Call Me By My Name

Abram’s name was changed to Abraham/Avroham. Jacob’s name was changed to Israel…

My biological father’s name was David and so I am “ben David” (son of David). My ancestry through my paternal line immigrated from Bavaria and I come from a long line of Germanic Yosef’s (aka in English as Josef or Joseph). I believe it was no mistake that my biological Father gave me the male name of Yosef a year before his death in 2005. Not to leave my mother’s side of the family out as my great-great grandfather on my mom’s side was a Joseph too.

As the Joseph of the Torah was a prophetic dreamer, so am I. As Joseph was shunned and rejected by his brother’s, so was I. As Joseph was a redeemer for the son’s of Jacob, so am I anointed to a special ministry to my own family to try to educated and draw them out of the Whore of Babylon/Harlot anti-Christ Christian religion that makes them the apostate Harlot foolish virgin that will be left behind in the rapture and most likely be cast into the Lake of Fire after the White Throne Judgement. If only Christianity knew that their J-Esus is the false christ that Yahusha said would come to lead many to their destruction.

Alan is a name I took to honor former male to female transgender Alan Finch (aka Helen Finch) as well as to honor my great-great maternal grandmother Susannah Mary Morrison’s immigrant great-great grandfather (my 5th great grandfather) Nathaniel Alan Morrison who immigrated from Scotland. The Scottish name Alan means “Rock”.

The transsexual I mentioned above, Alan Finch, of Diamond Creek, Victoria, Australia befriended me and supported me during the uncertain time when I was transitioning to Yosef beginning in 2004 after living 21 years as female.

Alan Finch after saying Goodbye Helen, hello again to Alan, and confusion.

After abandoning his female identity as Helen Finch he returned to living as male as Alan Finch. Upon returning to live as Alan he had his surgically cosmetic vagina removed altogether. Some years later he attempted to have a surgically cosmetic male phallus created from a skin graft from his arm, but it was a disaster and he had it removed. In 2017 he was inspired restore his cosmetic vagina by having the colonic tissue method done and he told me it turned out good and he is satisfied with it for sexual purposes.

Below is the magazine article in Australian Women’s Day when Alan Finch became Helen Finch. I am forever thankful to him for his support on my journey to finding wholeness and self acceptance as the rare intersexed person I am, both male and female in one body. I wish him all the blessing and wisdom from Father Yahuah on his journey.

I took the name of Yahudah to honor my maternal grandfather Charles Judah Gaylord (sometimes spelled “Gailord”), Jr.

My surname comes from my biological father’s family.

On my father’s side I have German/Irish/Swiss heritage.

On my mother’s side I have English/German/Black African/Scottish heritage.

As of the date of this writing I have no detected any evidence of Jewish genetic ancestry as I haven’t done a specific DNA test for that, but while I may have not been born a Jew, as I say I feel I am “Jew-ish” because I am grafted into Israel by virtue of my faith in Abba Allahim (Allah/Elohim) Yahuah (YHWH) Melach HaOlam (King of TheUniverse) and His incarnation as His only begotten Son, our deliverer, and redeemer Yashua (aka Yeshua, and aka “Jesus” to the RomanWhore/Harlot Catholic/Christian apostate bride religious system sitting on 7 hills that Yahusha said to, “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE SO YOU DON’T PARTAKE OF HER PLAGUES.”)

In my name I try to honor my life’s journey as the Jewish leaders and prophets of old did and as well honor both sides of my family tree.