Rabbi Isaac David Heckman: A Monster in Sheep’s Clothing

I had been following the teaching videos put out by Assembly of Called Out Believers in Washington State for several years. Their teacher, Isaac Heckman, was always so meek, and humble. When new videos stopped being posted on a regular basis as they used to be I became concerned as one should living in the age of COVID. I decided to do a Internet search for “Rabbi Isaac Heckman, Washington”, and this is just one of many articles I found documenting his divorce, adultery, and physical abuse of women.

I’m just gonna leave this one link here, but there are many more. His trial begins on May 17, 2023.

Why Christians Should Reject Christmas

Start watching this video at timestamp: 14@26 to get the best information why any Christians should run as fast as he can away from Christmas.

This video is by Michael Rood. Like many believers he has a lot of truth and some error. We are all a work in process so take the meat and do your research to prove it to yourself. Spit out the bones.

The Chosen: Angel Studios and Dallas Jenkins Promoting Homosexuality

Are you familiar with The Chosen? It’s a crowd funded series based on the Judeo-Christian Scriptures. You can find the series and watch it for free at www.Angel.com

“Dallas Jenkins (from wikipedia) is an American film and television director, writer and film producer. He is best known as the creator, director and co-writer of The Chosen, the first multi-season series about the life of Jesus of Nazareth. Jenkins’s career is focused on faith-based media.”

Dallas Jenkins is all that plus he is promoting homosexulity by giving top billing to homosexual actor Shahar Isaac who plays the apostle Peter. Sin is weakness. Homosexuality is weakness. Promoting a homosexual actor will only encourage other confused individuals to look up to Shahar Isaac as a role model and embrace weakness, embrace homosexuality.

I don’t think I need to tell anyone how inappropriate it is to place a brazen sinner, a homosexual in such a position of influence. We all know how many s0-called church’s embrace homosexuals and gay marriage now. It’s one thing to have this type of thing going on in one church, but homosexual Shahar Isaac is being paraded before the entire planet!

Of course, we now live in the most Godless version of this world ever known where apologists will say it’s wonderful to allow a homosexual actor to be part of such a production because it may be what gets him saved. You cannot equate this with allowing a homosexual, or any other sinner, to come to church in hopes they will forsake their sinful lifestyle and get saved. There’s a difference. Any sinner can come to the church, but they are not allowed to join the church and continue to be an out and proud sinner. Likewise, an out and proud homosexual should not allowed to join the cast of the The Chosen.

The Chosen has promoted the free viewing of their series through Youtube live watch events. The videos posted to Youtube are open to comments unless you complain about their choice of out and proud homosexuals portraying a Biblical character who is not a homosexual. For such a comment The Chosen cancelled me. They banned any of my comments from being seen by viewers. It’s called shadow banning. It’s a tool of the anti-Christ, The Chosen, and Dallas Jenkins. Shut anybody down who condemns sin.

It’s only my opinion, but real Christians should boycott The Chosen. This world has fallen close enough to the pit of hell without Christians, especially Christian children watching The Chosen and being stealthfully groomed to be accepting of homosexuality through the admiring and worshipping of homosexual actors portraying Biblical characters. This type of promoting of homosexuality by Dallas Jenkins, The Chosen, and Angel Studios is exactly why most of humanity is lost and headed for eternal damnation.

Kirsten and Joerg Wick: 2 Nazi’s in Britain

6 February 2023

Above is the banner for the Youtube channel of Kirsten and Joerg Wick who live in Chester, England. They are the grandchildren of Nazi’s. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I found a wealth of information on their background starting my search through Ancestry.com.

In December 2022 Kirsten and Joerg Wick released an offensive video promoting a British monument called Culloden Tower that glorifies the genocide of many thousands of Scottish people by Prince William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland, son of King George II of England.

You can view their offensive video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1Kw5NEiJ24&t=169s

Let me be clear. Kirsten and Joerg Wick knowingly spent a weekend holiday in a monument to genocide called Culloden Tower which is located in North Yorkshire, England. Kirsten and Joerg Wick are fully aware this place is worshipped by British and Germans Nazi’s who often rent Culloden Tower to mock the Scottish. How could anybody stay in such a holiday let knowing the place was built to commemorate the slaughter of thousands of Scots by “Butcher Cumberland”, as Prince William Augustus is known to history? Butcher Cumberland landed the final death blows to Scotland in Britain’s centuries long battle to takeover the country of Scotland much like Russia and Putin are slaughtering the Ukrainian people to take their country from them today.

Nazi’s are still alive and well in Germany today and are the cause for the recent calls from Jewish Rabbi’s telling the Jews of Germany that it is time to leave and come home to Israel. The same is happening in France. The Bible prophecies tell of when all nations will come against Israel in the Last Days.

Today’s descendants of World War II’s Nazi’s know that England’s King George II was born a German in the city of Hanover, Germany. Hitler never wanted to bomb England because he saw it as a German country that had a long history of hatred for the Jews. Son of King George II, Prince William Augustus was one of Adolf Hitler’s Germanic heroes where he received inspiration for his final solution concerning the extermination of the Jews. German Nazi’s and British Nazi’s have a long history of working together to genocide all people’s that are unlike them.

Adolf Hitler was very cozy with King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson. When King Edward was forced to abdicate it threw a wrench into Hitler’s plans for the Germanic peoples of Britain join him in his genocidal war. After World War II the German’s of the British Monarchy would change their surnames hoping to brush the stigma of their Nazi involvement under the rug. If Edward would have remained King the outcome of World War II would have been different.

Briefly, you can see there is a very chummy history between Germany and England. As someone who has lived in Germany and England I can testify to the large Nazi populations still alive and well. Is it any wonder that modern Nazi’s would find Britain a cozy place to call home? When you know the facts you understand that England while separate is one with Germany. Is it any wonder’s Nazi’s would enjoy staying at a holiday let all the while knowing the only reason the place exists is because it’s glorifying the slaughter of thousands of innocent Scottish people who just wanted to be left alone in their own country?

It’s necessary to tuck this wee bit of information in too. Through the work of Rabbi Yair Davidy we can trace many of the peoples of Scotland to be descendants of Jews. Kirsten and Joerg Wick obviously know this. Evil people are not ignorant of facts. It is for this reason that the German monarchy of Britain fought for centuries to murder the Scots and steal their country from them. I think you can see why Kirsten and Joerg Wick have no apologies for promoting the holiday let that serves as a monument to the successful genocide of Scots and Jews. Winks, nods, and Nazi dog whistles.

I reached out to Kirsten and Joerg multiple times about the offensive message their video was sending, but the only response I received was to be completely ignored and banned from commenting on their channel. My initial complaint to them with other people calling them out for promoting the genocide of the Scottish was deleted. That’s what the Nazi’s did to many millions of innocent human beings…they ignored their humanity and deleted them from the land of the living.

This is the way Nazi’s treated their Jewish neighbors when Hitler’s SS came knocking on doors to forcefully remove anybody they didn’t like and cart them off to the death camps. The Nazi neighbors would just turn their heads and not say a word while millions were taken away to be murdered. That’s the same thing Kirsten and Joerg Wick are doing. They turn their heads and have not a word to say about promoting a Nazi genocide monument called Culloden Tower.

Kirsten and Joerg Wick are actors on their own stage. They act as if they are lovely people, but that is far from the truth. Isn’t that exactly what the Nazi’s of World War II did? They held their heads up high as the bloody bodies of their Jewish neighbors were dragged out of their homes. They mock the Scottish people by glorifying that hellish monument of Scottish genocide.

Culloden Tower in North Yorkshire, England should not be a holiday let for Nazi’s who care nothing about it representing thousands of murdered Scots. It should be torn down and a memorial to the Scottish genocide placed there instead.

What kind of person takes a holiday in such a place? The same kind a person who’d love to sleep in Adolf Hitler’s bed in one of his former residences turned into a holiday let.

I need a place to slip this morbid fact in, so here goes. I have a dear friend that lives in Austria. She has purchased an apartment she was renovating. She started with the kitchen. When she began removing the layers of wallpaper she found the walls splattered with blood. She inquired of the old woman who lived in the apartment below her that had lived there since the 1930’s. The old woman said that “dirty Jews” had lived there and were taken away by the Nazi’s. My friend said, “Under the beautiful rugs of Austria the floors are stained with the blood of Jews”. The sad reality that there are many Germans/Austrians to this day that have found the Jewish blood in their homes and preserve it because it gives their Nazi souls a thrill to know it’s there underneath the wallpaper or carpets. These are the people I’m telling you about like Kirsten and Joerg Wick. They put on a sweet and lovey dovey show for people on Youtube to make money, but they have a very dark side to them as Nazi’s that they don’t deny. Just more winking, nodding, and Nazi dog whistles. When someone shows you who they are, believe them.

The world needs to know that such evil people as Kirsten and Joerg Wick exist who care nothing for people they feel are inferior to their race. They are wolves dressed up in sheep’s clothing. This is how evil operates. They wink at you like sweet tea and cookies and turn a blind eye while innocent people are genocided. They are encouraging other evil people them to become more emboldened. Like Hitler once did when it was convenient, Kirsten and Joerg promote themselves a Christians on their channel. Hitler was no Christian. In fact, Hitler would have prefered that Germany been a Muslim country. Hitler took help from Jew-hating Islam, and Catholicism to destroy the Jews. Disgusting!

What is even more appalling is Youtube is paying them big bucks to have such offensive content on their channel.

The Human Cost of a Cup of Tea

I have been profoundly moved by what I learned from a documentary on Youtube. This documentary reveals why some things are so expensive.

Profiled are artisans of Moroccan tile, Italian marble, Japanese tea kettles, but what really humbled me was the story of how the clove spice I put in a cup of tea finds it’s way from a tree in India to my cup.

I will never think of what I perceive as a simple cup of tea the same way again.

As I’d like you to grow in appreciation and compassion I will not detail the process revealed in the documentary that allows that clove spice to be enjoyed by me.

If every precious soul who labored and even risked their life where present at the drinking of my cup of tea…. I can’t even finish that thought.

How many souls brought me one single clove bud? A tea leaf? A grain of sugar? The tea cup itself? How can I ever appreciate?

As a savage consumer with no appreciation I can selfishly drink that cup of tea.

If I had to spiritually connect to every human soul’s suffering that brought me that cup of tea how would my sense of appreciation and compassion for my fellow human change?

Here’s the Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxoTzt2TnaM

How the Jews Changed the Torah to Deceive Believers in Yeshua the Messiah

I was filled with sadness today to the point of breaking down and crying after watching this video I’m going to link for you here. Let me assure you that I am no anti-Semite at all as my distant ancestry is Jewish and so for me the Jewish people are my own family and that is what makes this revelation so devastating.

How can the Jews outright deceive other Jews as to who their own Messiah is? Truly, Jeremiah the prophet prophesied of the Masorete Jews:

“How can you say, ‘We are wise,
And the law of the Lord is with us’?
Look, the false pen of the scribe certainly works falsehood.
The wise men are ashamed,
They are dismayed and taken.
Behold, they have rejected the word of the Lord;
So what wisdom do they have?”

This Masoretes Jews were the wicked teachers of their day just like today we have so-called “rabbi” Tovia Singer who constantly deceives his own people to keep them from discovering their own Messiah.

So, here is the link for the video. You will be amazed how much you learn and retain from this excellent teacher.


Rabbi Tovia Singer Sexual Predator

A lot of people don’t know that Rabbi Tovia Singer is not only a deceptive anti-Christian missionary, but did you know he is also a drug addict, and a three times divorced adulterer sexual predator who has victimized countless women seeking to convert to Judaism?

Read about Tovia Singer’s sin. Here’s some links to get you started:



It’s quite shameful that he has not been stripped of his rabbinic ordination. Multiple women have come forth with photographs that prove their relationship with him, but the orthodox rabbinate has done nothing about his abuse of many women!

For over 20 years I have been exposing Rabbi Tovia Singer’s deception and outright lies as an anti-Christian missionary. That’s the job that puts money in his pocket. He is deceiving uneducated Jews and Christians alike. It’s obvious Tovia Singer doesn’t believe in God and is just using religion for financial gain.

The latest outright deception I caught him in was on this July 23, 2022 video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PT6xFdQMF6E&t=2624s

@43:50 on the video Tovia Singer tried to claim that “There is not a single passage anywhere that echo’s what Paul says in 1 Corinthians 15.” I won’t quote Tovia Singer more because you can watch the video for yourself to see that he is outright lying. In the gospels Yeshua referenced the scripture that Paul is echoing from the scripture of the book of Jonah. Yeshua said, “No sign will be given, but the sign of Jonah”, speaking of his own death, and his resurrection after 3 days.

Either the drugs are making Tovia to make such a blunder or he is deceptively trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes. In my 20 years of exposing his deceptions I’d suggest the latter is the case, but also my years of medical experience dealing with people on psyche meds I have seen the physical evidence in Tovia Singer.

It’s really sad. When someone like Tovia Singer is outright deceiving people solely for the purpose of financial gain you know they cannot believe in God. Yeshua Messiah instructed us to bless and pray for people like Tovia Singer. Don’t allow your anger at his lying about the Word of YeHoVaH turn into hate. Tovia Singer is doing his best to destroy souls both Jewish and otherwise. We must pray that this wolf and sheeps clothing be taken care of by God, and God alone. Ours is to love, and bless, and pray, not to hate.


Are you sure you know how to avoid taking the Mark of the Beast? When one isn’t aware of all the facts they are liable to come to the wrong conclusion.

That is a very serious question you must ask yourself. Take a minute or two to consider it before reading further.

Now, that you’ve taken a minute to really consider if you know without a doubt what the Mark of the Beast will be and how to avoid it I want to to consider a few things that have been happening since The Beginning of Sorrows has commenced.

I am going to link to what I feel are some important videos that you should watch to help you gather information so you can try to piece together the truth. My best word of advice at this time is become a full-time student of the Bible. What I mean by the Bible is the full Old Testament known as The Tanakh in Judaism, and the writings known as the gospels. Truly, it is all one book. It’s not divided in half being one half for the Jews and the other half for believers in Yeshua the Mashiach (aka “Jesus” to those involved in the Greco-Roman religion known as Christianity).

Let me first explain some foundational truths that still many people of faith, Jews and Christians alike do not know. Most you already know that the Messiah of Judaism is a Jew. His real name given at birth is Yeshua. The name “Jesus” that so many of you are familiar with was never known to first century peoples as the letter “J” did not exist until about 500 years ago. I’m not going to go into great detail here as you can study this on your own, but I wish to point out that changing the name of the Jewish Messiah from Yeshua to a Greek name that does not have the same meaning as the Aramaic Hebrew name is all part of the deception.

We are told of a “strong deception” that will come upon people. Second Thessalonians 2:9-12 written by Rabbi Saul (ask Paul) speaks of a strong delusion G_d will send in the end times: “The coming of the lawless one is by the activity of Satan with all power and false signs and wonders, and with all wicked deception for those who are perishing, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. Therefore G_d sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false, in order that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”

As just explained, look at the deception about the name of the Messiah. You also have been deceived and confused about whether you are to keep the Law of G_d as the Greco-Romans teach that believers no longer have to keep the Law as their “Jesus” nailed it all to the cross. For this reason Christians habitually in ignorance, of course, snub and break commandments about not having idols, observing the Biblical 7th day Sabbath, and the commandment about food. Forgive me if it sounds harsh, but Christians, as Thessalonians above says, do not want to believe the truth and they stuff themselves with pig flesh. Can you imagine if the Jewish Messiah was forever going around with barbecue pork rib hanging out of his mouth that history would have ever recorded a word about him? Eating ham, bacon, barbecue pork ribs, and pork chops is certainly an example of “taking pleasure in unrighteousness”. The Messiah said that not a single jot or tittle would pass from the Law and I’m not gonna take the time to do a long teaching on why touching pork or eating it is still outlawed. You need to seek the truth that will set you free from the “Strong Delusion”.

Moving on… Look at COVID-19. Is it really a virus? If it’s not a virus did the wearing of masks have any significance? I’m not anti-mask. Due to my semi-rare chromosome pattern of XO/XY I am at a dangerously high risk for blood clots and I cannot take any of the COVID-19 vaccines. I still live in a mask when I go in public. It’s not fun, but until the truth is known about this thing, better safe and a bit uncomfortable than sorry. All these anti-mask people are really selfish because IF this is a virus and the fully vaccinated and boosted people can still catch COVID then they are being horribly careless with their own life and the life of others. I am very cautious to steer clear of unmasked people. If this is a contagious virus then I don’t want to catch it.

Have we been deceived about COVID-19?

Everyday we are learning more and more about COVID-19. Many sources, doctors and scientists, have been saying that COVID is a manufactured virus from snake venom created with the intention to bring down the overpopulation of our planet. Hey, I understand fully what is happening to our planet due do overpopulation so I understand why there could be some really cold-hearted people out there that are willing to do what needs to be done for the greater good. Yes, that means a goal of killing of perhaps a few billion people on the planet so there will less things happening that are destroying our home. I understand the evil, but I don’t agree with it. Again, I’m not going to go into detail about COVID-19 being a “planned-demic” to save the earth through depopulating it, but I will encourage you to think outside of the box you’ve chosen to live in. Go listen to Dr. Ardis and what he has discovered about COVID-19. The evidence you can independently look up as I have done on the Internet will shock you, and probably leave you scared, but truth is truth. I may not be convinced the so-called COVID-19 virus is being put in our world water supply, but I’m also not going to allow that part of the puzzle make me discount all the other evidence. Here’s Dr. Ardis doing a documentary styled interview about COVID coming from snake venom: https://rumble.com/v10miez-world-premiere-watch-the-water.html

Has Jew and Christian alike been deceived as to the identity of the Messiah? Of course, the murder of millions of Jews by Christianity is like a psychological brick wall preventing any investigation.

I really love and respect Rabbi Isser Weisberg. He is an orthodox Jew that does not claim to believe as Christians do. That’s the best way I can say it. He is not a Christian. However, having said that I know that many very learned Jews who know the Talmud, Zohar, and Tanakh backwards and forwards know that there is the possibility that the true historical Yeshua of Nazareth could indeed be what is known as Messiah ben Yosef. I’m not saying Rabbi Weisberg thinks or believes this way.

Rabbi begins this video by saying the DEADLINE for the Messiah to be revealed is 2026-27. Let that statement about a DEADLINE sink in for a minute before you listen to his video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYNw-TO0JAY&t=152s Something very important Rabbi Weisberg says at 18:02 in the video, “Another aspect of Mashiach ben Yosef (Messiah, the son of Joseph) discussed in the sources; just like the fact that the Biblical Joseph was totally misunderstood by his brothers, and because of that they actually hated him, his spiritual successor, Messiah the son of Joseph will suffer a similar fate, and be misunderstood by most of his collogues. I do not want to elaborate on this point, but those who know, know.” The Rabbi saying he refuses to elaborate speaks volumes! Such a statement does not describe our Rebbe Menachem Mendal Schneerson, OBM. He was never misunderstood nor hated by anyone. The phrase Rabbi has used here, “those who know, know” is nearly always followed by the words, “and those who know don’t say” which carries the meaning that many Jewish people know that Yeshua of Nazareth is Messiah ben Yosef, but because trying to teach fellow Jews how this can be is so overcast by 2000 years of Christians murdering Jews it’s hard to even get a Jewish person to listen to another word from your mouth if you mention the name Yeshua in relation to the Greco-Roman creation of Jesus. If someone like Rabbi Weisberg was to even try (and this video appears like it could be and attempt), to share how Yeshua of Nazareth could be Messiah ben Yosef his fate would probably be tar and feathers. The same baseless hatred that our sages say was responsible for the destruction of our Temple is the same baseless and ignorant (uneducated) hatred that so many Jews have today for Yeshua of Nazareth. They only know the Greco-Roman imposter called Jesus of the Christian anti-Torah system (aka church). They have no idea that Yeshua, like his predecessor Yosef, has been sold into slavery and has been disguised for 2000 years and they cannot recognize him.

Have we been deceived about the Russian war on Ukraine?

All the mainstream media in the United States of America is in lockstep to promote the invasion of the Ukraine by Russia because Putin claims that there are people known as Ukrainian Nazis. A tiny bit of truth, or say we say, “A little leaven can leaven a who lump of dough.” With enough truth you can make a lie believable. Ukraine’s Nazi problem is real, even if Putin’s ‘denazification’ claim isn’t. The world will always have supremacist’s of every race, but the very idea of race and such tribalism is ridiculous and will never be anything but harmful to mankind. I can understand Ukrainians wanting their own democratic country after living under the Communist Russians for so long. Ukraine really does have a problem with Communists in their country who would love for Putin to return Ukraine to a revived Soviet Union, but how have things come to a “final solution” so-to-speak?

Let me say this. If I was a Ukrainian and I had a Russian neighbor who wanted to return my country to a repressive Communist regime I would wish that he would not try to takeover my country because as a Russian he already has a bigger country that suits him better to go live in and he should do so. Ukraine should be able to remain a sovereign democratic country where people can live in peace. The Soviet Union was dissolved 30 years ago, but there are some evil people who do not accept that. Again, they should go live in the land of their dreams, Russia and leave the Ukrainian people alone. So what if your Russian family lived in Russia for many hundreds of years! Do what is kind and peaceful to your fellow human. Move away and let your brother live in peace in his sovereign democratic country.

Not a lot of people have followed the situation in Ukraine closely since the breakup of Soviet Union 30 years ago. When you don’t study to show yourself approved you can understand things through a certain narrative.

It is a horrible thing that thousands of people are dead because of this conflict. Nobody is arguing that and that is why myself and many millions of other people have donated to relief organizations. Do we really understand this conflict though? The very same mainstream media that mislead the world with the Russia Hoax and constantly said there was no Hunter Biden laptop have now been proved to be liars that have covered up the truth.

Consider these videos that may cast doubt on what is really going on with this Russian/Ukraine war. I’m not ready to make any conclusions because it is still a bit raw in my mind, but the point is that we may not know what we think we know and that really prepares the soil for doubt when it comes to really knowing what The Mark of the Beast will be. You the watch these two videos from these journalists, Graham Phillips and Patrick Lancaster and do some more research. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QD_-ak6vVzg&t=12s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNizGwjZbo0

All of these things I have mentioned should give you pause to wonder if you know the truth. Has what you have held as truth about all these topics been the truth? Will you know the truth when you see it? How will you avoid the “Strong Delusion” from G_d if you do not want to follow His Law? Can you see how the stage is being set to deceive people into not knowing what The Mark of the Beast is and they may gladly line up to take it because they don’t think it is The Mark of the Beast.

We want to be on the right side, on G_d’s side of this war, but I have been cause to investigate more about the true identity of President Zelensky of Ukraine. I know both his parents and grandparents are Jewish, but Zelensky himself doesn’t seem to have a religious bone in his body. On top of that he married a non-Jewish woman and he has sired non-Jewish children with her. I’ve heard this and that about Zelensky, but I’m not coming to any conclusions yet. I’m concerned however as to what the true story is on this man. I’m not attempting to cast a shadow over him because we know his country has been invaded and many are being murdered by Russia so they can the Ukraine for themselves. That we know. I think there is just a lot more to the story and it’s probably all hidden in plain sight. We just have to allow ourselves to think outside of how we’ve been programmed to believe. After all, they don’t call it television programming for no reason.

Food for thought…


This information I’m sharing was released to the world on April 11, 2022

I need to post this link so the world can get this information about COVID-19 being a manufactured bioweapon made from snake venom.

This is Stew Peters interview with Dr. Bryan Ardis about his research that points to evidence that the COVID-19 virus was created with snake venom.


Another patriot journalist had a similar, but much longer interview with Dr. Ardis at: