Am I going to tell you not to transition or to detransition based on my faith beliefs? No. You may ask why is that? My faith includes re-incarnation and in the many cycles of re-incarnation Judaism says a soul must re-incarnate as many times as needed to fulfill all the Commandments of G_d. The fact is that there are specific Commandments for men and specific Commandments for women so a soul must return and live in the body of both sexes as many times as needed to complete all the specific Commandments for each sex. This is how the soul become elevated to the level of Nirvana and then does not have to re-incarnate again. If a soul is created neither male nor female and the soul is the foundation of who we are then who am I to recommend transition or detranstion when Scripture is silent on the issue?

Transgenderism is not a cure for gender dysphoria. It’s like trying to cure cancer by taking an aspirin. You will still have cancer if you treat that illness with aspirin. No matter how many hormones and surgeries one has the gender dysphoria remains and haunts you till the day you die. People who transition have a higher rate of suicide than those who resist transition.

I will say the same for transgenderism that I say for homosexuality. Both are situation’s born of the phenomenon of re-incarnation. The last human body the soul sojourned in was of the opposite of the body they were born into this time and they are simply experiencing a bleed over from their last re-incarnation as the opposite sex to their present incarnation. I will say this though. According to the premise of re-incarnation the body is but a vehicle for the soul to be elevated and whatever sex you are born into was mean to be for a reason, and rational though would not bring you to the conclusion you were born in a body that conflicts with your internal sense of gender for the reason to attempt to change your sex and live as the opposite sex. Where is the fulfilment of any Commandment in that endeavor? As much as we would like to think that transition is the solution to our gender dysphoria all who have transitioned sooner or later find out is is not and the gender dysphoria stays with us. For me, personally, I found less distress of identity by purely accepting the choice nature made within my body. This is what Judaism in the case of persons born with physical signs of the body being gender dysphoric, i.e., being born with an intersexed condition. There are a whole set of instruction for determining the correct sex of such an individual. I had to admit that I was more male than female even though I was experiencing an intersexed condition. Those transgenders who do not have an intersexed condition should consider which life for the would present the least distress. In my opinion, why would a male to female transgender want to constantly be hounded by the reminder from society around him that he is not female and is living in an elaborate disguise. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to take the spiritual route of acceptance that you are a woman trapped in a man’s body and that is perfectly okay? I hate to used that phrase to describe the gender dysphoric situation caused by re-incarnation bleed over, but it’s one that is easiest to understand. You were born male (or female) for a reason and it wasn’t just so you could mutilate your body and rearrange it to live a life that in your understanding G-d cheated you out of or some mistake was made. Transgenderism, like homosexuality are human situations we must rise above to find our true identity as souls given to us by a Being that is much wiser than us. I know for the non-believer or non-spiritual person that will be a hard pill to swallow, but that is my explanation and opinion. Again, I don’t personally advise anyone on whether they must detransition. Everyone must work out their own salvation with fear and trembling. In my opinion the matter concerns whether living as male or female are you living our your life before G_d in humility as the sex you were born or the sex you changed to. A male to female sex-changed person must to the best of their ability live obediently before G_d in physical situation they find themselves in. As an intersexed person I had a harder decision than the run-of-the-mill transgender and my decision was based on living truthfully before G-d who does not suffer from illusions like we do as humans.

As far as G-d is concerned I think it’s made clear that the Malakoi were the effeminate Greek homosexual men who dressed as women who were prostituting themselves. They were the transgenders of their day along side their cohorts in sin, the homosexual men who shunned effeminacy/transgenderism. Homosexuality is the issue of sin here. Of the many hundreds of male to female transgenders I have counseled with they admit their sexual attraction is homosexual to males. The male to female transgenders who are attracted to females are few and far between. In the physical this situation is about the sin of homosexuality when someone has no identity in G-d. If you do not believe in G_d then in my opinion you can do anything you want at your own risk, but if you do claim to believe in G_d then you are bound in love to obey our Heavenly Father.

It is not mine to render a judgement, but to lead you to the word of G-d that describes your situation, and you are to work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. I think most of my readers would agree that becoming transgendered has only worsened their problems, not made anything better. Waking up to understand you are living in an elaborate disguise ain’t easy, and how other people view that disguise is hard on the soul.

When a soul agrees to re-incarnate on this earth they preplan their whole life. Transgenders miss the whole point of the transgender/homosexual challenge they agreed to face in their current re-incarnation. You don’t give into the sin, but you overcome it, thereby adding another Commandment fulfilled and you move up the ladder, so to speak. In my opinion, which may mean nothing, from knowing personally many homosexuals and transgendered people around the world that are blessed beyond understanding with so many talents, that they gained all these talents in previous incarnations, and this is their last incarnation with the hardest challenge challenge of all.


Don’t be deceived by the Christian myth that Allah is the name of some moon god false deity, and is not the G-d of Israel. I’ve lived in Israel, and I know that many Jews and Christians in the Middle East say Allah when referring to G-d. It’s not a thing where they are trying to be kind to or embrace Islam or anything like that. “Islam” is a word that simply means “submit” or submission to G-d. Father Abraham and all the prophets of Judaism were Muslim and submitted to the will of Allah/G-d. Now, as far as the errors of Muhammad and the errors of Islam, that is another subject for another article….

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was recently inspired by the testimony of a talented young man by the name of Edward Byrd when a friend shared with me a series of interviews done on the Daystar cable channel that was discussing homosexuality and transsexuality.

Do notice that I wrote this page on September 11, 2020, the day of remembrance known by all as 9-11 which I think could have some meaning to the taking down of high towers (Strongholds) in our lives. Edward, I know you are struggling, and I hope this article helps you as I know the Satanic Mystery of Iniquity Babylon Whore/Harlot system of Christianity falls short of understanding the issues you suffer from since they deny re-incarnation as something “of the devil” even though they fail to understand G-d re-incarnated Himself to become to take on the human body of Yeshua, as He had done previous when He fought with Jacob/Ya’acov/Israel and when He also took on physical form to wall the streets of Sodom before destroying it.

In my 20 years counseling young men who suffer from Same Sex Attraction Syndrome (SSAD) I have watched as those involved in the religion of Christianity have always struggled, and the largest percentage have returned to their homosexual lifestyle. What does one expect though from Christianity which is a Satanic delusion headed up by a false Lawless Messiah created by the Romans? Re-incarnation is foundational in Judaism, and Yeshua taught it so why do Christians reject it? One answer, …”Strong Delusion”.

The Roman’s executed the real Messiah Yeshua, and resurrected their own new Mithras version named Isis/Esus/Eesous/Jesus. Yeshua prophesied that He had come in His Father’s name (Yeshua, meaning YHVH is salvation), and He was rejected, but one would be coming in the future in his own name, and him the people would accept. He was clearly prophesying about the coming of the lawless Greek imposter “Jesus” created by the Roman’s in their Satanic hostile takeover of Judaism. One wonders why the Roman’s didn’t just give their Jesus horn’s and a pitch fork and tail? I guess that would have been too honest and obvious? Satan is the father of all likes and can present himself as an angel of light. Surely that is what he accomplished fully by becoming the Jesus of the Whore of Babylon religious system of the Roman’s. But, anyway….

Ya’ll go check out Edward Byrd’s music. He say’s the music world wanted to turn him into the next Lady GaGa, but I hear him as the Black George Michael with the voice of an angel very reminiscent of George Michael. Of course Edward is his own special talent and I don’t put anybody before him or compare his talent to anyone else. I think you will hear the similarity to George Michael however. 🙂 Pray for his soul that he will find the truth and get baptised in the only name given to mankind by which we must be saved with the forgiveness of our sins–Yeshua (there’s power in that name). Edward doesn’t yet understand how he’s been deceived by Roman Christianity and he is neither saved or delivered from anything yet, but instead he’s existing within the “Strong Delusion” G-d said He would send to those who reject the truth that would save them.

Are you a Christian who has failed to have victory over the sin of homosexual behavior or do not understand why you feel like G-d must have made a mistake and you are a woman trapped in a man’s body? Christianity lacks the “Key to Understanding”.

I began honing my expertise on the matter of healing those with unwanted same sex attractions and gender dysphoria back in 2000 when I began attending conferences of all the movers and shakers of the ex-gay/detrans movement. Since that time I returned to school to get my Masters in psychology and sociology to better help these folks and along the way received my semikah to be qualified as a Rabbi as well. I’m not big on calling myself a Rabbi, as my Rebbe Yeshua recommended we do not call ourselves Rabbi. “Rabbi” means “teacher” and I’m here to teach folks how to finally be free of unwanted same sex attractions and heal gender dysphoria.

As many of you know I was born with an intersexed condition of the chromosomes (and body), called “XO/XY Mosaicism” that made me what is called a “Male Pseudohermaphrodite”. I did not know this medical fact about my life until my primary physician ordered a chromosome test done in 2004 some 20 years after the fact of my male to female transition. Someone born this way certainly has scientific, documentable, biological, and physical reasons for their Gender Dysphoria. It’s not all just in my head like those who self-identify as trans with no actual disorders. I don’t say this to elevate myself about others who have gone through similar transitions as I have, but I’m just saying there is a difference between someone who is physically intersex and transitions, and someone who transitioned based solely based on “how they feel”.

I did a documentary about my life with Tom Murray called, Almost Myself. I’ll find a link from and post it here soon. MSNBC also did a documentary about my detransitioning. I did one talk show with Maury Povich and that was enough because he was horribly rude and disrespectful. Entertainment Tonight’s Inside Addition did a nasty little hatchet job on me too, but you know what they say, “Bad publicity is better than no publicity at all”. LOL I tried to get on Joni Lamb’s program series called “Table Talk” that I found Edward Byrd on, but they are discriminatory against Jews as if Jews don’t have salvation in Yeshua? I posted a separate article on this website about the whole anti-Jewish, condescending, letter I received from Joni Lamb where she wrote they’d be praying for my salvation and that I’d come to know Jesus. Theirs is a prime example of why Jews have been hesitant now to two centuries to share their true beliefs about Yeshua because Christians hunted us down for extinction. We had to go in the closet, so-to-speak, with our faith. Belief in Yeshua has been the centuries long hidden treasure of Judaism and now is the season when the Jewish people and the Rabbi’s are finally beginning to help the Christians learn about their error of not keeping the Law of which Yeshua said, as G-d incarnate, “If you love me, keep my Commandments”. Christians are the apostate Harlot Protestant daughters of the Babylonian Catholic Whore and are headed for the Lake of Fire, and they don’t even know it because of the “Strong Delusion” G-d sent them because of the evil ways and anti-Torah spirit. Christians are going to be in for a a very sad and rude awakening on White Throne Judgement Day. I will be one who is called to judge them and I don’t look forward to it and that’s why a strive day and night to get to people like Joni and Marcus Lamb to “COME OUT OF HER” before it’s too late. On with my article subject…

Prior uncovering my unknown intersex status I prepared to begin my physical detransition by revealing to my general practitioner doctor of 10 years I was actually a male to female transgendered and I had made a 5-year long careful decision to detransition to live as male again as I’d realized over the 22 years living as female, while very successful, it just was a poor decision I made due to too much influence from the transgendered community and misinformed doctors who promoted the false idea to me that I was something they called a “true transsexual” and only transitioning would cure my gender dysphoria”. Of course it was a false cure, but back then I had no idea a real cure for gender dysphoria existed.

It didn’t matter how perfect I looked or if my sounded perfectly female. Even being married to a man who didn’t know I was transgender didn’t help me feel I had made a good decision to live “as” female. It was more about feeling genuine. Living “as” a woman, was not the same as being a woman. A sexchange operation doesn’t change anyones sex, it just masks it. It’s the pain most male to female transgenders encounter when they finally wake up and realize there is no pot of gold at the end of their transition rainbow. Living in an elaborate hormonal and surgical disguise no longer satisfied my need to feel at peace in my own skin.

Some may say that while I am actually born intersexed I may not truly understand what a transgendered person goes through. but I feel like I have a good idea. Having gone through transition without ever knowing the “corrective surgeries” I had a 8 months of age, I went through my changes just like any regular transgender person I’d ever known and I’ve known hundreds in my lifetime.

When I began this website back in 2004 there were many of you who wanted to shut down my voice, but please don’t try disqualify me based on my non-transsexual status. My transition experience matters. Intersexed Lives Matter! I bring you good news.

The good news is that Gender Dysphoria is actually a gift from “G-d” for you and for humanity. Every gift that our heavenly Father Adonai Allaheinu Melek HaOlam (Lord God King of the Universe) gives us, the Devil will try to twist and turn into something evil, and if the Devil doesn’t do the Christians will. Christians have no earthly idea that re-incarnation is foundational to the Jewish faith. Christians should know better than anyone since they believe that G-d incarnated into a human body that re-incarnation is necessary for their faith to have a foundation as well, but then again Christians are the haters of G-d’s Laws. Their whole faith is based on their false “Mystery of Iniquity” religion. They want to claim that G-d’s Law was all nailed to the cross and they don’t have to follow it anymore like the Jews have to. They are a really confused bunch. Yashua Himself said as G-d incarnate, “If you love me, keep my Commandments”. Many times He stated His Law would not pass away, but because of the lust of their hearts for prohibited foods and carnal pleasures, and the love of money, they dismiss their first love and therefore G-d has sent them a strong delusion so they would believe the lie birthed in their hearts. It’s not like He didn’t explain the whole Catholic/Christian Whore/Harlot iniquitous religious system they are involved in and pleaded with them, “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE”, so they will have nobody, but themselves to blame when they wonder why they were left behind when the Wise Virgins are raptured away as the Law Keeping Bride of Yeshua. Remember the parable of the Wise and Foolish virgins? “Thy Word [Thy Law] is a lamp unto my feet”, and the Foolish Virgins lamps were without oil, meaning they were without the presence of G-d. They were empty vessels/lamps not filled with the oil of the Holy Spirit of G-d, and in such a condition being full of sin Yeshua says, “Go away from me ye workers of iniquity! I never knew you!” The Foolish virgins showed up at the door of the Father’s House for the wedding with their shameful empty lamps and Yeshua directly told them, “I do not know you”, and He closed the door in their faces and they were left in outer darkness surely weeping and gnashing their teeth.

Sorry, about that teaching within a teaching inserted here, but sometimes you just have to give a chunk of back story to understand a concept. The re-incarnation that is foundational in Judaism should be foundation to the Christians too, but they were long ago lead astray by their mother the Catholic Whore of Babylon, but maybe one day they will wake up and realize what was done and how they have been deceived and as the Scripture says, “They will burn the Whore with fire”.

Just so you can be sure re-incarnation is foundational to the faith, lets go through Scripture to see how many times G-d incarnated into human form. For those who lack understanding, “re-incarnation” means incarnating over and over again–more than one incarnation. The Scripture tells that G-d took on human form and wrestled with Jacob and due to that event Jacob’s name was changed to Israel. Also, G-d took on human form when He spoke to Abraham about bargaining down to minimum of 10 righteous in the city of Sodom to spare the city. If G-d re-incarnates Himself as the human wrestler with Jacob, appears Himself in flesh with Abraham before the destruction of Sodom, and does so as Yahshua, then how in the world can the blind Christians not see that re-incarnation is required for their faith or they have no faith? Without re-incarnation you can have no “Jesus” dear confused Christians. One can be sincere about their faith, but sincerely wrong. Truth comes “to the Jew first and then the Gentile” and the “time of the Gentiles” is about over so it’s time ya’ll Foolish virgins wise up before it’s too late for your souls and you go into the Lake of Fire.

Now, I will explain what has happened with the transgendered movement. There are those who became involved in transgenderdism because their birth gender self esteem was beaten down by abusive people in their early lives, and they saw transition to male or female as a means of escape from that person that was made to feel worthless. This goes more so for the females who try to become males as women have always gotten the the shaft in this world because of their lesser than unequal to men status. It’s for this reason many cultures put baby girls to death upon birth because girls were a financial burden on the family as only son’s were to inherit and they were the bread winners while the women just stay home and take care of babies and the housekeeping.

I’ve counseled so many females in my practice who came out as female to male transgendered, only to realize after some time that what they were really doing was escaping from being abused as a female and felt if they transitioned to living as male then they would never again be abused as a female. Disassociation is a natural protective mode we go into psychologically, and it helps avoid abuse, but it not a good way to heal the issues these low self esteem women. It does nothing to help them to thrive in their natural female identity. So they get tough and think transgendering themselves is the answer and of course there is a whole vast community of support out there of other’s suffering the same thing and a greedy medical community more than happy to tell them what they want to hear and take that money.

Sadly, because many so-called transgendereds have been abused by a very ugly and hateful Christianity they cringe at the mention of anything to do with religion. This is why I have come to preach to the LGBTQI community as one of it’s own. Believe me, it wasn’t my idea to do this because the LGBTQI community can be some of the most hateful, ugly, nasty, violent, disrespectual, (etc., etc.) people I have ever encountered. My own homoseuxal transsexual wannabe cousin William Henry McCarol cursed me out, called me the C-U-Next Tuesday word, and even made physical threats to me on Facebook and this after I took money I didn’t have to buy him Cannabis gummies for his Chron’s disease. Because of him I got overdrawn at the bank, but my bank was nice enough to remove the overdraft fees and I’m sure he needs the $80 bucks more than me because they best job he can get is a janitor so I told him to keep the money he promised to pay me back and then when he was done cursing me out and threatening me he blocked me on Facebook–how childish. I have some really mentally messed up relatives I’ve tried to help, but every time I do something nice to try to help one of them it always comes back to bite me in the ass. As is said, “No good deed shall go unpunished”.

My grandmother of blessed memory always said, “If you kick a dog long enough it’s going to bite you.” This aptly describes the LGBTQI community and I understand their pain. It’s no wonder they are so angry and protesting with the ignorant Christians trying to hurt them every chance they get. Judaism and Islam doesn’t treat their gender dysphoric like that. Judaism understands their plight through re-incarnation bleed-over from their past life as the opposite sex, when applicable. In Iran where I have lots of trans friends they understand that the gender dysphoric because they are homosexually orientated, except for a strange few promote the cure for homosexuality as offering their citizens sex change operations to cure their country’s homosexual problem. I don’t think the majority of Christianity will ever come around because they have been cursed by G-d and He sent them a “strong delusion” so they would believe all the lies of the iniquitous Babylonian Whore/Harlot system they love so much more than their first love, G-d.

First, the LGBTQI people must learn that our heavenly Father is not your enemy. All the same rules of sin that apply to the rest of us apply to you as well, so you are not being singled out for anything special really, you just are made to feel that way because Satan is the father of all lies. Satan twists the truth about sodomy (anal sex and the unnatural sex between women) that is a Commandment for straight people to not commit a sexual no-no that is against nature, meaning against the sexual union that fulfils the Mitzvah (Commandment) to be fruitful and multiply. How can men be fruitful and multiply if they are forsaking the natural use of the woman and instead sodomizing her (having anal sex with her), or even forsaking the desire of the woman, and not even having procreative sex with his wife at all because he doesn’t want kids?

Men, due to their high levels testosterone, are nearly born as potential sex addicts who deal with issues of chronic masturbation, infidelity, watching porn, the list goes on. It takes a lot of willpower on the part of a man to restrain himself from the natural motivations of his human body, as it is written, “The flesh makes war against the soul”.

When you allow yourself to stop hating and start loving you will become fertile ground for our Savior to begin wooing you and leading you into a healthy self esteem by renewing your true identity that someone else worked hard to destroy. Renew your mind with the truth and your true birth sex identity, and most of all your identity as a loved child of YHVH, YaHaVah [ Ya=G-d HaVaH=Love “G-d is Love”. This is how I vowelize the tetragrammton of YHVH 🙂

Now, that’s what some of the transgendered experience. Other’s report they grew up in healthy, loving, and supportive homes and experience gender dysphoria. These are those I suspect are not dealing with abuse that lead to rejection of their birth gender, but these are those who like myself could be intersex and not know like I didn’t till I was 40-years-old, or as I understand spirituality there are those who are of a “two-spirit” nature like Native American culture explains. “Two-spirit” is simply describing re-incarnation where two lifetimes (incarnations) are overlapping in the present incarnation. In other word’s what many gender dysphoric males experience when they feel like “a woman trapped in a male body” is they are experiencing bleed-over from their last life lived as female that makes them feel that somehow G-d must have made a mistake and they should have been born female. Judaism has given this reasoning and embraced such people for centuries, including gays (males) that are experiencing the exact same thing. Yes, as I’ve already said, being a gay male is no different from feeling like a woman trapped in a male body who feels he/she is heterosexually attracted to what they perceive to be their opposite sex, males.

The Jewish rabbonim (rabbi’s) have taught for centuries also about how the first man, Adam, was originally created as a male/female being in the very image of G-d who possesses the divine attributes of both male and female. The rabbonim say that Adam was created basically as an intersexed being, but then G-d decided to separate the female from the male, taking the “female side” of Adam and forming the woman.

It is for this reason that many Rabbonim I have talked to highly respect my XO/XY Mosaic Intersex condition as a gift from our Creator, with coupled with my other gifts, being empathic, decerner of spirits, seer, prophetic dreamer, I have been prophesied over that I have a very special last of Last Days mission as a prophet to the LGBTQI community and to the Christian church world to bring correction that gets both these communities back on the right track before it’s too late as the coming of Messiah is near. The only difference of opinion I with the rabbonim is I understand the Messiah to have already been identified, and it’s not Menachem Mendel Schneerson, but it was and is Yeshua/Yashua/Yehoshua/Yahushau (I’m not a “Sacred Namer”) Son of Yosef and Maria, cousin to Elizabeth, mother of Yahanon (John the Baptist), who’s Father was Zechariyahu who was going about His priestly duties in the Temple offering incense when it was revealed to him that his wife would have a baby. BTW, their Son John the Baptist was born 6 months before his cousin the Messiah Yeshua and because John’s father would have ONLY been offering incense in the Temple on a certain date because of the priestly service cycle it pinpoints the birth of Yashua Messiah exactly during the feasts of Tabernacles (Sukkot) that would have been in September the year of his birth, and not on December 25th which is actually the pagan Roman birthdate of the sun god Mithras that the Babylonian Whore Catholic church pushed on the world.

It is so difficult to not go down rabbit holes of explaining concepts and back stories from scripture that support the truth of what I’m trying to teach to the transgendered, but I hope you have had eyes to see and your mind is being renewed to understand things in a new light. If you are beginning to understand send me an email [on the homepage of this site] or a note on Twitter @transrepublican or on my Parler @YosefBenDavid.

For many attempting to change the body with surgeries and hormones is very difficult, expensive, sometimes medically dangerous, and it never truly satisfies. Some it seems to help and G-d bless them. There’s nothing in G-d’s word that says someone cannot live a genuine heartfelt transgendered life, but don’t take that is as a Scriptural endorsement from me because there is no Scripture I know of addressing those who feel compelled to take the drastic step of what they feel is corrective surgery to live as the opposite sex. We all need to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. It’s your soul and not sinning that matter’s to G-d, not what state your body is in. Be assured there will be more people in Heaven with lopped off body parts other than eunuch’s or transgendered folk. Look at all the wars. I think our bodies will be made whole in Heaven from my experience with visions of seeing people I knew that passed over and how they look young and vibrant with their bodies whole again and healthy.

There is so much more I can say, but hopefully this is enough to get you thinking and get you to contact me for further instruction on how to get your life in order whether you want to remain transitioned or detransitioned. I’m here to support you on your journey and hopefully make it a better one. True gender dysphoria as my explanation defines is a gift from G-d to actually help the deceived church world and all of humanity to come to the truth that the soul is neither male nor female and we all re-incarnate as many times as need as male, and female to accomplish all of Allah’s (G-d’s) Commandments. Let’s work together to complete the mission our heavenly Father YHVH who has graciously gifted to us to help the rest of mankind through the understanding that souls have no gender or sex and we do re-incarnate many, many times in male and female lives as Judaism supports.

Be Blessed Dear Ones,
Yosef Yahudah Ben David