Most readers are immediately want to know my position on homosexuality and transgenderism so I’ll give that right away to those seeking that so they can go on their merry way without reading further find out what causes homosexuality and real gender dysphoria. I believe that G_d forbids homosexuality and it’s bedfellow, transgenderism, and I imagine you know what G_d has planned for those who disobey. That’s all there is to it. Now, moving on to the cause and cure of these mental issues.

Leviticus 20:13
“If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.”

Ezekiel 3:17 “Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel (the Lost Sheep of Israel). Whenever you hear a word from My mouth, give them a warning from Me.  If I say to the wicked man, ‘You will surely die,’ but you do not warn him or speak out to warn him from his wicked way to save his life, that wicked man will die in his iniquity, and I will hold you responsible for his blood. But if you warn a wicked man and he does not turn from his wickedness and his wicked way, he will die in his iniquity, but you will have saved yourself.”


Yeshua the Messiah said, “He who loves his (homosexual) life shall lose it. He who loses his (homosexual) life for my sake shall gain his life”.

Of course, I added the word “homosexual”, but it stands as Yeshua was talking about people’s lives of sin, any sin including the homosexual lifestyle.

There is no such thing as “gay pride”. It’s an illusion that is no different than someone who is divorced and remarried is living inside the intentional sin of adultery. Christian teacher Paula White comes to mind. Can Satan quote Scripture? Does Satan know Scripture backwards and forwards? Can people like Paula White preach and teach Scripture all day long while being dead in her sins? Yeshua spoke such people as Pharisees that teach that other people keep G_d’s Laws that they do not keep themselves. You are fooling yourself if you promote the idea of gay pride. It’s a disgrace (dissing of G_d’s grace concerning your sinful condition), not a thing to take pride in. You are trying to take pride in something G_d’s word say’s is sexual sin.

Homosexuality is one of those “thorns in the flesh” that Yeshua described when talking about the parable of the seed sower. Homosexuals are those where the seed (the Word of G_d) fell among the thorns in the heart of the person struggling with same sex attractions. They want desperately to believe they were somehow born gay. Sorry Lady GaGa, nobody was born gay as if there is a gay gene or something. They may want to believe in G_d, but the “thorn of homosexuality” chokes them and they walk away from G_d and many create their own religion or adopt some type of spirituality that tries to make them believe G_d embraces them as homosexuals. This is a lie from the pit and exactly what Satan wants you to do is believe a lie, reject G_d’s Word, and lose your soul.

Yeshua the Messiah said, “He who loves his (homosexual) life shall lose it”. I added the word “homosexual”, but it stands as Yeshua was talking about people’s lives of sin, their sinful lives that have become their chosen lifestyle, such as the sin of homosexuality is. Homosexuality is one of those “thorns in the flesh” that Yeshua described when talking about the parable of the seed sower. Homosexuals are those where the seed that fell among thorns and because they want desperately to believe they were somehow born gay as if there is a gay gene or something they may want to believe in G_d, but the “thorn of homosexuality” chokes them and they leave G_d. Don’t do it! This is exactly what Satan wants you to do is to reject G_d and loose your soul.

FOR THE MAN STRUGGLING WITH HOMOSEXUAL ATTRACTIONS HE MUST FIRST KNOW THAT HOMOSEXUALITY IS A RE-INCARNATION PHENOMENON, and this has always been the position in Judaism. No so-called “conversion therapy” is going to work. The only conversion is a renewing of your mind knowing you are a soul and your body is simply a temporary vehicle for your soul to navigate and fulfill G-d’s plan for your life.

Before you were born you contracted to be born with same sex attraction as a test for a small minority of very advances souls. Your same sex attractions are based in re-incarnation bleed over from your most recent past life where you lived as the opposite sex.


The sages of Judaism have alway known this to be the case in instances of homosexuality, and it’s companion transsexuality, the latter being a more concentrated version of former. The world offers all other kinds of pseudo science explanations for this spiritual issue. Satan wants you to believe you were born this way like you are a different human species.

Anybody is capable of sexual sin. Human beings love to experiment. Men in the ancient world who’s lives were not influenced by G-d had no moral compass to inhibit their sexual exploration. It’s only normal and sensible to know that a man knows what feels good sexually to another man and there are those who adopt a homosexual lifestyle not because they feel the were born that way, but it’s a more attractive way to have sexual needs met without all the restraints that marriage to only one sexual partner presents for their sexual appetite.

I have interviewed men who are so sexually promiscuous that they have hundreds of sexual partners in the span of a year. The Internet has facilitated the ease of instant and quick sexual hookups that may only need about five minutes of contact to bring sexual relief. Having sex with a completely new person every time is super addictive to the brain of a man who has a sexual thought every 6 seconds. It all has it’s foundation in what I call testosterone poisoning. Men suffer from their high levels of testosterone.

The homosexual man (or transsexual man) has just left their last life as a woman, and it affects their current life as male. Except for the severely closeted homosexual, I have NEVER met a gay man that doesn’t have a feminine personality. Why is this? It’s simple. As I tell you. They are experiencing re-incarnation bleed-over from their immediate past life as a female. The same goes for lesbians who’s same sex attraction is organic to her immediate past life a male.

Past lives and their effects on the present lifetime should be embraced for the positive influence they have, but according to Torah not all things life puts in our path are to be embraced, but they are circumstances given to us for the growing and elevation of our soul as it incarnates time and time again into male and female bodies to be able to fulfill all the Mitzvot (some for only men and some for only women).

You might be saying, “Well, that’s Judaism, and I’m NOT Jewish!” G-d created his Law for all of His human family, not just for His “Chosen People”. They are only the conduit to bring His light to humanity. In G-d there is neither Jew nor Gentile as we all come from one father and mother. No human’s on this planet came from any other mother or father. We are all one family. Many are called, but few are “Chosen”. So, now that YOU understand that you are a soul that has re-incarnated hundreds if not thousands of time over the millenia why don’t you just come to a place of acceptance and get down to business allowing this re-incarnation positive so that your soul gets elevated to the next level? If you get stuck in the error of the so-called “Gay Pride” lifestyle you are taking your soul backwards and when you die you will get your past life review and will be told you failed and will have to return to repeat another re-incarnation as homosexual. For those who failed their first homosexual re-incarnation challenge the path will become more difficult for the next homosexual re-incarnation. On the second round you don’t get to come back as a attractive homosexual, but you come into the world as a very unattractive, if I can say ugly homosexual, often times even with karmic physical and mental disabilities added to make you path more difficult.

G-d anointed me with a specific ministry to my family. It’s not one of my choosing, but it is a calling, and being therefore called of G-d I submit to His will. Homosexuality seems to run rampant in my family. Maybe it’s a generational curse for something my ancestors did? Seeing that all my ancestors, the Horstmann family are Jewish by birth, but left the truth for the lie may be reason enough for there to be a generational curse on my family. I can’t say that homosexual attraction in and of itself is a curse as it is a re-incarnation challenge, but certainly there are other ways my family has been cursed, but that is a subject for another day

Three of my Kentucky cousin’s suffer from homosexuality. First there is my older male cousin Eddie McCrocklin that repeatedly raped me as a kid. When I was 18 I confronted him about what he did to me as a kid and all he would keep repeating is, “I don’t remember. I don’t remember”. Eddie lives in the closet with his homosexuality and has a long time girl friend named Karen “Susie” Miller who puts up with him for who knows why. Susie is quite mess herself. According to a family member I will not identify, they said Susie was the one who hatched the plan try to cheat me out of my inheritance from my grandmother. She convinced my cousin Donna McCrocklin that if they could get me convicted for poisoning my grandmother that I’d go to prison and not be allowed to inherit thereby my portion of the inheritance would be divided between the other two heirs Donna and her brother Eddie McCrocklin. Susie wanted to get her hands on my inheritance and reportedly was willing to go as far to say she witnessed me feeding my grandmother rat poison. When I found this out I just about fainted from horror. How could anybody be so evil to falsely accuse me of such a thing so they could steal my inheritance?

Cousin William McCarol of Columbia, and Mattie Davis of Louisville are living openly as “proud” homosexuals. Besides being tormented by homosexuality, Mattie (White mother/Black Father) deals with mental disorders and a lot of depression brought on by being abandoned by her mother whom someone told me was my cousin Tammie Horstman who also had another daughter out of wedlock. She abandoned Mattie to adoption because she came out looking fully Black, but her other daughter came out looking fully White. While I’m not sure if Tammie is Mattie’s mother, when I asked Tammie about it her response was to block me on Facebook. Tammie is one of those severely judgemental Christians, the kind that gives Christianity it’s bad name. I went to highschool with Tammie and even then at age 15 she had the reputation of being one of those types of girls that would be “most likely to sex-ceed”. She made lots of overt passes at me during high school and even in church, even though at the time I was engaged to another girl and she knew it. Tammie found another guy to have sex with and her sin was exposed because she turned up pregnant. Needless to say she got booted out of the United Pentecostal church and now the shameful repercussions of her bad choices continue to follow her the rest of her life. She’s created the image she is a changed woman and another church took her in, but Tammie is a worse sinner now then when we went to high school and church together. I’ve tried and tried to get through to her, but her mind is made up about how she has been brainwashed by Satanic Christianity. She thinks she has the truth, but G-d says differently and has sent her a “Strong Delusion” to believe the lie, and so she remains involved in the Satanic cult of Christianity also known as The Whore/Harlot of Babylon religious system that is an abomination to G-d and to which the “Jesus” she claims to follow pleads in the Bible, “Come out of her my people”.

Poor William also suffers from severe personality disorders, and crohn’s disease. He’s so bad off that the only job he can hold down is that of an graveyard shift manager at the local Wendy’s Hamburgers restaurant in Columbia, Kentucky. I’ve tried to help William too. Because I live in California where Cannabis is legal he asked me to send him some cannabis as a treatment for his crohn’s disease. It cost me $80 bucks and he said he’d repay me, but then he went mentally off the deep end and said all kinds and obscene and nasty things publically to be on Facebook and then blocked me. I know I’ll never see my $80 returned, but that’s okay with me. It was an act of charity for me in the first place inspired by G-d to help him, so I’m good. The sin goes on his account, not mine. G-d loves William and wants him to give up his sinful homosexual lifestyle, but William is like the many millions of those in the world today that have have been bewitched by the popular modern belief promoted by people like Lady GaGa that they were “Born that Way” as if they are some kind of different human species that same sex attraction is natural for. Well, you have heard that the Devil is a liar. G-d is not a liar and G-d says in Leviticus 20:13 that homosexual acts are an abomination to Him and that those caught doing so are to be thrust through with a sword, executed for their sin on the spot. How lucky is William that Yeshua the Messiah died to remove the letter of the Law that kills (the death penalty for certain sins).

I can only pray that my homosexual cousins Eddie McCrocklin, William McCarol, and Mattie Davis will find my website and read this page, and know that I am reaching out to them in love to help them understand their confusion about their sexuality. It is only through understanding why they have these feelings that they will be able to overcome the sin and understand their true identity as G-d’s Chosen People. The world’s answer is to say you are born homosexual like you are a different species or something. This is simply the big deception of Satan just as he tried to humanize and twist Scripture to tempt Yeshua the Messiah to sin.

Understand that the Bible is true, but you must understand it correctly. Know that sodomy not only pertains to prohibited anal l sex, but all prohibited sexual acts and relations. These Laws are for everybody, not just for those who chose the homosexual lifestyle. Homosexual’s are not being singled out for this sin of sodomy which many people are not aware that includes more than just anal sex.

If you are homosexual you do not understand your struggle and the church is to blame because they do not believe in re-incarnation even though it is a foundational pillar to Judaism and the gospels even give proof that The Savior taught re-incarnation. Since all my family is descended from our Jewish grandmother Susan (Shoshannah Miriam) Morrison who is my great-great grandmother that makes all the Horstmann family and their descendants born Jewish, the Chosen People. Please listen to me family. I am sent from G-d to help you “Come out of her my people”.

Judaism, the religion of the Father and Son, has always embraced the truth of re-incarnation believing that the Jewish people re-incarnate as many times as needed in the body of a male or female to fulfill each of the 613 Mitzvot (Commandments). Since some Commandments are only for men and some only for women you MUST re-incarnate as both sexes to be able to fulfill all these commandments. This is a foundational pillar of Judaism, should be foundational to Christianity too, but as we know, Christianity was a Satanic invention of the pagan Roman’s and is not of G-d. Christians are the descendant’s of Esau (Jacob’s brother) whom Scripture say’s, “G-d hated Esau”. Christian’s have a long history or murdering and executing Jews. While times have changed and Christians are no longer going on murderous genocides of Jews since they were lead by another of their false Messiah’s Adolf Hitler, Christian’s still to this day continue to hate Jew’s and the real Messiah Yeshua said, if you hate someone that you have murdered him in your heart. Just the same as he said about someone who looks at a woman with lustful thoughts it is the same as if he committed actual physical adulterous sex or fornication with her.

Judaism has always explained homosexuality as a man who is experiencing re-incarnation bleed-over from his past incarnation as female. Most of the transgendered people are experiencing the exact same thing. Some people were just sexually abused by an older person that caused them to go down the warped road of homosexuality. I’ve counseled many females who say they were sexually abused as girls and they turned to transexuality as a means to protect themselves from being sexually abused as a woman. Thankfully, many of these women have and are understanding the error of this mental disorder and are going through the long process of restoration of their true identity as female. The same can be said for male homosexuals who have finally fought their way about of mind altering abuse, and societal lies to find their true identity as a child of G-d. It’s all so simple when your blind eyes are open to the truth that can bring about instant healing for homosexuals and transsexuals. The truth may set you free of the sin, but bad habits are hard to break and that is why G-d gives us His method’s to remind us to stay on the straight and narrow path. Two of those methods are the commandments to wear tzitzit and to put on tefillin to remind how to live our happiest lives.

When the Satanic Christian church finally accepts the teaching of The real Savior Yeshua about the re-incarnation of Elijah the prophet as John the Baptist and the re-incarnation of the man The Savior healed who was born blind, then, and only then will the Foolish Virgins Roman/Babylonian Whore/Harlot church world that is deceived with the strong delusion will embrace those dealing with same-sex attraction and gender dysphoria so they can know their true identity that is the TRUE CONVERSION THERAPY that works! Sad to say in all my 20 years of dealing with Christians struggling with homosexuality they will claim to be delivered, but eventually all have fallen back into the sin of homosexuality because they have no real deliverance since they are serving Satan and and a Lawless false Messiah, and not the One True G-d of Israel.