge that we are a bunch of stupid monkey’s who are still acting like animals that don’t quite have enough of the nature of the Elohim who genetically hybridized us with their own species making us “In their image”. Can’t we all just get it together for once and follow the word’s of the Messiah Yeshua who said the greatest Commandments were ” to love G-d and love your neighbor as you love yourself”. I want to believe that when the Elohim, YHVH G-d Himself returns to this planet in His human form as Yeshua will have changed His plan to destroy all the wicked since He’s gonna find at least 10 righteous souls on the planet when he arrives. I hope to be one of those. Do you?

So, come quickly Lord Yeshua, or Lord Elohim, Allahim, Annukim or whoeverkim you are. Come save us from ourselves before the Big Bang happens and this planet is turned to dust. In Yeshua’s name I pray. Omein.