President Trump is calling for businesses to be open while his detractors are screaming that is too dangerous and is costing lives.

Democrats are pushing lockdowns while Republicans are calling things to remain open. Who’s right?

I will tell you my opinion as a former nurse who dealt with infection control all day, every day in my profession. Does wearing a mask protect you from the COVID-19 virus? It all depends on what kind of mask you are wearing. People are wearing everything from simple thin cloth bandanas to N-99 masks.

A bandana keeps out nothing, but it does create a psychological reminder for the wearer and those around him to keep a safe distance. Wearing bandana, cloth mask, or regular surgical mask do very little to protect the wear from the virus due to the pores in the cloth being much bigger than the virus. Wearing of these types of masks is like trying to keep a mosquito out of your home with a chain-link fence.

The N-99 mask is so named because it has been shown to have a 95% to 99% effectiveness in protecting the wearer from getting the virus. The similar is know for the N-95 mask so named because it keeps out 90% to 95% of the virus.

You can look up articles on the studies of effectiveness of all types of mask as I have mentioned from bandana’s to N-99 masks. Just Google. I’m not gonna post one because there are going to those who want to point out the margin for error in any study, and as a medical professional I’m fully aware of that and don’t need to be reminded by people who just want to argue.

Here are the facts about the whole lockdown, mask-wearing hysteria:

There is a safe way to keep businesses, and schools open. It’s called social responsibility. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. In other words, protect your neighbor like you protect your own life from COVID.

Much of the problem sets with those who simply don’t want to wear a mask. Common sense tells us when wearing a mask is appropriate when you are around other people and may come within 6 feet of someone else. If you do not come within 6 feet of any other humans there is no need to wear a mask. Just keep one around your neck in case the need arises to mask up.

Is it too difficult to wear an N-99 mask, perhaps with an additional face shield, and keep social distance? Sure, it’s an uninvited inconvenience, but get over it and do what’s right to protect yourself and others. If everybody followed a protocol that I am suggesting with my question then all businesses and schools could be opened safely, but that will not work with the leftist Democrat plan to change America from a democracy to a government controlled Communism hellhole. People like Alexandria showed her hand with the originally released draft of her Green New Deal where she included that anybody who doesn’t want to work should get a “guaranteed minimum income” paycheck from the government. This is the definition of living under Communist rule and believe you me, you will not be allowed to not work if you don’t want to. Unless you are somehow disabled from working you will be forced to work for your minimum income from the government. This is nothing other than the age old Democrat plan of human slavery that kept my ancestors enslaved on plantations till president Lincoln liberated them. The Democrats goal to to bring about a system of slavery for the entire world where people live on a government handout in poverty while a select elite live luxuriously. If Democrats take control of the White House and the Senate then this is what we will get.

To describe the situation prophetically, Democrats trying to destroy our American freedoms and democracy so they can make American a Communist country is all part of the End of Days Anti-Christ Mark of the Beast program installment. Forced unlawful lockdowns are conditioning the minds of the people to obey the government without question. Take the vaccine without questioning it. Take the Mark of the Beast that allows you to buy and sell without questioning, just obey.

Prophetically speaking, we are near the end of G-d’s prophetic hourglass. For the prophecies to come true it appears president Trump must be taken out of the way because he is restraining G-d’s judgement and wrath upon mankind the same as Abraham was trying to restrain G-d’s judgement and destruction of all the lives of Sodom.

All Jewish, Christian, and Muslim authorities are in agreement that the coming of Messiah is imminent. All three have their errors, but at least they have one thing right. G-d’s prophetic fulfillment hourglass only has months left and Messiah is coming to save the good and destroy the wicked and it must happen very soon or it’s going to nullify the prophecies.

The first thing that is going to happen is Messiah coming to save the good so they do not have to suffer the horrors of the Tribulation that begins when the Israeli’s sign the peace covenant with the Philistines/Palestinians.

So, who are the good that Messiah is coming to remove from harms way? What does Yeshua the Messiah of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam say about that? He reveals it in the parable of the 10 Virgins and the Lamps which relies heavily on the tradition of the Jewish wedding. Yeshua does not give a line by line explanation of the parable, but those of us who are wise will instruct many. The parable is about Yeshua’s remnant body of believers that are split between those who do as He commands are are keeping the Law which is represented by the Wise Virgins with lamps full oil and those who are not keeping the Law who are the Foolish Virgins with empty lamps. All 10 of these “virgins” are awaiting the bridegroom (Yeshua) to suddenly show up like “a thief in the night” and carry his bride off to their wedding. Yeshua indicated that His bride would be the Wise Virgin who’s lamp was full of oil and the Foolish Virgin with an empty lamps was rejected at the door of father’s house where the wedding was to take place. At the end of the parable when the Foolish Virgins showed up at the door with their empty lamps wanting to be recognized as His bride He shut the door in their face saying, “I do not know you” as in, “I never knew you, go away from me workers of iniquity (Lawlessness).” Harsh and sad, but true, but Yeshua was teaching that the false religious system known a Christianity would NOT be His Bride. If you do not understand this please email me from email address listed on the home page of this website and I can explain to you personally and in detail. I’ve explained it in other articles on this website, but if you’ve read these articles and still don’t have your eyes opened to the Truth I’m happy to have you email me.