About Ami Ron Ben Avraham, aka Timothy Layne Buckles, and Tim Layne

1:45pm erev Shabbos: Please forgive any typos in the early release of this article. I’ll come back later after Shabbos and proof read what I’ve written and do an update. I just wanted to get this out today because Hashem has greatly put it on my heart to do so.

Only yesterday I stumbled across the LASHON HARA article written in the Jerusalem Post by Jeremy Sharon on May 27th of 2021. Below is a link to the article .https://www.jpost.com/judaism/new-allegations-about-another-covert-messianic-christian-missionary-669299?fbclid=IwAR0PbECjAxrxPs_ntZwVzbM4NriRW6Z1R9n_60Ig12DRHRz4Ir2CPkXiMWc

Here it is hours away from Shabbos and since yesterday this began to press on my heart so much that I knew it must be from Hashem to write this article in support of Ami Ron Ben Avraham. Why is it that such pressing matters always want to rise up before Shabbos? Nevertheless, I’ll get a start on this article this morning and publish what I have, and as with all articles I write, then come back later and do updates.

Let me state for the record (doesn’t that sound like legal language?) that I do not know Ami Ron Ben Avraham or anything more about him than what is contained in this article. I had never heard of any of the organizations he is reported to be affiliated with, so this article is not so personal to me in that way, but it is very personal to me as a person of faith.

Stating something for the record does sound like legal language, and it was intentional because I feel like Ami Ron Ben Avraham has been wronged. I say that based on the scant knowledge I have at this moment. It’s now four months since the Jerusalem post article I cited came out and the situation may have been resolved? I doubt it. My thoughts are that the accusations thrown at Ami Ron Ben Avraham and his family are terrible and I’ll tell you why.

2000 years ago Jews who came to faith that Yeshua was the Messiah remained in their houses of worship. According to the book of Acts in the Christian New Testament even the Gentiles who came to faith that Yeshua was the promised Messiah of Judaism were going to the Jewish synagogue to learn hear the Torah every Shabbat. I believe the book of Acts is very clear that non-Jews were officially converting to Judaism as Paul gave them their minimum requirements to be able to keep themselves “clean” and attend services. No new religion was formed. There was only Judaism. The Christian religion that later formed was a creation of the Romans as a way to replace Israel. Many people of faith that are involved in Christianity are now understanding that and they know what “Come out of her my people” means. It means you need to come out of the pagan Christian system and return to Judaism, join the community, convert, and leave the errors of Christianity behind.

I was just browsing the comments section of the J-post article and it looks like others have written similar to what I am writing here. I don’t know if I can say much more than has already been said, but I just wanted there to be another voice denouncing the behavior of the Jerusalem Post with their slander, lashon hara, and obviously what looks like foaming at the mouth baseless hatred.

As a Jew myself I find it disgusting to see the authenticity of a convert questioned. I come from a family background where both sides of my family were Jewish, but for reasons I was unable to research I was never able to find out when they began living as Christians. Was it because of persecution as Jews? Regardless of the reasons I was unable to find any evidence outside of the Jewish family names on both sides. They may have become believers in Yeshua as their Messiah (or also known as Christians to some), but I have to wonder if they were hiding their Judaism. Had they been members of the church, yet kept the Shabbos, and lit Shabbos candles every Friday night? Anyway, all that to say this. I know in my heart my family is of Jewish ancestry on both sides even if I’ve been unable to prove it.

I don’t want this article to become about me, but what Ami Ron Ben Avraham and his family are going through I can fully understand. I don’t know their story, but I know that there is a great awakening going on right now. It exploded a little over 20 years ago. That’s about the time I began attending an Orthodox shul that had Chabad leadership. I finally felt like I was home being around Jews. People would often tell me I felt this way because I had a Jewish soul as many converts do. Back around 2004 when I was attending an Orthodox synagogue I had no clue about my Jewish background as I hadn’t searched it all out on Ancestry.com yet. All I knew was that I was deeply drawn to people I thought of as family. I was drawn to the faith that was practiced by the one I understood to be Messiah ben Yosef.

When one leaves Christianity where do they go? When you understood that Yeshua strengthened the Commandments and you must become shomer Torah, and shomer Shabbos you are not going to find that with any organization that calls itself Messianic. For the most part these organizations are simply Christian churches in Jewish drag. There is no place to go to join the Jewish people in Christianity because none of those organizations have a true Torah-based leadership even if their leadership is an actual Jew who came to faith in Yeshua. The only way those organizations survive is to allow the Christians in with all their errors and desire to control things. To me, anything labeled “Messianic” is a mess.

When one comes to the understanding that Yeshua came and strengthened the Commandments you know in your heart there is only one true place to turn to and that is Orthodox Judaism. At this point I’m only assuming this is how Ami Ron Ben Avraham and his family felt. As believers in Yeshua they knew they had to convert to Judaism and keep the Torah. Yeshua said, “If you love me keep my Commandments”.

What is the trouble with Judaism? After World War II those Christians in Russia who were called “Shabbatnics” were granted aliyah to Israel because they kept the Torah and the Sabbath and to the Nazi’s were basically indistinguishable from the Jews, and as such suffered the same fate as the Jews in the concentration camps. I believe, based on this precedent, that any believer in Yeshua who is shomer Torah, and shomer Shabbos should be allowed to may aliyah.

So, what is the problem here? The problem is the Jewish Taliban. You thought ISIS and Taliban groups were just for Islam? Well, wake up! Who do you think sent Yeshua to the cross? The Jerusalem Post by posting such a horrid article has put Ami Ron Ben Avrahm and his family in great danger! I know from having lived in Jerusalem that there are Jews there that will slit your throat quicker than any Muslim would. They have perfect cover for their crime because obviously anyone who finds the bodies will know it was a Muslim hate crime against the Jews.

From what I’ve read there is no evidence that the Avraham family were trying to convert anybody. They were only trying to belong where they felt they belonged along with their faith in Yeshua. Judaism needs to get over it already! Yes, in many respects Christianity is a strange Roman religion that has murdered many Jews, but these people left that error and went to all the trouble to convert to Judaism because they knew they had to so that they could be right with G_d. I believe this is a great work of G_d in these last days that He is waking up the lost tribes of Israel and bringing them home.

If Judaism can know that G_d took on human form to meet with Abraham before destroying Sodom and Gomorrah then you better know that G_d can take on human form to become the Messiah. If G_d can take on human form and wrestle with Jacob all night until the dawn then you better know G_d can take on human form to become the Messiah. You want to make claims of idolatry? Who ironic is it that the Torah records the Jews were constantly whoring themselves out to ever false god and idol in the land and YHVH eventually divorced them and tore down there Temple for a second time and drove them out of the land of Israel. When the Torah itself gives record that G_d took on human flesh, yet the Jews time after time bowed down the idols of wood and stone, and their hearts became so hardened they can’t even see that Messiah is simply another theophany of Hashem himself. No mere human can fulfill the job of Messiah, unless that human be given all the powers of Hashem himself. Yes, the Roman’s lead people down the wrong road with their demonic hostile takeover of the Messianic faith, but Judaism must have responsibility to teach these people the error of their ways, but…. unfortunately….. The Jews must first remove the tree stuck in their own eye before removing the splinter from the lost sheep of Israel’s eye.

I’m gonna close this article with a huge crescendo. Judaism has known the difference between the Jewish Yeshua and the Greek/Roman Jesus all along. The Torah documents how Jews over and over again didn’t keep the Torah and instead joined the Torahless goyim. The Christian church is the Torahless goyim you are fighting, not the Jewish Yeshua who only came to strengthen the Torah and make Jews even more Orthodox than ever. The truth be said is that Jews know Yeshua is the Messiah, but once they understand that fact they have to zip their lip and keep it a secret like they have been doing for 2000 years because Greco-Roman Churchianity with their anti-Messiah Jesus is a demonic organization that only wants to kill and replace the Jews. Remember, it wasn’t the Jews hands that nailed Yeshua to the cross, it was Roman hands and those same hands today are the Christians that want to nail every Jew to a cross.

If you are a Christian reader and you do not believe what I have said and are outraged and wanna call me a Judaizer then perhaps you should ask yourself why Yeshua pleaded, “Come out of her my people!” I’m not pointing the finger at every Christian and saying they are demonic, but I am saying you are deceived by a demonic system that goes against the teachings of Messiah Yeshua. I’m not afraid to call out evil. When I see evil Christian celebrities like Joni and Marcus Lamb of the Daystar Christian tv network and how they mock Jews who come on their network it makes me wanna puke. Marcus Lamb’s famous mocking phrase in his exaggerated hillbilly hick accent is “A real, live Jewish Rabbi.” He’s used that more than once when introducing Messianic Jews Rabbi’s on their broadcasts. They have flat out refused to allow me be interviewed on their network because they know I’m gonna call them out for the workers of iniquity that they are from the Satanic Whore of Babylon system.

Ami Ron Ben Avrahm, if you find my article I’d love for you to contact me in confidence. Know that what has happened to you is G_d ordained because He is casting a light on this whole issue as he wants all his shomer Torah and shomer Shabbos people together whether or not they believe Yeshua is the promised Messiah. We need to work together hand in hand defending each other against our enemies, the Christians, the Muslims, and the atheist goyim. I know to those who don’t understand the issues will think what I have just said is horrible and harsh, but it is not. To those awake they understand the peril that Christians are in by denying the keeping of the Torah. Yeshua said he is going to say to them one day, “Go away from me ye who work iniquity. I never knew you.”

The Cure for Homosexuality and Transgenderism

Formerly, I have written separate articles on this website directed at two groups of people who identify as homosexuals and transgender. I do make it clear in those articles that people suffering from homosexuality and the gender dysphoria of transgenders are both suffering from the same mental illness.

Yes, homosexuality and transgenderism result from mental illness. At its foundation this mental illness is exactly the same for the homosexual and the transgender. Both groups suffer from the same common dysfunctional affects of gender dysphoria.

At least in America, a generation ago, we once lived in a once ultra homophobic world where as soon as a child was old enough to speak they learned to hide any behaviors that did not match their birth sex or they more often than not be threatened with physical violence. Sissy boys and masculine girls would be shunned by normal kids and punished in various ways by parents. In this generation past these children grew up learning how to hide their differences in something called a closet. As a result many never acted upon their mental confusion and went onto live natural and positive lives.

Today we live in a world where more and more people are supporting children’s gender dysphoric behaviors which leads to easy recruitment by adults who are living fully fledged homosexual and transgender lifestyles. These confused people adopt an identity–a false identity that they are homosexual or where somehow born into the wrong body. They are then recruited into something called PRIDE. Make no mistake! Homosexuals and transgenders most definitely are recruiters for their lifestyle that goes against the Commandment’s of our Creator.

So, what is the cure for the gender dysphoria that leads people to enter into homosexual acts and some to mutilate heathy bodies in order to mimic the opposite sex? First, one must understand how and why gender dysphoria develops in the pre-homosexual and the pre-transgender.

The cure for homosexuality and transgenderism happens naturally when someone understands their true identity, not the false identity they have adopted. What is one’s true identity? In simplest terms your identity is based on being a child of G_d. The deeper and more technical answer to one’s identity is to understand what a child of G_d is.

If you come from a Muslim or Christian background you probably have been programmed to not believe in reincarnation. Yeshua, the Messiah of Judaism included reincarnation in his teachings as recorded in the New Testament, G_d the Father even incarnated into a human body when he physically appeared to Abraham with a couple angels while on the way to destroy the homosexual city of Sodom where we get the word “sodomy” from which is defined as anal sex. G_d also took on human form and wrestled with Jacob. So let’s understand this. G_d himself most definitely incarnated into human form in the Old Testament, but when he takes on human form again in the form of Yeshua the Messiah some people don’t want to believe that G_d is able to take on human form? How can Muslim’s or Christian’s not believe in reincarnation in light of this Biblical truth? How can the Christian or Muslim’s faith have any validity at all if they are denying the way in which G_d the Father brings about our salvation???

At our foundation our being is spirit with or without a human body attached to it. The spirit/soul being does not need a human body, but it enters a human body for short time for an experience. A soul is not assigned any sex (or gender). A genderless soul enters a body that has a sex.

What happens when you reincarnate into a body that is the opposite sex of your last reincarnation? People who have past life memories are experiencing past life reincarnation bleed over. For example, someone who is born male and was female in their past life can experience a bleed over from their past life as a female causing them to experience gender confusion that also results in sexual orientation confusion.

If people were armed with this knowledge in their faith in G_d then we wouldn’t have the sad epidemic of confused people now living the transgender and homosexual lifestyles that are against G_d’s Commandments. The biggest problem is that many people do not want to believe in G_d. They want to believe in sexual pleasure as their G_d.

Obituary for Yosef Ben David

(Writing my own as I have no family left to write one for me when I’m gone)

Yosef was born in April 1964 in Louisville, Kentucky. Unknown to him until he was 13-years-old the man named Charles Hall who had been entered on his birth certificate as his father, was indeed, not his biological father, but his first stepfather his mother had married hastily after divorcing her husband of two years, David Kirchner. She never disclosed her pregnancy at the time of her divorce from David Kirchner.

Later in life after meeting his real father David, Yosef was renamed after his father’s father who had since passed away in 1974. Yosef’s paternal grandmother, the former Nora Margaret Kestler, passed away in 1981. Yosef never had to chance to meet those grandparents.

Yosef is proceeded in death by his mother the former Virginia Lee Hall in 1993 and his father David Ryan Kirchner in 2005. His maternal grandmother whom he was very close, the former Mary Katherine Horstmann. passed in 2004. As his grandfather Odes Hall has passed in 1947 Yosef never knew him, but his grandmother had remarried and Yosef grew up knowing Herman Washburn the town dentist of La Grange, Kentucky as his grandfather.

Also proceeding Yosef in death of his immediately family is a half brother John Russel Gould, and a half sister Laura Rene Hall.

Yosef spent much of his formative years growing up on his grandparents 20-acre farm in La Grange, Kentucky where he helped raise beef cattle, and chickens. Yosef recalled, “There was never much time to be idle on the farm. There as always some fence line that needed repairing to keep the cattle from escaping and outside of the winter months there was always the huge vegetable garden.” Anytime the weather was nice was a time to go fishing in the pond or the lake on the farm. In July it was time to comb the countryside picking blackberries. Once the blackberry harvesting was done the garden would begin producing and canning and freezing of vegetables and fruit from the fruit tree’s would take place right on up till the first hard freezes of fall.

In 1977 at age 13 Yosef met the girl to whom he’d eventually become engaged to that was to become his wife, Arlene Phyllis Hogan. Phyllis and Yosef’s plans hit a bump in the road though a couple years later when Yosef’s mother remarried and decided to move the family to Florida. Yosef had assured Phyllis he would return for her at age 18 when they could be married and sure enough in April of 1982 Yosef returned to Kentucky on the eve of his 18th birthday to live with his grandmother. Yosef was looking forward to being reunited with Phyllis and planning a wedding. At the church he and his grandmother attended Yosef met a lot more of his family relations. It was just a small country church, but Yosef knew it would be the perfect eventual place for his wedding to Phyllis.

Within a month of Yosef’s return to Kentucky his heart was broken and all his hopes were dashed. Phyllis ran off and married another guy in the month of May. Yosef’s life would never be the same. The girl he’d loved with all his heart and soul was gone and all Yosef was left with was a lot of unanswered questions, and of course, a badly broken heart.

Yosef couldn’t bear to remain in Kentucky and so he returned to Florida hoping his friends would see him through this dark night of the soul. Yosef began experimenting with alcohol and marijuana during his last year of high school to escape the deep pain of a life that no longer seemed to have any direction without the girl he loved. His high school friends were all consumed with parties and drinking and then there was the Friday night Midnight movie called Rocky Horror Picture Show that was popular among teens who were exploring their sexuality. This weekly habit became a way for Yosef to enter an alternative lifestyle that insured no other woman would ever take the place of only girl he’d ever love. During this time Yosef was arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol and drugs. There were a couple hospitalizations for suicide attempts. Yosef was lucky to have survived this dark time in his life and manage to graduate from high school.

Times does not heal all wounds, but as the years slowly past Yosef got the bleeding to stop, and worked to get his life back on track and make something out of himself. Inspired by his grandmother he went to nursing school which became helpful during the declining years preceding his grandmother’s passing. After her passing Yosef returned to school again to become a Psychologist.

In 2007 Phyllis contacted Yosef again. Yosef recounted, “She spoke rather timidly at first, but soon opened up about the lazy, no good, and abusive man she had married. She told of how he wouldn’t work a job so she worked to support them as a gemologist at various jewelry stores wherever they would move to next. She said he did mow peoples lawns for some extra cash, but that was about all he did. He’d never allow her to have her own automobile and he’d drive her to work and pick her up everyday. She was never allowed to leave her work premises, not even to take a lunch break with co-workers at a café just across the parking lot from her employment. The shades always had to be pulled in the home so nobody could look in the windows at her, and she could only have her hair cut by her own brother at the salon he owned, on Sunday’s when the salon was closed to the public and no lights were allowed to be turned on to attract attention to her. Phyllis had a co-worker named Donna who also revealed a lot of what Phyllis endured in her abusive marriage. What a horrible life Phyllis had gotten herself into with the creep she married. She obviously regretted her mistake, but she was stuck. I tried to see if she had the courage to leave him, but she was afraid he’d kill her if she ever tried. That’s when she became uncomfortable talking to me and like many years ago she abruptly abandoned me once again and I haven’t heard from her since 2008.”

To be continued….

Before my life on earth ends I have a few things I’d like to say

A last words journal of a dying man

As my life begins to come to a close my mind becomes thoughtful of those loved ones I hope to soon meet again, and to those who are left behind that I feel apologetic for all the things I wish you could have been said or we could have done together while there was still time.

Where do I begin? Will the first person I choose to speak about somehow rate higher than others? I don’t want this to be the case. Funny, but as I started to write this the song, Cats In The Cradle, began playing on my Pandora station. I’ll take that as a sign that I should first talk about my father, David Ryan Kirchner who passed away in 2005 from a prescription drug overdose.

I wasn’t blessed to have grown up with my father as after two years of marriage my mother divorced him never letting him know she was pregnant with his child. I think that was an evil thing for my mother to do. I was his child as much as hers and he should have had all rights to have a proper relationship to me starting with being there holding me when I was born. If my mother would have revealed her pregnancy to him could that have been a catalyst for them to fix whatever was wrong in their relationship so I could have grown up with a loving father instead of not knowing him till I was 25-years-old and sought him out on my own?

Imagining my parents being centered in love and forgiveness and having a healthy marriage where I had the chance to growth up in a nurturing environment is a nice fantasy I’ve often entertained since the age of 13 when my mother first revealed to me who my real father was.

It was another of my mother’s drunken evenings when I was 13 that decided to break my heart a bit more as she abusively screamed the question, “Do you want to know who your real father is? It’s not Chuck Hall!” She grabbed me by the hair of the head and shoved me down into a ladderback chair that sat between my fish tank on a chest of drawers and my bedside table, and continued her verbal and physical abuse.

My memory of this event is etched deeply in my memory so please forgive me for giving specific details like the glass bottle of green apple scented body splash that my mother picked up and beat me over the head with. She hit me over the head till the cap broke off the bottle and the entire contents poured over my head and into my eyes and it burned. If only I somehow could have stopped this all from happening like it was a nightmare I could wake up from somewhere over the rainbow. Opening my eyes in a place where these clouds of my childhood were far behind me was not possible. Stopping reality was not possible. My mother was in control and my abused mentally could only respond in one way, taking the abuse, and continuing to be a good boy so hopefully the abuse would not get worse.

This abusive event culminated in my mother taking me with her to the kitchen where the phone book was and looking up the phone number of the home of the parents of my biological father. I filled with fear. I was all eyes as I memorized the page number in the phone book where she found their number with the address of Alton Road in St. Matthews which was not far from where we were living. Why I never called that phone number after that night I do not know. My mother got my dad’s mother on the phone and revealed to her after all these years that she’s had a son by David. I don’t recall the rest of the conversation, but it wasn’t a long one. As usual, the next morning nothing was ever said again about my real father, and as the child of an abusive alcoholic I knew very well not to ever bring the subject up because anytime you confront an abusive alcoholic parent with the abusive behavior or anything they did while drunk it only stirs up more anger in them and you will be get abused even worse the next time they get drunk. This was my life as a kid. This was the mode of regular abuse I endured.

Life had gotten better for the brief 18 months my mother was married to Bob, but then he died and my brief respite from abuse was gone. Thankfully, my mother sought herself out another alcoholic by the name of Charlie Bush and he became my 3rd stepfather. Together they hatched a plan to move us all away from Louisville, Kentucky 1000 miles away to Tampa, Florida. This move prevented me from entertaining any hopes of meeting my real father. I had a whole plan rehearsed where I was going ride my bicycle over to his home where he lived with his parents and I was going to knock at the door pretending to be a neighborhood boy looking to cut lawns for the summer.

It’s difficult to be open about this lost hope of meeting my father. If I could have only met him, maybe he would have fought to keep me and I would have never had to leave Kentucky or the girl I loved. In my imagination the family would agree to have me cut their lawn and they even provided the mower. As I’d return the mower to their garage there would be my father with some woodworking project and I’d show great interest in what he was created and ask him if he’d teach me. I guess you can imagine how the rest of my fantasy unfolded with us growing to know each other and one day he’d say to me, “I wish I had a son like you”, to which I’d reply, “You remember being married to Virginia Hall? I am your son.” How my life could of changed, if only…

Some people get stuck in pride in life and dare not drink from the wellspring of humility and forgiveness as if it were poison to them. People get stuck in their ways and belief systems without keeping an open mind to other possibilities. Why do people get so psycho instead of being easygoing?

Yeah, so my dear father, David Ryan Kirchner, is gone without me ever getting closure on our relationship, but I am thankful we got to have one. I’m thankful I was able to find out what a caring and fun man he was. I’m thankful I was able to know both my mother and father and ultimately know my mother didn’t deserve such a good man. She ran him off like she did every single one of her husband’s, save the one that escaped through death after 18 months of marriage.

I guess I kinda killed two birds with one stone with those recollections from my childhood. You might think I have a lot of resentment towards my abusive mother, but what I have for her is deep pity in my soul and heart that she somehow became the person she was. What was her psychological trauma that made her they way she was? I wonder if she ever knew the family secret that her mother’s grandfather was born into slavery? Certainly, passing for White, but having the skeleton of half White/half Black great grandfather meant that no matter how White you looked, if people where to know your secret they would consider you Black too. Maybe that was part of my mother’s psychological torment that made her such an abusive person? I can imagine if she knew she may have resented her mother for ever having children that would have to bear such a family history in a world that at the time was not very accepting of such.

In August of 1994 I had prepared to have a special conversation with my mother on the 1st anniversary of her death. I had rehearsed a lot of grievances as the months, weeks, and days passed till her yahrzeit arrived. I lit a candle next to her photo that sat atop my fireplace mantle and I began to speak to her as if she were actually there listening. All that anticipation of the day and the preparation came to an immediate screeching halt when it suddenly hit me that she already painfully knew my long list of grievances. Was it a spiritual connection where she let me know she already knew how badly she had hurt me and let me down? All that preparation for that big talk with mom was for not because I knew in my soul that if she could come back just for two minutes she say how sorry she was and she’d hug me and tell me she loved me for the first time in my life. I realized all was left to do instead of airing my grievances was just to let it all go with forgiveness and a great burden was lifted from my heart in 2 seconds and I went on with my day.

I missed so much by not having my father as I should have had all my life. I suffered much from a mother who was very mentally and physically abusive to me. In my heart though all is forgiven because I have hope in my heart that one day I will see them again and they will have reunited before my arrival and I expect the best family hug with the three of us. I admit I don’t fully know how heaven works, but I do hope it’s a grand reunion with all those who have known and loved.

I have shared this thought with only a few people, but my dream is that when I close my eyes in eternal sleep and reopen them on the other side that I will find myself in a glowingly beautiful sunlit meadow of grass and white daisies, Scotch thistles, and milkweed in bloom. Is I am walking I begin to recognize the slope of the rolling meadows and the oak trees and then I know where I am. I am home on my grandparents farm again and as I round the corner of the pasture gate our lake comes into view. Everyone is there fishing and waiting for me to arrive. Grandma, grandpa, mom and dad together, aunt Mary and Uncle Eddie, the cousins, all the great aunts and uncles and their families, even my half brothers and sisters that I don’t have much resolution on yet. Everybody I’ve ever known or loved is there and it’s the best family and friends reunion ever. A lovely new pavilion has been built on the lakeside with picnic tables, grills, and an attached dock that lead out into the water. The best time ever. Family, and the love of family has always been so important to me, and I never got to taste enough of it in my lifetime.

Onto Phyllis Hogan. I guess I’ll go to my grave never really knowing what happened to you that made you jump and marry someone else the month following my April 1982 return to Kentucky for you. And of all people, Patrick Hickey? I remember him from school and what mean person he was. He certainly has the personality to become a Marine. They look for a certain psychological type and he had it in spades. I know you have suffered much for having married such an abusive asshole, so I won’t say anymore about him. I just wish I could know what was going on with you. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve often wondered if your desperation was due to the loss of your father a few years before we met. You and I never talked about your grief over him.

I think back doing that “what if” and “if only” thing. Why was I such a good boy who wanted to wait for marriage for sex? I know the reason. I was so abused into never misbehaving that I didn’t have the ability some people have to give into reckless abandon. Were you trying to get me to have sex with you so you could trap us into an earlier marriage? I suspect you were. Why didn’t you tell me? I was clueless. If you could have explained the plan to me I would have been on board before my mother ever decided to move my family to Florida and I imagine it would have prevented us from ever moving.

So, let me do the math….58 – 15 = 43. Wow! Our oldest child would be 43 now! Of course I know our first would have been a boy. I see him now taking over the farm duties for his dad who just can’t do it all anymore. That’s the way it should be. I’d like to imagine at least some of our kids would have wanted to live on the farm property and build homes there. 20 acres is enough room. Imagine how many grandchildren we’d have running around now! Life would be so full of love and so many blessings. I think we would have moved your mom out to the farm too. She was so lovely and I would not have had it any other way. Your mom and I talked a lot over the years, but not at the end of her life. Did she ever tell you of us talking when you had begun communicating with me again back in 2007? I don’t know if your mom felt she should keep our conversations to herself or not. I just never thought of it. I’ve always been one to keep confidences with people so it’s just part of who I am, not to keep secrets, but I guess you’d say to have special confidential relationships? You mom always made time for me and was so kind. She was a good listener and went above and beyond when she truly had no reason to with me. It was part of who she was, a deeply caring person. I miss her a lot. Gotta take a break now….


14 September 2021

So, “Anna”… I’m getting used to writing my thoughts to you here. I feel it was a bit of a shame to take down the other pages where I had journaled to you, but I realized I needed to follow your directions to use the pseudonym of “Anna” for you and because going through the entries and changing everything over to “Anna” would have been a long and tedious chore I just decided to hit delete and start over.

You know, I only recently began reading our emails again that we wrote 2007-2009. I guess you had to delete all those emails, but I kept every one and cherish them because you wrote to me that you still love me, and have thought of me so often over the years after having had made that mistake with “the old coot” as you call him. You know I hadn’t been able to return and read those emails for years because when you stopped writing me I was very sad again. It’s still a bit sad now to read them and feel how close you were to perhaps leaving the old coot, but more than sadness, now when I read them I feel hope renewed by your words therein. I know the innocent, perfect, and true love we found together has still remained flickering in your heart as in mine all these years. If you are the girl I thought I knew back then I know she still survives today, and one day when we see each other again it will be so effortless and simple to just pick up the joy we used to feel together long ago. All the time between will seem like nothing. It will all be gone forever in the past, and we won’t sorrowfully remind ourselves of the time apart. We’ll just be glad that the special love we had was true enough to survive the years apart. We will hold hands again and walk in the park and your eyes will make the skies blue again.

If I have done anything that has hurt you or upset you I want to apologize. I want you to know I’m sorry for anything I may have done that you may feel has wronged you. I hope you can forgive me and my human failings.

13 September 2021

Today was a tough day for me. I cried a lot. Since this COVID pandemic started nearly two years ago I have prided myself in sharing that staying at home has not really changed myself lifestyle. I tell people I grew up on a farm for most of my young years so I’m used to my home being my castle. I’m still a homebody today enjoying my garden that I water every morning, I enjoy being retired with time to spend doing that and studying, cooking, etc. The other day I made blackberry jam. Homemade tastes so much better than the store-bought stuff.

Anyway, today was kinda hard because it was an emotional day for me. I had to let go of something today. I know a lot of my readers have been following a separate blog I had on this site about the girl I was supposed to marry when I was 18. I’m gonna call her “Anna” as that is what she asked to use instead of her real name. Some years back from 2007-2009 we had resumed communicating after a lot of years. I had written things about her using her real name elsewhere on this site, but today I took all that down and from now on will just write about here as “Anna” here. It was an emotional day leading up to this decision because I allowed myself for the first time since 2009 to go back and read through the many emails we exchanged. Allow me to explain a bit more.

“Anna” I had met when we were 14 and began dating, fell in love, and were going to get married. Before our dreams could be realized, my widowed mother got married again and moved my family 1000 miles away and to make the long story short “Anna’s” feelings for me were unable to survive the time needed before I could return to her at age 18 and we become married. I returned to my home state anyway at age 18 still determined we’d accomplish what we had promised to do. Just several weeks after my return “Anna” ran off and had a quickie justice of the peace marriage to a guy I knew as the most psycho evil guy in our school. I was devastated all over again. Years past and I had kept in touch a couple times with her sister and many times with her mother. I kept hoping the disastrous marriage would fall apart and “Anna” would return to me. It didn’t happen because this psycho dude she married had her so mentally abused she was afraid for her life if she tried to leave him. She found me on the Internet and began email me in 2007 and we corresponded a lot over the next two years. She admitted how she was thinking of me on the day she married the psycho. She told me how much she still loved me and that I was the only person that had ever made her feel loved. I tried to convince her of how she could safely get away from her captor and we’d pick up our lives together and be happily-ever-after. She became frightened and fearful of him finding her out and she feared for her life, and so the easy thing for her to do was to stop writing me.

I had to go through another withdrawal almost as painful as the one a couple decades before had been. I tried to close the door on that part of my life, but it was really to no avail. I had begun writing my memoires and she was a big part of my life. Another decade rolls slowly past and she still preyed upon my mind. By inspiration from another author my memoire evolved into an autobiographical novel that focused on this present life and imagined other lifetimes “Anna” had spent together as romantic soul mates.

So, that’s where we are today. Today I decided to take down the other pages about her and her photo’s because firstly and foremost I knew she didn’t want her story known. She will simply be known as “Anna” from now on.

I think perhaps I’m finally beginning to lose hope. Nearly two years I’ve cheated death during this COVID pandemic. I’m one of those people who cannot get vaccinated for medical reasons. As many of my readers know I have an XO/XY Mosaic chromosome pattern because of that pattern if I took the vaccine I’d probably get blood clots all over my body and I’d be dead. Yeah, so, near two years of trying to stayed distanced, masked, safe, has not been so bad, but I guess everybody has their own breaking point. I’ve been trying to stay as positive and safe as possible, but the truth be known all it takes is only tiny breach and with the lung condition I have I’d be a goner in a matter of days.

So, this is what has me down. The thought of never seeing the girl I’ve loved with all my heart for my entire life I may not get to see again before I die. All these years I been thinking that just maybe the evil bastard she’d married would die and go to hell and she’d finally be free and I’d see her again. Well, now with COVID and my 6th decade nearing I’ve just begun to lose the hope I’d had for years.

“Anna”, know that I’m sorry for adding stress and worry to your life with my website. I hope you might understand that it was a cry for help. I guess I’ve finally started to crack a bit under the pressure of this prolonged deadly pandemic and I fear dying without ever being able to see you, touch you, and to hold you one more time and tell you that I have loved you all this time and that your love was the only beautiful thing that ever came into my life. If I could only hold you once more and know that you loved me I’d die a happy man.

I don’t think I’ll ever get that chance now so forgive me for succumbing to desperation. I know you’ve heard the old saying that every day is a gift. How precious is that knowing now. It’s almost as if every hour is precious. I do my best to be safe. I only leave the house once a week to buy food and then I spend the next several days trying to worry about any symptoms appearing from exposure to COVID. It’s as if it’s come down to living from week to week.

I’ve discussed with my friend that I go to the grocery with that I will just began having my groceries delivered. I wish I could somehow hear from you, Bright Eyes.

15 August 2021

I was out watering my garden this morning before the sunrise when quite a beautiful phenomenon occurred. I should have ran inside and grabbed my camera so I had a photo to place here, but I don’t think a photo in this case could take the place of a thousand words.

The sun has not yet risen above the mountains so I became very perplexed when all around me a peach colored bright light filled my garden. When the light came I was bending over filling my watering can. Because I keep the word of our Lord Yeshua in my heart I immediately became aware. I was nearly afraid to look up to see where this beautiful mysterious light was coming from. As I turned my eyes towards the heavens I saw something we rarely see here in the desert. A beautiful cloud was positioned directly above me and was illuminated a beautiful peach color. I looked back down into my garden in wonder at how everything looked so lovely bathed in this peach light. I held out my hand to see the light on my skin and noticed the light was so bright it was casting a shadow. I enjoyed this lovely phenomenon for several minutes before the sun came up over the mountain and began to break through the trees. The lovely light began to fade, but my memory of it will not.

10 August 2021

13 July 2021

Today marks the 58th year since my conception in the womb. I learned something new today. The Christian world for some reason believes from their interpretation of the 9th Chapter of Daniel that it’s the anti-Messiah that will confirm a covenant with many for a week and thing bring about the abomination of desolation in the midst of the week. This “week” becomes the 7-year Tribulation period that is separated into two 3.5 year periods by that abomination of desolation. I’m thinking this is all an incorrect interpretation. Time to seek more truth.

24 June 2021

Link to the Alex Jones video exposing the for profit COVID-19 virus/vaccine planned-demic conspiracy expose video https://www.infowars.com/posts/smoking-gun-one-month-before-covid-outbreak-fauci-moderna-sent-mrna-coronavirus-vaccine-candidates-to-wuhan-lab-linked-doctor/

20 June 2021 – Review: AdvancedBionutritionals.com “Advanced Memory Formula”

Because of some pain in my lower back from what a doctor diagnosed as degenerative disks he prescribed a gabapentin drug called Lyrica that I took for several years and it had some side effects that became debilitating both mentally and physically. First side effect was I was dizzy all the time when walking. Then the memory problems began and got to the point I was constantly running around in circles multi-tasking out of necessity because I was having a bad case of remembering what I’d just come into a room to do or get. I just told myself that I’d move onto another task till when and if my memory got jogged and I could return to doing what I had forgotten.

In April 2021 I watched one of those advertisements that interrupt the videos you watch on Youtube and it was about the memory supplement Advance Memory Formula. Feeling desperate, I ordered one bottle of the product to see if it would help me. It did! The first thing I noticed was my ability to remember my dreams came back to me. Then my moment to moment memory problem began to clear up. I feel like my pre-Lyrica brain has returned and so I’m pleased to recommend to others they give Advanced Memory Formula or even another supplement with the same ingredients a try. I say that because I don’t want anybody to think I’m pushing any companies product for any type of compensation for a good review on what I feel is an over-priced supplement at $39.95 a bottle plus shipping and handling.

My 60-capusule bottle is down to the last few pills and I’m gonna wait before buying more to see if I keep or lose my memory ability that has returned to me the last couple months. I’ll be updating this review to let you all know what I find out.

19 June 2021

More evidence that violence on January 6 at the U.S. Capitol building was all planned by the G_dless Sodomite Democrat party of leftist Communists.

So, here is a link to an Alex Jones video with tons of real time video evidence tha the Jan. 6 breach of our Capitol was a Democrat planned event.


If all you ever watch is the Sodomite news from radical leftist Communists like Rachel Maddow, Don Lemon, Sheppard Smith, among others then you will never know the truth of what’s really going on. These people have a Sodomite agenda that is all part of aiding the Globalist takeover of the USA and the Democrats gladly support these types of people who cannot reproduce together because the New World Order has been working with big pharma to reduce the population of our planet. These murderous Sodomites pushed the sexual revolution that was against families. The support the government created diet that causes arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, etc., etc., with the same goal of getting you dead quicker all the while feeding you their drugs that help kill you.

I’ve always thought if they really want to bring the planet population down to save the planet and our species then why not do public service announcements on television education people on population destroying our home and encouraging people to have one child or adopting the millions of homeless children on the planet? True, there are those that would turn a deaf ear to such pleas, but a respectable plan to bring down population has to happen. Wars and creation of bioweapons like HIV, Ebola, and COVID-19 are not nice ways to bring down our population.

14 June 2021

Why does Joe Biden have fake Marines guarding the entrances to the White House?

Facebook will not allow any links from the free speech website www.Brighton.com. Facebook doesn’t like the world knowing the truth. https://www.brighteon.com/3546e10a-a772-4e17-afde-cbb98b3ea1a6

What to do if you get left behind by Yeshua the Messiah at the time of the Rapture





This article is based on the idea that there may be enough evidence given from Yeshua that there could be a rapture of Torah observant Wise Virgin saints during the 7-year Tribulation which is different from the 2nd Coming that happens at the end of the 7-year Tribulation. It would appear that we will be here to see a third Temple built in Jerusalem and when the son of perdition sets himself in the Temple as G_d and commits an abomination of desolation. It could be at this point it is possible to be raptured and I’ll break that down next.

If we are to believe Matthew’s gospel in Chapter 24 then I believe we are being lead to believe that Yeshua will rapture his Bride after the famous Abomination of Desolation found in verses 15-25. If we are to believe this is all one continuous teaching or the order that things will unfold however we need to back up a few verses to verse 14 and ask ourselves about, “the gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” If Christianity is preaching a false gospel that the Law is dead and we no longer have to keep YHVH’s Commandments then this could mean we are still a long way off from preaching the true gospel for a witness unto all nations before the end can come. Let’s continue however to see if Matthew Chapter 24 can be a reasonable guide to when the rapture takes place.

Right after the Abomination of Desolation passage in Matthew 24 we read of Yeshua returning to gather his elect from the four corners of the earth. The verses say this is the coming in clouds of glory and the tribes will see this and mourn basically because they know this story and it’s now too late for them to believe and be saved.

The parable of the fig tree that follows speaks of Yeshua being near, even at the doors. A lot of people believe the fig tree sign is about Israel becoming a nation again in 1948 and those born in 1948 will not all pass away yet and as the limit of man’s lifespan is 120 years that could stretch things out to 2068. However, if you think like Dr. Baruch Korman then you can scratch the idea that this parable is about Israel, 1948, and all that generation stuff before the end. That’s a really HUGE statement on his part seeing that most people don’t see things his way on this issue.

Dr. Baruch Korman did two video’s that carefully go over Scripture to prove the case for the rapture and the 2nd coming being two different events and you can find his video’s at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tngwLagApas He is a good teacher, easy to understand. He is also humble admitting he learning right along with all of us and is not infallible. I do believe he is in error about the parable of the fig tree not being about Israel

Just to be clear about the abomination of desolation, of course Yeshua was fully aware of the abomination of desolation that happened during the Maccabean revolt, but that was sort of like a type and shadow of a future abomination of desolation that is to come. There is no harm and no foul if we have misunderstood the instruction of our Lord Yeshua about all this. Just as the old saying goes, better to be overdressed than underdressed for a party. As always the #1 goal is to ALWAYS be ready for that day and hour no man knows. We must keep ready and watchful (especially since many nefarious characters during the Roman rewrite and compilation of the New Testament have monkied with the texts). I would love to believe in a pre-tribulation rapture, but I can’t prove the Bible supports that. Whenever it may be, just be ready.

Billions of sincere Christians that are sincerely wrong are going to be left behind and not allowed to go in the Rapture. Yeshua spoke of a remnant and only a “few” that will find the narrow gate. The parable of the virgins and the lamps showed that out of all the believers out there that only 50% will be the Bride. So yes, according to the Messiah there will be billions left behind with empty lamps. No oil in your lamp equals no light to see in the darkness and YHVH’s Word/Law is a lamp unto our feet and this is the reason behind the Lawless Foolish Virgins being left behind when Yeshua comes for his Law-keeping Bride. Yes, friends you have been lied to by Christianity’s false teachers to whom grace equals cancellation of YHVH’s Commandments so you can eat non-kosher food and forget YHVH’s Sabbath.


Few non-Jewish people m about the age old wedding tradition of the ancient Jews that survives in some for to this day. Like Yeshua describes in the New Testament writings the timing of His coming to retrieve His Bride is a secret day and hour that only His Father knows. Many believe this comes from Jewish wedding tradition. During the year or so of betrothal (engagement) the Father decides when the wedding will take place and when he has decided “the day and hour” of the wedding he tells his son to go and “lift up” his bride on an “aperion”, and carry her away to her new home. The son had escorts who announced the arrival of the groom in the middle of the night by blowing the shofar.  Some believe this blowing of the shofar for the Bride could relate to the possibility of Yeshua coming for His Bride at the time of Yom Teruah (Feast of Trumpets).  It is my thought that the 7 days of the wedding in heaven parallels the 7 years of Tribulation upon the earth. It could happen, but again, the key is to be ready with real salvation, not the fake salvation offered by the Greco-Roman Jesus of the Christian Babylonian Whore/Harlot system. Remember! Salvation is of the Jews, not the Romans who hijacked the faith and tried to replace the Jews and Judaism with their pork-eating, Sabbath-desecrating invention of Christianity, the Workers of Iniquity.

Yeshua said his coming for his Bride will be like a thief in the night for those who are not ready, but for those who have true salvation his coming will not be as a thief in the night. Just as in the days of Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah all things will be going on as usual and then when those rain drops started G_d told Noah and his family to all enter the ark and G_d sealed the door behind them and those left behind perished because they did not believe. One must consider that the parable of the virgins and the lamps is about much more than 5 virgins who accidently missed the bus. The oil in the lamps has more meaning than just what keeps their lamps lit. Again, Yeshua was very mindful to always remind us that the “workers of iniquity”, those who are not keeping the Law he will not recognize, “I never knew you!” Surely, the lack of oil by half of the so-called believers (virgins) represents those who fell for the lie that we don’t have to keep the Commandments anymore because we are under grace. Being under grace does not mean the Commandments were abolished. Woe unto those who teach such as Yeshua said, “If you love me, keep my Commandments.” Yeshua was not speaking of any added Commandments of His own, but was speaking with the authority of the Commandment Creator. Yeshua repeated the instruction that we are not to add to or take away from the Commandments of Moses like the Rabbi’s have done with their taqanot known as halakah/laws of the Rabbis.

If you have been left behind you now know your beliefs were wrong and now is not the time to argue your interpretation that got you left behind. In my 50 years of seeking the truth I’ve been always hoping to find a teacher that I feel has all the truth. I have been sadly disappointed as there are many who seem to have a lot of correct knowledge, but then they will go off the deep end in a very closed-minded fashion about a certain issue. Michael Rood comes to mind when I think of this as he openly admits he formerly was PAID to be a false prophet. He only now promotes a post Tribulation rapture leaving believers to all suffer through the Tribulation where many will die without true salvation, and then at the end, those of us who are still alive and remain and have salvation will go in a post Tribulation rapture. I keep an open mind, but to me, a post tribulation rapture feels more like “Oh, ye of little faith”. I believe in a G_d who wants to spare His remnant Bride from the Tribulation horrors. Regardless of how it all pans out I will not be one of those, “Oh ye of little faith” people. I seen enough tribulations in my own life so far and I really don’t wanna endure no intense dramas or horrors during the Tribulation so I keep that blessed hope of being spared alive, but never the less whatever comes I will remain faithful to the end.

The foundation of our covenant with the Father is his Law and if we stick with that we will be good. Those of us who have studied enough to show ourselves approved know that translations have been tampered with and we keep an open mind and err on the side of caution, meaning, when in doubt always stick to the Torah. You can’t go wrong clinging to YHVH’s Commandments/Law. I keep my hope in Messiah Yeshua who is coming to rescue His Bride and I don’t care if He shows up on clouds of glory that are lit up by the lights of a huge mothership spaceship where he beams up all up to take us to the Father’s house. Scripture is pretty clear that the prophets Enoch and Elijah both did not die on earth, but were taken up into the heavens on fiery chariots. Yeshua may be coming with the mothership of fiery chariots for us. Don’t be closed-minded when it comes to a being who is far more advanced than you are!

The truth is that you were left behind for 3 reasons. (1) You were wrongly taught that you didn’t have to keep the Law, and (2) therefore you didn’t keep it. That made you, according to Yeshua, “a worker of iniquity”. (3) You never got baptized in the “only name given by which we must be saved”, Yeshua. (Acts 4:12) Jesus and all other names/titles/slogans are NOT the “only name by which we must be saved”. Because Yeshua is a diminutive of Yehoshua/Yahushua you might be safe, but better safe than sorry and used the Scriptural name Yeshua in baptism for the forgiveness of sins. Yeshua said, “He who believes and is baptized will be saved”, but believing means doing! Faith without works of the Law is dead, and baptism in Yeshua’s name is REQUIRED for forgiveness of sins.(Acts 2:38) Remember also, many get baptized without really believing. They have probably just gone through the motions of baptism for acceptance by family or society. It’s for these reasons you were left behind.

I cannot say for sure, but as G_d has always proven Himself to be the G_d of second chances I want to hope, but can’t prove that if you get left behind that you will have a change to make corrections during the Tribulation. If you were someone who was a follower of Roman Churchanity and didn’t keep the Law and may have had a worthless baptism for the forgiveness of your sins because they spoke titles over you like father/son/holy ghost or a false name like “Jesus” and not the Acts 4:12 “only name” of Yeshua then perhaps now you will have a chance to right your wrongs. This is my hope for all of those who were lead astray by false shepherds and wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Yeshua will come like a thief in the night to gather His few Wise Virgins, and the Foolish Virgins who believed they didn’t have to keep the Law will be left behind and shut out of the wedding. I’m telling you that billions of s0-called Christians are going to be left behind and rejected by Yeshua because they had not a love for the truth. Anybody who truly has a love for the truth is going to keep pressing in an seeking with an unquenchable hunger. Now that “knowledged has been increased” with the Internet library of ancient texts and videos that expose false teachings in light of new discoveries there really is no excuse for someone not to seek the truth that will make you free.

I hope we got it right that there will be 144,000 Jewish evangelists during the Tribulation that will be preaching the truth of salvation that I’m telling you now. When the Remnant Torah-keeping Bride is removed from the earth those left behind are going to need guidance and the Father in His mercy seems to be providing such in the 144,000.

In closing, be open-minded and READY for that Torah-keeping remnant Bride rapture. You really don’t want to be left behind. If there is no pre or mid trib rapture and we all must endure the horrors of the Tribulation then I really hope Christians the world over will humble themselves and pray, and NOT fall away from their faith and become cut-throat savages. Personally, I’d be very content to starve to death than to steal food from another human being who is trying to survive. When it comes down to it to die in Christ is gain. I will not love my human body life until the end. It’s the soul you must concentrate on keeping alive by doing the right thing by G_d. Wear your tallit katan so you will look upon the visible to all tzitzit fringes and be reminded of His Commandments.


Are We Just Glorified Apes Genetically Hybridized With an Extraterrestrial Species We Call Elohim (gods)?

The Sumerian Tablets record a history that predates the Jewish Scriptures by many thousands of years? Can that be so? The story of the creation of Adam, and even the story of the world-wide flood that was to destroy all humankind are both there. If the ancient Sumerians had this history before Abraham and Sarah, the first truly knowable characters of the Jewish Scriptures could it be possible that the Jewish recounting of the creation of Adam and the flood are 2nd handed and revised versions of the Sumerian histories?

I’ve asked myself these question for many years since reading the works of Zechariah Sitchin. Can we believe that the Anunakkim of the Sumerian culture were really and advances people from another planet who hybridized their own species with the pre-human species they found on this planet?

This is what history says. How are we to reconcile it with faith in YHVH Elohim of the Bible? This has been something I’ve been trying to figure this out for a lot of years and haven’t gotten any closer to the answer. I’m sure I’m on my way to getting closer to the answers I seek as Daniel the prophet was told to “close up the book till the time of the end when knowledge will be increased”. Certainly there are secrets being kept that will help us understand more in these Last Days. I keep an open-minded faith….

Michael Dellarocca: Harmless Crackpot or Very Dangerous Man in the Making?

UPDATE 31 May 2021: This guy seems to becoming psycho. His last two videos appear to portray a man going off the rails. In this rather scary video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3R-F_kAlnCM this guy is standing in near freezing rain and ranting about bringing about the end of the world and encouraging his followers whom he activates as part of 144,000 warriors to burn down this matrix, whatever that may mean. I hope the FBI is keeping an eye on him.

You can find Michael Dellarocca’s video’s on Youtube if you want to document the claims he makes for yourself. He claims to be the archangel Michael of Scripture. Sounds like another Jim Jones or David Koresh tragedy in the making. Anybody who claims to be the archangel Michael is a crackpot in my book and needs to be watched closely by the authorities before another tragedy happens. This is how death cults get their start. Dellarocca is a very immodest and narcissistic former competitive bodybuilder wand his live video chats are full of women throwing themselves at him as he tries too show as much skin as possible. Just like Satan, Dellarocca quotes Scripture and talks about just enough truth to lure people in. I think he is a very dangerous man leading a lot of people astray. …..just a warning

Exposing False Teachers

Matthew 24:5 “Many false teachers will claim to come in my name. They will claim of themselves, ‘I am the Christ’. They will lead many astray”.

For the record, because Christianity as a religion was prophesied by Yeshua as “the workers of iniquity”, that pretty much pegs all Christians as false teachers. Yeshua didn’t come to create a new religion, but came to strengthen the Commandments of the Torah and bring the Lost Sheep of Israel back to Torah. Had Yeshua come to abolish the Law and was walking around Israel with a pork chop hanging out of his mouth I can guarantee you that nobody would have every heard of him today. He would have never had a ministry or a gospel.

I had several individual articles on this website exposing false teachings of certain people, but in an effort to keep the size of my website smaller I removed the individual pages this one page resource on false teachers that have come to my attention.

Joyce Myer’s reputation as a false teacher is all over the internet. Former employees to government investigations into her fraudulent ministry are easy to find. I heard her once say she does not believe in re-incarnation yet Yeshua confirmed re-incarnation several times and if re-incarnation ain’t a thing then you can’t even have the religion of Christianity as Christianity is built on the foundational premise that their Jesus is G_d incarnated into human form. Go figure….

Amir Tsarfati teaches against follows of Yeshua keeping the Law. If you do not keep the Law of G_d then that is known as Lawlessness. Yeshua prophesied of the coming religion of Christianity and called them “the workers of iniquity (Lawlessness)”. The Babylonion Whore/Harlot system that still rules all of Christiandumb today has twisted Rabbi Shaul’s (aka to Christians as Paul) teaching on keeping the Law. Have you not heart that faith without Works (of the Law) is dead. Foolish Virgin Christians will find out when they get left behind and the Law-keeping remnant of Wise Virgins are taken as the Bride .


Yeshua Instructed a Vegetarian and Milk Diet

Genesis 1:29 “And Elohim said, “See, I have given you every plant that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed, to you it is for food.”

Plants were given to us for food and we were not to shed the blood of other created beings and eat them. Thou shall not kill.

Everyone knows that the writings attributed to the prophet Daniel tell us, “In the Last Days knowledge shall be increased”. While many lost or hidden writings like the Dead Sea Scrolls are full of information we need to know and it’s all quite interesting I want to focus in on the issue of the Commanded diet by Eloahi for the species He created. Among the Dead Seas Scrolls were found what has been named the Essene Gospel of Peace where Messiah Yeshua reinforces the Commandment about a vegetarian diet. If you have not read or listened to the Essene Gospel of Peace then you can listen here: